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Ear Plugs for Everyone Tuesday

Good Morning!

The roar is deafening, except to Akin. He stepped in it big time and there are no boots in Texas high enough to keep what he stepped in off his skin. What the heck was he thinking?

Don’t know about you, but my ears are aching from all the loud noise coming from every where and every one yelling that Akin needs to step down. Obviously, from his statements to Huck and Hannity, Akin has huge earplugs in to drown out the reality of his new world.

I personally found offense at this comment he gave to Huckabee:

“Rape is never legitimate; it’s an evil act committed by violent predators,” Akin said today. “I’ve even known some women who have been raped.”

Maybe I am being overly sensitive but I took the “even known some women” part of his statement to read “even me, an upstanding elite, have known some of  ‘those’  types of women who get themselves raped.”

Before we get all excited about Akin’s lack of seeing bull crap before he steps in it. I don’t see any way Sarah Steelman can be given the nomination if Akin steps down. Can’t skip over the second place guy and it look right. My fear is the MO state GOP will pick who they want to step in and I’m just betting that would be a RINO Good ‘Old Boy.

We’ll see what happens, but since Akin is being abandoned by everyone and their money, I don’t see how he can stay in. If he does, he will lose and if by a miracle he wins, he will be blackballed in DC. Why should the people of Missouri vote for a guy who will have no pull at all for them in the Senate? It’s time to go Akin….

In the News:

I’ve been saying Obama’s “flexibility” with Russia will be very dangerous. This is why I’m willing to pull the lever for Romney. He won’t be so “flexible”looking to be re-elected in 2016.

a2 + b2 = c2

Twitter explodes.

But will they vote like things are worse?

Boston College Idiot Prof says : “People in less religious states are giving in a different way by being more willing to pay higher taxes so the government can equitably distribute superior benefits”….. “I think people here believe that when they pay their taxes, they’re being altruistic.”

Covered extensively by the MSM……NOT!

Why would I pay high ticket prices, drive to Houston, pay to park to see embarrassment?

The just can’t bring themselves to mention Death Panels without the snark even when they are writing about the impeding……Death Panels.

Consequences to overspending.

Cram it down our throats a little at the time.

Oh goody! Medical monopolies for every American!

Grandma just TCB’n.

Let’s all pitch in and go on one last summer road trip!

Leveling the money field.

  • RefudiateGOPe

    God morning all.

    Good people like the Loesch’s have tried to paint the Akin controversy as those on the right calling for Akin to withdraw, as doing so because the left is in an uproar.  For me, that’s very offensive.  I don’t care what the left thinks about what Akin said, didn’t say, or meant to say.  The left’s opinion doesn’t matter.  Akin should withdraw because he has taken a defensible position on opposing abortion in most cases,and has turned it into something that can now negatively impact the R’s ability to take over the Senate.  His statement, and subsequent “clarification” is no more defensible than Bobby Knight’s comment, “I think that if rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it.”  Akin’s statement was so stupid, he didn’t even leave himself any room to walk it back.

    I have no way of knowing this, but I suspect that Dana and Chris Loesch wouldn’t be quite so supportive if Steelman or Brunner had won and they had made this statement.  In the words of Hamlet’s Queen Gertrude, “The lady doth protests too much, methinks”.

    I’m hopeful that Akin will see the light today, that the MO GOP doesn’t do something stupid, and the Loesch’s get back to doing what they do best.

    • Riley4Palin


      It seems at times Dana wants to be right on everything and expresses her displeasure when others have differing opinions.  It is a total turnoff to me.  She is hurting her own brand each day she and her husband spend hours defending this guy.  She is smarter than that and I hope she realizes it sooner rather than later.

      I completely agree with you that they would not have been as supportive of either Steelman or Brunner if they had won.

  • Pete Petretich

    Can we please just start talking about the Akin/Romney ticket now? I’m tired of beating around the bush…

  • BostonBruin

    Good morning!

    Polls close tonight at 7:00 PM ET in Georgia. Results over at politico.

    Great show last night on “Stars Earn Stripes”. Part of me feels sorry for the other contestants. Todd has such a huge advantage being a snow-machine racer, hunter, skeet shooter, fisherman … couple that with his quiet, Alaskan courage … well, it’s just not a fair contest. Game On!

  • Lipstick

    Here is a good little short article:

    We shall see.

    On personal note: The boy made Star Scout last night. He has his merit badges he needs for Life Scout already so he just needs his time, some service hours and teach a few young scouts some skills and he will make Life Scout at the Spring Court of Honor…..before he has completed 7th grade!

    Then he can work on his last merit badges and Eagle Scout project. He will be able to make Eagle before he is a Freshman.

    I am just so dang proud of him. 

    Just so you know the Boy Scout ranks are as follows:
    Scout, Tenderfoot, First Class Scout, Second Class Scout, Star Scout, Life Scout, Eagle Scout


      Lipstick, my 3 boys were very involved in Boy Scouting…only one made it to Eagle though.
      It gets tougher to get Eagle as they get older…..many distractions come along… getting it when they’re younger is a good idea and very impressive.

      • Lipstick

         Yes. We have been encouraging him to get it before the “fumes” kick in…..the gas fumes (driving) and the perfumes (girls).

        He should be Life Spring of 7th grade and have all of 8th and even into 9th to make Eagle. We will see. He seems determined.

        At summer camp he had said he was going to sign up for every Silver Rim they offered he did not have. I thought, we will see when he sees all the “cooler” stuff….but when it came time to sign up for merit badges he signed up for all the ones he did not have that was silver rim. I was impressed!

  • Gelston

    from weatherman brian Norcross:

    “”The low pressure system that we’ve been tracking across the Atlantic is in a position to be a problem. Our two main computer forecast models – the American GFS and the European ECMWF – both forecast a storm to threaten Florida next week… including the Tampa area where they’ve got the Republican Convention. A LOT can happen by then, but it is striking that the two models are so aligned in terms of where the system will go. And other models show more or less the same idea. BUT… “”

    This would be Hurricane Isaac. Someone on C4P pointed out that the Sarah of the Bible was the mother of Isaac. The current forecast remains of a major hurricane which is headed for Tampa.

    • Lipstick

       Crap. I hope it doesn’t end up in the Gulf. I was getting all cocky about not having to worry about a hurricane barreling down on me this year……

  • hrh40

    Great roundup, Lip!

    Love the photo. :)

    Congrats to the boy!


  • Riley4Palin

    Happy Time to Get Out Tuesday –

    Whatever political/preacher advice Todd Akin received from Mike Huckabee yesterday ain’t workin’.  This latest Ted Haggard/Jim Bakker video appeal for forgiveness while discussing his position on rape is so out of the mainstream, I am having trouble processing this whole thing.  What’s next?  A two-minute youtube video starring Todd Akin and Bill Clinton discussing their own definitions of rape and what the word “Is” is?  Have your heard enough yet Ms. Loesch?  What is your head-banging limit?

    Interesting commentary from Ann Coulter yesterday.  I am not talking about her request for Akin to step aside either – she is just stating the obvious.  It was her added commentary about Palin at the end of her Human Events article when she mentioned Palin. Some people are showing a bit of gratitude and appreciation that Coulter made mention of Sarah Palin’s candidate to step in now for Akin.  I am not in that camp.  It has been a very long time since Coulter expressed any positive comments towards Palin and I believe she only mentioned Sarah Palin in her article in the event Steelman would be selected and then still lose the seat.  That way the GOPe can once again blame this all on Palin.  Coulter is very clear in her love of Chris Christie and the Establishment and I think she is a very willing participant to stir the pot when necessary.  It was just a couple weeks ago when Paul Ryan was selected that she made another snarky comment about finally having a GOP ticket that has some brains behind it.  She went on to say it has been a very long time since that has happened on the GOP side.  This whole discussion will probably be nill because I have a hard time believing the GOP will select Steelman over the guy who technically came in second. 

    Yesterday Mark Levin made an excellent point about this whole Akin mess.  BTW, he too is calling for Akin to step aside so that we can hold the seat.  He brought Obama into the fold (after his “shockingly” timed press conference) and explained how hypocritical and unbelieveable he continues to be.  While at the presser Obama tried to show compassion towards women and women’s issues when the Akin question was asked, but this is the same guy who will have a ‘death panel’ deciding what kind of medical treatment women also will receive if Obamacare is not overturned this fall.  I got the link from Jedediah Bila’s twitter account.  Go listen, Mark is great as usual.


       Great comments Riley. I agree about Coulter, she deserves no praise nor gratitude. I also believe Steelman will be the LAST choice by tptb in MO, especially since Palin is one of her biggest supporters.

      btw Lipstick…as far as the Astros go, being a die hard Cubbie fan…..I feel your pain. :(

      • Lipstick

         At least the Cubs have aaaaaaaaaaaaal that history & curses. We just stink!

    • lonestar

      Huckabee hates Romney and the last thing he wants is for Romney to have a successful Presidency, meaning not getting control of the senate.

  • Whitney Pitcher

    So Mark Levin has pretty much said that Akin should get pout. Malkin and Limbaugh have hinted at it. Not exactly your GOP, squishy types who are suggesting or hinting at this. Senators Ayotte, Johnson, McCain, Webb, Brown (yeah, I know moderates except for Johnson) have suggested he get out among others. Now, several former Missouri GOP Senators have suggested he get out.

    I don’t put much stock in Coulter suggesting it. Jennifer Rubin made the same kind of argument on twitter. I think they want to blame Palin if Akin were to get out and Steelman were picked and lost. Maybe that’s not their reasoning entirely, but I still don’t trust them.

    It seems from what I’ve read that the MO GOP will pick someone who didn’t even run if Akin steps down. This is wrong and doesn’t make sense, if it happens.

    I guess we’ll wait and see. If he doesn’t get out, congrats Claire, on re-election.

    I have to say I chuckled a bit though at Gov. Palin’s veiled tweet last night about this:

    Also, Governor Palin made another endorsement today in Florida for Congress, Ted Yoho. He’s a Tea Party type who won against an incumbent in the primary:

    Oh, and Martha Zoeller’s Georgia Congressional runoff is today. I hope she pulls it out. She was leading in the polls, but it was close.

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Well, he just went back on Huck’s show and said he’s still staying in. Ugh. 

    • pete4palin

       Well,  conservatives got hit again and again with the ABO meme.    Now, we’ll see if moderates follow the ABM rule.      Anybody but McCastle.    This will be interesting.  

  • Whitney Pitcher

     I think the thing that frustrates me most with this is how some conservatives were acting—“well, what Akin said wasn’t as bad as what Democrat X said, so it’s OK”. I hate moral equivalency arguments, and conservatives who use it look like liberals. Conservatives need to hold themselves to a higher standard when it comes to character (be it when they cling to power or when the make mistakes). Maybe I just expect too much from politicians.

    • Riley4Palin

      Yep, you are expecting waaaaaay too much from politicians. 

      • Whitney Pitcher

         Yeah, I probably am.

        • hrh40

          Yeah, you expect them to be decent human beings.

          So do I.

          • cookboy

            I’m old enough not to expect it, but I’d still like to see it.

  • indemind

    David Limbaugh
    How ironic for some to support Akin bc of angst at left and as a result end up aiding & abetting the
    cause of the left i.e, electing Claire

    ¸.*SarahAmerica *¸
    .¸.¤*¨¨*¤.¸¸.¸.¤*¨¨*¤. …………  Not4Sale

    Palin-  “May we always be happy, and may our enemies know it.” ….  *_*

  • Riley4Palin

    From a woman’s perspective, this just absolutely blows that Akin is staying in the race.  I cannot even tell you how frustrating it is to listen to any man, be it a politician or not, that thinks its a good idea to discuss or answer any questions regarding women’s issues.  Akin never in a million years should have touched this subject.  Deflect….pivot away…..move on….stay silent. Isn’t that the job of a politician?   But no……….

    Does Todd Akin know what its like to be attacked or raped?  Does he even know how freakin’ idiotic and insane he sounded when he told the interviewer that he knows of women who have been raped and has discussed the subject of a woman’s body shutting down with other doctors? 

    Hey Akin, you have any personal opinions on Mammograms or Pap Tests?

    Perhaps I should take him to my next mammy appointment and stick his junk in there to see how it feels?  Would that be a “legitimate” vice grip or not?

    The Dems have Anthony Weiner, the GOP has this Boob. and now MO may very well re-elect a Dingbat.

    • Lipstick

       The mammy band aids with the little bling on it to mark ‘ground zero’ make me feel a little WILD when I put those bad boys on for a mammogram!

    • Bill589

      At first, I understood that he meant to differentiate between ‘force-able’ rape, as opposed to statutory rape (no force). (Even statutory rape covers different degrees of guilt, IMHO, as between a 40 and 14 year old is much worse then say an 18 and 15 year old.)

      If he quickly explained it as differentiating from statutory rape, then I might feel some compassion for his mis-speak. But as he defends himself, he seems to be making it worse instead.

      • cookboy

        …and how.

    • lonestar

      Riley – Yes, Akin even knows a few women who have had mammograms and he’s pretty sure he knows some of them may even have had a Pap Test.  
      Personally, I think the man may have had too many rectal exams.

  • Riley4Palin

    How bad is this GOP drama??

    Mittens actually just jumped off the fence and is calling for Akin to resign.  Oh. My. God.  Hell has frozen over.

    Akins is starting to remind me of those summertime black bugs that you stomp down and think you splattered dead.  Annoying as heck little things.  Instead they fake they are dead and come back to life.

    Where is Obama’s Bus?  That should do the trick.  If Obama’s bus can run over his own Grandma, it sure as heck should do the trick with Dr. Todd Akin.

    Um, and Huckabee you nitwit, get off your big ass and tell your guy to quit already!.  Kick him with those cowboy boots if you have to.  Do something already.  Sheesh!

  • DeeDEEthree

    Sarah is going to be on Greta tonight.

  • indemind

      Ian Lazaran

    No VP nominee in recent times made voters more likely to vote for his or her ticket than Palin according to NBC/WSJ

    I Stand With Sarah Palin 

    ¸.*SarahAmerica *¸
    .¸.¤*¨¨*¤.¸¸.¸.¤*¨¨*¤. …………  Not4Sale                                     

    Palin “There is no limit to what we can accomplish when we don’t care who gets the credit.”

  • pete4palin

    Well that Greta interview was something!
    So if Sarah believes it’s a good thing that a third party conservative candidate runs for Senate in MO…..
    would it also be good for a third party conservative candidate runs for President?
    That was a shot across the bow of S.S. Romney. 

  • indemind


    If Akin gets out, Steelman should get it. She has the backing of the woman who has done more for the GOP THAN ANYONE since 2008

    ¸.*SarahAmerica *¸
    .¸.¤*¨¨*¤.¸¸.¸.¤*¨¨*¤. …………  Not4Sale                                        

    Palin -“There is no limit to what we can accomplish when we don’t care who gets the credit.” And – “May we always be happy, and may our enemies know it.”….  *_*

  • Pete Petretich


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