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It Will Be About The Economy Stupid – Weekend Edition

Good morning everyone!

It’s finally the weekend and according to a tweet from Reince Preibus last night Romney will announce his choice for VP this morning.  Last night NBC broke the news that they had 3 sources telling them it was Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.  Then the AP and a Republican official also confirmed that it was Paul Ryan.  To make it more interesting people started tweeting out a link to which mirrors much of as confirmation but when someone looked up the ownership of the site on it belongs to some dude in New York that bought the domain rights 3 years ago.  However, Mitt’s app confirmed this morning that it is officially Ryan.

So my thoughts on Paul Ryan, well I like him.  I know I’m probably in the minority but I do.  He certainly isn’t Palin but who out there is? Yes, I know he is establishment and he is going to have to explain some of his more recent votes but let’s remember that he was never “popular’ establishment until recently.  In fact, when he first released his Roadmap for America most of the GOPe wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole and quite a few of them hit the news shows to criticize it and discredit it.  I remember one of the first people to come out and sing its praises…  so while he has been in Washington for a while, he wasn’t everyone’s favorite Wisconsinite.   Despite the PR of trying to distance himself from libertarianism and Ayn Rand there is evidence in Ryan’s early years that he definitely has a stronger conservative streak than many think.  Ryan is Catholic so he is not an atheist like Rand but I’m a Christian and I like Rand’s work even if I don’t agree 100% with her.  I think it is entirely possible and reasonable to be a Christian and love and value Ayn Rand’s philosophy and work without agreeing with her atheism.  Ryan is also a Kemp protege and I like that a lot.

I think the problems with Paul Ryan are that he has a great story, great family, good conservative ideas, he’s a good speaker and good debater and from all accounts he is a really nice guy BUT his voting record doesn’t always match his conservative ideas and rhetoric, he lacks executive experience, foreign policy experience and really lacks charisma.  I also think Romney is going to struggle with him.  We all know Ryan. We know his ideas, his solutions and beliefs but Ryan isn’t at the top of the ticket, Romney is.  It will be interesting to see how Romney packages Ryan and how the base accepts it.  Does Team Romney let Ryan be Ryan? or do they follow tradition and Ryan will push Romney’s ideas and solutions (how awkward)?  I predict that Ryan will go after Obama on economic policies but push Romney’s solutions.  I just don’t think the base will buy it. From what I saw on twitter last night, the base will demand Ryan’s policies, ideas, solutions and values over Romney’s.  I think we will see people wish Ryan was the one at the top of the ticket and not Romney.  Once again, we will all be voting based on a VP pick.  So basically, Ryan will outshine Romney.  Ryan actually highlights to the grassroots everything that Romney isn’t and I’m not sure Romney is going to like that over time.  I’d go to see Ryan speak but I wouldn’t bother going to see Romney speak.

In my opinion, there will be some excitement for Ryan over the next few weeks because he is a far better choice than any of the other options Romney was considering.  Personally, I wanted West but West was never being considered.   While Ryan is not perfect and he certainly is no Palin, he is better than I expected from Romney.  However, after the excitement subsides and the base starts to see that Ryan is pushing Romney’s crap and taking on more of Romney’s ideology, I think the excitement will fall flat and the base will get mad at Romney for constraining or shackling Ryan.   Just a hunch…  I guess we will see if the Romney camp learned anything from the disastrous way the McCain campaign handled Palin.

I am amused that for all the “don’t make a pick like Palin talk” Romney seemed to actually pick a less experienced person than Palin but that doesn’t change the fact that of Romney’s pool of candidates, I still think Ryan was one of the best choices.  If I were Ryan,  I would make one of my first calls to Palin and ask for advice since there is no one more experience in dealing with what is going to be coming at him from the media than her and no one more experienced at being thrown under the bus by people within the campaign than her.  If Ryan thinks that Jeb’s people won’t be pulling a Wallace and Schmidt on him then he is naive and Romney has Bush people in his campaign.

I do look forward to the Ryan/Biden debate.  I think that will be entertaining and I think it is now possible that we might be able to drag Romney’s sorry ass across the finish line but it’s still a long shot.   I do look forward to hearing what Levin has to say on this pick. Update- he tweeted so see below.

Late last night I did some lurking on Kos and Democratic Underground to see what they were saying and they won’t be holding back.  Ryan will be getting the full Palin treatment.  In light of that, I don’t think it serves Palin very well for Palin supporters to focus on the trivial complaints about Ryan.  Such as, he attended the Game Change premiere.  Yes he did, I don’t like that fact but we don’t know why he did, we don’t know what he thought of the movie and he has never publicly said anything negative about Gov. Palin that I know of so I think to focus our criticism on that would do a disservice to her. Simply because it makes her the issue and not Ryan’s voting record or lack of experience.  I also think that Palin supporters will get painted as having sour grapes at this point which will open up the opportunity for them to blame Gov. Palin for something else.

So, do I say fall in line?  Hell no, if you like Paul Ryan then good, enjoy the fact that you can at least support the bottom part of the ticket.  If you don’t like Paul Ryan, just give it a few weeks, we can’t do anything about it anyway but let the rest of everyone have their fun and let the democrats do your dirty work for you and then you can express your concerns over his record etc… after the initial excitement wears off without putting Gov. Palin at risk for more blame.  We still have a lot of time to make our voices heard.

If the only people in the party that are complaining are Palinistas, it won’t reflect well on Gov. Palin,  just saying…  I say we stay focused on getting her the invite to Tampa and getting her endorsements over that finish line, then we deal with however everyone feels about Ryan.  Just my 2 cents.

Levin tweets this:

Paul Ryan is an excellent VP choiceThe Obama cheerleaders in the media are already attacking him because of the budget he proposed last year. Well, bring it on. Let’s have a fight over substance. And let’s expose Obama for the destructive leftist he is and Biden for the weak dufus he is.

Bristol tweets this blog post... she is a beautiful woman of grace and I say we take her advice and stop and pray…


Some Ryan roundups:

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Heh, Ryan not a fan of Romneycare


In other news:

Gov. Palin records a robo-call for Sandy Adams…

New action hero

Allen West’s wife speaks out…

So what is the Fed not telling us…

Oh thank God that didn’t happen…

Then I must be very confused

Only 75?

This is hilarious…

Not surprised at all…

Stronger and more organized


I’ll update with more news later in the weekend.

Have a great weekend and help out Sandy Adams if you can!!



  • LS as guest

    Nicely considered comments, Firelight.  

    Ryan will undoubtedly be put on the spot re: Romneycare, which will be interesting.  I think he’s needlessly confounded himself with the way he’s described his Medicare solution.  He should just say we’d move all of Medicare to a Medicare D-style solution, which like companies moving their pensions to 401K’s, is the only fiscally responsible way to go.

    And I resoundingly agree–Ryan is by far the best of the options that Romney was considering.  I’m relieved we’ve not got Rubio, Christie, Portman or TPaw.

  • LS as guest

    Oh, and Ryan seems to have smoothed his widow’s peak as of late–an important, small touch, I believe.

  • Emily Baxter

    I’m okay with Ryan, but I still think I should focus on the congressional races.

    • Firelight

      I think it is most important for us to focus on the House and Senate races.  If we don’t win those, it won’t matter who is our P/VP

      • HotMike

         Under normal circumstances I would agree with you completely. However, if obama wins a 2nd term congress will be invisible. He will do everything by executive order. He’ll be worse than the 1st term and during the 1st term he did horrible things by executive order so I must disagree the house/senate are not the most important. They are important but the presidency is most important. Not to mention the probability of 2 supreme justices will retire during the next 4 years. The courts would go far far left. Bringing America into destruction.

        • Firelight

          Well, if we truly have a conservative House and Senate, they could always impeach him.  We have a good house and Sarah is making progress on the Senate but we have some races to close yet and then focus on the generals.

  • cookboy

    … and the band plays on.

  • Guest

    Excellent Firelight. Always appreciate your insight. Thanks and have a great week end.

  • wodiej

    sensible editorial.

  • RedDaveR

      Thank you for posting this, Firelight.  IMHO, you’re right, Ryan was the best among those being seriously considered.  I remember Gov. Palin supporting his Roadmap and saying a lot of good things about Ryan in 2009 and 2010, but she hasn’t said much abot him recently.

      I’m sure she will be very supportive of this pick, but it will be interesting to see her level of enthusiasm.  In the end, it’s the top of the ticket that really matters.

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Good thoughts, Firelight. I think I pretty much agree with what you’re saying. I can’t really add much else.

    I hope the media leave his family alone, but they won’t. I’m also not looking forward to the GOPe making subtle or not-so-subtle digs at Palin because Ryan is a wonkish type.

    I’m with Emily too.I think we still need to focus on Congress. That’s important regardless of who wins the presidential race. 

    • Firelight

      Thanks Whitney, I just updated the post to add Bristol’s tweet asking for prayer for the Ryan family.  She is such a wonderful young lady full of love and grace.

      I’m not looking forward to the digs either but I knew they were coming no matter who Romney picked.

      Yep, our focus needs to be on Sandy Adams right now.  That is the most important for our immediate future.

  • Gelston

    you could not have written a better piece on why we should support Ryan.

    There is a lot to be said for mimicking the Peter Sellers character in that movie when he says vague things and everybody thinks they are profound. “Yes, Ryan is a good choice.” “wow, I’m sure everyone will listen to him.”
    I intend to follow Sarah. I have a feeling that she will not be concentrating on the top of the ticket.

    I have been to Janesville WI many times in my wanderings through life. (I lived in Rockford, Illinois, for 10 years during one year of my life) It is small town America. It is 50 odd miles from The uber-radical Univ of  WI. For people who follow the Seahawks, Kreig, who quarterbacked the team for 10 years or so, came from there.
    It changes nothing in my life. Meh.

    Chance the Gardener: “”As long as the roots are not severed, all is well. And all will be well in the garden. ……. growth has it seasons. First comes spring and summer, but then we have fall and winter. And then we get spring and summer again.””
    from the movie “Being There”

    • senator20526

       I really liked that movie….

  • Firelight

    Hey everyone – I updated the post with Levin’s tweet and Bristol’s tweet.

    Bristol has a beautiful post asking for prayer for the Ryan family.  God bless her. She has the right perspective.  I encourage everyone to read it.

  • c4pfan

    OK, I was hoping for Walker.  More than hoping , I was really thinking it was going to happen.  I need to get over that first. LOL 

    • Rightmindedmom

      Scott Walker was pushing for Paul Ryan himself.  I’m happy Walker got his wish.

  • c4pfan

    Any recent polls for Sandy? 

    • Firelight

      I haven’t seen or heard anything lately.  I’ll tweet Amy Kremer and see if there is a recent poll.

  • PhillyCon

    I agree about being gracious towards Ryan.  He will have a tough road ahead, and I hope some of those campaign “gurus” learned from 08.

    Anyway, let’s not forget this:

    Why I Support the Ryan Roadmap

  • Gelston

    By the way, candidates from the House of Representatives do not fare well.
    the last GOP House Rep elected on a national ticket was in 1908.

    this might help WI move toward the GOP, but ……….

    could this be the first ticket to have both the POTUS and VPOTUS lose their home states?

    • Firelight

      I do wonder how the fact that he is from the House affects the VP slot. I know they don’t fair well at the top of the ticket but I wonder how they do in the 2nd slot.

      I also wondered about him delivering Wisconsin. Riley can probably shed more light on that. He has never run for a state-wide position so I don’t know his popularity across the state.  I know his district loves him.  Hopefully, Riley will give us some insight soon.

      • Gelston

        i was referring to the VP slot.
        btw, 1908 was the last year the Cubbies won the World Series.

        • senator20526

           John Nance Garner I believe…..

          • Gelston

            yes, the last Dem in 1932 and the last GOP in 1908.

        • Firelight

          This is good to know I guess…

  • BostonBruin

    What are the odds that SP will soon call Paul Ryan’s wife Janna and offer her words of encouragement and let Janna know she can call her whenever she needs some advice? 100%.

  • Right_Wingnut


    I recall you were highly offended that Ryan attended the premiere of Game Change. Judging from your comments above, it seems as though you have forgiven him for that. Is that an accurate assessment?

    • John_Frank

      Not speaking for Firelight, but people might find this comment by JRD1 of value:

      • Right_Wingnut

        Yes I read that. Thanks, but I’m curious what Firelight has to say about it. 

        • Firelight

          You are right I was highly offended and to a degree I still am BUT I find it interesting that he has never disrespected her publicly even after seeing it.  For all we know, he was doing research.  I mean, we all watched the movie.

          Since he has never dissed her or made any disparaging remarks about her then I feel that I can not fairly judge why he went. I still don’t like it but he hasn’t given me any reason to believe that he even thought the movie was accurate.  For all we know he could have thought it was full of crap.

          • Right_Wingnut

            The “research” angle will be a tough sell, since he could have watched it on HBO if that was the purpose. C’mon!

            Anyway, thanks for the response.

            • mark1955

              Exactly what i was thinking. He and his Wife,both could have watched it at home numerous times and discussed it at length,without his very public attendance, giving “Aid and comfort”, to Sarah’s enemies. This doesn’t wash.

            • Firelight

              Well, he has never said anything negative about her and if he read the book she only appears in one chapter. The rest of the book has nothing to do with her so there is a good chance he may not have known it was entirely about her.

              There is also a chance he was invited, said yes and went.  So what?  That doesn’t mean he found the movie credible.  We don’t know.  We only know that he has never been disrespectful to her or disparaged her.  In my book, that still counts for something.

          • excopconservative

             Could Ryan have been told by Team Romney to attend?  It was at an early stage of the vetting process and the Romney people knew that Palin had supported Ryan’s budget plan to a degree and had spoken well of him.  They may have wanted to see where his allegiances lie, to Palin or to his political ambition.  Maybe if he hadn’t attended, he wouldn’t have been on the stage this morning.

      • blackbird

        “Etch-a-sketch knew he bought this nomination a long, long, time ago” if the Governor had run his money would have been for nothing.

        With the Game Change scenario, Ryan didn’t need the movie to get a feeling of what he was in for, he knows what the political reality has been like the past 4 years, we all knew.

        What I would say is he has more to worry about from inside his campaign than anything Obama and his surrogates will throw at him. He needs to be very guarded, cautious and keep track of everything during the campaign.

  • blackbird

    Good morning everyone. I agree with you Firelight and very good advice. I like Ryan and he is going to be a great VP.

    “Does Team Romney let Ryan be Ryan?” I sure hope so.

    I am still perplexed as to why Romney is seeming to have a hard time according to the polls, you know I think this election will show just how dishonest those pollsters are when Romney wins by a land slide. Obama is just the worst President, he is a total failure, I feel Romney is going to win by a land slide, just a feeling.

    I am happy for Mr. Ryan. If Obama and his surrogates go after Ryan’s family any where near like they did Sarah’s that would be the biggest mistake of this election season, it will sink his campaign real fast, just my 2 cents.

  • Patrick_Skacel

    Nothing against Paul Ryan, but I just don’t see my hair catching fire this cycle.  I guess he can be a good VP (although more useful in the House), but I don’t think he’ll make a particularly effective candidate.  I hope I’m wrong.

    The truly sad thing, though, is that the GOP nominating process has become such a joke that the basic role of the VP selection appears to be to try to make our crappy presidential candidates seem palatable.  

    What a disaster. 

  • iizthatiiz

    well stated Firelight .. thanks for the perspectives

  • section9

    I suspect that Palin is putting together a very supportive statement for Ryan. Indeed, I suspect she’ll enthusiastically support him before she’ll support Romney, in her own puckish way.

    However, don’t be surprised if Palin isn’t invited to speak at the Convention. This is how these Establishment people roll. Still, I suspect that Palin will lead by example and support Ryan’s selection.

    • John_Frank

      However, don’t be surprised if Palin isn’t invited to speak at the Convention. This is how these Establishment people roll

      Read this comment by Richard Viguerie:

      Paul Ryan: A Good Man, But Not a Game Changer

      He writes in part:

      But the Ryan plan is a start, and if Romney and Ryan are elected — AND get a Republican majority in the House and Senate — a bolder budget plan building on Ryan’s work might yet emerge from a Romney/Ryan administration.

      To lock-up the support of those 4 million independents and right-of-center voters who walked away from the Republicans in 2006, but came back in the Tea Party wave in 2010,
      Governor Romney needed to make a bold choice. Paul Ryan is a good choice, but not a bold choice.

      In selecting Paul Ryan, Governor Romney has chosen a running mate who has many small government constitutional instincts, but who has not set about translating those
      instincts into the bold action conservatives have been looking for.

      However, Paul Ryan knows Obama’s spending problem better than anyone. If in choosing Paul Ryan as his running mate Governor Romney is signaling that he plans to make Obama’s spending, deficits and debt a centerpiece of his campaign — then Paul Ryan’s selection is a good sign to conservatives that the campaign is headed in the right direction.

      Then go back and read what Peter Boyer wrote near the end of his article re: the Romney campaign inviting the Governor to the convention:

      Palin is keeping the dates open in late August, just in case. In any event, she says, she plans to be politically active between now and November, starting with a Michigan Tea Party appearance, sponsored by Americans for Prosperity. “No matter the Romney campaign strategy,” she says, “I intend to do all I can to join others in motivating the grassroots made up of independents and constitutional conservatives who can replace Barack Obama at the ballot box.”

      If Romney wants to win the support of the 4 million independent and right of center voters that Viguerie references and the Governor indirectly refers to, one of the things that the RNC and Romney need to do is give the Governor a key prime time speaking slot at the convention.

      If Romney keeps buying into the guidance of his pollster that these people will vote for him in the fall because of their disdain towards Obama, and he does not invite the Governor to speak at the convention, he will hurt his chances of winning the support of these voters.

      P.S. Notwithstanding what is being written about Ryan’s speech, after he was introduced by Romney, it did not get me enthused. Solid yes. Ready to stand up cheer? No. Ready to leap out of my seat and crawl over glass for him? No.

      In fact, I thought Romney gave a better speech, despite the mistake he made at the end.

  • John_Frank

    Chuck Heath Jr posted the following comment over at c4p:

    Congratulations to Paul Ryan. I wish him well. I hope he’s as strong as Sarah is because the press is about make his life hell. My advice to him would be to stay focused on what you believe is right, seek guidance from the most learned people possible, keep your family close, and put
    God first.

    His comment is reflective of what Bristol Palin wrote in her blog post.

  • senator20526

    Morning all……well, Romney could have done worse……Ryan is about as conservative as Romney was willing to go…..He is not a “set your hair on fire” guy, but will be good at framing the Romney agenda and at the debate with “slow Joe” Biden…..Palinistas must concentrate on the down ballot and not worry about Romney/Ryan……..We need to elect Sarah’s people and gain control of the Senate…..Dodge another bullet yesterday and didn’t reach the 114 degrees as projected, only got to 111 degrees here in the great desert Southwest…..What does everyone think about the guy sent to jail for collecting rainwater on his own property in Oregon? If they say the water belongs to the public, then the leaves on the trees belong to them also….please come and rake them up…….Have a great day and be safe.

  • John_Frank

    The attacks against Sarah Palin from the Romney campaign have already started:

    Paul Ryan Is No Sarah Palin, Says Romney Camp
    Aides say it’s a game-changing pick that will excite the base and shake up the electoral map. The key differences: “He’s not an unknown quantity” and she’s not a “policy wonk.”

    The Romney campaign are freaking idiots.

    Update: Dana Loesch reports:

    Romney Campaign Slams Buzzfeed Over Unsourced Palin Piece

    The article quotes the “anonymous” quotes and then Ms. Loesch writes:

    The Romney camp was quick to slam the article, saying thusly:

    Buzzfeed is hiding behind anonymous quotes to portray conservatives as divided on Ryan as VP. Our campaign is on the record endorsing Ryan, while Buzzfeed falsely cites “aides” to avoid the real story – our party is united behind leaders like Governor Palin AND Paul Ryan. Not content to debate the issues, the liberals at Buzzfeed are helping Democrats continue their personal attacks to protect THE ONE.

    That is a very strong statement. Good.

    P.S. Maybe it is time to remember Bruce’s Rule?

    • BostonBruin

      Terrific. Right from the get-go, Romney is spitting in the faces of the Palinistas.

      Mr. L made a great point in one of his latest audio reports when he stated that the hostility of Romney’s supporters could cost him the election. Bingo!

    • blackbird

      Why they would even talk to these people, you see how they framed the question LOL!.

      Idiots indeed, they seem to want to sabotage the election.

    • Firelight

      Matt Lewis tweeted “Romney aide pushes back at BuzzFeed story: “There’s room for both Sarah Palin & Ryan in our party.”

      I’m not sure that it was the Romney camp that actually provided the quotes for that story. They provided that push back really fast which is unusual.  I saw another tweet by someone I don’t follow but it was re-tweeted that said same thing but “senior advisor” says source not from Romney camp Palin & Ryan both stand on their achievements proudly or something like that.

      I will keep my eyes open for more.

      • BostonBruin

        Sometimes I wonder if Karl Rove and the Bushies are behind these smears and they use Romney people to make  it look like they’re coming from him. Regardless, I am sure SP knows the truth.

        • Firelight

          I think you just hit the nail on the head. 

          I know of one group right now that would not want unity and must know that Palin is likely writing a glowing FB post in support of Ryan.   JMO

          I would love nothing more than Palin to endorse Ryan and leave Mitt hanging for an endorsement, lol!

          • blackbird

            Now that would be something, endorsing Ryan and not the top of the ticket, that would put a burr in the saddle of someone LOL

            • Firelight

              Well, eventually she would have to endorse the top of the ticket in a general sense after the convention but that is very different than giving a personal full endorsement :)

        • mark1955

          Matt Rhoades as i have mentioned ad nauseum,is MITTEN’S campaign manager. Rhoades is also Steve Schmidt’s best friend and was co-Head along with Schmidt’s,of Oppo research ( Dirty tricks ) for George W.Bush’s 2004 re-election campaign.He is the person ‘Mr.White Board’ planted inside of MITTEN’S campaign in 2008,to eventually sink MITTEN’S campaign at the appropriate time. Rhoades and company are the probable leakers,trying to create chaos with Ryan,Sarah and MITTEN’S. As soon as possible,all of us should start researching who Paul Ryan’s ‘Handler’s’ are inside of MITTEN’S campaign and their backgrounds,then share the information here and at other Conservative Site’s. The background part is almost rhetorical,because we all know they will have direct ties to ‘Mr.White Board’ and the Bushies,just as Nicolle Wallace and Steve Schmidt’s did,but we have to make that info as public as possible and as soon as possible. That way, we can monitor all their sabotage efforts and call them on it in real time.

           To be honest with everyone and i know i am going to catch heck for this,i really don’t think Mitten’s has any intention of really winning this. I think MITTEN’S,like McCain, is a ‘Willing Dupe’ for the elites. His not responding with a devestating counter attack,when Obama’s henchmen,asked him about his tax returns and MITTEN’S not responding by calling Obama out on releasing records from everything to his college grade to social security number is a ‘Huge Tell”. I think this whole thing was hatched many years ago,with MITTEN’S and company sacrificing themselves on the ‘Altar’ for a ‘New World Order’. MITTEN’S father George Romney,was a huge fan and admirer of Saul Alinskey. I think MITTEN’S is Plan B for the elites and Obama is plan A. In 2008,I believe they had plan A ( Hillary ). When plan A proved to be not ready for primetime they went to plan B ( Obama ). If Obama failed they had plan C ( McCain ). Palin was picked as a SOP to us Conservatives. She was a smokescreen,to make us all think the election was on the up and up and McCain was really trying to win. We all know Sarah was really trying to win,but McCain’s heart was not ever really into it for a reason. He knew he was supposed to lose.

           Now it’s 2012 and we have MITTEN’S picking Paul Ryan as a SOP to us Conservatives. Ryan is the smokescreen to make us think MITTEN’S is really trying to win. I don’t believe he is. This general election is playing out exactly off of the same Blue print the elites had in 2008. Including: Christine Legarde’s ( IMF Head ),  Bushbot Ben Bernanke ( Fed Chairman ) and Leo Girard ( International Unionist ) was the man who collapsed Brazil into a socialist State. These people according to the site,’Ulsterman Reports’,are working on the controlled collapse of the economy as an ‘October,or September surprise’. Just like 2008,when Bush, Bernanke,Paulson,Soros,Rockefeller,Rhotschild etal,did it. The exact same playbook,but this time we are going to be ready for it.

           As i said,start paying close attention to who Ryan’s handler’s are and you’ll know the fix is in and Ryan,like Sarah,is the only one who doesn’t know it.

          • section9

            Holy Sh*t!

            You just hit the NAIL ON THE HEAD!

            Ed Gillespie was part of Mittens’ Senior Staff. Ed’s an old time Bush crony. Watch who is appointed to run Paul Ryan.

            If Ryan has a bunch of Seasoned Bushies around him, then he’s definitely been targeted by teh Bushies as a threat.

            • mark1955

              Sorry,i think i misinterpreted your response as sarcasm initially.

          • Agent99SP

            If Legarde, Bernanke and Girard were to accomplish a controlled collapse of the economy as an ‘October or September surprise’, wouldn’t that hurt Obama as he is the incumbent?  If Obama is ‘Plan A’  for the NWO crowd, wouldn’t they want the economy to strengthen as the election approaches?

            • mark1955

              What it does is give obama an excuse, to declare martial law,because of the resulting chaos. He then would in theory,be able to re-make our Country into a marxist/islamist slave state from scratch. Needless to say,we are going to have something to say  about that.

      • idesign2

        Thanks, maybe we can find out where this came from…

      • Right_Wingnut

        Given the history of the animosity toward Palin from these people, I think you’re going to be disappointed.

      • John_Frank

        Matt Lewis tweeted “Romney aide pushes back at BuzzFeed story: “There’s room for both Sarah Palin & Ryan in our party.”

        Really. How nice.

        Sorry for sounding cynical, and yes it is possible that the anonymous aides quoted in the BuzzFeed story were not Romney campaign aides, but the Romney aide push back just does not cut it, IMHO.

        The Romney campaign needs to put the complete kibosh to these sorts of anonymous “attacks,” by making it crystal clear exactly where the candidate stands.

        Mitt Romney holds Sarah Palin in the highest regard. The statements by anonymous “aides” as reported in the Buzz Feed story are not only insulting to Sarah Palin but also to Mitt Romney and he completely repudiates them.

        Anything less is the same old good cop / bad cop routine that we have seen in the past, and if the statements by anonymous aides are coming from Karl Rove, with that sort of statement, the Romney campaign let’s Karl Rove and Company know in no uncertain terms to f* right off.

        Just my two cents worth.

        Update: It seems that you are right and the Romney camp is pushing back very hard:

        Romney Campaign Slams Buzzfeed Over Unsourced Palin Piece

  • blackbird

    Wisconsin Grassroots to Paul Ryan: ‘We’ve Got Your Back’ good video at the end with Dana and Ryan.

  • John_Frank

    Obama Widens Lead Over Romney

    Not good news. Obama’s 7% lead in the IBD/CSM/TIPP is consistent with the CNN/Opinion Research, Fox News and Reuters/Ipsos polls of earlier this week.

    At the same time:

    – The Gallup Tracking poll shows the race tied:

    – The Rasmussen Tracking poll shows Romney with a 2 point lead:

    The Real Clear Politics average of polls shows Obama with a 4.6% lead.

  • Firelight

    Here we are peeps for the first time EVER:

    Team Romney has issued a full statement just hours after the problem stating that the party is united behind Gov. Palin AND Paul Ryan both.

    • John_Frank

      Yes, excellent statement by Team Romney.

      … and Firelight takes the opportunity to shove it right back in Buzzfeed’s face with this tweet:

      @mckaycoppins Any response to this claim that your source is a lie & your bias discredits you?

      Way to go Firelight!

      P.S. As to the Romney campaign response, it is fun watching Mohammed come to the Mountain. Now just get down on bended knee and kiss the ring, in front of a national TV audience, and then we will be happy!

    • section9

      I must admit that this IS new. And without ANY snark from Team Frat House.

      Mitt realizes, suddenly, that he has a problem.

      Maybe Ryan sat him down?

  • panchita

    team rmoney can show they stand behind Sarah when they give us an explanation as to why paul ryan was at the “game change premier” and why mitt has surrounded himself with the same folks that stabbed Sarah in the back.

    i’ll be resting here under the kitchen table patiently waiting for their response. a mojito firmly clutched in one paw.


    • c4pfan

      I’m not waiting for an answer from them. The top of the ticket isn’t even going to follow Ryan’s plan. He could explain away and it doesn’t change what his voting record is.

  • c4pfan

    Rush said that the DNC would have a Republican woman and I’m guessing that it’s Huntsman’s daughter (wasn’t there something out there that she was going to say she’s a Rat now?) and I guess Powell is going too.

    • mark1955

      I wish the entire repub legislative delegation appeared at the DNC with Huntsman and Powell. That way they could all come out of the closet as dems together.

  • HotMike

    What I find interesting is Chuck, Jr and Bristol both came out with a statement regarding Paul Ryan today. But not Sarah.  That plays into my thoughts of what Sarah is doing.

    My guess is she won’t be posting anything or the two others would not have jumped in first. 
    I ain’t seen no Unconventional Election yet!!

  • c4pfan

    Firelight.  I know that there was some party Buzzfeed had.  What GOP people went?  Isn’t that a clue?

    • Firelight

      I don’t know but my guess is anyone that could.  People go to those free parties all the time for the free food, drinks etc…  That’s probably the only way Buzzfeed can get anyone to talk to them.

      • c4pfan

        Yeah, but they get their phone numbers and stuff and call them up for a quick quote to bash someone with.

  • c4pfan

    Anyone else think calling yourself the ‘comeback team’ is a stupid theme?

  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    Well done Firelight. Good analysis. All done before the “S” hits the fan. May I please add one more thought.    “Just runnin’ scared, afraid to lose.”……………………………….

  • section9

    My guess is that there are ongoing negotiations between the Governor and Team Frat House. There was pushback from Team Romney against a Buzzfeed story that smeared Palin and praised Ryan using “Anonymous Sources” working for Romney.

    The question is whether the sources were from Kevin Madden’s circle or from Bushie outsiders.

    Palin is remaining silent because she wants to get the lay of the land.

  • Kal Vernon

    Concerning the hopes that anyone had about Ryan influencing Romney on the budget –
    Internal Talking Points: Romney Will Push His ‘Own’ Budget Proposal,Not Paul Ryan’s Plan

    • c4pfan

      Huge mistake.  Mitt doesn’t have a plan! 

  • Kal Vernon

    I have not taken the Jeb 2016 thing too seriously, but now I really am beginning to wonder if this is deliberate sabotage. –  Former Bush Official: Paul Ryan An ‘Unfortunate Pick,’ Has ‘Very Thin’ Foreign Affairs Record

    • section9


      I have only been saying this for two years. The sooner Romney quietly purges his campaign of Bushies, the better off he’ll be.

      • TEXs

         But he can’t do that!

        He IS a Bushie,all the way…….

  • c4pfan

    Any word on the street what’s going on with Sandy Adams? 

    • Firelight

      No, there should be a poll out late tomorrow.

  • c4pfan

    Why would these people go to BuzzFeeds party?!

    Bill Burton of President Obama’s super-PAC, Priorities USA, and Michael Steel, press secretary for House Speaker John Boehner, who showed up in jeans — for the free booze, fancy cheese and prosciutto

    • Firelight

      Some people will never turn down a free party…

  • TEXs

    I know very little about Paul Ryan.

    What I do know is that he never held a real job,all his life he lived on public dime.

    I also know that he went along with George W Bushie’s reckless spending and destruction
    of American economy,spending over $5 trillion dollars that we didn’t have,putting at on the
    shoulders of our children and grand children.
    He voted for Bushie prescription drugs, biggest entitlement scam since Rousevelt,he voted
    for TARP,Wall Street Den of Thieves bailouts……etc…..etc…..

    Please,please,would somebody tell me what did he ever accomplish in over 20 years of
    public life and 14 years as congressman!What are his signature achievements,if any?!
    Did he ever do some reform,the “rill dill”,like Governor SARAH PALIN has done in Alaska?

    Mouthing off doesn’t count.

    Was he a reformer?
    Did he go against Bushie-Tokyo Rove-“chicken hawk” neocon multiple draft dodger
    “bomb,bomb,bomb” Cheney’s destruction of the USA?!

    Did he?!

    I read somewhere that his “plan” to balance the budget would take 20-25 years.

    I might be uninformed and naive,so I’m waiting for somebody to enlighten me.

    • Firelight

      He has submitted budget plans that are more aggressive and radical in his earlier years but those never have a chance of getting passed. I think he has held his seat for 14 years and he does make proposals but that doesn’t mean they get accepted.

      You are right though, he is going to have to show what his achievements are.

      • c4pfan

        If I were him, I would have done the opposite.  I’d keep cutting more or be more bold with my plain, not less!

        • Firelight

          I think he must have started out very, very aggression and for the gold standard and realized he would never get taken seriously so he adjusted.  Funny that just a year ago his Roadmap was still considered radical and most of the GOPe would not touch it.

    • Right_Wingnut

      He actually did have a real job once. He drove the Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile. It’s true. Wikipedia has it.

      • TEXs


        Maybe he should have kept that job,it would saved American taxpayers decades of
        paying and financing a scam,a joke,a canard….

      • Firelight

        He also worked at his family’s construction company for several years, something to do with building railroads I think.

        • Right_Wingnut

          I see that on wikipedia. It doesn’t say for how long, just “brief.” Looks like the Oscar Mayer job is gone from the site now. 

          Just to be clear, I don’t dislike the guy. I just fail to realize how this will put Romney over the top. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

          • Firelight

            Oh I agree on that.  I posted in the blog that I’m not sure after all the excitement dies down that it’s going to work right for Romney, I’m just a stickler on facts. 

            One of those video links above Ryan talks about his time at Oscar Myer, there is even a picture of the wiener mobile, not kidding :) and then he talks about his family’s construction company.

            That will answer that question I think.

      • MickieMaloney

         Wish there was a LOL button!

  • section9

    It is somewhat odd that almost 12 hours after the pick, Palin herself has said nothing.

    Something is going on between Romney and Palin.

    • Firelight

      My guess:

      1. Palin is just busy – fishing, hunting, doing whatever
      2. Palin wants to give Ryan a day of the spotlight and will issue a congrats tomorrow
      3, Palin & Romney are negotiating something and want to wrap that up first

      roll the dice is as good as anything…

      • section9

        My take is a combination of 2 and 3. 

      • TEXs

        Sorry but I don’t think so.

        Etch-A-Skech artist has chosen his VP candidate and Governor PALIN is so “busy” that
        she sends Bristol and Chuck Jr. to comment about that?!

        By her silence Governor PALIN is telling the world what she really thinks about the whole
        sorry,pathetic affair!!!

        • Firelight

          I disagree. Gov. Palin is ALWAYS gracious and never juvenile. She and Ryan have always had kind words for each other. She endorsed his roadmap.  She has no reason to not at least issue a courtesty congrats not on FB. 

          However, she will be on Fox News tomorrow with Shannon Bream at 1pm EST so I guess we will find out then.

          • Right_Wingnut

            Ryan has had kind words for Sarah?

            I haven’t come across them. I asked the question at C4P earlier, and didn’t get a response. What has he said, other than thanking her on Twitter for praising his budget?

            Has he defended her, ever?

            • Firelight

              Yes, I’ll have to find them tomorrow as I’m in the middle of a project but obviously he was complimentary of her in 2008 but also several times since then.  He’s a quiet guy but they were nice words.  One was after her WSJ op-ed on his road map and I can’t remember the other but it was nice.

              It’s hard to run a search right now because google and bing are backlogged with VP search returns.  It’s nuts to try and find anything Ryan related.

    • TEXs

       Ah,you beat me to it.I was thinking about it a lot,with a big smile on my face.

      Sure,eventually Governor PALIN will utter “ABO,ABO….yeah,Paul Ryan is OK………..”.

      Her silence is sooooo… loud and clear for anybody who is willing to hear it !!!

      • Firelight

        No silence, new FB post is up.

        • TEXs

          Of course it had to come up, sooner or later.
          But the question is,what’s in FB post?

          And in the long article what does she say?

          She mentions Etch-A-Sketch and Ryan once,maybe twice,that’s it!

          The rest is PALIN philosophy and how bad Obama regime is.

          No praise for Etch-A-Sketch,no praise for Ryan,not even slightly.

          If I missed it,please,someone tell me where it is!

          • Firelight

            She says “We must now look to this new team, the
            Romney/Ryan ticket, to provide an alternate vision of an America that
            is fiscally responsible, strong, and prosperous”Why did she write that?  She didn’t have to. It’s her post. She doesn’t mince words. She was telling us what she wants us to do.

            • MickieMaloney

               It’s the change in tone that is intriguing to me. . .she was never positive toward Romney up until a day or so ago. Now it’s “I’m behind R/R 100%”, even saying she was happy about the ticket (or something to that effect.)

              Something has changed, so something is different.  What is it?  And why is it?  If I knew why she was suddenly so for Romney, I could more easily support him.

  • Firelight
  • Cookboy

    I consider 1st what I don’t know, which is a lot to consider. After all that, it appears as though Mitt Romney will be the gop nominee for president. A prospect that will be as insipid and lackluster tomorrow as it was yesterday. I guess it’s human nature to get excited about what seems like a good thing, but a scoop of ice cream not only doesn’t enhance a turd, it’s pretty much ruined by it, no matter how much one likes ice cream.
    I’ll continue to consider what I don’t know.
    cookboy as guest

    • Firelight


  • c4pfan
  • c4pfan

    Could Sarah and the family be in CA?  I know that Todd’s show starts on Monday, right?  Also, DWTS is going to do some pro pairing announcement or something like that.  I tried to see if Bristol is following anyone from the show and she’s not.  She’s only following the main DWTS twitter, but no one else from the show and I don’t notice one famous person following Bristol.

  • c4pfan

    mark1955 You are going to have to make a chart, because talk about a lot of names to follow!  LOL

    • mark1955

      Sorry about that. Your absolutely correct. I should write these things out ahead of time,to better organize them.I’m not old,but i’m no spring chicken either and have to type my thought’s out,before i forget Leads to alot of disorganized writing.

  • Gelston

    This is for section 9
    it is from the 1940 census. The listing for Enola G. Tibbets

  • pete4palin

    Action speaks louder than words.  Ryan has talked about reform…  Palin has done it.

    • Firelight

      I agree Pete but the decision this go around isn’t between Ryan and Palin so the comparisons are not productive at this time.

  • DeeDEEthree

    Shannon Bream tweeted.

    1PM ET SUN.FOXS NEWS:   4 Years ago she lived it- what does @ SARAH PALIN USA think of the VP pick? Joins us live to break it down @ ANHQDC.

  • Pete Petretich

    Here is Chuck, Jr.’s post from this afternoon on C4P:

    “Congratulations to Paul Ryan. I wish him well. I hope he’s as strong as Sarah is because the press is about make his life hell. My advice to him would be to stay focused on what you believe is right, seek guidance from the most learned people possible, keep your family close, and put God first.”

    Here is Bristol’s post on her blog: 

    Make up your own mind…

    • MickieMaloney

      It won’t be as bad as it was for Sarah because the GOPe is already trying to defend and protect Ryan ( 

      Where were they when Sarah was being persecuted?  Oh, they were on the bandwagon throwing arrows right along with the enemy!

  • Gelston


    Right wingnut beat me to it.

  • blackbird

    I see you finally finished the header Firelight, it looks good.

    • Cookboy


      • blackbird

         Hi Cookboy.

  • Michael

    As early as June 2009 they were grooming Paul Ryan to take Palin’s place.

    • Firelight

      I’m not sure I will ever agree that Palin’s “place” was as Romney’s VP so it isn’t possible for someone to take a place that wasn’t hers to begin with.

      If Palin ran in 2012 it would have been at the top of the ticket not as someone’s VP.

    • MickieMaloney

       I was wondering if Romney didn’t have Ryan in mind all along when they came up with that Double “R” logo for the campaign…

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