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Friday Cookout Edition

TGIF everyone!!

Yes, it’s still me, lol!  Lipstick’s computer modem has been laid to rest.  The services were this morning, may it rest in peace.  UPS has delivered a new modem and Al Gore is fast at work saving the day and eating his sandwich.  We should have Lipstick back in no time!




Is everyone ready for BBQ?  Tonight is Friday night in the Show-Me State with Sarah night.  It looks like both Sarah’s will be serving the food. It starts at 6:00pm.  Ryan with MO AGU/O4P will be Ustreaming the event and I’ll set up a post for that a bit later when I have the page link.


Congratulations Gabby Douglas!  You rocked yesterday bring home the gold in women’s All Around gymnastics.  Go USA!!



Gov. Sarah Palin has endorsed Kirk Adams for Congress in Arizona’s 5th District.



Somebody get this whiner a pacifier and a blankie…

“and the ones who joined in can go straight to hell“… A big Amen John for every freaking word you wrote…

Levin: Palin knows the constitution better than…

Check out those biceps

Why haven’t we seen Romney in a Chick-fil-A, or Cheney, Bush or McCain?

Bristol speaks up for kids like Trigg…

Oh yes, we Palinistas know how this game works… if it is wrong for Palin and her staff, it is wrong for Obama and his…

It will take spines of steel to hold the line and push him right…

The guy was a jackass for his behavior, a dumbass for taping it & putting it on the internet and now a sorry ass who has no job…

Now why would they want to do this… this makes people like me want to investigate…

Oh how “hateful“… the irony is just dripping off the page… the sign in the middle is just oozing into her “loot”, lol!

Can you imagine if a Republican did this?…

Choose your friends wisely…

I really don’t care what the article says… I just love the title…

It’s a lovefest… funny that they say Basalt… maybe technically but realistically, its Aspen… that’s pure PR right there…

Well finally, this should have been his answer all along…

Wow, a world record!…

As long as they buy food…

Yes, it is an epic speech

Wouldn’t surprise me to hear that Rove himself came packaged with that playbook to help Obama to victory… its all about Jeb ’16…



These people just don’t stop and they are making her point for her…

“she has transformed into a highly influential activist with the grassroots”… Oh yes she has!..

Yes, it would be & that’s what makes the fact that he is our only choice so sucky…

And the Emmy goes to our RNC Chair Preibus for saying he thinks Cheney was wrong…  not really buying it from him…  the non-invite to the convention might have been the first clue…





OK,  really wake for some BBQ!!   Have a great Friday everyone.  See you back here tonight.


  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    The old classic,”a picture is worth a thousand words.” I,of course, am talking about the image that states,”TGIF ! ! !   Wake me up Monday ! ! !  Thank you for another great post and for your time, Firelight. Another well done round-up. How does Firelight do it……………………………..?

  • HotMike

    OT:  This will infuriate everyone!!  The net worth of congress members.

    • Firelight

      I like money, believe in capitalism and would live to match some of those people in worth someday so I don’t have a problem with what they are worth.

      What I do have a problem with is that many of them gained that wealth while in Congress.  They entered their office how ever long ago with normal means of wealth and over time they have used their public office to build wealth by doing inside deals.  THAT I have a BIG problem with.

    • blackbird

       Thanks for the link HotMike.

  • Gelston

    at the end of the Thurday thread, two questions were asked. one was the difference between club soda and seltzer water. there is the answer:

    Carbonated drinks are just water plus carbon dioxide. In the case of club soda, it tastes a little saltier than seltzer because it is said to contain a certain amount of sodium (usually 75 mg. in a 12 oz. serving). It undergoes the process of carbonation which injects carbon into the water. Thus, club soda is artificially effervescent water. Club soda adds some flavor into the mix. If you check its product label, you often notice the inclusion of other minerals like potassium sulfate and potassium bicarbonate which are said to ease the natural effervescence burn making club soda milder than most fizzy drinks. Seltzer, by contrast, is regarded as the more naturally effervescent carbonated water because it is similar to most natural waters drawn from artesian wells that pass through mineral layers. There are also some who say that artificial seltzers are already sold today. Nevertheless, the most common seltzers are those that are naturally carbonated. Moreover, seltzer is flavorless fizz that is the same as club soda but without the addition of extra salt or potassium minerals. Its name is derived from Selters, a town in Germany, that is popular for its enticing natural springs.Read more: Difference Between Seltzer and Club Soda | Difference Between | Seltzer vs Club Soda

    • Gelston

      the second quetion was the difference between a swing state and a battleground state.
      I could not find this on google and many people used them interchangeably.
      To me , a swing state is one which swings back and forth over several elections.
      a battleground state is contested in one indiviual election and may never be contested again. Tennessee was a battleground state when Gore was a favorite son in 2000. It is not a swing state. It has gone into the GOP column and will probably not be contested often over the next decades.

      florida was a contested state only because Gore could not carry his home state of TN. The lamestream media has conveniently forgotten that.
      Romney not carry his homestate. What does that say about him?

      • Bean Counter

        I will scream until the day I die that the great untold story of the 2000 election fiasco was that Gore couldn’t carry TN. Had he been able to convince the people who know him best to vote for him, he would have won outright, and the entire FL thing would have been moot.

        This remains the greatest bumper sticker I’ve ever seen. It was on a car in front of me in my neighborhood during the 2000 FL mess. It said:

        “Welcome to Tennessee, home of VP Al Gore and 11 electoral votes for George W. Bush”

        • Guest

           Well Mittwit isn’t going to win Massachusetts, Michigan, or California.

          • Gelston

            his HOME COMMONWEALTH of MA
            why nominate a man who can not win his home state

  • Bean Counter

    I don’t normally post warm and fuzzy things, but I found this on a relative’s FB page. I grew up very close to Boone. The woman who wrote this posted it on the Boone Chik-fil-A FB page. Man, what an evil bunch of haters these chicken people are.

    Chick-fil-A — A TRUE STORY: In the town of Boone, NC 8 years ago this summer, a Chick-fil-A was built and all the parents and children were thrilled to have a restaurant with great food and an awesome indoor playground. But there was one little girl who couldn’t enjoy the food because her chemo treatments made all food tasteless. She was most disappointed, however, that she was not able to play on the new, really awesome-looking playground that she saw so often on the way to the dr office. This was because her immune system was nearly non-existent, and her parents and doctors were concerned that she might pick up a bad germ.

    On one particular day that she was at the doctor’s office, the manager of Chick-fil-A (who just so happens to be the husband of her favorite nurse and was bringing her lunch) knelt down before the little girl and asked her if she had been to the new restaurant to play. The little girl (already upset because of finger pricks) sadly explained her health issues and the reason for her absence at the really awesome playground. The man held her and cried with her. The next day, the little girl received a phone call from the man who asked us to meet him in the parking lot of Chick-fil-A the next SUNDAY after church. The mom said, “I thought you were closed on Sundays.” He said, “We are, but I have a surprise for your little girl. Oh, and make sure she has play clothes and brings her best friend.” That Sunday after church, the little girl, her mom and dad, her best friend and her mom went to Chick-fil-A.

    The manager locked the door behind them, and, with his church clothes on, disinfected the entire play area from top to bottom…twice. He served them cold fountain drinks and ice-cream, and then played with the little girls until they could play no longer. The owner came in for a little while, and he also played with the girls, chatted with the parents, and made sure they had all they needed. I know this story to be true because the little girl is my daughter, Makala. She will never forget the sacrifice and kindness of these people. She will forever love Alex and Bing for loving her, and now that she is cancer free, Chick-fil-A has the best chicken in her opinion.

    • Firelight

      No, no, no!   you can not be posting stories like this.  It completely blows your image and you have a rep to protect. :)

      For real, I have tears. That is a beautiful story Bean and thank you so much for sharing.  It is true that many of the play areas at these types of restaurants or malls carry germs. There certain times of the year that we avoid them but it would be so heartbreaking for a child to never get to play at all.  I really think the people at Chick-fil-A have proven to the country what quality people they are.  

    • senator20526

       Somebody must be peeling onions, because I have tears in my eyes……

    • blackbird

       Thank you Bean Counter.

  • Gelston

    Hey, i’m still over here at chick-fil-A. I am on the 48th course. When does this protest end?

    I stand with Sarah Palin

    • TSM_Admin

       Gelston, when you start cackling and laying eggs – it’s time to stop!

    • Firelight

      When you start sprouting feathers, lol!

      The kiss in starts today so you can either stay and burn off all your calories you just ate…

      or you might want to grab your next meal to go and waddle out of there :)

      • blackbird


  • hrh40

    The Bushes probably dropped off Rove’s playbook when they visited the Oval Office in January.

    • Guest

       I’ll make book on it!

    • Firelight

      I was thinking the same thing!

  • Gelston

    NBC — racist or not — 28 second clip

    unlike this ABC classic

    • Polarbearpapa

      I Told Theresa last night what these Dolts were doing when I saw this played on late news……total race card…

    • blackbird

      Hi Gelston can you post the ABC link again, thanks.


    Firelight,,,,,,,the conservative masses will have to have more than just “spines of steel” to get Romney to lean right. Mitt just will not “lean”….not with the gope, the Bushes and Rove holding onto his ankles, and especially with Boehnr, McConnell and Cantor at the helm.

    Mitt will be their puppet just as Obama is Soros’ and there just aren’t enough of the “constitutional conservatives” in congress yet to yield a powerful nightstick.

    Is it too soon to start Palin/West 2016 ??

  • TheresaAK

    What a lovely family Kirk Adams has…

  • TheresaAK

    Good morning Firelight….is the coffee on? What a happy place to be…

  • hrh40
  • Whitney Pitcher

    Good morning!

    I find it amusing when people like Brunner who wanted Palin’s endorsement end up being dismissive of her when they don’t get her endorsement. I know there are Palin supporters who are supporting Brunner over Palin, which is fine. That’s probably going to happen in any race, but I don’t understand why politicians end up acting like children when they don’t get their way.

    • hrh40

      Kinda like Establishment mouthpieces being trotted out to say how irrelevant and divisive and polarizing that woman is.

      And then trotting these same folks out to whine that Palin hasn’t formally endorsed Romney yet.

      Logic escapes them it seems …

    • Exgunman

      ” I don’t understand why politicians end up acting like children when they don’t get their way.”………..Because they are a bunch of narcissistic,spoiled, prima dona, entitled brats who think they are so much smarter than everybody else or because they were extremely successful in something unrelated to politics but that success qualifies them to be the overseer of the masses who did not achieve that degree of success and that it is their duty to show the way as they see it. Consequently  the childish tantrum when they don’t get their way…………………………………

      • cookboy

        And all this time I thought they just sucked.

    • Bean Counter

      Very valid points made by Whit, Exgun and hrh, but what amazes me about all this incredibly juvenile whining, is how totally tone deaf these goobers, especially candidates, are. They say the most ridiculous things, clearly without thinking, because they are … what Exgun said … and have no clue how their verbal vomit sounds to voters, who, if they have any common sense at all, tune them out and find another candidate. Bottom line — I don’t want a bunch of kindergartners representing my interests at any level of government.

      • hrh40

        Didn’t Palin say something about her experience as a mom was needed when dealing with the Alaska legislators?

        That they needed a mom, or something like that?

        • Bean Counter

          Seems like it was ‘they need adult supervision’ or something like that? That comes to mind, but I could be wrong.

          • Whitney Pitcher

             She talked about her first job as a baby sitter and how it wasn’t much different than working with the AK legislators.

  • senator20526

    Morning all….as I look at that picture of the puppy laying on his back, asleep, I’m looking at my two  cats….laying on the floor sound asleep, taking their after breakfast nap. Life is wonderful…..Another  107 degree day in the great desert Southwest…..Can’t wait for word out of MO. tonight…I’m sure we will have on the ground reports and maybe some video of the Gov’s. speech. Unemployment raises to 8.3%. This is not looking good for old Barack….As Rush said…Obama is economy illiterate. This the final result of affirmative action..promoting people by quotas, not by skill. Everyone have a great day and be safe…..

  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    “The best defence is a good offence.”

    “I’m not for sale.”                    Sarah Palin

    “American’s have a sense of “fair play.”

    “American’s like to cheer for the “underdog,” especially in tough times.”

  • BostonBruin

    Good afternoon.

    Looking forward to the cook-out tonight. Maybe I should go out and buy some marshmellows.

    Anyway, it’s very wise to have this campaign event on a Friday. Lots of FREE media coverage will result over the next day or two as a result.

  • Bean Counter

    I heard rumblings about this last night during the election returns, but didn’t really understand what the fuss was about, since it involved democrats, and I don’t do democrats.

    Bob Corker, (Rino-TN) is running for re-election. He had token opposition in the primary, and won the nomination by an embarrassing majority. We all knew he would. The democrats had a field of about 5 candidates running for the nomination to oppose Corker in the general. Apparently, none of the challengers were that well known, and dem primary voters didn’t know who to vote for, so the guy at the top of the list, Mark Clayton, got the most votes, and the nomination to face Corker in November.

    As it turns out, Mr. Clayton has a rather curious resume, most of it involving tin foil hats and anti-gay activities. Accordingly, the TN Democrat Party has officially disavowed his candidacy and urges democrats to write in the candidate of their choice in November.

    The most amusing thing of all is that he appears to hold views that are clearly to the right of Corker, who many conservatives, myself included, are frustrated with, due to his rino proclivities. Clearly, Mr. Clayton is a bona fide whack job, but this could become a very interesting and, hopefully, entertaining race. Frankly, I’d love to see this guy force Corker to the right.

    I finally have a race to get excited about! This is gonna be fun. Of course, the best thing of all is that the dems have egg on their smug faces. How embarrassing. It’s all over the internet!

    Here are a few articles that you’ll find amusing:|breaking|text|FRONTPAGE

    This is the best one, from Mother Jones:

  • blackbird

    Bonjour everyone. Awesome news roundup Firelight as always.

    Next thing you know they will be accusing the Governor of using steroids, there is no way her biceps can push up that many Conservatives. :-)

    I now see why they are fighting the STOCK act, “But an amendment by Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Ala., extended the authority to senior members of the executive branch”

    I like this caption to one of the photos in the Chick-fil-A  link “Ah, yes. Another self-righteous and smug liberal claiming tolerance, while being anything but tolerant.”

    The silver lining to the Chick-fil-A kerfuffle is now other businesses are standing up and saying HEY! we have the same values as well. Now what a conundrum the self-righteous and smug have found themselves in.

  • John_Frank

    For those who are interested, follows are links to tweets and pics from the Steelman Surge BBQ:

    Courtesy of davecatanese@davecatanese of Poliltico:

    Palin sporting a ‘Superman’ Steelman t-shirt. #MOSEN

    Palin pouring it on for Steelman. ‘She’s got the backbone. She’s got the courage. She’s walking the walk.’ #MOSEN

    If Steelman wins #MOSEN primary, this was the moment it happened.

    Courtesy of Amy Kremer@AmyKremer of Tea Party Express

    Interesting! @STL_BLONDE: @coolchange80 All u need 2 know: Palin supports Steelman, Huckabee supprts Akin & Brunner is big Romney guy #MOSen

    Two of my absolute favorite #mamagrizzlies are @sarah_steelman & @sarahpalinusa! Love them both and not afraid to say so! #MOSEN #TeaParty

    This tweet from a Palinista@aPalinista

    For #MOsen vote remember it is: 1)Results over Rhetoric 2)Convictions over Consultants and 3)Missouri over Washington! #Palin #SteelmanSurge

    These tweets from Jordan Gehrke@jmgehrke

    Big crowd on hand to see Sarah Palin campaigning for Sarah Steelman in #mosen!

    Sarah and Todd Palin at #MOSEN event with Sarah Steelman!

    Palin and Steelman serving BBQ to the crowd here at event! #MOSEN

    For the ladies: Todd Palin, enjoying the festivities. #MOSEN

    Here is a good picture of the crowd that the Governor was speaking too courtesy of

    Isaac Robinson III@isaac_robinson3. He is the STL Regional Coordinator @steelmancamp

    My view at #SteelmanSurge BBQ @SarahPalinUSA & @sarah_steelman on stage #mosen

    Update: Clearly more than 300. Probably close to 1,000 2,000.

    Updated to add this tweet:

    J Howard Fisk ‏@FISKLIMO – President of Fisk Transportation Group, the premier passenger transportation provider in southwest Missouri for over 33 years.

    Sarah Steelman and pal Sarah P serving 2,000 Missourians.

    Also, here is another picture which gives one an idea of the crowd size courtesy of Michelle McCormick@TexMex817.

    Long line to get BBQ from @sarahpalinusa #MOSen #SteelmanSurge

    People can read more tweets and see more pics via this link:!/search/realtime/%23mosen

    Yes, the trolls are out and it is amusing to read some of the tweets from Steelman’s opponents.


    P.S. According to a tweet from Michelle McCormick, the Governor’s entourage at the event is Willow, Piper & Todd.

    P.P.S. Cross-posted to the Governor Palin Stumps for Steelman thread.

    • blackbird

       Excellent post John, thank you.

  • blackbird

    Just watched a great interview of Cruz

    I like Mr. Cruz a lot and I now see why the Governor went down to Texas.

    The Ten Pillars of Economic Wisdom –

  • John_Frank

    For those who missed the speeches:

    Courtesy of Steve Flesher, contributing editor at

    • Firelight

      I have that posted here on its own thread thanks to Steve and Mary Beth!  The archive version will only be availble for a bit but we should get the official video version to replace it with tomorrow.

  • John_Frank

    Memo to the Romney campaign and the Republican National Committee:

    You must have Sarah Palin give one of the key note speeches in prime time at the convention, and then have Romney to come on stage after the speech to thank the Governor.

    If not, then you only have yourselves to blame for the negative media and fall out that may result.

    P.S. And if Romney was really smart he would pick Allen West as his VP.

    • FrankE

       Not likely to happen on either item.

  • Bill589

    Sarah Palin “Likes”

    7/11 ——- 3,429,414
    7/16 ——- 3,435,357
    7/23 ——- 3,444,581
    8/3 ——— 3,457,748

    In the last 23 days, Sarah has averaged 1,232 new ‘likes’ each day.

    Not bad for an irrelevant has-been that has both halves (R&D) of government establishment against her, including their LSM, and considering that she has just begun to become more active again.

    Cheney, Romney, the GOPe in general – should take note. That is, if they want to win in Nov.

  • John_Frank

     Romney on Chick-fil-A: That’s not something that’s part of my campaign; Update: Obama ducks too

    Really? Honoring, protecting and defending Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion is not part of your campaign? 

    He could have used the question to slam politicians who abuse their power, shaming the Mayor’s of Boston and Chicago.

    To be honest I am not surprised. The Romney campaign’s myopic focus on the economy is smothering.

    Interesting though when Palin appeared at the Ted Cruz GOTV rally, she got a big round of applause when she told the audience that she wanted to stop at the Chick-fil-A on the way to the airport.

    Earlier today, when Palin spoke at the Steelman surge rally, near the end of the speech she mentioned that she was going to be stopping at a Chick-fil-A later that evening. She got a big round of applause. She then went to suggest that feeding people Chick-fil-A to people at events should be a part of everyone’s campaign and the applause continued.

  • Bill589

    I just saw, a round table of five on a Gwen Ifill show, where they just discussed at length the Cruz victory, and why, and not mentioning Sarah. On and on, but no Palin.

    But then they changed the subject for a short time to a different race, where ‘the TP’ candidate lost.
    And that is when Gwen Ifill choose to mention Sarah Palin – as endorsing a loser. Sarah Palin endorsed the candidate, and he/she lost.

    This is the Gwen Ifill that was the assuredly impartial moderator to the SP vs JB debate.
    (I understand moderators are approved of by both parties. No surprise here.)

    Gwen is off the farm: The ends justifies the means.  She distorts the truth against Sarah and our cause.

    No more moderator jobs for her.

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