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Time For Fun Weekend Edition – Updated

Good morning all!

We made it to the weekend!  What a week! We had the Cruz victory, Steelman BBQ, Cheney dust up and Chick-fil-A day.  The one recurring theme thru all that is Palin Power!!  The girl has got it going on…

I have a feeling that it is going to be a squeaker for Steelman Tuesday night and I’m worried she might not eek it out.  Any Missouri readers that want to keep us posted and educate us on the political feeling there on the ground would be appreciated.

What does everyone have planned this weekend?  We should all be doing something fun.  If the weather is nice, Mr. Firelight and I may take the kiddos out to the Bronocs practice to see what this Peyton Manning is all about but that depends on the weather and my kids…



Headlines: (Updates in red)

**Craig Robinson Calls Palin’s Visit In Iowa Gracious**

Deb Fischer posts on FB about her day w/Gov. Palin…  The reports

Gov. Palin lunches with Deb Fischer

Palin is guest as summer party in Iowa

She is Kingmaker

Well isn’t this email insightful…

It’s not a mystery… it’s good ole common sense…

Got my tiny violin out playing  a sad, sad song…  NOT!

We can thank Gov. Palin for this

The dumbass should have stopped talking at minute 4 because everything he says after that pretty much negates his apology…  this dude needs to learn when to STFU…  don’t complain that people have your personal info when you taped this poor girl without her permission and put her face on the internet for all the world to see you try and humiliate her.  You put this video out on the internet, what did you expect?  Your info was easy for most to track down so you are no victim.  You are an asshole.

I would encourage people to support Rachel (the poor girl who was abused by the dumbass above) by donating here.  She did handle the situation with such grace that she deserves a vacation…

LOL (snort)…  I think this is funny…

Duh… please tell me this is not a surprise to anyone on our side…

Why?  why can you not take a position on anything without sticking your finger in the wind first?  Not helpful…

I bet you made his day… heh…

Gasp! What would Barbara do…. she might tell him to go back to Massachusetts…

After Steelman, we have to get Adams across the line and this one will be a nailbiter…

Good for him

Again,  why can’t you take a stand? there is no need to wait at least a year to make some spending cuts…

So this camp is inside the restricted zone… this is not safe…

Wrong, wrong, wrong

Pure craziness

Steelman sees a difference with Sarah

MO State Rep. Gary Cross switches his support to Steelman

Malkin brings down the house at the AFP Summit

Nice! Jindal links Obama & Occupy movement

Hmmmm, this will be interesting

Nah this is no surprise

Me too!  I think he is right and I would like it to be him

Of course he is… and he will let them vote

Our favorite North Dakotan, Janne telling it like it is







Have a great weekend everyone!



  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    Firelight keeps us posted and we keep reading.

  • c4pfan

    Morning and have a great weekend!

  • Lemuel Vargas

    with regards to “Well isn’t this email insightful…”

    Think there are softwares out there that could remove the blotted out space but then we must need the approval of the person concerned which will defeat the purpose..or maybe not..

    What do the commenters think (especially the ones who are experts in the removal part?) Or maybe this is just much ado about nothing..

  • Gelston

    regarding Rachel, thank you for using the word “abuse” to describe this. Currently I am going through this at work (as a person who is abused and not the abuser) – what constitues abuse in the workplace?
    Rachel was abused by this customer.
    Remember, self defense is one of the rights mentioned in the Declaration of Independence, after life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
    It reads, “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” Although referring to governments, Jefferson justifies the Revolution based on the right of self-defense.
    Corporations should not restrict employees from self defense, or they become abusers also.

    • Firelight

      Oh Gelston! I’m so sorry you are going thru something like this.  No one should ever be treated this way.  I’ll pray for you.


      Gelston, that’s how the retail world rolls. They reinforce such bad behavior by rewarding it.

      The customer can be rude, obnoxious, lie through their teeth, be insulting, scream and yell……and what do the managers of those retail establishments do??….they reward such behavior by giving them gift cards, give them their money back, give them free tickets  and so on, and so on……and then the poor schmuck is pulled into the manager’s office……it’s aggravating to say the least. 

      Now, if you or I would go into the same establishment with our complaints, be as nice and understanding as can be…..all we would get is “sorry”.

      • Gelston

        but sooner or later, someone will finally sue the owners
        There is a famous case with Nordstrom’s in which the emplyees creamed the company.

    • blackbird

       I always thought you had your own private practice Gelston. So sorry my friend to hear of this.

  • M_Minnesota

    Well, this is really not a “Time for Fun Weekend” kind of thing.  It is something that you would do on a weekend.  Watch a Movie.    Cross-posted at C4P.

    This film opened yesterday in Wasilla Alaska as a part of a hopefully larger National Rollout!!The main producer of the movie also produced “Shindler’s List”…
    What Say you Etch – a- Sketch?
    Deo VolentePalin/West

    • Firelight

      Oooh, that is deliciously fun!   I would love to see Obama’s face and some of the liberal’s faces if this movie opens in more theaters around the country!

    • blackbird

      I was curious about the title Obama2016 I know I can hear you saying well John that should be obvious, anyway this from the website: The film examines the question, “If Obama wins a second term, where will we be in 2016?”

      That is a scary question. I am very much looking forward to watching this.


    I tell ya what, CFA should be giving Rachel a promotion with a raise!. All employers everywhere should have employees that demonstrate such tact and grace.♥

    Romney, the epitome of flip-floppyness (is that even a word?). Even though this is Mitt’s history and it’s who Mitt is, it’s still frustrating and very disheartening and embarrassing whenever it shows up. *sigh*

    “Romney calls for delay on spending cuts”……and people think that they can pull him to the right, can hold his feet to the fire, and most important…..think that he’ll repeal Obamacare. sheeesh

    The media makes me sick, why oh why would they even give that “camp” the time of day?!?……Now every nut job will be moving in.

    No surprise that the ICE agents can’t enforce the laws, Obama and his thugs pick and choose which “laws” they want and don’t want to enforce… what say you Boehner? hmmmm?

  • Gelston

    otherwise useless information:
    My perfect wife is spending the summer on the Oregon Coast; it helps her arthritis to avoid the heat. Yesterday was the first day of 2012 that the temperature has been above 70 – yup, 70.
    Seattle has not seen 90 in two years but will likely reach it today. Seattle averages 80 HOURS a year that the temperature is over 80.

    • senator20526

       Doc…..on the other hand, Yuma,AZ has had 72 days of over 100 degrees this year already..and  we have 3 more months before it cools down….to the mid 70’s.

  • blackbird

    Good mchana (Swahili for Good afternoon) everyone. Excellent news round up Firelight, I agree with your assessment on the dumbass.

    Insightful email indeed.

    The headline ‘The Mysterious Power of Sarah Palin’ is hilarious, just shows how clueless these media greenhorns are.

    • MaMcGriz

       Mitt Ronmey. The mzungu candidate.

  • blackbird

    classic Romney, sometimes you can just play it overly cautious.

  • BostonBruin

    Sarah Palin has lunch with Deb Fischer in Nebraska today:

    h/t:  myfairlady at c4p

  • senator20526

    Just on a personal note……..The Yuma Jaycees conducted a relief supply program for the good folks of Colorado who were effected by the worst wildfire in history…..They will be arriving in Colorado Springs in a hour or two with a truck load of relief supplies for needy people…This is the organization that I dedicated some twenty years of my early life to…….the last line of our Creed..”Service to humanity is the best work of life”

    • Gelston

      take a well deserved bow, Senator!!!

      • senator20526

         Thanks but I haven’t been active for many years….but its nice to know they are still making a difference in their community…

  • Pete Petretich

    ICYMI, our Sarah apparently quoted this song the other day vis-a-vis Dick “Nelson Rockefeller” Cheney & the GOPe…

    Dire Straits

    The Bug

    Songwriters: KNOPFLER, MARK

    Well it’s a strange old game – you learn it slow One step forward and it’s back to go You’re standing on the throttle You’re standing on the breaks In the groove ’til you make a mistake Sometime you’re the windshield Sometime you’re the bug Sometime it all comes together baby Sometime you’re a fool in love Sometime you’re the louisville slugger Sometime you’re the ball Sometime it all come together baby Sometime you’re gonna lose it all, (groovin’) You gotta know happy – you gotta know glad Because you’re gonna know lonely And you’re gonna know bad When you’re rippin’ and a ridin’ And you’re coming on strong You start a slippin’ and slidin’ And it all goes wrong because Sometime you’re the windshield Sometime you’re the bug Sometime it all comes together baby Sometime you’re a fool in love Sometime you’re the louisville slugger Sometime you’re the ball Sometime it all come together baby Sometime you’re gonna lose it all, (groovin’) One day you got the glory Then you got none One day you’re a diamond And then you’re a stone Everything can change In the blink of an eye So let the good time roll Before we say goodbye, because Sometime you’re the windshield Sometime you’re the bug Sometime it all comes together baby Sometime you’re a fool in love Sometime you’re the louisville slugger Sometime you’re the ball Sometime it all come together baby Sometime you’re gonna lose it all,

    • LS as guest

      Now that I think of it, was that photo of Obama with a bat (which upset the Turks, as I understand it) released just after the governor made her bat and ball comment?

      • blackbird

        Hi LS, I had not heard of that incident LOL! Obama still manages to amaze me how much of a disappointment and disaster he and his administration is, I mean what a bone headed thing to do so publicly: Obama strikes out: Photograph of President holding baseball bat while on the phone causes outrage in Turkey

      • blackbird

         …oh and what gets to me, really gets to me under my skin is the utter nonsense of Palin not being ready, this administration is more than amateur its kinder-garden time at the white house, and I will not start on Mr. peacetime.

  • Pete Petretich

    Time for a little GOP history lesson…

    “Presumptive Nominees, Brokered Nominees, & Winning the Future e2”

    P.S. This presenter is very clear and professional. Does anyone know who she is?

  • Michael

    They are setting up Palin in Missouri. Steelman is in 3rd according to crappy PPP. Everybody has to vote Palin in Missouri. It is a must win

    • LS as guest

      Yep.  On the other hand, how much greater and more delicious it will be if Steelman wins…

  • Gelston

    be an olympian, courtesy of the bbc

  • blackbird

    Awesome updates Firelight.

    Janne is brilliant, I really, really like her a lot.

    I have never really seen Bristol in front of the camera, man she is one beautiful and strong young woman and handled herself great in that interview.

    Stars earn stripes is going to be awesome looking forward to watching.

    • LS as guest

      Not in her voice, but in her choice of words and hand gestures, Bristol is very much her mother’s daughter.  Even talks about wanting to win “that” trophy and needing to watch “those” youtube videos.

  • BostonBruin
  • BostonBruin
  • Pete Petretich

    ICYMI, Peter Schweizer’s “Throw Them All Out” will be released in paperback on Tuesday, August 7th…

  • John_Frank

    Good morning,

    Yesterday, after Sarah Palin’s visit with Deb Fischer in Omaha, Deb Fischer wrote the following, which she cross-posted to Sarah Palin’s FB page:

    Today I enjoyed a great brunch with Sarah Palin and Todd Palin and walked in parades in Springfield, Wilber, and Broken Bow with our fantastic supporters and volunteers!

    The also posted an article covering the brief visit:

    Sarah Palin visits with Fischer, charms hunters at Cabela’s

    Some good pictures.

    (Fischer’s spokesman Daniel Keylin has two quotes in the article. The Governor wanted a low key visit. Sheesh. Keylin needs his hands slapped.)

    Also, here is an article in the Iowa Republican covering the Governor’s visit to Iowa last night with pictures:

    Palin’s Surprise Iowa Visit

    Many words have been used to describe former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, but maybe the most appropriate is gracious.  Palin, along with husband Todd and daughters Willow and Piper, attend Bruce Rastetter’s annual summer party on Saturday night at his rural north-central Iowa

    Rastetter extended an invitation to the Palin’s months ago through Republican activist Becky Beach.  The former Republican Vice President nominee RSVPed earlier this week.  Palin mingled with guests for more than three and a half hours on Saturday night, taking time to shake
    hands and pose for photographs with anyone who wanted one.  She didn’t make remarks, but was mentioned from the stage by Bob Quinn, the host of WHO Radio’s “Big Show.”

    You can read the rest of the story, along with look at pictures from the event here:

    Additional news coverage:

    Sarah Palin Visits Bruce Rastetter Party In Hubbard

    News coverage from WHO TV in DesMoines.

    Sarah Palin in Iowa


    Print story:

    (Nice work by Becky Beach and Jason Reich, the Palin advance team in getting out the report to the relevant Iowa News media outlets.)

    • blackbird

      Merci John, your time and effort is very, very much appreciated my friend. Firelight can lend you her red pen :-)

      The Governor had a busy week and weekend, political season heating up, and she is definitely cooking with gas.

      • John_Frank

         Thanks for your kind words.

    • Firelight

      Thanks John!

      I did not have the Deb Fischer report.  I will update the thread with it.

      I did post the Iowa reports early this morning at the top of the news round up in red. I saw the pics last night on Facebook but was waiting for the official article this morning to post.  Looks like they had a great time!

      • John_Frank

        You are welcome.

        Looks like they had a great time!


        Not sure if you posted links to the Iowa Republican report and the WHO TV news clip in your updates.

        In any event, the tweet from Craig Robinson is nice to see.

        She keeps building the network!


    $465 dollars for amnesty…..okay Mitt, what say you?!?….oh that’s right, this election is about jobs only……j o b s….jobs. 

    I swear, I think Breitbart has been reincarnated into Michelle Malkin. ♥

  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    Holy cow and I’m only half-way through. “Seabiscuit-An American Legend” by Laura Hillenbrand. Those of you, who have not read the book or seen the movie( I haven’t but I will) the book and movie come ” highly recommended.” Holy cow……………………

    • blackbird

      Hi 99Dual99Citizan99, I saw the movie and I cannot recommend it highly enough it was excellent, when you get the chance to watch it keep a box of kleenex tissues close.

      Seabiscuit – Trailer 1 –

      Seabiscuit – Trailer 2 –

      Now that is film making at it’s best.

      • 99Dual99Citizan99

        Thank you so much for the links,blackbird. I needed a box of kleenex tissues for the preview. At this rate, I may need a dozen or so for the “real thing.”

        • blackbird

           you are not alone 99Dual99Citizan99 even the trailer had me tearing up.

  • Janne Myrdal

    Go Bristol!

  • John_Frank

    In Tight Iowa Race, Romney Struggles to Excite G.O.P. Base

    The headline is applicable to the entire country.

    Prominent conservatives have called on Mr. Romney to make bolder efforts to rally the Republican base, including Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin and Sarah Palin, who pleaded with him last month to “light our hair on fire.”

    Notwithstanding the lack of enthusiasm which everyone is aware of, what is the view from Boston?

    Many Republican strategists, including in the Romney campaign, insist that opposition to Mr. Obama alone will rally the base. But with fewer than 100 days before the election, some voter surveys highlight an enthusiasm gap Mr. Romney faces. A Quinnipiac University/New York Times/CBS News poll this week of likely voters in three swing states — Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania — found supporters who “strongly favored” Mr. Romney trailing Obama supporters who “strongly favored” the president by double digits.
    The Romney campaign disputes the significance of such findings, arguing that dislike for Mr. Obama is most intense among conservatives, who are most likely to vote.

    “Intensity drives turnout,” said Neil Newhouse, Mr. Romney’s pollster. “Every measure shows Republicans and conservatives are more intense in their opposition to President Obama than Democrats are in support of him. They will be there in November.”

    Groan. ABO is not enough. Intensity of opposition is not enough.

    Democrats, socialists and communists do well at boycott’s, i.e. voting against something.

    Republicans, conservatives, and conservative leaning libertarians do better at buycott’s, i.e. voting for something.

    The difference is significant. That is why ABO is not enough. The fact that Newhouse, along with the rest of the Romney campaign does not get this is either arrogance or stupidity or both on the part of Romney’s advisers and could well lead to Romney not beating Obama in the fall to the country’s great detriment.

    • BostonBruin

      There’s more to it than just votes. It’s going to take a huge army of enthusiastic volunteers to make phone calls, knock on doors, tweet, blog, etc. to bring home the victory on November 6.

      Romney won’t have that army if he continues to disenfranchise the base of the party.

      • John_Frank

        FWIIW, the Romney campaign has excelled at fundraising and I believe we will find they have a solid GOTV effort.

        IMV, the problem area is lack of voter enthusiasm among Republicans, conservatives and conservative leaning libertarians. ABO, or voter intensity is simply not enough. Frankly, the fact that Romney’s campaign advisers have not figured that out is stunning.

        Question for the Romney campaign:

        – Why has Romney not worked into his standard stump speech that the Communist Party USA endorsed Obama in 2008 and has endorsed his re-election bid in 2012?

        – Along with pointing out the failed results from Obama’s policies, instead of saying Obama is in over his head, ask the question do you really want to re-elect someone for President who is supported by the Communist Party?

        Communist Party Endorses Obama For 2012

        Oh right, I forgot, Romney does not want to “light his hair on fire,” nor does he want to “light our hair on fire.”

        (Cross-posted in part from c4p.)

  • John_Frank

    An excellent video calling out Obama’s Hope and Change:

    People may want to use social media to help this video go viral.

    (h/t Politica New)

  • blackbird

    Just finish watching this presentation: Stranahan, Darby Dazzle Red State Gathering With ‘Occupy Unmasked’ very enlightening.

  • John_Frank

    Palin Campaigns with Missouri Senate Candidate Sarah Steelman

    Good article by Tony Lee.

    Ryan Collmeyer (AGU-MO), Steve Flesher (an editor at Conservatives4Palin and member of AGU-IL) and Brian Lerch, a Palinista were interviewed for the article.

    People might want to thank Mr. Lee for the write up by clicking they like the article and posting a favorable comment.

    (h/t AGU Grizzlies)

    Thomas Schmitz has posted a ground report from the Steelman Surge BBQ:

    @AGUGrizzlies: GROUND REPORT (@SteelmanCamp) Sarah Steelman BBQ!

    His report includes information on how you can provide volunteer work for the Steelman campaign.

    P.S. Let’s do what we can to help Sarah Steelman pull out a win.

    • blackbird

      From Mr. Lee’s article in part: When Sarah Palin campaigned in Texas the Friday before Ted Cruz’s victory last Tuesday, her appearance swung the polls by 17 points in one night. Professionals said they had never seen anyone — a politician, celebrity, or athlete — have that much of an impact. Cruz won his victory because the Tea Party came out to support him, and these numbers showed nobody motivates Tea Party voters like Palin does.

      17 points, WOW!!! I had to read that twice, man that is some serious influence.

      • Bill589

        17% sounds like a relevant slap in the face to the GOPe.
        Unfortunately for the GOPe, she uses a nightstick.

        • blackbird

          LOL!, that is so true Bill, they have tried everything to discredit her and she just gets stronger and stronger this is exactly why they are petrified of her, that nightstick is brutal when fully charged.

          To be honest Bill it still amazes me that not even the mighty media have no effect what so ever, actually the opposite is happening, imho I do not know if you saw the matrix reloaded movie the part where agent Smith meets Neo on the basketball court, Smith tells him: I destroyed you, Mr. Anderson. …with a certain satisfaction, I might add. Then something happened. something that I knew was impossible, but it happened anyway. You destroyed me, Mr. Anderson.

          I see this is what is happening today, the Governor is Mr. Anderson and the Media and establishment hacks are agent Smith. C4P, P4A, TRS, Breitbart and all the rest are the Zion resistant fighters.

          Morpheus: I stand here without fear because I remember. I remember that I am here
          not because of the path that lies before me but because of the path that lies behind me.

  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    What about Tonto? The Lone Ranger’s faithful companion! ! ! ! ! !

  • John_Frank

     Official C4P Full Steelman/Palin Speech

    Much better audio quality.

    (h/t Steve Flesher)

    • blackbird

      What a difference an excellent quality video makes, the Governor was clearly on fire, she was so relaxed and having a good time, I guess when you are among friends that’s to be expected.

      I pray that Mrs. Steelman wins. Go Sarah!!!

  • Pete Petretich

    Thanks to Steve and Mary Beth for this very detailed interview with Sarah Steelman! 

    • John_Frank

      Great interview.

      People need to help this interview go viral and do everything we can to help Steelman win.

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