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Chin Up, Yet Nauseating Friday

Good Morning!

The Governor’s interview with Hannity last night was a nice one. Loved, loved it when Palin voiced that

“…and at this point, you know with all due respect to the office of the Presidency, when I hear Barack Obama speak at this point, especially when he lectures about ethics and civility, its nauseating to me.”

Spoken like someone who has lived the full force of Obama and his Chicago thug tactics, including being accused of murder in Tucson.

I had been wondering about all the GOP outrage regarding Romney being accused of murdering a woman who died of cancer. Yet they were silent when Palin was accused of shooting and killing people in Tucson, when she was not even remotely tied to that incident at all. At least Romney has some association to the Super PAC’s ad by working at Bain Capitol. I was glad Hannity brought Tucson up and the Governor handled the question well.

I am feeling I have much in common with the Guv these days…. it’s like we were twins separated at birth. We are both small government conservatives, we both are avid runners, both love awesome shoes, both have accents and I even wear glasses and have been known to wear my prescription sunglasses (more on that later). Now I hear that we both just want to throw up when we hear Obama speak. That settles it! I am almost family and should be able to stay at her place when I vacation in Alaska and save money on lodging! Woot!

Today promises to be a wonderful day. I’ll be leaving soon for Houston to pick up hubby from the airport and then to my sister’s house to fetch the boy. In spite of my sarcasm, I have really missed hubby. He has had a long week and will be happy to be home before he flies out again Monday morning.

The boy has had a bang up time with his cousin, I know because it has been plastered all over Facebook.

I have a message for all of us that are down in the dumps. Yes, it was a tough week. Sarah Steelman lost, Mitt’s team is lovin’ them some RomneyCare and Obama’s lie machine is really cranking up. We must keep our heads up. There are new races to fight and every seat we win for a conservative is one less vote for Obama’s Socialist policies and one less for Mitt’s business as usual policies if he is elected. I am upbeat and looking forward to lots of wins and yes, a few losses, but know we have sound ideas and facts and truth on our side.

Frankly, having seen the horrible depths Obama and company have already went to regarding lies and deceit that uninformed Americans will gobble up, I am glad Governor Palin is not running.  If this shirt:

and these shoes:

(Disclaimer: Not the actual shoes the Governor had on, just some really cool ones that kinda look like them)

can cause the left to go into full sexist, stupid mode, I can’t imagine what it would be like if the Governor was running. Any angle the left can use to sexualize and marginalize the Governor and her message they use unabashedly. Perhaps the left could take someone “more seriously” while wearing this type of shoe?

Hmmmmm, somehow I think if the Governor did show up in these sexy puppies, they would find something else to comment on to avoid writing about what the Governor actually said.

While I am on the subject, what is it with the media’s preoccupation with the Governor’s glasses?

Seems they can’t wrap their mind around the fact that she has myopia. Perhaps because so many of their friends and colleagues are so fake they wear stylish glasses that do not really correct their sight, or only need a slight correction so they whip them on and off as “style” dictates.

Governor Palin has worn glasses since she was a child and maybe she just doesn’t want to squint in the sun so she gets these nifty fine things called prescription sunglasses. As a result, she can’t just whip them off when the sun is on it’s way down or any time someone in the media thinks it is just not the time to have sunglasses on. She cannot SEE without her glasses on news media.  Besides, I checked my Emily Post Etiquette 18th Edition book and did not see any reference to when it was appropriate to remove sunglasses in polite company. Enough already.

Have a great Friday and chin up!

News of the Day:

Because it’s all about Mitt Baby!

Dang! Wish Star’s Earn Stripes had assigned Todd Palin to swoop into Mexico and take care of this creep.

A long read that gives us no new shockers, but worth a read.

Oh please….they have only just begun. They will destroy Mitt. I’m actually glad Palin did not run, just imagine.


I’m sure the speakers at the Romney Love Fest RNC forced to slather Mitt with verbal kisses will only seem like they are speaking this long. Just another reason to play one more Madden game with the boy instead of tuning in.

I am just thrilled our government is serious about border security. These guys will never have their mess spill over into America…..oh, wait…..silly me, it already has, a couple of years ago.

You may laugh at first, but this is quite serious, so just giggle a little…

Not a big soccer fan but…WTG USA!

I still have a hard time with women boxing, old I guess, but I am hearing shattered glass hitting the floor again with this first ever tournament in the Olympics….plus a feisty American woman winning gold may help win me over.

He. Is. Speed.

If I spend less now, I can save more for my retirement? Brilliant. Hadn’t thought of that. Way to go Captain Obvious.

Oooooooooooo cool!

Maybe you could have been the adult before all this & pulled the Xbox then?

Thank goodness Palin wasn’t on board, or I’m sure it would have been her fault.

Wow! And I think I’m awesome for finishing a run with a blister bothering me.



  • Gelston

    Friday’s here. Let’s light this candle!!!
    Thanks lipstick!!!

    I stand with Sarah Palin.

  • Bill589

    CNN, Cooper:
    Ari Fleisicher just made it a point to interject, that in 2008 it was an unusual election in that the vp choice made a difference. She was unprepared and faded under pressure. Terrible choice for McCain.

    He wouldn’t happen to be a Bush man, would he? Still makes it a point to go out of his way to attack her. I’m glad she’s still getting the GOPe’s panties in a wad. She and we will beat them eventually.

    • section9

      Yes, Ari Fleischer is a Bushtard toady. He was GW’s press secretary in the First Administration before moving on.

    • Riley4Palin

      Ari Bushie Fleischer still trying to be relevant.  How else do losers get attention?  Bring Palin into the convo.

      What a dick.

  • c4pfan

    Morning!  The ‘digusting’ link isn’t working!

    Perry not invited to speak?  Doesn’t he have to let Santorum speak though? 

    Yup, it’s going to be one big fat telethon for Mitt Romney.

    • cookboy

      If the event unfolds as it currently seems it will, the viewership ratings will tell a tale of total fail.

    • Lipstick

       Thanks! I fixed the link. :)

  • c4pfan

    Funny how Ari says the VP doesn’t matter and then goes on to ask people on twitter to RT names he puts up for VP choices.  Who cares?

  • cookboy

    “Spoken like someone who has lived the full force of Obama and his Chicago thug tactics, including being accused of murder in Tucson.”
    And of great delight to me, spoken like someone who understands that ‘nauseous’ is to cause, not experience, nausea. Nice post, Lip!

  • BostonBruin

    Good morning! Great interview last night.

    With regard to SP getting a speaking slot at the convention, I wonder what pressure the TV networks might put on the RNC. They certainly want SP to have a prime-time slot as they care about ratings more than anything else.

    • Gelston

      you nailed it.
      If this election is boring, the media’s income tanks.
      And this is at a time when we are, more likely than not, headed back into recession when ad revenues will be down anyway.
      Newsweek and RunnersWorld and The Enquirer all know she sells. needs viewers to then send in donations.
      Think Teddy Kennedy at Jimmy Carter’s second convention in 1980.

      Follow the money.

  • Nancy6

    Deja vu all over again.
    2008 before Palin arrived, without any chance that Palin will save us from the GOPe.

    • Riley4Palin

      Hey Nancy!

      That is how I feel too.  Me thinks we need a big attitude adjustment.  LOL 

  • hrh40

    Thanks for the roundup and encouraging commentary, Lip!

    P.S. I really needed the encouragement after this happened this week:

    Our local tea party just had a booth with information at our Farmer’s Market just this week.

    And promptly got thrown out!


    At least so far the comments on the second article are supportive.

  • John_Frank

    Good morning,

    Lipstick, enjoyed reading your post this morning and thank you for your news round up.

    Above the fold over at Fox Nation:

    Palin Slams Priorities USA For ‘Disgusting’ Attack Ad

    People may want to fire it up and click on inspiring.

    Not much else to say. May the rest of your day be blessed.

  • Nancy6

    Major Garrett just said on Dennis Miller that people don’t find Romney more like able than Obama… in the world can someone not be more like able than Obama?
    That is damning to Romney.

    Lipstick, you are doing an awesome job with your great roundups! Thank you!

    • John B. Hefmier

      I like listening to Dennis Miller, but it has come to the point that I cannot listen to much talk radio, during this election cycle.  Just too much ra, ra for Romney, for my tastes. 

    • Patrick_Skacel

      So the party has picked as its candidate the one person on the planet who is:

      1) less likeable than Obama, and
      2) utterly unable to debate him on his monumentally destructive signature piece of legislation.


      • Riley4Palin

        3) Hires a campaign team that continually pisses off the base. 

    • Riley4Palin

      Romney’s Bushie strategy of “staying above the fray” against Democrats has been a bust.  Duh. Ironic he didn’t use the same one against Republicans.

      Yes, I can see how he can be perceived as unlikeable. 

  • Riley4Palin

    Hi All:

    So happy politics is just a part time mindless distraction for me.  After this week and her interview with Hannity, I think Palin feels relieved she is not in the race.  These goofs on both sides of the aisle make me happy I am living a peaceful and happy life outside of the world of politics.

    To me, her time last night with Hannity seemed like a mixture of “I warned all of you this would happen/WTF” interview.  She seemed very somber and not her usual spirited self.  It is like she is reliving that awful nightmare being on a hapless campaign whereby the guy on the top of the ticket doesn’t want to fight back hard (unless it is against other Republicans) while the media downplays every slimey thing Obama’s campaign does.  Very frustrating. 

    A few days ago I said it seems like the voters really will have no chance to be a part of this election process and I still feel the same way today.  All of the nasty tactics that Romney used to destroy his competitors (including Palin) seem to have been thrown out the window and this lame new strategy about trying to attract Independents and wishy-washy voters by bending over is not appealing to anyone – most of all the base he needs to turnout.  He has allowed himself to be labeled now and the perception is out there that he is weak, unwilling to fight hard, and hired a campaign full of inept advisors. 

    When was the last time we were talking about the real issues of the country?  Obama’s strategy of nasty dirty politics seems to be working because Romney never seems like he is on offense anymore.  Just when Romney got an opening and was pitched the slowest of soft balls this week with that murder ad, his team struck out on three straight pitches.  Ugh.

    I watched Morning Joe at the gym today.  I almost flew off the treadmill when Schmoe was pimping for Chris Christie for VP.  The same morons on that show that rip Palin for her “lack” of experience and not being ready to be on the ticket have no problem with loud mouth 1.5 term Christie?  Give me a big freakin’ break. 

    One itty bitty note on local politics.  Next Tues is our Senate primary.  I am NOT happy about the Tea Party Express stepping into this race and endorsing Neumann.  They should have stayed out of this one.  He ran against Walker for Gov and really played a dirty rotten game.  The locals haven’t forgotten it either.  In the last three weeks I got mail from Rudy, Jeb Bush, Mike Huckabee, and Romney.  Rudy, Bush, and Huckabee all endorsed our former Guv Tommy Thompson.  UGH!!  Stay out of it!!  The Tea Party and Independents cannot stand Thompson.  I still haven’t decided who I am voting for and the election is Tuesday.  All I know is I won’t be listening to Rudy, Bush or Huckabee.  Whoever wins takes on ultra liberal Tammy Baldwin.  She lives in Madison, WI and is probably a long lost step cousin of Nancy Pelosi.  Enough said.

    On a much lighter note, sometime this weekend I’ll be seeing the new movie “Bourne Legacy.”  They have a new actor taking over the role that jagoff Matt Damon use to be in the series.  The lib media was already trying to set the narrative that the movie will be a dud because Damon is not the lead.  F them.  Everytime the libs tell me something, I do the opposite.  I hope the movie opens #1 (or second only to “The Dark Rises”) just so middle America can give another big fat middle finger to Matt Damon and all the libs.

    Good thing the NFL regular season doesn’t start for another few weeks.  My Packers looked awful last night. 

    • cookboy

      As an old Ludlum fan, MatttDaaaMon was never the right choice for Bourne.

    • Bean Counter

      I was all set to go see “The Campaign” — figured it would be a nice antidote to all the political BS this year, then I read on Breitbart it’s directed by the same numb nut who did “Game Change,” so that was the end of that. I’ll go see Bourne instead. Anything to poke, as Cookboy says, MatttDaaaMon (time to watch Team America again) and give him a virtual middle finger, I’m happy to do.

      And I cannot wait for football season, dear Lord, how I need a distraction. I’m going to need a fallback team when the Titans choke, which they’ll probably do after the first regular season game with the Patriots. Would love it if Tebow gets to play, but I’m going to need an exorcism in order to pull for any team in NY — it’s a yankee thing…

      • Riley4Palin


        Don’t you dare give “The Campaign” one penny.  Newly minted jagoff Zachwhateverhislastname who stars with Will Ferrell (another Obama lover) in this movie ripped the Tea Party this week in press roll out for the film.   Yep, nice way to market your film by ripping the people who pay to see your films.

        I think he needs to ride first class on BC Airlines on the Friday evening flight.

        • senator20526

           All flights on BeanCounter Airlines are one way…………

      • senator20526

         We have the same thing here in the Southwest…with hot sauce…..not made in New YOOOrK City.

      • narciso

         Hey Bean, how have you been, a good part of the beginning of ‘Legacy’ is supposed to be set in Alaska, Kyle Smith, the Post’s nazgul critic, took a flame thrower to the ‘Campaign’

        • Bean Counter

          Hey good buddy, nice to see you. A few bumps in the road, but on balance, I’m good. Will go see ‘Legacy’ sometime over the weekend. Cool about the AK shoot. I’ll be sure to take notice.

    • BostonBruin

      So who do we want to win next week? Eric Hovde? Interesting that SP did not endorse anyone in this race.

      • Riley4Palin


        Some strong tea party people (including elected officials) have endorsed Eric Hovde this week.  Right now it seems like it is a race between Thompson and Hovde, but there are still plenty of undecided.  Neumann has gained a little bit, but not enough to compete stronger against those two.

        I thought Fitzgerald would have gained some momentum early on because he worked closely with Walker, but he doesn’t have any money and the other guys are all millionaires who have spent a ton of money on the race. 

        It has been very rewarding though to watch Thompson sweat. He never thought it would have been a close race and assumed he had it in the bag.  Thompson is big time Establishment (reason why Bush, Huckabee and Rudy endorsed him) and likes to play nice with Dems. 

        None of the candidates are perfect, but if its between Hovde and Thompson, plenty of Tea Party people will vote Hovde over Thompson and I would be one of them.  Turnout will be key.

  • blackbird

    Good Afternoon everyone. Excellent news round up Lipstick.

    I have a solution to the disgusting link, abort the doctor, sorry that is how I feel, these people are monsters in our society. I will bring the rope or pull the lever, sorry again that’s how I feel.

    My neice gave birth yesterday to the most beautiful and precious baby boy. I was looking at the photos and the sheer joy is unexplainable, he is a miracle from God and that is only from the photos.

    You know Lipstick I seriously cannot listen to the President speak anymore I truly get an upset feeling in my stomach and I get the same feeling from the fleischer’s and Dick’s as well. If you stop and think about the political situation it’s truly sickening, just writing about it makes me feel ill.

  • senator20526

    Morning all  …. Just a note to let you know that the temperature in the great desert Southwest only reached 109 degrees yesterday…not the 114 that they predicted. It will be warmer today….The weather man has three terms to describe our weather here….Hot…..Hotter….and Holy Crap..

  • blackbird


    I understand that an Athens hotel posted a sign that read: “Visitors are expected to complain at the office between the hours of 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. daily.” So, visitors are actually expected to complain?

    Of course, complaints in themselves are not bad things. I realize that something has to be addressed before it can be fixed, and I believe that there are times when dissatisfaction should be expressed. What’s more, I realize that we all have different temperaments. Some people naturally see the glass half full, some see it half empty and some just see that they will probably end up washing it. Some people are naturally more accepting while others complain quickly.

    But a tendency to constantly look at what is wrong can become a habit. And habits can take over. I just don’t want to become a person who spends a lot of time “standing at the complaint counter.”

    Like the woman who frequented a small antique shop. She complained constantly about the prices, the quality and even the location.

    The shop owners took it in stride, but one day, while ranting about selection, she blasted the clerk with: “Why is it I never manage to get what I ask for in your shop?”

    The clerk smiled and replied, “Possibly because we’re too polite.”

    I find that if I fill my mind with the little irritants of life, I have no room, or energy, left for anything that nurtures and feeds my spirit. No room for genuine appreciation. No room for understanding. No room for enjoyment. No room for fond memories. No room for storing a list of things that bring pleasure.

    I actually believe there is much to feel good about. Humorist Bob Orben rightly said, “The next time you feel like complaining, remember that your garbage disposal probably eats better than thirty percent of the people in this world.” I want to leave room in my mind for a long gratitude list that I can readily recall when I need a boost. I want to notice what’s good and right about the world. And I want to fill my heart and head with that which brings some joy so that I may go to bed each evening contented.

    Attitudes are habits. Like television producer Barbara Gordon says, “While others may argue about whether the world ends with a bang or a whimper, I just want to make sure mine doesn’t end with a whine.” I can’t put it any better than that.
    By Steve Goodier:

  • BostonBruin

    Great interview with Amy Kremer (head of TP Express) talking about Gov. Palin being invited to the convention and the importance of the TP movement for this coming election.

  • indemind

    Late again, sorry! …Lipstick Grrreat round-up…… SarahBeautiful on Hannity  looked Mad, and I do mean MAD… Not happy with the way Mutt, I mean Mitt is campaigning, and the RNC is pu$$yfooting around, …doing the same old “Go along, get along” Crap! ….  WTF

    Well, I Stand With Sarah Palin…….. *_*

    ¸.*SarahAmerica *¸
    .¸.¤*¨¨*¤.¸¸.¸.¤*¨¨*¤. …………LetSarahSpeak


  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    Mark Levin and Sarah Palin: ” How sweet it is.”

  • John_Frank

    Jonah Goldberg: De-Bushing Romney
    Mitt needs to explain to voters why he’s not Bush 2.0.

  • John_Frank

    Why the Republican Establishment is Rattled | Pat Caddell

    Pat Caddell, Fox News Contributor joins The Victory Sessions first anniversary show with host Stephen K. Bannon to discuss the friction between the Republican base and the Republican Establishment.

    I would strongly encourage people to listen to Bannon interview of Caddell.

    Now, even with Romney as the Republican nominee, imagine if Palin was unleashed and able to barn storm across the country pushing her message of “sudden and relentless reform” while taking the fight to Obama, calling upon the American people to vote him out of office.

    Want that to happen? Consider making a donation to Sarahpac.

  • John_Frank

    Governor Sarah Palin’s Message to District 7 Voters

  • John_Frank

    Tony Lee: Ending Spending Action Fund Makes Successful Case for Fiscal Conservatism

    Brian Baker, who is the head of the Ending Spending Action Fund appeared on NPR the other day. Tony Lee reports on the appearance and notes that among other things, Mr. Baker staunchly defended Sarah Palin.

    Mr. Baker was also interviewed recently by Stephen Bannon:

    P.S. People may want to give Mr. Lee a vote of thanks for his article.

  • John_Frank

    Viguerie Launches Campaign Urging Gov. Romney to Pick Conservative VP

    We want Barack Obama to be defeated and for Governor Romney to win. However, establishment Republican insiders like Ohio Senator Rob Portman, former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice or New Jersey Governor Chris Christie are not what conservatives are looking for in a Vice President. Choosing one of those individuals, or someone with a similar record and views, will not excite the conservative base of the Republican Party or bring back the millions of conservative independents who walked away from the GOP in 2006.

    Help ensure we get a conservative Republican vice presidential candidate — sign our open letter to Governor Romney today!

    “Dear Governor Romney:

    As the Republican National Convention approaches there is growing concern among grassroots small government constitutional conservatives that your advisors and consultants seem to think that the boogie man of four more years of Obamanomics, and opposition to President Obama’s liberal social agenda is enough to energize conservatives – it is not.

    We are committed to your election; however, you are unlikely to prevail if conservatives and their issues are left out of your campaign.  We urge you to take the strong action necessary to solidify grassroots conservative support for your candidacy.

    In 2006 some 4 million conservative voters stayed home because they were not just disillusioned, they were disgusted with the direction of the Republican Party.  They came back in 2010 for the Tea Party wave – but there is no guarantee they will come back again in 2012.

    Like me, these millions of conservative voters are looking for a President committed to reform, not business-as-usual in Washington.  You can be that candidate.

    First and foremost, conservatives look to your choice of running mate as an indication that you share our commitment to small government constitutional principles.  Choosing a running mate who has unquestioned credibility as a small government constitutional conservative is a vital step toward building conservative enthusiasm for your candidacy.

    An establishment Republican running mate who has a nominally conservative record will not add anything to your team — don’t send mixed signals by choosing an insider as your running mate.  No matter what the candidate’s talents or geographic appeal, if that person is not committed to reforming and reducing government, it will undermine grassroots conservative support for your campaign.

    Establishment figures like former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, Ohio Senator Rob Portman or New Jersey Governor Chris Christie are not what conservatives are looking for in your Vice President and are not going to excite the conservative base and make energizing conservatives behind your campaign that much more difficult.

    We urge you to choose as your running mate a principled small government constitutional conservative who has the deep commitment to the family and traditional values that you so effectively articulated in your speech at Liberty University.

    We believe this is a “base election” where the result will be decided by which Party’s base is most energized – that’s why President Obama has embarked on his class warfare campaign, endorsed same-sex marriage, issued an Executive Order to implement the Dream Act to pander to ethnic voters and why he continues to sit on the Keystone Pipeline to curry favor with environmentalists.

    Republicans have won 5 of the past 8 presidential elections including the social conservative agenda as an important part of the campaign.  Don’t buy the idea that Washington political insiders pedal that social issues are political losers; not only will campaigning on social issues strengthen your appeal to conservatives, our failure to effectively address the social issues is fundamental to many of the challenges facing our country today.

    Unfortunately, your campaign team just doesn’t seem to grasp that all the energy in the Republican Party lies with small government constitutional conservatives, social conservatives and Tea Partiers, and to win you MUST energize conservatives, not just assume they will show-up on Election Day.

    We urge you to choose a vice presidential nominee who will help you gather the great strength of America’s grassroots conservative voters and activists behind your campaign.  We believe you have it in you to throw-off the old ways of Washington to remake and recommit our federal government to be the constitutional government envisioned by the Founders.

    We want you to win and we stand ready to help; choose a conservative running mate, campaign as a conservative and commit to governing as a conservative – give us the tools to help you win!”

    P.S. The petition and open letter is an excellent example of constructive criticism.

  • c4pfan

    What makes me sick is the talking heads (including GOP ones) are going to be comparing whoever the VP pick is to Sarah and make it into some type of bash fest. 

  • c4pfan

    I thought that the VP announcement was going to be via twitter? 

  • John_Frank

    Fox News is now reporting that Romney will announce his VP pick in Norfolk, Virginia at the U.S.S. Wisconsin.

    A lot of signs are pointing to Paul Ryan.

    FYI – Follows is what had to say about Ryan as a possible VP pick:

    Paul Ryan for Vice President? Not So Fast.

  • c4pfan

    Firelight, I saw your tweets and don’t agree.  Mitt isn’t going to change anything in his so called plans.

    • Firelight

      I think that was my point. Ryan is Ryan, he has written a book. His ideas are well known.  Romney has no plan but I would bet that Romney sticks with his no plan and Ryan is forced to compromise.  I do think that Ryan will overshadow Romney.  While Ryan lacks charisma, he does have ideas and solutions and people will want to hear those and not Romney’s.  It will be interesting to see how the campaign handles that.  I would bet Romney won’t like it one bit.

      • section9

        IOW, the Stupid Party has learned NOTHING from 2008, have they? They will accuse Ryan of thrown Steelworker’s Dead Wife off the bridge and the Romney people will fumble the ball, because that’s what they did with Palin and Romney’s ego can’t stand to be outshined.

        BTW, you’ll see that wonkery doesn’t move the Masses, passion and conviction do. Palin has this in spades. Ryan does not. The GOP doesn’t get this.

        Watch and see if I’m not right.

        • Firelight

          I agree that Ryan lacks charisma.  He is still more likeable than Romney, lol!

          Yes, so far Romney has fumbled on all his rapid responses so I can’t imagine that he will handle the attacks on Ryan any better.

          • John_Frank

            I agree that Ryan lacks charisma. He is still more likeable than Romney, lol!

            He has empathy.

            Yes, so far Romney has fumbled on all his rapid responses so I can’t imagine that he will handle the attacks on Ryan any better.

            But John Sonunu told Laura Ingraham last night don’t worry, it is all going according to plan.

            After the convention Romney will have all this money and he will be just as ruthless with Obama as he was with his opponents during the primary.

            I kid you not. He actually said that.

            Sununu: Romney will be just as ruthless with Obama in the general as he was in the primary

            So, not to worry. Sununu the BSer, who brought us Justice Souter, while helping GWH Bush to break his promise of no new taxes, has laid on the hands. We have been saved. Let us sing hosannas. /sarc

  • c4pfan

    Please, put this statement by Allen West’s wife up.

  • Michael

    Paul Ryan attended the Premiere of Crapfast. He is no friend of Sarah Palin.

  • Michael
  • LS as guest

    I’d say Ryan is at least better than TPaw or Portman.

    His plan is actually fairly tepid, with Medicare being most of what gets a haircut.  But that fits with Romney, whose goal is only to slow the growth of the federal government.  Considering how high Obama jacked it up, that’s not nearly enough IMO.  Romney only aims to bring spending down to its usual, too-big, pre-Obama level of 20% of GDP by 2016.

    Ryan voted for TARP and the auto bailout, and I don’t know how a conservative makes a case for either of them.

    Ryan is a very ambitious man, but I think he’s the best we could have hoped for from Romney.

    • wodiej

       and that’s not saying much!

  • Michael

    Paul Ryan voted for every big spending item when the GOP was in power. He will not Go Rogue. He is an establishment boy sold as a conservative.

  • section9

    Someone pass me a No-Doz. It will be a long 90 days….

  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    Thank you,Lipstick for the daily round-up of news. Enjoyed it all, right down to the shoes. You post ’em, I read ’em.

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