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Miles To Go Before We Sleep Wednesday

Morning everyone!

Well it was a good effort.  You win some you lose some.  In Olympics terms – 4 golds and a bronze still gets you on the podium and wins you a medal… We can’t stop and worry too much as there is still much work to do before November and the GOP sure isn’t making it easy.

I don’t know much about Akin but from what I gathered from twitter many in MO think that while he is conservative, he didn’t accomplish much during his long tenure and isn’t a reformer or fighter.  They also seem to think that Claire McCaskill wanted to run against Akin because he would be the easiest to beat. That is why she kept painting him as the most conservative in her ads during the GOP primary.  However, now we get behind Akin and hope he beats Claire in November…

Of course the media will focus on this loss and not on Sarah’s four victories. They will just write that she is losing her “shine”, blah, blah, blah…

So Reince Preibus announced last night that Mary Fallin and Scott Walker will also be speaking that the convention in Tampa.  He also mentioned using all four days to “tell the Romney story” and I’ve heard a few other surrogates talk about one of the requirements of a speaker is to really sell and praise Romney.  So I guess we should rename the convention to the Romney Narcissist Convention since the main requirement for a speaking invite is not to talk about Republican or conservative values, solutions and ideals but to soley and completely sell and praise Mitt Romney.  The next announcement we will get is that the church tabernacle choir will be there to help lead this praise and worship.

Silly me, I thought the convention was where the GOP put forth their platform ideas, explained why their solutions to our nation’s massive problems were better and told the nation why the GOP is the best party to lead this nation for the next four years.  I thought that at the end of the convention, the GOP picks their nominee and the whole evening is devoted to that person but I guess they have decided to ditch tradition and just move toward a 4 day Romney lovefest.  So this will be different for America how?  We are trading one narcissist for another…



Was it gold?  No, not quite but it was a good effort…

Nice smack down of the WaPo’s war on Palin…

Scarborough almost never gets props from me but for this… he gets some…

Big prayers for her…

She is grace and class personified…

Just put this on the already growing list of things to worry about…

Wait… stand up TO the base or stand up FOR the base?  Let me add her to my “this is the type of person I am talking about when I say we need to get rid of the GOP establishment” list…

Democrats always follow the “do it now and ask for forgiveness later because by then it will be too late to change it” philosophy…

There are no words…

Whaaaat?  You don’t say….

This is exciting… I’ll be there opening night if it is in my area.

People expect something different from them?

Bet this isn’t the only business they were doing…

Not for me, no thanks…

This is an invasion of privacy… and creepy…

Go Sandy Adams!… LOL!

He actually pled guilty, no trial, possibly no answers beyond his schizophrenia…

Of course, this is no surprise…

Well, they voted for it… they openly voted for the socialist, what did they expect?…


I love this! I really, really love this… a shining city on a hill…


Have a great day everyone!

  • John_Frank

    Good morning,

    Thanks Firelight for the news round up.

    As to Sarah Steelman, she is a class act, who put up a strong effort and we thank her for that.

    Steve Flesher: Steelman’s Not Done Yet (And Neither Are We)

    Of course, thank you Sarah Palin for being fearless in your convictions and putting your credibility on the line for what you believe in.

    Going back in time for a moment, on February 15, 2012, Roger Stone Jr, a long time Republican operative, left the Republican party. He explained his reasons in this blog post:

    Goodbye, GOP

    He writes in part:

    Sadly, Eisenhower, Nixon, and Reagan wouldn’t recognize today’s Republican Party. The GOP went from being a Main Street party under Ronald Reagan to being the Wall Street Party again under both Bush’s. Bush 41 broke his “no new taxes” pledge and President George W. Bush’s new entitlement programs and reckless spending made us the party of big spending and big government.

    Meanwhile social conservatives in the party demand Litmus tests on issues like abortion and gay marriage equality from those who share their conservative economic and foreign policy views making a cohesive coalition of social and economic conservatives ultimately impossible.

    Sadly the difference between the two major parties has become rhetorical. Under the Democrats you’re going to hell. Under the Republicans, you are still going to hell but you are going more slowly.

    To real conservatives the freedom of the individual is paramount. No one should be able to tell you what you can eat, drink, smoke, or marry, or what kind of gun you can own. We don’t want to be snooped on by an all-knowing big brother government. That is the essence of liberty. The Republican Party has become both a party of big government but also an authoritarian party that would tell us how to live.

    The concerns that Mr. Stone expresses reflect the reasons why many continue to struggle with the idea of voting for Mitt Romney as the Republican Presidential Candidate.

    Firelight writes in her blog post:

    So Reince Preibus announced last night that Mary Fallin and Scott Walker will also be speaking that the convention in Tampa.  He also mentioned using all four days to “tell the Romney story” and I’ve heard a few other surrogates talk about one of the requirements of a speaker is to really sell and praise Romney.

    Does the RNC and the Romney campaign really believe that 4 days of Romney worship will help whip up enthusiasm, because as Firelight astutely notes, how is trading one narcissist for another of any benefit?

    Why highlight this?

    In 2008, the RNC / McCain campaign was looking at giving Sarah Palin two speaking slots, along with a lot of media avails, before she was selected as the VP nominee.

    Since 2008, she has been maligned by the GOPe and the Romney campaign.

    One has to ask, if Sarah Palin is required to really sell and praise Romney as a condition of speaking, would it be better for her to decide to politely decline any RNC/Romney invitation to speak at the convention for the reasons she stated in the Bolling interview?

    Needless to say Romney supporters will say, if invited she must speak for the sake of party unity, no matter what she is compelled to say, and no matter when she is asked to speak and if she does not then she is supporting Obama’s re-election.

    Right. Sacrifice one’s integrity for the sake of craven expediency to support another Wall Street candidate?

    In any event, it will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

    In other news:

    Can’t We All Just Obey China?

    As China claims a large swath of the South China Sea, the two main candidates for the Presidency continue to roll in the mud.

    Boosted by Iranian visit, Assad returns to public eye
    Embattled Syrian president appears on state TV with Iranian envoy Saeed Jalili, highlighting deepening reliance on Tehran

    Anyone who thinks that Assad is going to go quietly into the night is dreaming.

    Documents: Federal Law Enforcement Instructed to ‘Stand Down,’ Not Arrest Occupy Lawbreakers

    “Top down bottom up.” Just another reason why the Communist Party USA has endorsed Obama’s re-election effort.

    Okay, that is it for now.

    • Firelight

      I won’t even watch the convention if it is going to be speaker after speaker just praising Romney.  I was hoping to hear solutions, ideas, conservative values on display and a good shellacking of Obama and the democrats by some speakers.  I’m not interesting in hearing everyone tell me just how great Mittens is for four days.  No thanks!

      • John_Frank

        Read this comment:

        The individual is a Romney supporter and his comment clearly reflects the Romney campaign talking points.

        Not my call, but if I were Sarah Palin, I would politely decline to speak, because if the purpose of the convention is going to be to simply promote Mitt Romney that makes the election a battle of personalities and Obama will win such a battle.

        With Romney as the candidate, Republicans can only win if the election is a contest of ideas, not personalities.

        • c4pfan

          The problem is that he doesn’t have any ideas.  Just talking points to win the election.

          • Firelight

            Yes, exactly and that becomes very clear when someone tries to engage him in dialogue.  Mitt can give a speech or give talking points but if someone challenges his ideas or asks for clairity, he is literally stumped.  He can’t defend himself, his ideas, his proposed solutions or anything.

            I really think that is due to a combination of the fact that he doesn’t believe in what he is saying so it’s hard for him to remember what his position is if you catch him off guard and also I think he has such a chauvanistic, egotistical personality that he simply is not used to people questioning him so he has no experience defending himself. It’s his way or the highway.

        • Guest

           This is really becoming a Re-puke-ican fest. Romney fiddled while Rome burned. Which way to the vomitorium?

      • cookboy

        I kinda think I watched my last convention four years ago. It’s getting harder to support tv in any way. I do hope something noteworthy happens. If so, the twitter will carry it.

    • blackbird

       Excellent post John, Thanks.

  • Michael

    Mike Huckabee is on the wrong side again. He supports the RINO John Mica. I hope Sandy Adams wins. I used to live in Central Florida. Mica is a RINO and must be defeated.

  • BostonBruin

    Good morning! Hey, look on the bright side. At least the GOPe candidate lost again! For all we know, SP’s endorsement may have helped Steelman stop Brunner.

    Todd Akin seems like a good second choice. He was one of the first House members to join the TP Caucus.

    On to Florida! Game on!

  • c4pfan

    Morning. Thanks for all the links!

    These conventions are nothing but one big fat long telethon. 

  • hrh40

    Great image for today’s thread!!!

    Also, great link roundup. :)

  • hrh40

    Did anyone see Liz Cheney on Hannity last night? (I think it was Hannity, maybe BOR?)

    She tweeted she would be on to discuss the VP selection process. I tweeted her some Culvahouse links.

    • Guest

       High 5!

    • Firelight

      No, I didn’t see her.  Did anyone else catch what she said?

  • Bean Counter

    So, the GOP, Inc. convention is going to waste, er, spend 4 days “telling the Romney story.”

    I got news. Nobody cares about the ‘Romney story.’ Voters want to know what he plans to do to undo Obama’s mess and right the ship of state. And if there’s no concerted effort to bring the base into the ‘big tent’ they all whine about, the whole thing will be nothing more than a political Miss America pageant-type infomercial.

    No thanks. If Romney hasn’t closed the deal by now — this ain’t gonna do it. I’d be more inclined to buy a shamwow or a flowbee.

    Am I demoralized and bitter? Yeah. But it’s chicken and dumplings day at the Loveless Cafe. That’s about the only thing that’ll make me feel better…. In any event, be of good cheer. Force yourselves.

    Be sweet.

    • Patrick_Skacel

      I’m not even sure why Romney would want “the Romney story” told because, as I understand it, it’s not really that great. 

      • senator20526

         The last thing we need to hear is how hard a struggle that Romney had inheriting millions of dollars from his father and then running the state of Mass. into the ground with healthcare…

  • Lipstick

    I’m not downcast at all. In years past, there would have only been the establishment pick on the ballot in Missouri because no one would have felt they could have any chance to win against the chosen few allowed in the group.

    Steelman lost but was by no means embarrassed.

    I also think that it helps when a guy is not just handed the election, makes him think more about the folks back home who barely elected him last time and that he better keep up with the pulse back home.

    In my Congressional district, my guy lost the runoff to a guy who has been in the Texas House for years. He is a good old boy who lives around Houston and has had some interesting votes and slightly not legal dealings in the past.

    My guy was a businessman who was not a career politician. He came pretty close to beating the guy and I am hoping this keeps him a little more on the straight and narrow.

    You can bet I’ve got my eye on him REAL close and plan to be letting him know I am watching as are LOTS of people around here. I didn’t vote for him this time but if he does well he may just earn my vote two years from now…..EARN my vote, don’t expect my vote because you barely won this time around.

    • hrh40

      Great, great perspective, Lip.

      And true.

      That’s exactly what I was thinking about Akin. He seems to be right-on on the issues, but has become a little weaksauce on the fight and follow-through, perhaps because of his years in DC making him too comfortable.

      I pray this primary scare and the overall LOUD tea party message across the country will give him the backbone he needs to stand up LOUDLY against McConnel and other Dem Lites in the Senate.

      For example, I sincerely hope McConnell’s leadership is challenged if we take back the Senate by, say, Jim DeMint. And that Akin will vote for DeMint.

      Hope springs eternal! :)

    • Firelight

      I agree that Steelman was not embarrassed. She ran a classy race for the right reasons.  Akin will be fine.  I worry a bit about what Claire M. might have on him since she seems so eager to run against him but I far prefer him to Brunner who ran a down and dirty disgusting race.

      Nope, I say onward and upward.  We got a lot of work to do and not a lot of time to do it. 

      I actually blame Dick Morris, lol.  Everyone he endorses loses.  When he endorsed Steelman last week my stomach sank.  I swear a Morris endorsement is a curse. Thankfully, he endorsed Mica in FL against Sandy Adams.  So hopefully that means that Sandy will be winning this coming Tuesday!!

  • Lipstick

    These politicians are like toddlers.

    Once your kids get older you don’t have to keep your eye on them every second, but not these guys….always watching, always watching them real close. 

    • hrh40

      You’re shooting right on target this morning, Lip!

      Oops, did I say shoot?


  • LS as guest

    Good morning.

    I’ve mixed feelings on the Missouri race.  Of course, I would have liked Gov. Palin to have five gold endorsement rings, and I generally like running pre-retirement-age candidates for US Senate when there’s an opening.  And I want to make sure they have a strong enough candidate to beat Claire.

    But Akin has a 96% ACU voting record in the House, and I like to see staunchly conservative Reps get rewarded, as well as vote strongly in the Senate.  Also, he’s apparently very strong on illegal immigration, which to me is vital. 

    In contrast, Steelman backed McCain as far back as 2000, and has had some votes and positions I’m not too excited about.  E.g., she voted against allowing a scheduled sunsetting of a gas tax to occur, then claimed she hadn’t voted to raise taxes.  Also, she was for a chance in state law to allow farmland to be taxed at its highest use, which is an absolute killer for farmers.

    As long as Akin isn’t too conservative to win in November, I guess in sum I’m happy. 

  • LS as guest

    Firelight and others,

    Is this possible, a very good trend against Obama in Colorado? 

    • Firelight

       No, I have been seeing this a lot lately but I’ll be the first to say I think it is hype.  I tried to tell everyone that Romney wouldn’t win our primary here and no one wanted to listen.

      Everyone kept saying that Colorado was Romney country and in reality, it should have been but it wasn’t and for us living here, we knew it.

      There might be a small backlash against Obama from the way he handled the fires (the feds were slow on getting planes off the ground) but that backlash won’t last. 

      I would have to say that as of today, I would still say that Obama will take Colorado.  I don’t see him falling apart here at all.  The media loves him here. He is running some very effective ads against Romney here and our state isn’t suffering that bad.

      Now, if Obama starts to push gun control, or if Colorado’s economy tanks for reasons tied to Obama or if Obama pushes too much government overreach directly on to Coloradans, or if Obama raises taxes or IF (and this one is HUGE) the democrats are successful in their challenge of our TABOR law in court…  then the state could solidly swing toward Romney.

      I’m not sure I see any of that happening BEFORE the election.

      Otherwise, Romney just isn’t liked that much here.

      It will be a close race here no matter what. Every vote will count.

      • c4pfan

        You put it right!  I think Obama will win CO too.  The Hispanics are going to go for Obama in CO and those ads they are running on the spanish stations…yipes!

        • LS as guest

          Thanks, firelight and c4pfan.  That’s not good news, but it’s always wise to be grounded in reality.

  • Gelston

    I love Washington State. It has it’s own culture
    What makes headline news here? A new baby ….

  • hrh40

    As I’ve gotten deeper into GOP politics in my state and in awareness of national GOP politics over these last 3 years – and most specifically, the last 6 months – I’ve really become disillusioned with the corrupt-to-the-core process.

    And truly believe more than ever that Palin is absolutely right that we should “never trust a politician, he or she will always let us down.”

    This is basically a restatement of an essential Biblical principle that we have all sinned and come short of the glory of God.

    Whether the Founders were committed Christians or not, almost all of them believed this simple truth about the eminent corruptibility of humans, hence the elaborate and elegant checks and balances they set up in the Constitution.

    And hence the limited, enumerated powers given to governing officials, because the Founders trusted in our faith traditions of We the People to be the bedrock of the United States.

    Wow, were they correct. I’m realizing now more than ever.

    Which is why this article really hits home:

    I retweeted it from a Youth for Palin tweet, and added that We the People humble under God will save this nation. Not politicians.

    And it’s fantastic that Billy Graham’s “Final Call” event, perhaps his last, is scheduled for November 7, 2012, the day after the election. No matter who wins.

    On the morning after Steelman’s loss, I’m encouraged anew by the 1,000 points of light working for a Third Great Awakening this country needs to be turned around. Check out in the article all the individual efforts that independently seem to be calling for the same thing. I don’t believe in coincidences.

    I’ve recommended The Harbinger in these threads before. The author is quoted heavily in the linked article. So I’ll link it again

    Missing from the article though appropriate to it is Joel Rosenberg’s new book, Implosion, which also calls for a Third Great Awakening:

    It’s on my stack for reading next …

    /end soapbox sermon

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Good morning!

    Disappointing to see Steelman lose, but this was a race with three reasonably conservative candidates who were all leading McCaskill in most recent polls. Akin seems to be OK, though I don’t like the way he reacted to Palin’s endorsement of Steelman–it was sexist.

    On to the next race, here’s to hoping that Sandy Adams beats out John Mica in Florida on Tuesday.

    I wrote a new piece at the New Agenda in part about the whole focus on Palin’s clothes in Missouri. It may seem like a small thing, but I really wish it wouldn’t be the focus that people get from her or any female politician–what they wear or their appearance in general. Keep it to policies, experience, character, and strategy on both sides of the aisle.

    • Firelight

      We have hope in Florida!  Dick Morris endorsed Mica!  That is a sure loss right there, lol!

      Excellent article on Palin’s clothes Whitney!  You are right on.  The pic of Barney is, well… it’s Barney, lol!

    • blackbird

      The tactics used to try and shame and make worthless, remember Nikki Haley, do a search in Google and when you get to nikki ha the auto-completer comes back with affairs.

  • Lipstick

    Well, off I go!

    I slept in to a scandalous 7:30AM!

    Today was not a run day for me so I had a little breakfast and a leisurely workout with weights and then 45 min on the stationary bike. No need to rush my workout because someone here needs me to do something. The dog doesn’t need a whole lot after all. I have been using my 45 min bike time to listen to Going Rogue on my IPod and I am loving it.

    I am also loving my little weight bench and weight set I bought instead of re-upping my gym membership. I don’t have to drive there, can stumble in any time I want to and I admit I like that  I can just work out in shorts and a sport bra during the hot months….no need for a shirt as required (thankfully!!!) in the gym in my little town.

    Now I am ready and off to the big city to do whatever I want!!!! Sigh… shall be wonderful!

    I also don’t have to be home to pick up or bring anyone anywhere so who knows when I shall return?!?!?!

    • LS as guest

      Ha!  That’s exactly what I’ve got: some little 20-pound dumbbells and a stationary bike.  I go for the HIIT on the bike when I use it, so there’s really no excuse to fit that in if I’m housebound for a couple of days.

      (Can’t run anymore, but I engineer multi-mile walks into as many days as possible.)

      • blackbird

        I moved my stationary bike in-front of the T.V thinking that would help me from getting bored and motivate me to use it, I know I am lazy. It lasted a week, now it’s back in the patio.

        • LS as guest

          Mine’s in my bedroom.  When I feel like lounging in bed, I realize I can get a good HIIT workout done and be exercised on the day in about 20 minutes.

    • blackbird

       you’ve got some discipline and motivation.

  • Riley4Palin

    At this rate, the McCain team of inept idiots might be sharing their gold medal with Team Romney before the year is over:

    Good. Lord. Help. Us. All.

    • Bean Counter

      True. And I also heard that they were so proud of their gold medal, they had it bronzed.

      • Riley4Palin


        Laughing and crying at the same time.  Ugh.

      • blackbird


  • Riley4Palin

    RE:  “Tell the Romney Story”

    Which convention speaker(s) will be covering Senior Advisor Eric “Etch-A-Sketch” Fernstrom and Press Secretary Andrea “You would have health care if you lived in MA” Saul?

  • Riley4Palin

    Sorry, can’t let this one go without ranting some more….

    McCain lost by not looking Presidential in the time of crisis and a lot of the base stayed home because there were too many doubters about his conservative cred.

    Fast forward to today with the Romney team. The base is already questioning him just like McCain.  Can he fully be trusted?  Is there any policy less liked in the Conservative base than Obamacare?  Why in the hell would Romney’s campaign say something so stupid like reminding the voters about Romneycare?  Romney was winning the day after the liberals (even MSNBC) said the Burton SuperPAC ad was a piece of crap.  With a race this close, each vote is critical.  And then you have his top advisors going public with comments like this? 

    Today is a day that I believe we really have no say in this election because Romney’s team keeps finding ways to throw the election to Obama.

    How freakin’ depressing.

    • cookboy


  • ProudAmerican247

    From “Stars Earn Stripes”…..

    “He is a straight up Rambo. Next time I go to war, I want Todd Palin at my side.”

    Thanks, excopconservative over at C4P for posting the trailer.

  • senator20526

    Morning all……still cleaning up from the storm Sunday that trashed our area….awnings and roof shingles all over the place….It’s going to be a hot sunny 109 degrees  in the great desert Southwest today……Where is Sarah and what is she doing? My congresscritter wants me to have pizza with him tomorrow….His name is Paul Gosar and Sarah supported him two years ago…I think from what I hear from him, he is in love with Boehner… of these ” we can’t cut spending, so we might as well get our share for Az.” But we will see how he shakes out tomorrow….Does anyone here think that Ms BeanCounter had anything to do with the terrible mess the Dems have in Tenn? Now the losing candidates are suing the State Democratic Party because they didn’t vet the winning candidate…..HA……..Everyone have a great day and be safe.

  • John_Frank

    While many people are having a conniption fit over Andrea Sauls comments of earlier today:
    @AGUGrizzlies: Get Your #GRRR On And #StandWithSandy!

    Call to Action! Sandy Adams Needs Your Help

    • LS as guest

      IMO they ought to be having a conniption fit over Saul’s comments.

  • section9

    What incompetent clowns run Mitt Romney’s team.

    Clown shoes. Clown shoes everywhere!

    Now you know why they wanted to take out Palin.

  • John_Frank

    A new FB post by the Governor:

    Congratulations to Todd Akin on his win. And thank you, Sarah Steelman, for running an inspiring grassroots campaign. Sarah can take pride in being the underdog and mounting an uphill race; she faced the challenge of Beltway insiders and being outspent and underfunded, but she did not waver and her internal compass always pointed clearly in the direction of Constitutional principles. It’s an honor to stand by Sarah and her vision for Missouri and the rest of this exceptional nation. I’ll continue to support those with such a compass, regardless of the Beltway political pundits’ predictions in any race.

    Now, it’s time for everyone to come together and focus on electing a new Senator from the Show Me State. Winning this Missouri Senate race is a crucial step in reclaiming the leadership of the U.S. Senate and giving our next President a wise Congress to work with. Together we can do this. On to November!

    – Sarah Palin

    Folks, this is how it is done.

    • Bill589

      I read and hear they still call Sarah Palin polarizing. And if that is a fair assessment, then neither establishment would fear her as they do. It is the media that is polarizing. What the establishments fear is the opposite of that, and what is shown in plain site to anyone who truly researches.
      Sarah is a unifier. At all levels, of all the right people.  Her accomplishments as governor are remarkable.  And now it looks like she’s unifying patriots in legislature, and all of the national political world.

      Regarding GOP power-players and their cronyism – if Sarah Palin is successful, then their days are numbered.

  • Pete Petretich

    I caught a glimpse of this new Romnycare scandal when I was downtown but I couldn’t reply on that computer…
    FIRST IMPRESSION: It seems like this makes it even more likely that Sarah will be Mitt’s VP because the base is already very skeptical of that phony front-runner. Is that what you guys have already concluded?

    • Bill589

      Note: I’m a political amateur at best, but near all I read says SP won’t be a vp choice. Besides other reasons, I believe MR’s string pullers won’t allow it.

      For the GOP string pullers, it appears that another 4 years of BO is less threatening than SP gaining more national influence, and especial her becoming president.

      That is all the more reason to continue to support her, but I don’t see her as vp for MR.

  • Pete Petretich

    Here’s another one of those endless videos by a high school group on it’s way to the Orange Bowl. One of the mom’s posted it to Sarah’s Facebook wall, I suppose to get exposure…

    Lisa Brown :   “This video is of the Bay High School Million Dollar Band promoting their trip to the Orange Bowl in Miami, FL. These children are the only ones in the USA that were invited to participate in the Orange Bowl Parade, the Pre-game show, and the half time show. This is such an honor for these children and they came up with this video to show what they are truely made of. If you could in anyway get this video out and help support these children, it would really mean alot to them. My daughter, Hailey Bawcom, is in the dance line of this wonderful organization and I am VERY proud of her and the rest of them to show the nation their talents in Miami, FL on Jan. 2, 2013. Thank You from the bottom of our hearts!!”

  • Pete Petretich


    “U.S. gymnast Aly Raisman reveals the score for her gold medal-winning routine at the Olympics was a tribute to victims of the 1972 Munich Games massacre” 

    That was even better than a mere moment of silence…

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