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Not So Moderate Monday – Updated

Morning everyone!

So how was everyone’s weekend?  Gov. Palin sure seemed busy with her BBQ in Missouri and summer party in Iowa.  That was fun to hear news of and see pictures from.

Did anyone watch the Curiosity Mars landing last night?  I was completely mesmerized by it.  How cool that it was on livestream and twitter.  That was an amazing experience to watch.

I’m grumpy today with the RNC speaker list having been released.  I know is isn’t complete but we already had the leak that Krispy Kreme is the keynote and the rest of the speakers won’t be the “headliners”.  There is no Palin on this list.  So she either is not speaking or is not a headliner and will get a horrible slot during the day.  Now, I understand that McCain is on this list because he was the nominee last time, fine.  I don’t get why Smuckabee is on this list.  He has no following, no one listens to his radio show and he isn’t relevant.  I also don’t get Kasich. Since when was he know for his rousing speeches?  Missing from the list is Palin, DeMint, Alan West and Scott Walker.  Now hopefully Palin still gets a good speaking spot. Hopefully, Mitt isn’t as stupid as he appears here.  The problem is that Palin should have been the first speaker they secured not the last, if at all.  Also, where are the other primary candidates?  I have never seen a convention that didn’t include them.  They have supporters.  The convention is where you bring everyone together.  So where is Cain, Perry, Santorum, Paul, Bachmann, Huntsman, and Gingrich?  Where is Jan Brewer?

All I can say is that with Palin’s endorsement record, Romney and Reince better find a headline spot for her on the schedule… just saying…

We all need to start now with our prayers for Sarah Steelman’s victory tomorrow and continue to pray without ceasing.  I am really hoping for a victory for her.

News roundup:

A year ago today, we all got downgraded

Mary Beth and Steve at C4P interview Sarah Steelman!  Great interview and they tell you how to help…

Bristol has a great blog up about the possibility of being paired with a gay dance partner… hint… it’s no biggie…

We have the best grassroots activists of all the GOP…

Pretty sad when she gets it and Preibus and Mittens do not…

My heart goes out to this Sikh community...

Awesomeness!  Dan Bongino on why he is running for the Senate…

Tea Party Express will be endorsing Florida’s Sandy Adams’s tomorrow!

Liar, liar pants on fire

Bingo! We put down our protest signs and picked up campaign signs…

It’s official, the man is color blind…

Townhall interviews Mia Love…

Wait, if they ban guns… why is it the most dangerous?… hmmmmm…



Normally I don’t do updates during the week but there is much news and one of them has me spittin’ mad.  This article talking about Levi filing papers for full custody of Tripp.  Really?  Maybe he should consider paying the child support he owes and utilizing the visitation he currently has to it’s fullest before he even thinks asking for more.  His reasoning is proof enough that he isn’t ready for full custody.  What a shock he would be in for.

Note to Levi:  2 and 3 year old kids are highly politically incorrect and inappropriate even from the best of families UNTIL you teach them otherwise and even then, they are still kids.  Not once in a single episode did Bristol condone Tripp’s behavior, in fact, it actively shows her working on it, struggling to find that solution that will work for Tripp just like every parent I know.  And guess what!!  Just when you have it down for this child, along comes another child and what worked on the first one may not work on the second one. Bristol is no different than any young, first time mom that I know or that I was.  She will be fine, she is doing a good job and Tripp will grow into a wonderful young man.  Any sane Judge will see straight thru this for what it is, a publicity ploy and extortion.  Levi only sees Tripp as a paycheck.

Now in some of the lower 48 states (not all) a judge won’t even hear a plea from Levi until he current on his child support unless he could show reason for an emergency order and that burden of proof to reach is high. Often what happens is everyone comes to court, Levi thinks he is going to let Bristol have it but Bristol’s attorney filed contempt papers due to back child support so that must be dealt with first. The judge will deal with that and since Levi has no money, the judge will tell Levi that the court will reschedule his hearing on custody once the child support is current and Levi can show that he has been actively utilizing his visitation rights with Tripp on a consistent basis over a period of time so that the court is satisfied that Levi is involved in Tripp’s life.  Now if Levi does this, they hold the custody hearing and it goes on from there but if he does not do this (which 90% of them don’t) then the custody hearing never takes place.  I don’t know how Alaska handles their issues so it will be interesting to watch.  Levi just made himself look like the biggest dipwad yet.  What an idiot!

Next item that cracks me up is this notion that Cheney was making nice with Palin while walking back his criticism of her.  I saw this come across my twitter.  Please, this was no “making nice” this was full blown CYA and I don’t see where he really walked anything back.  Am I missing that part of his comment in either of these articles?

Also, if you haven’t “liked” their new Facebook page yet, please head over there and give Chuck Jr and Chuck Sr and big hello, welcome and some Palin love on their new page for their book “Our Sarah”.

This is likely more than I can take… (no, I’m sure it is more than I can take… please no!)


Have a great Monday everyone!  If you can, let’s help GOTV for Steelman in MO!


  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    Thank you very much for another fine post, Firelight. Very newsworthy.

  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    Overheard at the local mall: “I know he can walk upright, I’ve seen him.”

  • TexMex817

    Thanks for all the RT of the Palin-Steelman event, y’all. Even if you can’t make it to volunteer for these events, having a good army on social is just as helpful!

    Thanks for collecting the coverage, Firelight!

    • Firelight

      Hi Tex!

      Thanks for all you do!

    • blackbird

      for anyone else who might be curious like me RT = re-tweet. I am not that fluent on internet speak LOL. I feel old now.

      Thanks TexMex awesome Palin-Steelman rally.

    • Riley4Palin

      Always great to ‘see’ you pop your head in here!

      Still keeping fingers crossed you and Whip will be on Palin’s team someday down the road.   Good hard workers who are passionate and have the brains for politics are hard to find these days.  :)

  • Pete Petretich

    “Since Governor Palin’s endorsement, the (Steelman) campaign has seen an overwhelming increase in fundraising, website visits, calls to the office and, most importantly, the recent surge in the polls. This, coupled with Brunner’s collapse, proves that an endorsement from Governor Palin has a powerful impact…”

  • RefudiateGOPe

    Good morning all. Great roundup Firelight.

    I still have my fingers crossed that Governor Palin does NOT speak at the convention.  Afterall, we all learned from our mothers that we are judged by the friends we keep.  Sarah’s exclusion will fire up the grassroots and make them stronger.

    • Gelston

      are plans still on for her to be in the rented space at the nearby mall?

      • Gelston

        found on FoxNews:

        “”Democrats also announced that former President Bill Clinton and Elizabeth Warren, the party’s popular Senate candidate in Massachusetts, will have prime speaking roles at the convention on Sept. 5.””

        That’s the first black POTUS and a Native American. I guess those 2 voting blocks are locked up.

        • hrh40


        • senator20526

          That does it…..we don’t have a chance now with those two blocks locked up…….The dirty old men block and the “I wish I was an indian” block….

    • FrankE

       I agree with you.  I don’t like to see Sarah in the same room with that bunch of rinos.

    • ProudAmerican247

      “I still have my fingers crossed that Governor Palin does NOT speak at the convention.”

      Since Congress’s approval rating is in the toilet, Sarah is better off stearing clear of this pathetic group.

      Yes, she would like to see the party united against b.o., and she can assist in doing that from her rented space on the mall.

      Talk about standing out from the crowd and doing something “UNCONVENTIONAL”!

      She peaks people’s interests cuz we never know what’s she’s going to do next.

      She’s not a follower, she’s a LEADER and a TRAIL BLAZER.

      And a highly SUCCESSFUL one at that!

      Can’t wait to see what she has planned for Tampa!


  • MiBones

    I have never seen a more incompetent group(RNC) run for office. They basically give the Tea Party/Conservatives the finger. And do they expect us to vote for Romney in 2012, or Jeb Bush in 2016? I have never thought I would go third party, but after this year, if Romney does, or doesn’t win, and there is a viable third party, I will go third. I am done.

  • BostonBruin

    Good morning!

    If Sarah Steelman wins tomorrow, then the RNC has no choice but to invite Sarah Palin to speak at the convention. If they don’t, then her non-invite will become a major story.

    The headlines will be about Romney being afraid of being upstaged by Sarah Palin. More importantly, we’ll see reports highlighting the civil war going on between the GOP and the Tea Party. If SP is not invited, the RNC is being a sore loser because all but one of SP’s primary endorsements this year have defeated establishment candidates.

    I suspect Gov. Kasich is being giving a speaking slot to score some brownie points with Ohio voters – a key battleground state. Gov. Walker should be given a spot as well for the same reason.

    • Firelight

      I agree Boston.  If Romney doesn’t invite Palin THAT will be the story that overshadows him during the convention and makes him look smaller and weak. 

      Either way, she will overshadow him, it is up to him whether it is in a positive way by painting him as a uniter or in a negative way.

    • blerch

      Agree with you on Kasich.  Mitt absolutely has to win Ohio to have any chance at winning the general.  And, even if he does win Ohio, it’s still an uphill battle for him.  If he does not win OH, it’s over for him.

  • hrh40

    Wasn’t online much over the weekend, but did catch up with your weekend post last night.

    Thanks for all the vids and articles, Fire!

    You really keep us up to date.

    P.S. I think the link to the Steelman article is incorrect?

    Oh and P.P.S. FYI for those interested: Here’s a review I wrote of another new tea party book:

    • blackbird

      From the very beginning I have always seen the Tea Party as God fearing Christians. Very Good article Heather I enjoyed that.

      I was looking for the comment button.

  • indemind

    Good Morning Extra-ordinary barbarians…. from beautiful Carlsbad Ca………. *_*

    Thanks Firelight, for another awesome round-up…… you are the Tops……. 😉
    Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, Sure nice to see the Governor “On the  road again”… Lots of LOVE going out to American Grizzlies United, (A.G.U) and (O.4.P) for Goooing that extra mile. (*_*)

    Well, as always Stay cool, Stay safe… and have a great day…… God Bless

    SarahAmerica …………………  LetSarahSpeak

  • Bean Counter

    Mornin’ good buddies, hope everyone is bright eyed and bushy tailed — never quite understood what that means, and why it’s something we should strive to achieve, nevertheless, I find myself increasingly less interested in the presidential contest and more interested in the congressional races.

    Seems to me that both sides’ base is demoralized, but Obama does appear to be trying to fire his up, while GOP, Inc. apparently assumes we have nowhere else to go, so of course, we’ll be good little soldiers and follow the party line, so there’s no need to attempt to reach out to us and toss us a few crumbs. I must say, however, that Romney and GOP, Inc. have made, and are making, very personal appeals to get me to send them money. I have six autographed photos of Romney, two bumper stickers, I get at least two emails a day, and at least 3 or 4 pieces of junk mail every week. Take a wild guess how much money they’ve gotten from me. (cue the crickets)

    The ‘anybody but Obama’ thing will only go so far. A lot of people are gonna stay home if they feel their party doesn’t care if they vote or not. We all sound like one big broken record where this is concerned, but we’ve got a boring, lackluster, passionless candidate and a party machine who apparently doesn’t want their base involved. I guess they think all these independents and moderates are going to carry the day. Good luck with that. And I have no clue what this may, or may not, mean, but I’ve seen exactly ONE Romney bumper sticker and a plethora of Obama bumper stickers. In a blood red state. Yep, we’re just excited as all get out.

    Anyway, I’m still just giddy over the car wreck that is the TN democrat party, and the whack job who won the nomination to run against Bob Corker for senate. Unless they can prove fraud, he won fair and square, and all their whining just makes them look even more ridiculous. They should have vetted all the candidates, put info on the party website, so voters could research for themselves and vote accordingly. Instead, since they couldn’t find a candidate they could rally behind to be the sacrificial lamb (Corker is a mortal lock to win, even though he is a rino), they just let it go and they got bit on the butt. All this after the fact moral outrage just makes them look stupid and totalitarian in wanting to remove him from the November ballot. Another candidate is threatening to file some paperwork to force a do-over election. If that happens, we have open primaries, and talk about Operation Chaos, this would be way too much fun. I’m just happy I have an exciting race here to amuse me.

    Y’all play nice now.

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Good morning!

    I think that as far as Palin is concerned, she’s sitting pretty. If they invite her, she’ll outshine everyone. If they don’t, the GOPe looks petty and tonedeaf, which they are anyway.

    They call this the “first wave” of speakers. From a PR perspective, if they actually have Tea Party speakers, it would be good to have announced at least one of them in the first wave. If they don’t have any Tea Party speakers, it’s a bad move.

    None of the speakers are Tea Party. Haley and Martinez started with promise. Haley quickly faded, and Martinez’s response to Obamacare and a few other things have left something to be desired despite her showing good promise in 2011.

    The others are quite establishment. Really Huckabee and McCain?! Kaisch– I don’t think that’s going to help win votes in Ohio if he speaks.

    I’m not holding my breath, but I would hope that they would at least invite a Jim Demint, Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, or Allen West.  If they don’t have Palin or someone like those guys speak, it shows they’re ignoring the base.

    Oh well, even more reason to focus on the Senate and the House.

    • ProudAmerican247

      “…as far as Palin is concerned, she’s sitting pretty. If they invite her, she’ll outshine everyone. If they don’t, the GOPe looks petty and tonedeaf, which they are anyway.”


      It’s a WIN-WIN for Sarah no matter how they look at it.

      Looks like the gopE are backed in a corner.

      HaHa.  Don’t ya just love it?

  • Bill589

    Life has kept me pretty busy this last week or so.  I’m sure I missed a lot, but here is a couple things I caught:

    Of all the things to talk to the Israelis about – Mitt says he likes their socialized healthcare system?
    There are a million other things he could have talked about. Why go there? WTFlip?

    Mitt says he is not going to ‘cut’ anything in his first year?
    Mitt better do some ‘cutting’ in the first year – didn’t he say not that long ago that first thing he is doing as president is cutting Obamacare?

    I understand the logic of voting for ABO over BO, but ABO is sure not making it easy. If he governs the country anything like he governed Massachusetts, we need to consider replacing him in 2016. Meanwhile, we’ll have 4 years of pushing, pulling, and forcing him to the right.

    Out of all things, I wish I could trust the words that come out of his mouth.

  • lonestar

    If they wanted to excite conservatives, they should have Palin, West, Rand Paul, DeMint and the new senate hopefuls (Cruz, Mourdock, etc) speak.

  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    “I’m not for sale.”                             Sarah Palin

  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    “The best defense is a good offense.”

  • Riley4Palin

    Afternoon All:

    Loved, loved, loved Sarah Palin in her “S” T shirt at the BBQ event last Friday.  Leave it to Palin to always leave an impression.  While 99.9% of the other politicians in the country today would have showed up in suits with sleeves rolled up, Palin actually wore an outfit that you would see any regular American wear at a local BBQ.  She gets us because she is one of us.  Never the conventional pol – always leaves her mark!

    I can’t help but to compare the Republican Nat’l Convention to the Olympics these days.  The RNC is doing a bang up job of releasing all the “big” names like cough, cough, John Kasich and Mike Huckabee as speakers to get us all excited for the event.  It is like tuning into the Olympics on the off hours of the wee morning to watch a bike race in the rain that is 100 miles long and the bikers have only covered 2.5 miles.

    Palin is to politics what Michael Phelps is to swimming.  He didn’t show up at the Olympics to lose this time around and just hand over the reigns to Ryan Lochte.  Instead, he went about his business and earned more gold medals, including his head-to-head match with Lochte.  Palin is the same.  She is the ultimate competitor who hates to lose in the big games.  You think she is just going to hand over the reigns to the other politicians (she helped get elected) by sitting quietly on the sideline while they try to impress all of us at the convention?  She is in the driver’s seat and everyone knows it.  By now, let’s hope the RNC and Romney got their heads out of their butts and confirmed a good speaking slot for her.  Otherwise, the convention will be a big fat ol’ bust of epic proportions.

    Speaking of speaking slots, Ted Cruz deserves a prime one.  If Rubio gets one (which is expected because the Bushies will make sure of it), Cruz should get one as well. 


    A special note to all the families of those killed and hurt in the tragic shooting in my state yesterday morning.  A veteran police officer took 8-9 shots to try and save others – truly a hero!   He is resting now in the hospital with family by his side.  It turns out the shooter was a troubled individual (duh).  Life is short – go hug all your loved ones today.

  • blackbird

    god ettermiddag (Norwegian for Good afternoon) everyone. Firelight I would change the Like button to say Awesome news roundup.

    I think the newsbusters link should be

    The Governor should invite DeMint, West, Scott Walker, Cain, Perry, Santorum, Paul, Bachmann, Huntsman, Gingrich, Brewer, Levin… to breakfast at her place down in Tampa.

  • Riley4Palin

    The Romney photographs are a waste of money.  We are not talking Palin or Reagan here.  Sorry Mitt, you either have it or you don’t. 
    Let me know if/when you get a photo of John Sununu next.  LMAO!

    • Riley4Palin

      Now I am replying to my own message because Disque is whack.  This post was in response to Bean to your post above.  It disappeared and then showed up alone as its own posting.  Ugh.

      • Bean Counter

        RE: the Romney photos — they’re all exactly the same, with the same message, signature, personalized with my name, etc. I guess they have some kind of mathematical formula as to how many they have to send out in order to get a monetary response. I’ll no doubt wind up with about 50 before they decide to cut their losses, cease and desist.

        However, I’ve made good use of them, I’ve used colored highlighters and Sharpies to “enhance” them and they’re on display taped to my refrigerator.

  • Riley4Palin

    You keep up with other candidates much more than me.  What is this bad news about Martinez?  I thought she was a good one?  What is she saying about Obamacare? 

  • John_Frank

    Good afternoon,

    Firelight, thanks for the great news round up.

    Ed Klein: Romney Campaign Ready To ‘Unleash’ Donald Trump To Gain Support Of Working Class Whites

    So, Trump for the white working class and Huckabee for the evangelicals?

    Caddell Predicts October Surprise!

    To say that Cadell is not impressed with the Romney campaign is putting it mildly.

    In the meantime, fast Eddie Rollins struck again over the weekend:

    Ed Rollins: Romney “Should Release More Taxes”

    First it was Bachmann, now it is Romney. Keep it up Eddie.

    A prayer up for Sarah Steelman. “The status quo has got to go.”

    (FYI – She had some more endorsements from local political leaders over the weekend.

    Okay that’s it for now. May the rest of your day be blessed.

  • John_Frank

     Good afternoon,

    Firelight, thanks for the great news round up.

    Ed Klein: Romney Campaign Ready To ‘Unleash’ Donald Trump To Gain Support Of Working Class Whites

    So, Trump for the white working class and Huckabee for the evangelicals?

    Caddell Predicts October Surprise!                   

    To say that Cadell is not impressed with the Romney campaign is putting it mildly.

    In the meantime, fast Eddie Rollins struck again over the weekend:

    Ed Rollins: Romney “Should Release More Taxes”

    First it was Bachmann, now it is Romney. Keep it up Eddie.

    A prayer up for Sarah Steelman. “The status quo has got to go.”

    (FYI – She had some more endorsements from local political leaders over the weekend.

    Okay that’s it for now. May the rest of your day be blessed.

  • John_Frank

    Okay this is too good to resist.

    Cheney Tries to Walk Back Palin Comments

    See Dick “Misfire.”

    See Dick “Misfire while walking backwards.”

    See Dick open his mouth again and insert his foot one more time.

    Why? He is still saying that Governor Palin’s selection was a mistake, but now he is blaming the process. I am sure that A.B. Culvahouse is absolutely thrilled.

    • blackbird

       LOL!, I was now going to post on the Cheney, hmm…  I don’t what to call it but you have summed it up perfectly John LOL!

      I am now checking to see if I have idiot written all over my forehead… Nope. LOL!

  • Firelight

    Hey everyone!
    I updated the post because some of the news was just too good to sit on until tomorrow.  You can see above.

    • John_Frank

      Am I missing that part of his comment in either of these articles?

      Based on the interview as reported in the National Review, he is saying that based on the process that he believes should be followed, the person selected for VP should be ready to be President on day one.

      No where in the interview does he say that Sarah Palin met his standard.

      So, he still considers the selection a mistake, but now he is blaming the process that was used.

      Open mouth, insert foot … again.

      Now, if he had said, my concern was with the process, but I did not mean to suggest that her selection was a mistake, that would have been a full mea culpa.

      • Firelight

        Exactly, he said nothing different and he still buys into the false notion that Palin wasn’t vetted. That is the “concern” with the process that he is referring to.  He believes the lie.

        He only reaffirmed his dumbassness with the base.  He is hoping people will read the headline and not read any further.

        • John_Frank

          I suspect that Cheney knows better.

          I believe what is going on is that Cheney is trying to publicly pressure Romney into selecting someone whom is ready on day one.

          Why? I suspect certain factions within the Republican party, aka K-Street Republicans, and other interest groups do not want Romney selecting someone as VP who believes in “sudden and relentless reform” and is willing to buck the “status quo.”

          Keep in mind that Romney has no military experience and Allen West is the only name that has been referenced who has military experience.

          (Side note: This is why, despite some speculation on c4p, I do not see Romney selecting Sarah Palin as his VP, but why he could possibly select Allen West.)

          The reality is that no one is ready on day one to be President.

          He is asking the wrong question.

          The question is does the person have the capacity to handle the position, or will he or she falter?

          In Culvahouse’s opinion, while Sarah Palin may not have been “ready” on day one to be President, in that she would have a steep learning curve, she had the “capacity” to handle the job on day one.

          • Firelight

            I have never thought Romney would select Palin as VP. No way.  I also thought that West came out and said that he wasn’t being vetted but maybe I’m wrong.

            I would love West.  It would go a long way with me and you are right. With all that is going on in the world I think it is important that our VP has military experience since Romney has none.

            • Lipstick

               He only reaffirmed his dumbassness with the base.


      • LS as guest

        Agreed.  I find his walkback offensive, as if he’s saying, “Why bless her little Alaskan heart, it’s not her fault that such a faulty process picked her for the nomination!”

  • John_Frank

    FYI – The Tea Party Express has put together an ad in support of Sarah Steelman and are trying to raise funds to get it on the air:

    Scroll to the bottom of the page for details.

    • blackbird

       Excellent! Go Sarah Steelman!!!

  • blackbird

    Thanks for the update Firelight.

    About Christie “He can rein himself in with the stakes this high.” really, based on what? a stump speech? Christie is a mistake.

    imho the best person for VP is Congressman West. He is simply the best pick for VP on all the indicators and he has no negatives.

    • Firelight

      Christie is a disaster. Obama will have a field day with him.   I hope to G-d this is just a rumor. 

      • blackbird

         I was thinking about the vp slot and imho I think it’s going to be Paul Ryan, just my 2 cents.

      • John_Frank

        Chris “Hamas” Christie who opens his mouth without thinking? Please, no.

    • LS as guest

      Funny, Christie would have served as governor for exactly as long as Gov. Palin had when she was chosen.  Somehow I don’t think Big Dick Cheney would have a problem with that.

      • blackbird

        I was going to say the hypocrisy LS, but that’s not it, it’s fear, they know as we do where the road leads for the Governor.

  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    Mark Levin understands the expression,”a good defense is a good offense.”

    • lonestar

      According to Sun Tzu, when going to peace negotiations, have your war preparations made in advance.

  • John_Frank

    This will send shivers of concern up your spine:

    Army colonel ignites firestorm with article on crushing a ‘tea party insurgency’

    • blackbird

      Thanks John. So they ignore OWS, maybe someone should send the Pentagon, Kevin Benson and Jennifer Weber a copy of Occupy Unmasked and ask them to run one of their “Army Operating Concepts”

  • Pete Petretich

    UNCONFIRMED: “Palin sighting??? Friends, my daughter called at 1:00pm central time. I have been on the road and couldn’t post this until now. She was heading east on I-24 and was about 10 miles east of Paducah, KY. Going westbound on I-24 was the PALIN BUS!!!!! My daughter thinks maybe she was in Frankfort, KY, where Rand Paul lives. My daughter was so excited, and had she not been on business she said she would have turned around and followed the bus. LOL!! What do you all think? The bus was actually headed back into MO. They were about 70 miles east of the MO/KY border, where the rivers meet. It is beautiful there…”

    • Right_Wingnut

      Yet, somehow a big, blue bus with Sarah Palin’s picture on it has managed to roll through Kentucky and Missouri without a single news report……

  • Bill589

    Wow! The PDS hate is even towards Bristol. PDS covers the whole family, and is sure effecting a lot of the comments to that article about Levi, etc. The comments show they don’t know Bristol – no research – and yet they hate and attack who and what they don’t know. This truly is deranged.

    PDS is a sad thing. I hope they get better. Or at least STFlipU.

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