Gov. Palin Stumps for Steelman At BBQ Rally

The event starts at 6pm Central time.  This should be fun!

Ryan, Michelle, Justin and Brian are working the event!  Lucky them.  We should get some fun reports back from the ground.  I don’t know if they will be tweeting or not during the event but you can find them here:






Thank you to Steve Flesher, Mary Beth House, C4P for the awesome video:

Some pictures:


Here is a news report from KMBC.

Here’s another great report from Fox2.  I see some familiar faces (or profiles) in this one.

Here’s another News11 report. (don’t ask me why one is Fox2 and the other is News11 but its the same reporter…)

Palin lays it on the line for Steelman

She has the coolest shoes!   Let’s hope that Steelman wins on in Tuesday’s primary!!


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