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End of Summer Weekend Edition – UPDATED

We made it!  Happy weekend everyone!

Suppose you are expecting me to address the cover photo… maybe… maybe not…   LOL!

Really, this weekend for us is packed with block parties, back to school parties and good old fashioned end of summer fun.  My kids go to a Charter school and haven’t started school yet (well 1 is at Charter school & 1 is at private Christian preschool but will be at the Charter school next year) but the kids on the street have started and yesterday they had a half day due to assessment testing.  So yesterday afternoon the boys were all playing outside and somehow this group of 4 to 8 year old boys were shirtless and had the two older girls on the street paint superman, batman & Captain America symbols on their chests as they ran around, lol.  The girls were practicing for the block party where they plan to paint faces and such.  The boys were just boys and completely game for being painted.  The funny thing is that a simple sign painted on them really transformed them into these bold fearless little kids whose eyes just lit up with excitement.  It was pure joy watching them play completely carefree.

This is NOT a picture of my son BUT if you have ever met him… you might not know the difference except that he is a bit smaller. The resemblance is uncanny.  I don’t know whose kid this is but I just love the picture & the caption.  This captures my afternoon and that group of boys yesterday perfectly (actually this captures most of my afternoons perfectly, lol).


My kids are why I even care about politics.  I work hard to make sure that they get to have a childhood as normal and as fun as what I had growing up.  This is America and I want my kids to love it as much as I do.  Summers full of lazy days, riding bikes, slip and slides, lemonade, fire flies, sidewalk chalk, swimming pools, popsicles, watermelon, sleepovers, cookouts, hiking, fishing, camping, s’mores, growing vegetables, playing ghost in the graveyard as the sun goes down and watching the endless plays/performances the kids on the street come up with while always giving standing ovations.  My kid’s future is very important to me. I want to keep their summers as American as apple pie for as long as I can.  I know if Obama wins in November and taxes go up and government spending continues I will eventually have to go back to work and my kid’s summers will be filled with long days of daycare where I miss the super hero moments.  That feeling of missing those moments is why I think Obama just might lose.  Even my liberal mommy friends who stay home are scared to lose those moments. They know something has to change…

So what else is going on this weekend?  It appears that the RNC and Team Romney have just made the biggest power grab in party history.  They have re-written the rules to make it so that they can always re-write the rules. They started with requiring 8 states needed to put your  name on the ballot instead of 5.  The Paul people are beside themselves. News, Weather


and now we see a little bit of what Sarah would have been up against… are ya sick yet?

News roundup:

Significant is putting it mildly…

RUSH: To answer your question: No, I think she’s a plus wherever she goes, pure and simple. She is a net plus for the Republican Party, and she is working harder than any of them are to try to get decent, really qualified conservative candidates elected. And I think she doesn’t deserve the treatment she’s gotten in any way, shape, manner or form.

Liberals are stupid and I like to watch Gary smack them around…

Oh, he gonna go full diva… snaps…  I’m on team Ann for this one, maybe because I like her better…

I have an idea… give Rubio the slot that belonged to Huck… I don’t think he needs it anymore…  as to Smuckabee… STFU, you were every bit a part of the rounds and rounds of ammunition and pile on against the Palins, particularly the children so I don’t see where you have any room to talk especially when Gov. Palin has DEEP ties to the Christian community…  jackass…

Ok… score one for Mitt… I find this joke hilarious… he gets one point… OK, maybe one and a half with this rebuttal

Say it ain’t so Joe

For the first time in my life… I am proud of Meechoole… liberals, please listen to her…

That’s cold man… so cold…

Well if this doesn’t scare the hell of out you…

You are pushing your luck Mittens…

Heh… I read this story and I think of this photo:

A tribute to Ron Paul… isn’t that special...

Clearly he did not get the memo… you do NOT go off message if you speak for Romney…

Now I REALLY want to read this book

Has anyone gone to see this?

Can’t wait til this comes out too…

They have been playing similar type ads but shorter here in CO…


They’re just not that into you anymore…




Now THIS would make for an interesting convention…. Go McKissick… here is another article on it…

Great article… I’m planning on seeing it this week…

Just when people are trying to give him a second chance…

War on women = Fake… War on children = Real

RIP Mr. Armstrong…

Oh I just love the internet age…

More reason why I love the fact that Palin is in Arizona…

No, I won’t be “humbled” or disappointed… I’ll break out the maracas and do the happy dance…  geez this man has no clue…


Have a great weekend!  Put on a cape, eat some oreos, drink some chocolate milk and be a super hero for a day!





  • Gary Jackson

    Thanks for the link!

  • mark1955

    The MITTEN’S/RNC power grab,is actually, the stop Sarah in the future plan. We saw a microcosm of it,in the person of the Newt Gingrich campaign,when the Virginia RNC,changed the Ballot signature requirements on the fly. I believe the changing signature standards and the challenging of every single signature for authenticity,along with the moving up of the Primary dates,was what the RNC/Jeb/Rove was planning to do in order to defeat Sarah,in every single Primary State ( Not just Virginia ) had she decided to run. I also believe Governor Palin was told in no uncertain terms behind the scenes, by the RNC/Jeb/Rove,that all of these moves and more,would be taking taking place,in order to stop and defeat Sarah had she gotten in. In my opinion,this is why Sarah ultimately decided,not to enter the race in 2012. I believe Sarah had hung around till the beginning of October,still planning on a Presidential run,but once she saw the establishment following through on their threats,by starting to move up the Primary dates,she knew the Jigg was up for at least  2012 and knew she had to ‘Fold Em’ for the foreseeable future.

    • section9

      You can’t blame Mittens for wanting to hold on to power. It’s Palin’s job to find away around the obstacles.

      • TENCOLE

         Yes I can “blame Mittens” section, changing the rules whenever he/they want to?….seriously section, you’re okay with that?…you actually think that it’s just part of the game and dealing with gope are just “obstacles” to overcome?

        You are right section when you hope Sarah’s learned some lessons…..hopefully she’s been keeping notes.
        I’m hoping THE number one thing she has learned is that the gope don’t play by the same rules we do. It’s terrific that Palin is humble and charming and a good, decent person…..but she needs to get her “nasty” on in the furture, for when she has to deal with these guys up close and personal.

        • section9

          Uh, yes. Remember Acton: “Power tends to corrupt. Absolute Power tends to corrupt absolutely.” Assuming that the Establishment GOP and their Bankster Partners will attempt to play fair with the Tea Party people and Palin instead of waging an unrelenting propaganda and financial war against us is naive. These people need to be taken out from the inside. The only way to do so is to do what Palin is attempting to do, if I’m correct as to her purposes: take over the GOP from the bottom up. However, that requires a different approach from what she did last time out. Think of Mao, the Long March, and Protracted guerilla war against a corrupt Establishment while at the same time setting up a paralell fundraising apparat.

          The Paultards are doing the same thing, but they have too much Stormfront and JOOOOOS! going on to be effective in the long run. Besides, Paul himself appears to have collected his Thirty Pieces of Silver from the Establishment so his son’s career can be protected. Thus, Tuesday is “Salute to Ron Paul” Night.

          That must warm Santorum’s heart but good. ^_^

          Only Palin had the good sense to maintain her Reaganesque independence from this crowd. That decision will serve her well in the long run, especially when the roof caves in on a Romney White House.

  • section9

    Hopefully, these kind of machinations show Palin the value of her own fundraising apparatus, her own staff apparatus, and getting in early and campaigning often the next time around. The GOP Establishment tries to leave nothing to chance in its attempts to control the Party. The notion that a potential, future Palin Campaign can  run some kind of low-cost, grassroots effort against people who can raise 150 million dollars in two months and firebomb you with negative ads is naive. I hope that Palin has learned valuable lessons from the experience of the past year and a half, and doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel next time out.

  • mark1955

    Also,good link and info on MITTEN’S top ecomic advisor,Glenn Hubbard,the man who just,”Talked out of turn”, when he announced his support of keeping that disaster,Fed Chairman  Ben Bernanke on if MITTEN’S wins the Presidency. MITTEN’S apparently disagrees. Turns out,Hubbard was also Chairman of George W.Bush’s council of economic affairs and is a Huge proponent of carbon taxes and as is a big Buddy of Ben Bernanke,the person the whistleblower,’Wall Street Insider’of the site,’The Ulsterman Reports’,blames as the second only to,IMF Head Christine Legarde,in the deliberate attempt to crash the world economy,in order to get a New World Order,One World Government. I’m shocked!…Not! Nice seeing MITTEN’S is flooding his campaign and potential administration, with the same Bushies who helped get us into this mess. What could go wrong? sarc.

    • Firelight

      I think we are going to start to see a crack between Romney and the Bushies.  They are not the same.  The Bushies want Romney to lose so that Jeb can win in 2016.  Romney wants to win now as this is his only chance.  I also think they have some big policy differences.

      Romney has been trying to play both sides as he knows that the Bushies can sabotage his campaign if he doesn’t play nice but I think he is beginning to see that they are planning to do that no mater what.

      In my opinion, the power grab is not just about Palin.  It is about Ron Paul, it is about Jeb Bush and anyone else looking to organize a coup this week and in 2016.

      I do also think this is going to backfire on Romney big time but in reality, they were already playing by their own rules anyway.  I don’t think Palin or anyone else is surprised by this.

      • section9

        BTW, I really like the contrast of Palin campaigning for downticket Tea Party Republicans next week while the Rombots are getting rained on in Tampa.

        Three campaign stops in AZ. Nice touch. 

      • mark1955

        Yes i agree. It’s kind of like watching the sunni’s vs the shia’s vs the wahabiist’s ( Spelling? ) vs.the muslim brotherhood. MITTEN’S is the nominee and has made a power grab at the RNC. Yet,without the Bushies machinations in Virginia and their outright rigging of the Florida Primary ( Which the Bushies are giving to Obama in the general election ) ,or the collapsing Primary dates,MITTEN’S wouldn’t have won the nomination. Then to top it off,the GOPe,is becoming radical left and is flipping a giant bleep you to it’s constituency. No better charactherized,than in their choice of speakers at the Convention.The entire repub party establishment has dug a nice hole for themselves. This whole thing is a house of cards waiting to collapse. Sarah,is in an advantageous spot having nothing to do with this disaster. She is going to be in a great position,with alot of credibility, to call for a Constitutionally Conservative Third Party and be the leader of that movement,when the repub Party inevitably falls apart.


    Firelight…”Am I sick yet”??   I’ve been  chronically sick over the past 4 years.

  • blackbird

    Haven’t gotten to the news roundup as yet, just have to say what a Beautiful post, your kids are very lucky Firelight. I want to be a kid and live on your block. A most certainly Awesomely Cool photo.

    • Firelight

      Awe thank!

      You can still come be a kid, lol!  I won’t tell anyone 😉

  • section9

    Neil Armstrong died. First Man on the Moon.

    • mark1955

      What a summer ’69 was. Woodstock,Chappaquidick (Teddy Kennedy), Moon landing.


    First Mitt changing the rules “mid-game” AND for 2016… this…

    • ProudAmerican247

       “…he called the law an “important accomplishment”…”

      Mittens “mandate bragging” will sink him if he keeps it up.

      What a disaster.

  • Bill589

    Mike Gallagher plays the lying game. Earlier today he said that he’s never seen a vice presidential choice have much impact on the presidential race – until now. Ryan is historic.

    Even the blonde interviewer on FOX didn’t bring up the obvious. (‘Blonde on Fox’ narrows it down to about 37 possibilities.)

    Yet again – I find there are not many people of fortitude in politics and the media.

    On the plus side: It shows that Sarah maintains influence enough to make our elite enemies concerned. If she wasn’t a threat, for high ratings, she’d even be prime time at the convention.

    But Sarah has not been intimidated, and she has not been bought. She has stayed loyal to right principles and to patriots. She continues to earn our trust and loyalty.  The more I learn about politics, the more I understand how exceptional she is.  And so our enemies work against her.  And so I stand with Sarah Palin.

  • Guest

    Breaking Politics ‏@breakingpol Florida Gov. Scott withdrawing from all RNC activities, including speech, ahead of Isaac – @BN9

    Looks like Gov. Scott found an awesome excuse to get out of attending the Etch-a-sketch love fest!

  • Kal Vernon

    RNC cancels first day in Tampa due to Isaac

    “Republican officials announced during a conference call Saturday night
    that they are canceling the opening day of the Republican National
    Convention in Tampa due to the threat of Tropical Storm Isaac.”

  • John_Frank

    Good evening,

    Firelight, enjoyed your post and the news round up.

    A couple of items:

    Poll shows Akin’s slide in Missouri Senate race

    While people in Akin’s district may “rally” to his side, as long as the big money stays on the side line, it is all over for Akin but the shouting.

    Earlier today the Governor announced she was going on a road trip:

    Sarah PalinVerified‏@SarahPalinUSA
    As I mentioned on Fox this afternoon, I’m traveling to Arizona to join Kirk Adams and other commonsense…

    For those who are interested, here are the event details:

    Governor Palin to Campaign in Arizona for Kirk Adams on Monday – Update Event Details Released

    People, let’s help spread the word.

    @AGUGrizzlies: Going 2 @KirkAdams/@SarahPalinUSA Event?

    People can co-ordinate through AGU Grizzlies.

    In other news:

    Fla. governor declares emergency ahead of GOP convention

    Trust that people stay safe, including those going to the convention.

    GOP cancels Monday’s convention events due to storm

    On Friday night Huckabee endeavored to rally Southern Baptists to Akin’s cause on a one hour conference call, Huckabee: “You bring your gods, we’ll bring ours”


    Then on Saturday afternoon due to the looming storm named Hurricane Isaac the RNC is obliged to cancel Monday’s convention events.

    Huckabee was scheduled to speak to the convention on Monday night.

    Could it be, or is it all just a huge cosmic coincidence?

    Okay, that’s it for now.

    Update: I see that Firelight has already posted all the details concerning the campaign event the Governor will be attending on Monday:

    Gov. Palin To Attend Rally At Joe’s Farm Grill In Arizona For Kirk Adams on Monday

    Even though the Governor has tweeted and Facebooked the news, let’s help spread the news.

  • Gelston

    Cross posted with C4P.
    About a week ago, I mentioned that I saw a patient of mine who lived in Dillingham for about 30 years. Unfortunately for her, she had to leave and move to Washington State as she has aged.

    During her years in Alaska, she came to know the Palin family very well. She knows that I like and follow Sarah; when I see her, we usually catch up on things for a minute or 2.
    She worked with Sarah one summer at the cannery. Working side-by-side, she came to know Sarah very well. She is very fond of Sarah Palin.
    She was closest, I believe, to Todd’s parents. She raved about how beautiful Todd’s mother is. And, of course, talked about what wonderful people they are.
    She knows about conservatives4palin (and now palin4America) and knows that I visit here.
    I told her that Chuck Junior has posted here. She told me what a nice man he is.
    I suggested to her that she watch Todd on his TV show. She was thrilled to hear about it. She told me that Todd is about as nice person as you could ever meet. She talked about him for a while.
    At that time, the question of whether Sarah would speak at the convention was still up in the air. I told her the rumor was that Mr. Romney’s team wanted to write her speech. She gave me a half smile and replied, “oh, Sarah would never do that. Not Sarah.”
    I would never disclose anything she said to me in private about the family. What is said in the doctor’s office stays there.

    When Sarah was nominated in 2008, I approached the local newspaper with her story. This is the article they wrote about her and about another lady who worked with Sarah, also.

    • section9

      This post was revelatory enough. It is amazing the lies that the Left publishes about Palin. What is more is that too many on the Right believe them.

  • Pete Petretich


    “…if Warren’s struggles are a sign of the national mood, Democrats may be making a grave mistake by stacking their convention lineup with “war on women” speakers and emphasizing Occupy-style 99%-vs.-1% themes. The country is looking for genuine leadership, not grievance politics–and straight talkers over motivational speakers.”

    (Don’t miss the cool video of Scott Brown making a half-court shot…)

    • LS as guest

      Fortunately Lia-watha has given MA voters more than enough reason not to vote for her.

      In almost any other state she’d have been buried already.

      And Brown’s done a masterful job of surviving as a GOP senator from MA.  Sure, we can’t count on his vote every time, but he can give us far more than we should be able to expect from that state.

  • Pete Petretich

    It’s obvious how Sarah has been building up both the House and Senate according to her Grizzly Principles. So what if she accepts a cabinet post in a Romney administration? Would such a post prevent her from using Sarah PAC to endorse her own candidates?

    Some of us have spoken positively about her taking a specific job under President Romney, but just as with the RNC speech issue/Loyalty Test, such a job might block her long term goals, and the long term goals of the Tea Party.

    How many Cruzes and Fischers and Mourdocks would be buried by the GOPe if Sarah becomes, say, Secretary of Energy?

    These observations also might strengthen the argument for her running for Senate in 2014…

    • section9

      I would be opposed to Palin working under Romney. I am almost positive that the Romney people would staff, say, the Interior Dept. with Romney/Bush underlings. Their mission in life would be to frustrate what she would try to get done and leak stories to the Times and the WaPo about what an ineffective, stupid little woman she was.

      She needs to stay as far away from Romney’s people as possible. Romney and his Bushtard “friends” are toxic for her.

      • LS as guest

        Ha–I bet you’re right.

      • cookboy


    • Firelight

      I think Sarah would have waaaay more flexibility as a Senator than as one of Mitt’s Cabinet members.   Assuming she even wanted a formal role with a title.

  • Pete Petretich
  • pete4palin
  • narciso

    I posted this on the other blog,

    could one imagine the GOP platform in 1980, endorsing Khemeini and Sandinista’ takeovers,?

  • Just Passing By….

    Ron Paul Was Denied a Convention Speech Because He Wouldn’t Endorse Mitt:

    “Ron Paul was apparently offered a speaking spot at the Republican
    National Convention, but he turned it down because convention organizers
    would only let him speak under the stipulation that he would finally
    endorse Mitt for President.”

    Need I say more? No question…Sarah Palin is not for sale.

    • Firelight

      Sarah did endorse Romney/Ryan as a package on Fox last Sunday but there is no way she was going to let Mitt’s team write her speech.

      That was another stipulation of Ron Paul’s speaking agreement was that he had to endorse Mitt and his speech had to be vetted but from other people that have also been given spots the word is out that Mitt’s team is actually writing all the speeches so it isn’t even really a vetting so much as they will just tell you what to say.  I am sure Paul didn’t like that either and I am really sure that Palin wouldn’t like that.

      • Gelston

        The lady who knows the family answered that question in a New York minute.
        “Oh, Sarah wont do that. Not Sarah”

      • Just Passing By….

        I’m impressed (but not surprised) that Palin and Paul refused to follow the script. Endorse voting for Mitt over Obama, but don’t attach your name to that establishment platform.

        I’m still trying to figure out why Huckabee agreed to give the Romney sermon from the Republican pulpit given his hatred of Romney. My best guess is that he’s so desperate for the spotlight, he’s willing to sell out and read the prompter. Team Mitt ought to know that he will now be the media’s poster child of the Republican convention in order to exploit the Akin mess as much as possible. If they’re smart they’ll pull him due to a “hurricane Isaac-related schedule change”.

        Gelston, thanks for sharing that story of the woman who knew the Palins in AK. It is always nice to read/hear things that reaffirm my opinion and support of them.

        • section9

          Huck wants a deal. Say, some influence. Say, Health and Human Services.

          He’s betting long on Akin and betting that Todd can actually come back because McCaskill is such a bad candidate. If he bets right, he wins a cabinet post from Mittens. If not, and McConnell loses the gavel because of this, he’s exiled to talk radio forever.

          It’s not that long a bet, btw. Todd Akin could come back and make it a race. Let’s see what happens.

      • section9

        There was going to be a “salute to Ron Paul” kind of thing in return for Paul collecting his Thirty Pieces of Silver from these goons, but like Palin, he’s playing the long game. I just happen to believe that Palin’s long game is much shrewder than Paul’s.

        Still and all, this was a sound decision by Paul and the ‘Tards not to genuflect to His Mittness and let the K-Street Goons write his speech. He retains his credibility with his minions AND his son can go out and endorse Team Frat House and maintain the contacts he has with the Establishment that Young Paultard needs to go forward.

      • ProudAmerican247

        Sarah Palin can’t be shackled.

        No input from her, no thanks, won’t speak. 

        Besides, a campaign rally in AZ is more important. 

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