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West Won Wednesday!

Morning everyone!  Coffee is on.

So Sandy Adams didn’t win but Alan West won his district!!!   I think the redistricting trick the GOPe did was a dirty trick.  Their goal wasn’t to eliminate dem districts it was to eliminate Tea Party districts.  They couldn’t get rid of West, woo hoo!!!  This is important because West is very needed in the House and I am so glad he will be returning.  He is one of my favorite.

I am still happy from watching the first episode of Stars Earn Stripes.  This is my new Monday night happy place!! The whole family watched it and it exceeded my expectations which says a lot since I had really high ones.  So this morning my son and the little boy who lives a few houses down wanted to watch it.  I cleared it with his mom first and she said yes.  They had so much fun watching it again. Of course it is more live action in the morning as they re-enact it all in our living room with sound effects and all but the best part…. the little boy went home telling his parents (his dad works from home) how Todd Palin is like Rambo and is awesome and a one man army.  I loved when he told his dad that if he ever went to war he wanted Todd Palin on his side, lol.  Why am I so amused?  They are DIE HARD liberals…..   oh it was sooo fun!!

Paul Ryan came to my state yesterday to speak.  He did a great job.  I have several friends that went and got great reports back. The crowd isn’t as big as the news reported simply because the school gym doesn’t hold that many if you packed it shoulder to shoulder but there were definitely a lot of people there and he gave a great speech.  He will appeal to Coloradans if he sticks with his fiscal conservative focus.

I loved Gov. Palin’s interview on Greta last night. She looked comfortable, happy and purposeful.  I think she knows her plan for the next few months and it doesn’t include the convention.  She nailed Biden on his chains comment and called out the DNC regarding the rumors that they were going to swap out Biden for Hilary at the convention hence part of the reason some say Bill is speaking.

Please go here to sign the petition to Let Sarah Speak.  Let’s show her that we have her back by giving her our support. Tweet, Facebook and share this petition with your family, friends and co-workers.  This isn’t about changing her mind.  She is happy with not speaking. This is about showing support and solidarity to the establishment that we have her back.


She has that x factor

Interesting… I love Kemp

His energy dependence policy…

There are things I can call you but they aren’t printable…

Ha!! “Mourning in America” might be more appropriate.

Heh… it was funny

Spooky dude on Facebook

Meeeeshelle needs to shut it...  Gabby can do whatever she wants. She earned it.

Well, its just common sense

Hmmmm, first Executive order ever…

I don’t think I would want to make these dudes mad…

Same shit, different year… looks like the Jeb Bush 2016 people don’t like his large crowds or support he is getting…


Have a great day everyone!!!


  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    Thank you so much for your effort and time, Firelight. So happy to hear that your son was as proud as you about the reality show.

  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    By the way, my grandsons favourite action movie of all-time has to be “Die Hard.”

  • Pete Petretich

    PETITION: “Let Sarah Speak!” Do Your Part To Help Sarah Palin Get A Speaking Slot At The RNC…

  • Gelston

    The Washington State Taylor Bridge fire looks like it is ready to challange Colorado for the biggest fire of the year. It is 0% contained. Temperatures have been near 100 and will stay up for 5 more days. That canyon is famous for winds so they should reach 30-50 MPH each day. It is not threatening my home in the next country. I have patients that live there. Nonetheless, we are in the area covered by the disaster declaration and our fire units are up there.

    I drove near one of these fires 30 years ago. I was traveling to a night shift job about 10PM when I came upon a roadblock being set up by the police. The state patrol officer said to me and the other two cars that they were closing the road after us. He said words that you don’t often hear fom the police, “drive as fast as you can.” We went by 50 foot flames at 100MPH. What a memorable sight.

    The response of the citizens and firefighters is awe inspiring. I hope they remain safe.

    • cookboy


      • Gelston

        By the way 11 years ago a fire like this killed 4 young people from Yakima-Ellensburg. The 17 year old girl is believed to be the youngest firefighter killed fighting a fire in the USA.

    • Firelight

      Prayers for your area Gelston…

    • senator20526

       Stay safe doc…..fires are not forgiving.. My dad was in the logging business, we know how devastating they are….

  • BostonBruin

    Good morning!

    Looks like we may have a Tea Party victory in Florida-03. Veteran incumbent Cliff Stearms trails the TP candidate Ted Yoho by 829 votes with all precincts reporting, although overseas and provisional ballots could change that result.

    • Firelight

      I saw that on the front page of my news source this morning. That is exciting!

    • senator20526

       Stearms has conceded…….

      • BostonBruin

        Great news! Thanks.

  • hrh40



    It is what it is.

    • Bean Counter

      Don’t forget that dynamic conservative duo of Ford/Dole.

      • Lipstick

         I was wide awake until ya’ll brought up those dull dudes. Now I can’t stay aw………zzzzzzzzzz.

    • Firelight

      Dole/Kemp is the perfect comparison…  but I don’t expect Ryan to make the same mistakes Kemp did on the trail but that’s not why Dole/Kemp lost…

      • hrh40

        I don’t know what mistakes Kemp made, but my point is whenever we have a RINO/conservative ticket, we lose and lose big.

        Of course, Ford/Dole was RINO/RINO, which was doubly bad.

        When we flip the ticket we win. I do believe W was more conservative than Cheney though he surrounded himself with the New World Order folks from his pappy’s admin.

        • Firelight

          It wasn’t so much mistakes on Kemp’s part as much as it was that Kemp endorsed Forbes and not Dole and then Kemp remained outspoken as a VP candidate about the establishment not completely supporting the ticket and Dole not completely supporting the tax proposal he put forth.  Dole despised Kemp’s tax stance and wanted to raise taxes but Dole knew that he would not get elected doing that.

          Kemp’s biggest misstep was that he lost the debate to Al Gore.  To Kemp’s defense, he was never comfortable selling Dole’s policies and ideas and it really showed but his performance wasn’t good.

          You are right though, we never win with the Rino at the top of the ticket.  Sadly, this is the election we can’t afford to lose.

      • section9

        The question is whether Romney will make the same mistakes Dole did. 

    • Patrick_Skacel

      I’m not sure exactly what to make of that Kemp article.  Kemp clearly was a great House member and later crucial Reagan ally, but the article seems to suggest that Kemp felt the House is where it all happened and that he didn’t need or desire to seek higher office.  I only scanned the article quickly, so I may have misinterpreted, but the fact is, Kemp wanted to be president, not a lifelong House leader.  Obviously.  That would seem to be the reason why he actually ran for the presidency in 1988 (which I don’t think the article even mentions).  And when he dropped out, it took him about 20 seconds to endorse Bush 41 (the guy who he said during the campaign would kill the Reagan Revolution).

      And he really wanted to be Bush’s Treasury Secretary, before settling for the HUD job.  This is not to disparage Jack Kemp in any way at all.  I loved Kemp, and had the honor of meeting him once.  But the fact is, with time, these guys all become creatures of Washington and climb whatever ladders they feel are there for them, within the system that is in place. 

      I think Kemp probably initially felt that if he couldn’t be president, he could at least influence Bush from the inside, but the opposite seemed to happen.  By the time he was Dole’s running mate, he didn’t really bear much resemblance to that early, revolutionary, Reaganite Kemp.  He looked more like another guy who had been in Washington a long time and began softening to its culture.  It was disappointing.

      I think that’s part of the problem with Ryan, only moreso.  He’s the 1996 Kemp, without the earlier Kemp track record.              

      The best, and really only successful, formula still remains a strong, reform-minded outsider in the White House, with a legislative branch stocked with key allies who support that president’s agenda.  Ryan may be better than Kemp at helping convince some voters that the top of the ticket doesn’t completely suck, but in the end, it really is the same old same old.  Which is better than Obama, but not nearly good enough.   

      • hrh40


        Everyone likes the way Ryan talks. Even my dad.

        But Look. At. His. Votes!!!!!

        Every time he actually has the opportunity to walk the walk he balks.

        Every. time.

        Which is why I’ve said that he’s the perfect partner for Mitt Romney since Ryan doesn’t have a problem with Big Government – as long as it’s the Republicans who are doing all the overspending. See: Bush, George W and Ryan’s lockstep votes.

        Romney/Ryan consider themselves better managers of Big Government.

        Not constitutional cutters of a runaway federal government.

        IMO based on their records.


        I guess it’ll take another cycle to actually get to a constitutional cutter of a runaway federal government …

        • senator20526

           Times have changed…Ryan is not a conservative…..He is a run-of-the-mill Republican..Romney is a blue dog democrat….

  • Agent99SP

    Here’s the 22 minute mini-documentary put out today by the Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund about the Bin Laden operation and leaks from the Obama Administration.

    It’s called “Dishonorable Disclosures – How Leaks and Politics Threaten National Security”:

  • Riley4Palin

    Happy Wednesday!

    That Palin is one shrewd cookie.  Perhaps watching her husband in “Stars and Stripes” on Monday was a little added motivation to those RNC/Romney people that wanted some “new and fresh faces” at the convention instead of giving her a plum speaking role.  Oh well, she will throw the grenades from Alaska instead of Tampa this year and keep teaching the boys how to do it. 

    That little rascal shows up in a blue shirt on Greta’s show which happens to attract lots of Independents and Dem women and reminds the viewers that Hilary Clinton is more popular than Obama and Biden combined.  Hee, hee.  She is so good.  She then proceeds to stir the pot even more by suggesting that Biden get the boot and Hilary gets placed on the ticket instead. She just took out the Dem backup plan and pissed off those Hilary supporters at the same time.  Will some of them stay home?  Would Obama ever in a million years take the advice of Palin?  Hell no!   Ahhhh… really is nice to watch Palin play poker.  Um, and Romney, you watching this too?  This is how the pros do it.  There is only one Sarah Palin.  Replacements and backups fill a temporary need, but you need the superstars to carry you over the finish line.

    Some local news… I predicted, thanks to the Tea Party and a few national politicians stepping into our Senate primary and endorsing Mark Neumann, it caused the Tea Party to split the vote and gave the win to GOPe Tommy Thompson.  As a Wisconsinite, I can tell you this really pissed me off.  If the Tea Party and some of these national voices did a little homework first before sticking their noses into this one, they would have realized that Mark Neumann completely killed his brand when he ran a very nasty and dirty campaign against Scott Walker for the governorship a couple years back.  I voted for Hovde (not a perfect candidate, but a hell of a lot better than Thompson and Neumann) and he got 31% of the vote; Thompson won with 34%.  Guess where Mark Neumann landed?  3rd place (almost ten points off Hovde) and most importantly, he came in 4th place in many districts too.  Neumann’s career as a politician is over.  The voters told him so.   The good news out of this….the other candidates quickly endorsed Thompson last night and now are united to take out dingbat Tammy Baldwin in Nov.  With Paul Ryan on the ticket, we have a very good chance of picking up WI for Romney/Ryan as well as the Senate seat. 

    Lastly, happy to see West win last night.  That man just ooozes integrity and class.  The GOPe boys tried to take him out and he reminded them that he fought much bigger battles while in the military.They were just speckles of dust on his mission to restore America to what she should be. 

    On to November!

    • Bean Counter

      This is what frustrates me to no end — conservatives splitting the vote. My two senators are card carrying rinos (my old boss Alexander and Corker). Whenever one of them is up for re-election, there are always qualified conservative/tea party types challenging them, but none ever breaks out of the pack, each has a small core of supporters, but none of them will drop out and coalesce around one single candidate. Therefore, the conservative/tea party vote is split and the rino cruises to the nomination.

      • Gelston

        would you sell Thompson a six year life insurance policy? The poor guy looks terrible – not a fresh new face, for sure.

        • LS as guest

          Yes, and it’s strategically stupid IMO to put geriatrics up for open-seat, six-year Senate terms.  The strongest position in the race is always the incumbent, but the GOPe keeps wanting to set it up so people would have to be re-electing octogenarians–if they live that long.

          Where is the impact of the split conservative vote any greater than in the GOP presidential primaries?  All the GOPe has to do to get its RINO nominated is bribe a couple of conservative egos to get in and micro-slice the conservative vote.  And they do it every time.

          I’d like to see the tea party evolve to the level where it can unite behind a candidate early in a primary race, rather than act like a herd of cats in a field of catnip every time.

          • Riley4Palin


            You make great points.  The TP does needs to evolve.  They do good things and then turn around and kick themselves in the butt.

        • Riley4Palin



          Would you be surprised to hear that he made sure to do 50 push-ups in front of the media to make sure that news got out to the voters before the election?  Very good politician.

          Our state does some smart things (elect Walker) and then it turns around and nominates a 70 year old once popular Gov whereby we’ll have to start this process all over again in a few years. 

          On the plus side, the early polls show Thompson with a lead against the lib and he knows how to win. 

        • senator20526

           I would question his motives…..he’s 70 years old and still wants to feed at the Govt. trough

      • Riley4Palin


        It is very frustrating.  99% of the time Sarah Palin always does her homework and will not step in to local races unless she knows there are stark differences between the candidates.  It was no coincidence she stayed out of this one and now because of the split vote, we get Thompson again.  Ugh.  I guess it could have been worse, but it still annoys me.

        I’m with you on that other factor too about others dropping out when they see the momentum is not shifting their way enough for them to take the lead.  In the last month or so, the trend lines were Thompson v Hovde.  Neumann and/or Fitzgerald should have dropped out, but as usual male egos got in the way of rational thought.

      • hrh40

        That’s why Romney/RNC used that strategy in the presidential primary …

    • Firelight

      As Rush says right on, right on…  lol!! 

      I do think Palin was wise not to wade into the tea party mess up there in Wisconsin.  I wonder what the DNC is going to do now that Palin blew their plans up?  I might watch their convention now, lol!!

      • hrh40

        Can you imagine Palin at the DNC convention covering events for Fox News?

        Truth is stranger than fiction …

        Watch their convention ratings soar … on Fox News?!

        Heh heh heh, I smile thinking of Fox execs twisting themselves in knots over their Saudi overlords wanting the ratings that Palin brings for business but not wanting to cover the Dem convention.

        Of course, I can’t imagine Obama allowing the DNC to give that woman press credentials.

        But still, it’s wickedly funny to imagine …

        • Firelight

          Oh you evil genius!!!  Now THAT would be something else.  Palin in the HOUSE at the DNC convention, lol!

          Could you imagine Obama trying to give his speech with her glaring at him from the press booth, lol.  

          Oh, I have a new fantasy, lol!

  • Riley4Palin

    RE:  Petition to Let Sarah Palin speak

    I’ll take the opposing position here.  I don’t like this idea at all.   Sarah handled the decision by the Romney/RNC with grace and class and now it seems like an act of desperation by some of her supporters.  She knows we have her back.  What she needs to do is convince the doubters and this move doesn’t help matters.

    Her absence from the convention IS the story. Everyone who follows politics on both sides of the aisle knows it will not be the same without Sarah Palin. 

    • BostonBruin

      I agree. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that people I would expect to complain about the non-invite have been silent (Amy Kremer, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Jedediah Bila).

    • Firelight

      I do actually agree but John had already started the petition and the numbers were less than something to brag about so we thought we would just help boost the numbers to something respectable before he took it down.

      She will likely never even know about it.  She has made her decision. I get it.  She has the good ole boys by the balls and that is good enough for me.  She is playing the long game. 

      You are right the story is going to be her absence and at a time when the convention will be boring.

  • Bean Counter

    Mornin’ comrades. As Riley said, it’s just so much fun to watch Gov. Palin eat the apple off everybody’s head. She’s always at least 5 moves ahead of all those genius strategists. She’ll most likely wind up having an even larger impact by lobbing grenades into the D’s and R’s tents than by being a freedom fighter on the inside.

    I’m already so sick of each side’s mental masturbation I could crawl in a cave and hide.

    Well, how about that Todd Palin, huh? The Stars Earn Stripes was actually much better than I expected it to be. And our favorite first dude just kicked ass and took names. I think it’s safe to assume he won’t be voted out of the foxhole anytime soon. Do not underestimate the positive impact these kinds of things have not only on pop culture, but on the Palins’ overall image. And with Bristol being so proactive with her blog and twitter account, she’s ratcheting it up for the Dancing With the Stars gig.

    Okie dokie, I’ll grab my calculator, a case of beer, and head down to the cave. Somebody throw a rock at me when it’s safe to come out.

  • Pete Petretich

    Fyi, this morning I attended a huge Catholic mass and procession for today’s feast day with Rick Santorum. It was part the annual Feast of the Assumption at this Italian-American church and neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio. The church was packed with an overflow crowd, as usual, but I remembered to arrive early:

    The Democrat Mayor of Cleveland was also in the procession through the neighborhood. Four current and former bishops of Cleveland and a bunch of priests concelebrated the mass. In many ways this neighborhood Feast is the high point of the entire year for this part of the city and tons of Italians who don’t live there any more always return to the old Little Italy.

    Politicians (like me?) just can’t stay away whether or not they are Catholic. I think this was the way that I first met Senator George and Janet Voinovich some years ago.

    I suppose it’s a no-brainer that they are using Santorum to reach out to Italian-Americans but I was pleasantly surprised to see him nonetheless. He was smiling, like he uaually does, and one of his sons was helping coordinate.

    Am I correct in thinking that Santorum will really be on the first ballot in Tampa?

    • Firelight

      No, I don’t think Santorum made it on the first ballot.  Most of the states he won were caucus states but he didn’t organize the delegates so while he won the popular vote, he didn’t organize his supporters to run for delegate positions and therefore didn’t get awarded the delegates in those states.  He still has some delegates but I don’t think it is enough from 5 states to be on the first ballot.

      That is why grassroots activism is so important in primaries.  The candidates can’t just win at the ballot box, they have to train their supporters on the whole process or they lose out.

  • hrh40

    Weekly Standard has a countdown ticker to the last day Obama can easily drop Biden – the day the ticket is formally nominated on September 6:

    • John_Frank

      Speaking of Obama dropping Biden for Clinton, Tony Harnden, a columnist for the Daily Mail after reporting on what the Governor said in the Greta interview writes:

      But Palin’s unsolicited advice to Obama, while clearly mischievous, underlines the extent to which Biden has become a national laughing stock and a potential liability for the Democrats, despite his popularity among party activists and much-vaunted authentic style and working class roots.

      Hmm …. wonder if Tony Harnden reads Firelight:

      Love it! If the dems thought they could pull a fast one and replace Biden as an Oct. surprise they sure won’t be doing it now that Palin told them to, lol! Also, if the LSM media wants to report on this crazy idea of Palin’s by putting Hilary on the ticket then they are just going to have to talk about Biden’s crazy and inappropriate comment on chain they have been wanting to ignore or dismiss… Oh she is good…

      P.S. Harnden thinks there is zero possibility that Obama replaces Biden with Clinton:

      There is virtually no chance of Obama replacing Biden as his running mate and it is doubtful that Clinton, who harbours ambitions to run for the White House in 2016, would even want to be the president’s running mate.

  • Riley4Palin

    Another twenty cents about Palin’s brilliant commentary about Biden & Hillary last night on Greta….

    This wasn’t just about stirring the pot at the Obama camp either.  Palin shrewdly framed the debate about Joe Biden to put further doubt in the minds of voters of who is the more capable VP.  While the disgusting ‘chain’ talking points came directly from the WH to motivate the black vote (confirmed by press sec Steph Cutter), Palin capitalized on that idiotic narrative, killed it, and now made a new narrative while many other amatuer politicians just use faux outrage to try and score points.

    Who does this benefit?  Paul Ryan…the more capable VP…. and in essence the Romney/Ryan team.  She always sees the big picture here and its about kicking Obama to the curb.

    Let’s see who will be the first group of people in the Republican party to knock Palin for her comments?  Scarf wearing girlie man Mark McKinnon of “No Labels”?  Schmidt and Wallace?  Or more “anonymous” sources in some Politico article? 

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Good afternoon!

    I’m bummed about Sandy Adams losing. She was a very good, reform-minded conservative who unfortunately was matched against an establishment fellow incumbent who could bring in the campaign dollars and brought home the bacon with earmarks. I do wonder if the re-districting was more favorable to him?  On positive notes, Allen West did win and the GOP in that district had twice the turnout as the Democrats. Hopefully that enthusiasm will carry to November. Karen Harrington also won in Florida. She is poised to take on Nancy Pelosi Jr. (Debbie Wasserman Shultz). Harrington is a good candidate who has been hammering Shultz’s hypocrisy on tax returns and offshore bank accounts. I’m sure it’s a hard race to win, but it’d be cool if she at least gave DWS a good run for her money.

    The WI Senate race was interesting. Personally, I liked Fitzgerald the best, but he finished last. He didn’t have the money that Hovde and Neumann had. This is what happens with that kind of race where people can’t distinguish themselves from the Establishment candidate effectively and are driven by their egos and money–at least by those who self-finance. It’s kind of what happened in the GOP presidential race, though ideologically Hovde, Neumann, and Fitzgerald all seemed to be OK conservatives, but in the presidential race none of the non-Romneys could distinguish themselves well enough to pull out a victory.

    I was upset initially the GOP doesn’t seem to want Governor Palin at the convention; it’s a miscalculation on their part–regardless of whether or not she was offered a poor time slot or no time slot at all. However, I think for her continuing to be an independent voice; it’s great, especially since they’ve said that the convention would be about “Romney’s story”:

    This doesn’t mesh with Gov.Palin’s reform mindedness nor her focus on other races.

    • Riley4Palin

      Hey Whip!

      Never forget how much personality and charisma is needed to win in politics.  Palin never had a lot of money either when she ran for public office, but her charisma carried the day over much more established politicians.  Fitzgerald didn’t catch fire in our race because he never sold himself very well.

      As for the convention, what a joke.  The RNC and Romney camp will be spinning themselves silly on all the cable shows to try and convince us that Palin wasn’t missed very much and the convention was great because of Christie and Rubio, but we know the truth.  They ain’t all that.

  • section9

    They’re doing this to make sure that Hillary isn’t switched off with Joe. Indeed, I bet that Palin raises her voice about this over the next three days and starts talking about Obama’s flawed judgement in picking Biden, and how she held back on him during their debate in 2008 because everyone liked him. That will piss off the WH.

  • Guest

    What happened to Eric Erickson? He sure has done his share of Palin bashing.

    Palin (verb w obj.) pay • lîn
    To pile on a Vice Presidential nominee and blame him/her for defeat
    so political consultants do not have to accept any responsibility.

    • section9

      I read the piece that Eric wrote. It’s on target. Part of the problem IS the class of GOP consultants that came in with Karl Rove in 2000. Not an honest soul among them (well, I know one of them; he’s good AND conservative, just not Movement). Most of them belong to the Bush Operation.

      This is how you got Steve Schmidt and Nichole Wallace. As we move away from that cancerous crew and towards the likes of Palin and Ted Cruz, we’ll get a better class of fighters.

    • Firelight

      heh… in my opinion Erickson is simply a guy that wants to be part of the cool crowd but deeply liked Palin and wanted her to run.  I don’t think he was comfortable with how much he liked her because it made him “uncool” in his circles but I don’t think he could escape the respect he had for her record and acknowledgement of that x-factor like Reagan had in her leadership abilities.

      So when she didn’t run, I think he fell apart just like many people did and it came out in anger. Lots of people got angry especially those who never really admitted just how strong their feelings of like were for her.

      Add to that his penchant for drunk tweeting and you can see where his disaster of a downfall into anti-Palin blogging began.

      Maybe he’s come to his senses…   I’m all for second chances.

  • pete4palin

    Jim De mint had a slip-up in Wisconsin yesterday.  He and the Tea Party Express went all out to support a candidate who got third place.  There were four people running, three conservatives and one establishment type.   
    Yep, the establishment guy won, but only narrowly over another conservative.  (not the guy De Mint campaigned for)  So now if he does get elected,  he’ll have a grudge against De mint.   It will not be helpfull for conservative there.   Tommy Tompson  was Bush’s Health Sec.        

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