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It’s Eat Mor Chikin’ Day & We Kicked Ass Wednesday!!

Good morning everyone!

Kicking ass and eating chicken, that’s how we roll, lol!  (thanks Section9 for the title reminder. We must keep tradition!)

Happy August! What a great way to launch the month by stopping at your local Chick-fil-A and giving them some business and support.  If you don’t have one near you, try and give a tweet or shout out on Facebook if you can.  I’m taking my kids there for lunch and making sure I get a banana pudding milkshake for dessert, woot!

I want to be clear on something, supporting Chick-fil-A, in my opinion, has nothing to do with one’s political opinion on gay marriage.  I have several liberal friends that fully support gay marriage and they find this notion of banning a restaurant for holding an opposing political view offensive. They are meeting me with their kids at Chick-fil-A tomorrow.  Supporting Chick-fil-A is about supporting business, free enterprise and the American way.  It is about telling government to back off, quick the cronyism, the pay for play and trying to regulate morality, political views and environmental approaches.  Government needs to get off the backs and out of the pockets of small business.

So today, I’m eatin’ chicken.

Gov. Palin gave a really great interview last night to Greta and she talks to Eric Bolling on Your World today at 4pm EST.

Congrats to Ted Cruz!  Congrats to Missy Franklin for her gold medal (hometown girl here) and congrats to the girls gymnastics team on their team gold medal!  Go USA!

We still have work to do.  Sarah Steelman needs a victory Aug. 7th, Sandy Adams needs a victory Aug 14th and Martha Zoller has a run off Aug. 21st so maybe Gov. Palin will head to Missouri, Florida and Georgia.  These are all going to be nail biters.

I don’t know if these signs are real or Photoshopped and I don’t think I care because I like them.




Well, well, well Mr. Cheney… you have been busy

One more corrupt crony off the streets…

Can you give an entire street a mental enema?  because this one needs one and then some…

What the %!#*@!%#*@%#!?

Gov. Perry makes a statement on Cruz’s victory…

Prayers for Robin

Oh this is lovely, we can just call him Lobbyist in Chief

Big lies

At least he is giving the appearance of trying

Happy Be-lated

Pure politics

I’m going with Miniter...

Big love for capitalism…

Alinsky Part One: Ethics, Playboy and the Mob…

I think I will wait the extra 20 seconds for someone to tweet it…

I don’t think we will ever see this video…


Have a great day everyone!  I’ll post the Bolling interview as soon as it is available.

  • mark1955

    Great,Great find on that website, “Gulag Bound”,about Dick Cheney. During the ‘Lame Duck’ session of 2010, after the repubs caved on the,’Food Safety and Modernization act’ and the ‘Start 2 Treaty’ ( Both Bills easily defeatable ), i became convinced,that the dems and repubs were working collaboratively to implement Obama’s agenda and destroy the United States as founded and attempt to enslave us.The repubs easily could have destroyed every last bit of Obama’s agenda,but somehow enough repubs always caved at the last minute,to give him another victory and take away more of our freedom. Yesterday was another example,as the repubs in the House,caved again and gave Obama and the dems another victory,by voting not to have senate confirmations,or streamlining the process,for more than a hundred positions inside the Executive branch.

     Now this detailed information about Dick Cheney,being head of the Globalist,New World Order,Council on Foreign Relations. Not only that,but Cheney admits on camera,as VP after David Rockefeller poses a rehearsed question to him,that Cheney admits,he hid the fact from his Wyoming constituents,that he was the head of the CFR.

      More and more detailed layers of this onion keep getting peeled back and thankfully so. Sunlight is the best disinfectant to destroy these traitorous cock roaches and take our Country back. Thanks to Site’s like yours and “Gulag Bound” among many others,millions and millions of people are on to the Globalist like Bush,Rotschild,Rockefeller,Soros and their insane plans. That makes it infinitely more difficult for them to implement them.

  • Michael

    Sarah Palin is brilliant. One of her best interviews ever on FoxNews. I am so sickened by the GOP establishment and their making Palin the ball and not the Louisville slugger. It makes hate the GOP establishment. Did anyone else see they invited the Pot Smoking, Dennis Kuchinich supporter Willie Nelson and yet still nothing for Palin. Reince Priebus and John Sununu are repulsive human beings Sununu especially.

  • indemind

    Thanks You Firelight … Awesome Round-Up…You Are The Best!……… *_*


  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    Thank you so much for the news round-up, Firelight. You may have “outdone yourself.” Great,great work,Firelight and thanks again. By the way, “Let Sarah speak,” well, that line is right from the glorious black and white movie, “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington.” Those who don’t know, “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” is one of Sarah Palins favourite movies.

    Sarah Palin and Mark Levin: ” How sweet it is.”

  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    Sorry Firelight, it’s Dual again. Wanted to mention that the cartoon-image of the three cows standing on their hind-legs,well, I thought that was a “classic.” Also the images from McDonalds and Taco Bell were also very well done and thank you for sharing the images with all of us.

  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    I’m going out for some chikin’ today and I don’t think that we even have a Chick-Fil-A in Canada. Oh well, I’ll find some chikin’ somewhere. Thanks again, Firelight.

    • Firelight

      LOL, I think there are a few here that don’t have Chick-fil-A’s around.  Good idea, just eat some chicken!  This is a good day for cows!

      Thanks for all the kind words :)

      • hrh40

        None in CT …

        • Firelight

          Booooo,  that’s not good :(

      • blackbird

         chicken is healthier for you too

  • section9

    Hey Firelight: It’s still “We Kicked Ass Wednesday!” isn’t it!

    • Firelight

      Fixed it :):):)

  • RefudiateGOPe

    Good morning, all.  Great roundup as usual, Firelight.

    I saw this quote on my Twitter TL and thought, boy Plutarch could have been talking about Governor Palin.

    “The measure of a man is the way he bears up under misfortune.” – Plutarch

    I guess that in the first century, women weren’t measured much. :-)  When it comes to the 21st century, Sarah (and some other strong Conservative women) measures up quite well. Sarah is the Gulliver among a bunch of  Lilliputians, only she hasn’t allowed them to tie (shackle) her down.

  • hrh40

    Your first link is critical, Firelight.

    People really need to understand the CFR, CIA, Bilderberg group and their control of both political parties and all the world’s mass media. Now most of the fools in the mass media don’t get that they’re being used (I’m looking at you Ted Baxter, 8 pmer and other network and cable broadcasters), they just do what they’re told to advance their own careers.

    But make no mistake these groups have a stranglehold on the world’s banking system, which they use to control the world’s nations in a centuries-long attempt to achieve an oligarchy of international tribunals, much of which is already in place.

    The. U.N.
    The International Monetary Fund.
    The World Bank.
    Agenda 21
    Small Arms Treaty
    Law of the Sea Treaty
    etc. ad infinitum


    Everyeone read this article, I’ll link it again:

    The more I find out, the more I fear for Palin speaking out.

    I was VERY glad to see all the security Palin had Friday – even in Texas, supposedly friendly country.

    Actually, maybe particularly in Texas, since it is the Bush Familia’s home territory, and Palin boldly resisted them with Ted Cruz. Read the article for the Bush Family’s long support of tyrannical regimes: See Prescott Bush (CT’s last Republican Senator :( ) funding the Nazis!!!!

    Please continue to pray fervently for the protection of the Palin family.

    • blackbird

      The exact same thought crossed my mind after reading that article, the Governor’s safety. I know of the CFR and Bilderberg group but reading that article I got a sense of danger for the Governor, it’s hard to explain. Thank you hrh for this important post.

  • hrh40

    Classy statement from Gov Perry.

    Levin’s response to the House Republicans vote:

    I believe John Frank said in the Greta interview thread that it didn’t pass?

    Great take (despite typos) from DaTechGuy: “Sarah Palin Political Venture Capitalist”:

    • mark1955

      It might be too late for the globalist already! Our side knows too much of their scheme as it is right now and is finding out more and more each day . Don’t think for one second,that these arrogant,elitist, New World Order  tyrants,thought that we would ever piece together as much as we have. While we might not have their entire detailed game plan, tens of millions of people have enough of it already,to know at the heart of it ,at the least is, enslavement and then genocide. Knowing that,people are not going to lay down quietely.That will make it extremely difficult for these Oligarch’s to implement it. Don’t ever forget,to implement their twisted plans,the Globalist’s have to get people, to get in the mud and forceably,try to enslave us. That’s when things will really start getting dicey for these tyrants. You can make all the plans in the world,from some Park Ave. office building… Try making them work. As alway’s Governor Palin and her entire family are in my prayer’s every night.

    • Riley4Palin


      I am not as forgiving of Governor Perry.  He lined up with the Establishment and believed their hype so he entered the primary to keep Palin out of the race.  Then he lines up with Dewhurst….mistake # 2.

      Palin’s payback – wearing the cowboys he gifted her and then kicking his ass yesterday.

      When are these boys gonna learn you don’t mess with Palin??  :)

  • Riley4Palin

    Morning All!

    Sarah Palin made the right decision nine months ago.  Many of us didn’t see it right away, but I do now. It wasn’t the right time to run for higher office.  She needed more like-minded people on her team in order to be successful.  Today seems like a good time to thank her for what she continues to do for our country by promoting and endorsing common sense Conservatives.  Thank You Governor Palin! 

    I flipped over to Greta last night to catch a more fired up Palin.  There is nothing better than watching a fired up ‘Cuda take over your TV during Olympic commercial breaks.  It wasn’t just the ‘dick’ comment about Cheney that made me smile, it was a complete middle finger to those in the Establishment that continue to try and undermine her.  Of course the seasoned politician framed it perfectly with that baseball analogy.  Palin always remembers that the majority of the country are not political junkies but everyone can understand a baseball bat and ball.  While the Establishment’s strategy was to keep this as ‘inside baseball stuff’ between Reagan Conservatives and Bushies with Palin taking the majority of the hits, Palin just blew their overall strategy out of the water by making it a national debate now.

    The Cruz victory was huge and couldn’t be more perfectly timed right before the Convention.  She once again framed her answer about the Convention to put Romney and the RNC on the defense once again and it will be their move now.  Will they blink?  It is all about perceptions and Palin gets it.

    Let me add that I loved that she gave a shout-out to Mark Levin too last night.  She knows who is always fair to her and more supportive than others.  She never forgets who supports her vocally and repays them in kind.

    Our country needs more Sarah Palins to not only drive the liberals nuts, but to make more ‘dicks’ of the GOP Establishment crazy.

    • Firelight

      LOL, I love your post today!  You are spot on with everything you said.  

  • Patrick_Skacel

    Definitely going to a Chick-Fil-A today.  I remember well my first Chick-Fil-A sandwich.  Fall 1984 at a mall in Reading, PA.

    I was a sophomore in college and one of my friends who had a car suggested we go to this place.  I have been hooked since.

    The funny thing is, this was the beginning of the school year, shortly after the 1984 Republican Convention and the one thing I really remember other than my friend commenting on this interesting chicken and pickle concept, was us recounting the pure awesomeness of Reagan’s Convention speech.  We were quoting parts of the speech back and forth, trying not to crack up on some of the truly memorable lines. (I still think the “drunken sailors” reference in that speech was absolutely hilarious). 

    Not that my little story has any real meaning or significance, but Chick-Fil-A has always sparked that Reagan memory in me.  And remembering that Reagan speech immediately carries my mind to 2008 – the only other Convention speech that truly is in the same class. 

    Glad that Chick-Fil-A is still around.  I wish Reagan still was.  And I really wish we had a different candidate this year.      

    • Riley4Palin


      I never thought I would say this but right now it if more fun watching Palin play chicken with the Establishment by electing more like-minded people to office than watching what would have happened if she ran for office this time around.  She has the best of both worlds right now.  She says whatever she wants while helping elect good people that the Establishment dislikes.

      Reagan is still around.  He is smiling down on people like Palin willing to carry the torch.

      • Patrick_Skacel

        Hi Riley,

        I know what you’re saying, and it is fun, but I’m still not quite there with you on the broader point.  I thought 2012 set up nicely for her and I believe she would have won had she run.  (And I think she could have said all of the same things she’s saying now, even as a candidate.  In fact, I’d like to think she would have.)

        I do like that she’s helping like-minded people get elected, but she can’t help a like-minded person become president this time around and that will, in my opinion, be a big problem that even a significant turnover in the House and Senate can’t solve. 

        I guess some of it comes down to which is the better approach for bringing down the Establishment.  Infiltrating it with Members of Congress and Senators or taking it on at the presidential level.  I’d prefer the latter (or both, actually), but I also wanted my Ravens in the Super Bowl and I didn’t get that either this last go around and life still goes on. 

        Not that I don’t appreciate all she’s doing now, because I certainly do.  I’m just not convinced it’s the best role for her.   

        • Riley4Palin


          If she were running right now, the MSM would be tearing her apart day after day after day.  Some of the reason she is gaining more power and influence is because the focus isn’t solely on her.  They are busy trying to destroy Romney in order to save Obama.

          While they fiddle around with the Presidential race, Palin is busy playing her poker hands in the Senate and Congress and wins some really good hands.

          IMO, the better approach to bring down the Establishment is to infiltrate it with members of Congress and Senators. 

          Palin will need an army of her own in order to run at the Presidential level someday.  She realized this last year when many in the GOP were not going to back her no matter what she did or said.  Therefore she strategized to maximize her power.  I think she is on the right road now and the Establishment is trying to do everything in their power to take her out.

          Why else would someone like Cheney stick his nose into Palin narratives at this point if they were not scared s****less of what she will be able to do once she gathers more troops?

  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    What I found most interesting today was not the attacks on the Democrats and there were plenty but the attacks on the GOPe and the media. I repeat the great words of Mark Levin,”How sweet it is.”

  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    “The best defence is a good offence.”

  • TheresaAK

    Are you guys still at Chick Fil – A?

    • Firelight

      I’m here now but yes, we were there for HOURS… My kids were good sports. I took phones, the ipad, activities and even snacks and we went early because I wanted to be back for Palin’s interview with Bolling.

      • TheresaAK

        Wow….that is wonderful…your kids sound great…

        I didn’t mean to make myself at home…but I know how your hospitality is, so I did just that…

        Now…about that cup of coffee…..

        • Firelight

          LOL, you are fine!  I must say that I am sooooo glad to be home.  My kids were too. Usually I am dragging them out of there and away from the play equipment but today they were ready to go once we were done.

          It’s been a weird day today.  I’ve been away more than normal and getting back in the groove hasn’t been easy. 

  • TheresaAK

    Hellooooooooooooooo….anyone at home?

  • BostonBruin

    Whew! What a long line at Chick-Fil-A! Must have been about 50 people ahead of me when I got in line and it took about a half hour to get to the counter. The line behind me kept growing and was about 100 the whole time I was eating and when I left.

    Their chicken is excellent as evidenced by the honey mustard splashed on my t-shirt, but the waffle fries are the best!


    I should add that what impressed me the most was that people were willing to wait in line for a half-hour or more. The Chick-Fil-A I went to is located in a large food court in a huge shopping mall. There were plenty of other food places to eat in the food court that had no lines. Impressive!

    • Riley4Palin

      Great story BB!

      It really is too bad that NBC News didn’t send Andrea Mitchell out on location today to do live reports on NBC News tonight.  Nothing like seeing a bunch of “teabaggers” accidently drop their waffle fries loaded with ketchup right on Mitchell’s head.

  • senator20526

    Morning all…………..A humid 94 degree day in the great desert Southwest…..possibility of showers in the afternoon……A great night for Sarah and fellow conservatives….Congratulations to Ted Cruz and his grassroots volunteers in Texas……Just read over on FreeRepublic that Chick-Fil- A is doing a land office business across the country…..lines out the door and drive thru windows lined up for blocks…..Christians and like-minded people supporting freedom of speech….That’s it for now..have a great day…..

  • Riley4Palin

    CNN Breaking News….

    To counter the long lines and monsterous profits at Chick-fil-A today, Anderson Cooper and Meghan McCain have been seen wearing chicken suits outside a few restaurants plastered with “Teabaggers may have elected Cruz, but they hate Chicken!”

    MSNBC Breaking News…

    Rachel Maddow just landed an exclusive interview with VP Joe Biden tonight.  A sneak peak, when asked what he thought about the response from everyday Americans supporting Chick-fil-A today, he said, “Well Rachel, those lines are f******* long!”

    ABC Breaking News….

    “Ace” reporter Brian Ross and former Clinton aide/GMA host George Stephanopoulous just reported that the Tea Party is responsible for not holding the door open nicely for Rahm Emmanuel, Eric Holder and the Black Panthers who showed up at Chick-fil-A today.

  • John_Frank

    Good morning,

    Firelight, excellent news round up. Thank you.  Agree fully with your observation that whether you are for or against traditional marriage, if you believe in Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion, then eat at Chick-fil-A.

    Superb interview by the Governor on Greta last night.

    Some additional thoughts:

    – Her response to the Chick-fil-A controversy question was solid and principled, making it quite clear that she is not going to back down one inch on her stand in support of Freedom of Speech.

    Turning to her discussion about traditional marriage, and her desire to have a national discussion on the topic of how do we define marriage, the Romney campaign will ignore this suggestion with their myopic focus on the economy and jobs, driven by the polling data.

    So will we see Sarah Palin marching with pastors, immams, rabbis and priests, along with their congregations in support of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion?

    Black Pastors: Banning Chick Fil A from some cities same as banning blacks from restaurants in 60’s

    Star Parker: Is Christianity now un-American?

    – As to Dick Cheney, her response was pure artistry. Superb. “Boom …. taste my night stick” classic.

    The line “Everybody Misfires Once In While” has legs and will resonate. Couple that with her opening “Dick … I mean Vice President Cheney” and it was a perfect rejoinder to Cheney’s “Mistake” comment. A lovely double entendre that turns the dour and serious Cheney into a laughing stock “stick” figure.

    Something tells me that when Senator McCain heard that part of the interview he was delighted, and I suspect President GW Bush roared. Not sure how Cheney responded, other than to suspect he grumbled and harrumphed … pauvre Dick.

    – On the Convention question, while allowing Romney to save face with her comment about letting new voices speak on the understanding that the decision is no, by saying that she has yet to hear back from Romney she has placed him in a quandary.

    If the campaign now formally tells her that they do not want her to speak, Romney ends up looking like a mean spirited individual and the Democratic Media establishment will be comparing the speeches of the new faces and the VP speech to her speech of 2008, since the Romney campaign has been foolish enough to re-litigate her pick as McCain’s nominee in an effort to bolster their VP pick.

    On the other hand, if the campaign formally asks her to speak, but refuses to give her the freedom she needs, she will revert to the face saving answer she gave to Greta, with all the resulting repercussions for the Romney campaign, amending her answer just enough to let people know the real reason.

    As such, the only way Romney can come out ahead is to do what McCain did in 2008, let Sarah Palin be Sarah Palin and then graciously come on the stage after she is finished and congratulate her.

    Will Romney change his decision? I strongly doubt it, hence my belief that we will not be seeing Sarah Palin speak at the convention.

    – On going forward, what she left out of her answer was any involvement in the Presidential campaign.

    Having thought about it some more, taking into account the entirety of her remarks, plus previous comments in earlier interviews, and previous remarks emanating from “anonymous” advisers to the Romney campaign, no question that Romney’s present intention is to keep her at arm’s length and in response she will move ahead with the strategy that she outlined to Peter Boyer.

    In any event, she says, she plans to be politically active between now and November, starting with a Michigan Tea Party appearance, sponsored by Americans for Prosperity. “No matter the Romney campaign strategy,” she says, “I intend to do all I can to join others in motivating the grassroots made up of independents and constitutional conservatives who can replace Barack Obama at the ballot box.”

    The overarching concern that I have is that Romney is working to position himself as the non-Palin / non-Obama candidate. If he continues on that track, I truly believe the fall campaign will be a disaster.

    In light of the Governor’s firm response to the Cheney mistake question, will we read anymore about “anonymous” advisers attacking Sarah Palin’s selection as VP?

    What we should see, if the Republican establishment had any smarts are statements like Sarah Palin is the Queen of the TEA Party movement in a purported attempt to “talk up” the Governor.

    At the same time Romney will make it clear that he is not of the TEA Party movement through his policy pronouncements.

    Needless to say we will witness continued media attacks of the TEA Party movement. The premise? Conservatives and conservative leaning libertarians have no where else to go.

    The net result, when the inevitable question is asked of the Romney campaign about why she declined the invite, we will hear something like the following:

    “We have great respect for Sarah Palin, and her strong appeal to the TEA Party movement and would have been delighted to have her speak, but following her suggestion, we decided to give an opportunity for new faces to speak.”

    The campaign will select Marco Rubio, Pam Bondi and perhaps Mila Love as replacements while noting their broad appeal. Why these three? They have endorsed Romney, they are appealing figures and they will follow the provided script.

    The problem? It will likely not work, because the media will compare their speeches, along with that of the VP nominee against hers from 2008 and even though Rubio can deliver a good speech, he is not Sarah Palin.

    Why will the media do this? Because the Establishments re-litigation of McCain’s VP selection since early May, and because the Romney campaign has not only allowed this activity to go on, but has participated in it, so calling out for such a comparison.

    As can be seen from the referenced article, the Romney campaign mistakenly believes that the effort would ultimately bolster Romney’s VP choice.

    One of the things that the Governor did last night on Greta in her response to Cheney was to remind everyone exactly why McCain chose her and why she accepted.

    Pauvre Romney, hoisted on his own petard of undermining Sarah Palin.

    A couple of articles for those who are not quite ready to stop dancing after Ted Cruz’s victory last night:

    Andrew Malcolm: Ted Cruz scores major win with Sarah Palin’s backing
    Texas Republicans choose the Tea Party; Now what for the GOP?

    Bernie Quigley: Paradigm shift: Sarah Palin takes Texas

    Cheers. Enjoy lunch at Chick-fil-A and may the rest of your day be blessed.

    P.S. This morning, Mark Levin sent out this tweet:

    Mark R. Levin ‏@marklevinshow
    Governor Palin doesn’t just talk about saving America,unlike many of her RINO critics she’s doing something about…

    The link takes you to this page:

    Palin fires back at Cheney: ‘The mistake would have been not answering the call’ to be VP

    Okay, end of my rant.

  • John_Frank

    FYI – Fox Nation has the following post:

    Palin Fires Back At Cheney

    Hint, hint …

    • Firelight

       he he he, her aim is way better.

      • John_Frank

        How she responded to Cheney’s Mistake in last night’s interview was superb.

        Between “Dick” (pregnant pause) “I mean Vice President Cheney” to “Everybody Misfires Once In A While” along with the brilliant defense of her decision to run, she turned the dour and serious Dick Cheney, along with all the other naysayers into laugh lines, who are inept in their analysis.

  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    “Everybody misfires once in awhile.”                  Sarah Palin

    • TheresaAK

      Heh, heh…taste my nightstick Cheney…

  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    1) God works in mysterious ways.
    2) Hope springs eternal.
    3) “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.

  • Riley4Palin

    Rush finally gave a shout out to Palin and the Cheney controversy.  Better late than never.  Next time Rush, be more of a man like your friend Mark Levin.  You should have led with that in Monday’s first half hour.  That’s enough scolding for you today.  LOL

  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    “Polls(poles) are for strippers and cross country skiers.”           Sarah Palin

  • Pete Petretich

    REMINDER: Today is Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day/// Do it for Sarah and Todd Palin!!! Do it for Freedom of Speech!!!

  • BostonBruin

    Excellent interview with Eric Bolling just completed.

    Interesting that she said there’s no hachet to bury between her and Romney and they have a good relationship.

    Also said she’s going to Chick-Fil-A after the interview and then to Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa !

    So maybe we’ll have a rally in Missouri this weekend to get Sarah Steelman over the finish line!

  • Pete Petretich
  • Patrick_Skacel

    BTW, I am seeing a lot of praise today for Chick-Fil-A’s chicken sandwiches and waffle fries, sentiments with which I absolutely concur, but let’s not shortchange their fudge brownie either.  I’m not even much of a chocolate/dessert guy, but I must say that bad boy is damn good. 

    • Riley4Palin

      What are the chances someone did a call-in order for sammies and waffle fries for a special delivery to the WH today?  Hee, hee.  Hopefully someone will send Michelle Obama a couple hundred fudge brownies too.

  • John_Frank

    Last night the Governor gave a “kick but” interview on Greta’s show.

    Then we have this afternoon’s interview with Bolling. On the topic of her relations with Romney, her speaking at the convention and her future plans:

    – No personal ill will between her and Romney. I believe that statement.

    – Praises Romney’s business experience. She can say that without being insincere.

    – Her people and his people are talking.

    – While Bolling made it quite clear to her that a lot of conservatives want to see her have a big slot at the convention, again she did not push for a spot.

    – Her focus is on helping to elect common sense constitutional conservatives to the House and Senate. She is going to push ahead with a grass roots based GOTV effort to help elect people to Congress that will push for “sudden and relentless” reform.

    – Later today she is off to Missouri to help out with a campaign, then on to Nebraska and after that to Iowa.

    Her hand has been strengthened with Cruz’s big win yesterday in Texas. The message was received and heard by the Romney campaign.

    Last night after listening to her interview, I thought she was signalling that a decision had been made by the Romney campaign not to have her speak at the convention…

    I misread what was going on. Between last night’s and this afternoon’s interview, the Governor has made it clear that:

    She does not need the Republican establishment, a speaking spot at the convention, nor to be a Romney surrogate on the campaign trail, thank you very much.

    She has her own agenda and strategy already mapped out to help elect individuals to the House and Senate who will push for “sudden and relentless reform” working with grass roots “independent conservative” activists across the Country on the GOTV effort for those candidates. In turn this fits in with what she said to Peter Boyer.

    In fact, if the Republican establishment and the Romney campaign keep playing their silly inside baseball games of treating her (and the TEA Party movement) as the ball to be hit around the room, should the Romney campaign invite her to the convention, she will turn down the invite and the Republican party along with Romney campaign can deal with the public perception problem.

    The result? I believe she now has the Romney campaign coming to her. It will be interesting to see how this all turns out.

    P.S. Listen to the whole interview. It is excellent.

    • Bill589

      I agree except:  I think there is personal ill-will between SP and MR – from the MR side. That’s how I read their behavior so far. I think that if they start treating her with the respect she deserves, it will be because they are forced to politically, and not because they change their minds and think it is ‘right’ to.

      • John_Frank

        There is no personal animosity on her side. I think she has made the decision to pursue her own strategy, she is comfortable with that and as far as Romney is concerned, whatever problems he may have are his problems.

        The most recent round of political animosity has arisen from two sources:

        – K Street Republicans who are seeking to relitigate her selection in an effort to dissuade Romney from selecting a conservative boat rocker like Palin, such as Allen West;

        – Advisers working for Romney (most likely Ed Rollins) who made the calculated decision to trash Palin’s selection as VP to bolster Romney’s VP choice.

        Between the interview last night on Greta and her comment about a Republican political consultant working for Dewhurst, she made it quite clear that she has no problem in giving those who attack her a taste of her night stick.

        As to Cheney she turned the dour and serious former Vice President into an inept figure of laughter.

        With the unnamed Republican consultant working for Dewhurst she publicly gutted him.

        I believe the message to the Romney campaign is crystal clear. She will gladly accept an invite to attend the convention and speak, but only on terms that are acceptable to her and the people she is working with. If not, she will graciously decline using the line that it is time for new faces to speak and that she does not want to be a distraction, allowing the Romney campaign to deal with any fallout and if she is attacked for her decision, well …

        • blackbird

          I agree with the last paragraph and there is no personal animosity on her side. Sarah is a politician and also a Christian.

    • Firelight

      Bolling has always been in Palin’s court so I don’t think it is a coincidence that he mentions Clinton is speaking at the DNC convention as a way to rally their base.

      My impression is that while Palin may privately want that speaking slot she is publicly making sure that she isn’t going to framed as demanding or a diva.  She is letting the public know that she is fine with whatever decision they make.

      This time she did make it sound more like she will at least be there for sure similar to Newt but not certain is whether she will be speaking.

      By stating there is no ill will, I think that is her way of saying that she is not threatened or bothered by Romney or his team. They won’t factor into her plans which really minimizes them and is a bit of a slight to them without being a slight since we all know that Romney seems to harbor ill will for some bizarre reason.  Palin has never done anything to him so it is for purely petty reasons.  I also think this is her way of telling the boys that she is tough and has dealt with tougher than them so its all water under the bridge.

      One thing I took from this interview is that Palin has made some deep inroad in alliances. We may never know who they all are but I get the impression that she has definitely been working on that. She is comfortable with her role and goals and she doesn’t seem too bothered by the inside baseball the establishment has been playing. I actually think she finds it amusing because while she has taken some hits, she sees the big picture and sees victory.

      • John_Frank

        My impression is that while Palin may privately want that speaking slot she is publicly making sure that she isn’t going to framed as demanding or a diva.  She is letting the public know that she is fine with whatever decision they make.

        Not sure whether it is “wants” or “believes that if she is allowed to speak on her terms she can help Romney.” Maybe a combination of both.

        As to how she has framed her response, yes she has done that to avoid being called demanding or a diva. It also makes it very easy for her to decline an invitation should the two camps not be able to work out terms by saying in essence “let faces new speak, don’t want to be a distraction.”

        This time she did make it sound more like she will at least be there for sure similar to Newt but not certain is whether she will be speaking.

        Even her presence at the convention presents Romney and his people with a problem given that want a highly choreographed and well scripted event that is totally focused on their agenda.

        If she is at the convention, she will be mobbed by people wherever she goes who will want to speak with, get her autograph, etc. At the same time the media will want to interview her because she gives such good interviews. What if she says something, blah, blah, blah?

        By stating there is no ill will, I think that is her way of saying that she is not threatened or bothered by Romney or his team. They won’t factor into her plans which really minimizes them and is a bit of a slight to them without being a slight since we all know that Romney seems to harbor ill will for some bizarre reason.  Palin has never done anything to him so it is for purely petty reasons.  I also think this is her way of telling the boys that she is tough and has dealt with tougher than them so its all water under the bridge.

        As to “we all know that Romney seems to harbor ill will for some bizarre reason” I think Romney feels threatened by her on the one hand, while also feeling superior to her on the other hand. Just guessing.

        The Governor does not spend any time dwelling on it. She is not threatened by him. She does not think he is superior. She has been gracious in the past and will be gracious in the future.

        Also I think he is still put out that McCain selected Palin over him or Pawlenty.

        As to the rest, agreed.

        One thing I took from this interview is that Palin has made some deep inroad in alliances. We may never know who they all are but I get the impression that she has definitely been working on that. She is comfortable with her role and goals and she doesn’t seem too bothered by the inside baseball the establishment has been playing. I actually think she finds it amusing because while she has taken some hits, she sees the big picture and sees victory.

        Agreed. She is focused on the future and the mission. No question she is a hardened warrior and she continues to hone her skills.

        As she has been want to say, quoting Kelly Clarkson:

        “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

        • Firelight

          I don’t disagree with anything you said.

          However, I do think after the backlash the RNC & Romney camp got from the rank & file and even some beltway peeps, they will make sure that Palin is at the convention for at least one day.  Probably not the whole time but at least one day so that it will give the appearance that everyone is playing nice.  I do think they will pick a day where Romney won’t be upstaged.

          • blackbird

            The RNC won’t be having this headache if the Governor was accepting the Nomination, I know I know, just pointing out the obvious. Looking on the bright side at least they will have one year in the future where they won’t have to worry about upstaging :-)

  • Firelight

    I think half my town was at my Chick-fil-A today.  It was insanely crazy!

    Our Chick-fil-A sits on a corner in the parking lot of one of our grocery stores along with a gas station, a bank and a Wendys.  Across the street is a WholeFoods and a LOT of other shops on all four corners of the intersection.

    The entry into the store is like a V.  There are two main ways in that funnel down into one drive thru line.  I’ve never seen it longer than maybe a car past the bank.  Today both directions were a long as could be blocking the entrances to all the other businesses along the way.

    There were some pro-life groups handing out brochures and a group handing out pocket constitutions. I’ve never seen any fast food restaurant have a crowd so big.

    I learned that Chick-fil-A gives a military discount of 50% all the time, any time to military which is very cool. 

    I wanted to take a picture of the sweet lady that serves the dining room.  She is the one that refills drinks and hands out those yummy mints.  God bless her, she took a tub of mints outside and handed them out to all the people waiting in line including those waiting in their cars.  I thought that was awesome!  She didn’t want her picture taken though (which I totally understand) but kudos to her.

    Here are some pics:

    Here is the line as it comes out the door from the inside:

    This is the line as it wraps around to the backside. You can’t see it but it keeps going all the way around to the menu/order sign for the drive-thru, lol:

    OK, so here is how this picture is laid out cuz 140 characters just doesn’t work, lol.  The orange roof straight ahead is the bank. If you are at that bank and go directly right, there is another line of cars just as long… (yeah…).  That line merges with the line you see in this picture right at the bank and everyone goes left (for the cars in the picture, straight for the other line) to enter the Chick-fil-A lot.  From there they loop around the building and thru the drive thru until they appear at the pickup window as you can see on the left side of the picture (minivan & 2 white cars etc..).:

    Second line of cars, you see a break in cars but that is only because someone wanted to get to Wendy’s so they made an opening.

    Here is a pic of people eating outside, waiting outside and passing out pro-life brochures:

    At this point my kids were begging me to stop taking pictures.  I will say that this was as I was leaving…  I’m a smart girl :)  We got there early but still had a long line to wait in. 

    • 99Dual99Citizan99

      Thank you Firelight for another terrific share. Your effort is much appreciated.

    • 99Dual99Citizan99

      So good to see all the mothers carrying their youngins. Boy it sure takes patience to be a parent. Glad you got there early.

  • Riley4Palin

    Olympic Random Thoughts:

    1)  Watching these swimmers do numerous lengths in the pool without passing out make me wish I could tread water for more than 30 seconds. 

    2)  Watching these women gymnasts flipping here and flipping there make my whole body hurt.  They are incredible!!  Each time they spring off that board to jump on a little piece of equipment I hold my breath.  What about doing backflips on a balance beam?  How is it possible to do that?  Wow!

    3)  Women’s Beach Volleyball with Misty May and Kerry Walsh is must see TV.  They just kick ass!

    4)   Chuckling about these Badminton players getting disqualified and kicked out of the Olympics for throwing their matches.  LOL  Is it matches or games in Badminton?  The first person I thought of was Barack Obama.  This is his type of sport….gliding around with a little racket and birdie.  Perhaps he and Ballet Dancer Rahm Emmanuel could be doubles partners and try to make the next Olympic team.

    • Patrick_Skacel

      I’m with you on these, Riley.  You may be onto something with no. 4, as we all know Barack Obama should certainly avoid any sport that requires throwing a ball. 

      Little fun fact: Michael Phelps and I went to the same high school, albeit 20 years apart.  He is now our most prominent alumnus, wrestling that coveted title from the late “Divine” of the various John Waters movies.  

      I believe I still remain our least prominent.    

  • Bill589

    Paradigm shift: Sarah Palin takes Texas

    “The Ted Cruz victory in the Texas Senate race brings substantive political change and Sarah Palin is behind the paradigm shift. It is, as The Washington Post called it, “a victory for the Tea Party.” Today, “the establishment” pushes further away from the main pulse of America and Sarah Palin holds the pulse.”

  • Bill589

    Yahoo News –

    “Florida Senator, Marco Rubio, introduces a bill that would make Olympic prize money tax-exempt.”

    Well, at least he’s earning votes and his pay by fighting for what’s important.  /s

    The government has many problems to address. I think Marco may have a problem with prioritizing.
    Unless of course, he is doing something easy and likely popular in order to better his career, including chances of being the vp pick.

  • John_Frank

    FYI, for those of you in Missouri
    Governor Palin will be attending a “Steelman Surge BBQ” on Friday near Kansas City

  • section9

    That’s right, Firelight!


  • blackbird

    Excellent news round up Firelight, I got tired bookmarking the stories and just bookmarked this page instead.

    • Firelight

      Hey Akasoban says hi and he is doing well.

      • blackbird

         That’s great, thanks Firelight.

  • blackbird

    I did not know milkshakes come in banana pudding, that sounds super delicious.

  • TEXs

    Governor Sarah Palin has a PLAN and is executing it masterfully:

    1) She’s making very selective and very careful endorsements for Congress and Senate:
    they must be proven conservatives who want reforms,first and foremost,and they must ask
    for her endorsement.
    No more ingrates a la Nikki Haley,Backmann,Joe Miller etc…..

    People who win,so far they all are,will be her allies that she can count on… more
    one way street.

    2) She will avoid to be blamed for Etch-A-Sketch’s loss in November,very skillfully.

    When liberal fraud Willard is defeated and sent packing to his California fancy house with
    elevator for his cars,Governor Palin will be the Victor:”I told you GOP machine,that’s what happens
    when you push a liberal fraud RINO for the nominee.”

    Yeah,I can hear Rombots screaming:”If Obama gets another term USA will cease to exist,
    South will become North and vise versa,North Korea will invade San Francisco (I wish it would),
    Taliban will invade New York City and Washington DC using knives and sticks…..camouflaged
    in burkas……

    On November 7th Governor PALIN will emerge stronger than ever,undisputed Leader of
    American Conservatives.

    With strong conservative allies in Congress and Senate,2016 will be hers with no opposition
    to speak of…..

  • blackbird

    I am starting to grasp section9 and John_Frank when they post on the establishment’s strategy and influences from the past, the sinister and elitist nature of it all, trying to see the larger picture, thank you section9 and John_Frank.

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