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Breaking News Thursday: Obama Sucks Big Time

Good morning everyone!

OK today I’m not going to focus on out of context gaffes, edited videos and an establishment that never wanted Romney to win in the first place so their plan of throwing him under the bus now is going exactly according to plan.  They are not all of the sudden “done” with Romney”.  Oh please, he made gaffes last spring worse than anything recently and they explained away every one of them while hailing what a great candidate he was.  Nope, this was their plan all along.  I’m sure they have more up their sleeve.

So today I am keeping our focus on what matters….  Obama sucks and is hell bent on destroying this country.  For all of Romney’s faults and gaffes (and there are plenty) he is still far better than Obama.  He may be big government but he isn’t a dysfunctional Marxist.  He doesn’t pal around with terrorists. He isn’t cozy with the Muslim Brotherhood, PLO or have a policy of appeasement.

Now, would someone please explain to me WTH these people are doing?   and WTF is this?  unflippinbelievable and creepy… very creepy…

Chapter 1: The Obama you don’t know…

um… how does he get his briefings on an iPad when just a few days ago he proved he could not operate an iPhone… at all…Hmmmm…

Well, he is holy… just not the way his supporters want us to think…

Levin calls out Team Obama on their full fledged cover up…

Cuz he is sooo down with the 47%…

What an expression of gratitude…

These men were real heroes... Our Commander in Chief is a joke…

This is what happens in Obama’s Iraq…  Arab spring…

Leadership starts at the top…

Shhhh… the man in the big house doesn’t want us talking about this

He knew it but it wasn’t because Barry told him or gave him any warnings of the attack…

Because his priorities are sooooo perfect…

If this is true… the British government should force Clinton and Obama to resign…

The White House better not release or trade the blind Sheik…

Biggest single day loss of aircraft since Vietnam… Thanks Mr. President…


and this is just the last 24 hour news cycle…


Have a great day everyone!




  • Pete Petretich

    “Netanyahu, Obama and JFK’s ‘red line:’ a misreading of history”

    ICYMI, the WAPO is trying (and failing) to throw sand in Bibi’s face on the comparison he made between today’s nuclear showdown and the Cuban Missile Crisis…

  • LS as guest

    Good morning.  It’s nice to see Breitbart maturing as a news organization–and still getting out the stories the MSM doesn’t want to cover.  They really seem to be covering more things better all the time.

  • Bean Counter

    For any West Wing fans, here’s a cast reunion campaign ad. Very entertaining and incredibly well done. I just wonder how much this thing cost.

    • Firelight

      Oh wow!  I didn’t realize that was a real campaign ad til the end.  That would have had to cost a fortune…

      • Bean Counter

        Ah, I cracked the code — the candidate’s sister played Kate, the blonde national security adviser in the series and in this video. She obviously got the cast together probably at no cost, but still, a 4 min. thing like this had to be ridiculously expensive just from a technical/production standpoint. I pay the expenses for a lot of music videos and they ain’t cheap.

        • Firelight

          It is pretty cool even though I am assuming she is a liberal because I don’t see those people in that cast agreeing to campaign for a conservative.  Yes, it still had to be pricey. It was clearly professionally done so that was still a pretty penny.  Heh, unique and creative to say the least.

  • hrh40

    Heh heh, here’s how phrased its email lead-in to a story about Jeb in CT to talk education:

    “Mitt Romney’s not here but former Florida Governor and candidate in waiting Jeb Bush did stop by for a visit. He was at GE Headquarters in Fairfield yesterday talking about education.”

    • Firelight

      ugg…  that is stomach turning just to actually see in print…

      • section9

        What have I been telling you all for like, two years. I just didn’t expect the knife in Mitt’s back to be so bloody flagrant.

        It’s like they don’t even care if he knows. Once they got Rule 12 passed, they don’t give a rat’s ass what anyone thinks

        • hrh40


          I just gave you a shoutout over at C4P with this info …

        • Firelight

          Oh I know, I just didn’t expect the press/media to crown him as “candidate in waiting” now.  We haven’t even gotten thru this election.

          I know the shrubs have had this planned but for the media to go along with it is just nauseating.

          • section9

            Uh, what I really hope is that Sarah Palin is prepared for the scorched earth tactics that are going to come her way if Romney loses.

            The most dangerous place in the world is the real estate between the Bush Family and a Republican Presidential Nomination. Let’s just say I hope that Palin has her act together this time.

    • LS as guest

      Jeb Bush as a presidential nominee would be the end of my voting for the GOP, I swear.

      • Bill589

        In 2016, with Jeb as the nominee, I believe I would have to support a third party – regardless of the ‘you’re giving the Dem a vote’ people.

  • Riley4Palin

    Thank you for your post today about keeping the focus on Obama. 

    Everyone of Palin’s supporters knows how Romney’s team treated her, but right now he is our only option against Obama.

    I hope everyone listens to the Levin link you provided today.  The Romney team should start using the words COVERUP against the Administration and their lapdogs in the media for the terrorists attack and create a new narrative.  Get on offense and stay there!!   Under Obama’s watch, we were attacked. 

    I tuned into Greta last night and she did a fantastic job laying out the facts that the rest of the media refuse to cover.  Guess how many minutes Morning Joe spent covering this story?  ZERO.  The Queen of NBC Andrea “We can’t play video until it is authenticated” Mitchell is their main foreign policy reporter and she wasn’t even brought on today to discuss this news.  It is so wrong!! 

    This is WAR!  Start acting like it Team Romney!

    There are many narratives that Romney could create daily and go on the attack against Obama.  He and Ryan should spend every last minute of the remainder of the campaign on offense, getting severely Conservative, and never let up.  The voters need to get excited and passionate about the candidates.  Romney has been way too cautious and concerned about offending people in the middle.  Enough of that lame strategy.   They spend way too much time re-grouping and changing their messaging when they should be creating the narrative and keeping Obama on defense.

    • Firelight

      One of the things about the people in the middle is that they are usually strong on foreign policy.  They may not be into nation building but they are usually strong on defense and that is what we are talking about here. 

      You are right, we were attacked.  Romney & Ryan need to be out there talking about how were were attacked and how Team Obama sat back and did nothing at first and then went into to full cover up mode.  This would resonate with everyone from the far right over to the Reagan democrats.

      I wanted to embed the Levin audio because he was that good but Scoop doesn’t allow embeds off his stuff and I haven’t seen it posted anywhere else yet so I just linked to it.

      Romney & Ryan should start getting those security intelligence briefings this week.  I am hoping it scares the crap out of them and reveals Obama for the traitor that he is to the point that it finally lights a fire under Mittens to get out there and go on the offense and not be so damned cautious.

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Good morning!

    Thanks for linking the Levin clip. I’ll have to listen when I get home. I generally agree with him, and I enjoy his style. I think because it reminds me of a political version of Jon Lovitz’s character in my favorite movie–A League of their Own.

    Here’s a little more on that ridiculous Obama flag story:


  • Riley4Palin


  • Riley4Palin

     Serious question –

    Upcoming debates.  Since the moderators are liberals and will do everything in their power to help Obama, does Romney have to play Mr. Nice Guy here too or will he go on offense from the beginning and stay there?

    Who says he even has to answer the moderators questions?  Why can’t he just create his own talking points/narratives?

    If you haven’t heard yet, The Won is creating his own flag these days in place of the real American flag.  Laura Ingraham tweeted that Romney should pull out Obama’s flag during the first debate and say something to the effect of, “He believes it should be all about him, I believe it is all about our country.”


    Who says Republicans have to play by their rules anyway? 

    Thoughts anyone?

    • Bean Counter

      I would love it if he went/stayed on offense and pivoted on the moderators’ questions if they try to sandbag him. I just don’t think he’s got it in him to do it. I’d love to be proven wrong, but I don’t believe he can pull it off. This is simply a dreadfully weak and worthless candidate and campaign. All the money and organization can’t make this work. There is next to zero enthusiasm for this guy. The only passion in this race is to get rid of the dear leader, not elect Romney. That’s just not a winning strategy. Again, I hope I’m wrong, but I just don’t see it, unless somehow this guy gets a personality/spine transplant.

      • Riley4Palin

        Bean & Whip:

        Just read on HA that Obama did an interview today (I think Univison or something) and dodged the question on security at the Embassy.  Even pansy ass Allahpundit is questioning why Romney isn’t nailing Obama to the wall for this.  His Adminstration is responsible for the terrorist attack and the killing of 4 Americans.  Romney should be driving home this point, but no…..ugh.

        One of the commenters stated that he hoped that Romney was saving this attack for the debates.  Well…..wouldn’t it be better to start the narrative now and not let up?? 

        The other day Romney made a point to say that his executive level advisors all are great and work well together.  Good grief.


        Whip, as to your comment about debating Newt or Santorum, perhaps he should also put a photo of Sarah Palin on the wall during debate prep.  That way he may actually remember to act severely conservative against Obama.

      • Riley4Palin

        Bean, just read that Romney said something like this in FL today after Obama’s gaffe about not being able to change Washington from the inside:

        “Obama went from YES WE CAN, to NO I CAN’T.”


        Finally a good line!  That was months in the making.

        Perhaps there is hope for the debates afterall, but like you, I’ll go in with low expectations.

    • Whitney Pitcher

       If he pretends he’s debating Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum, he’ll be fine. If he pretends he’s debating Ron Paul, it won’t be good.

      I hope that he goes with his own narratives, but we’ll see. Either way, the moderators will be insufferable.

    • cookboy

      It seems lately that pretty much anyone I ask a question of gives me an answer. It is rare however, to receive an answer to the question asked. They are then taken aback when told that that is a fine answer to a question, but not the question asked. So yeah, he should just keep on being like everybody else, ’cause that’s pretty much what he is anyway.

    • BostonBruin

      I love Laura Ingraham’s suggestion about the Obama flag. At least R&R should pull one out at their reallies and smack the President upside the head for desecrating our flag!

    • Firelight

      Romney had a great debate when he used Bachmann’s debate coach.  In fact, everyone was surprised and raving about it so much that the coach was getting the credit for it and Romney fired that person.

      I think it is time for Mitten’s to set his ego aside and get Bachmann’s debate coach back and win this thing.

  • Riley4Palin

    Pop culture news of the day….

    Houseguest Kato Kaelin goes on the record and says that OJ Simpson Killed Nicole Brown Simpson. Um……duh.

    Interesting how a few careers took off after this trial.

    The first time I heard about Greta Van Susteren was during her time as a CNN legal analyst during the OJ trial.  She was real, honest, and straight forward then and its nice to know that she hasn’t changed a bit.

    The Kardashians made a name for themselves because their father Robert was on OJ’s defense team.  He is one of two defense attorneys on the so called ” OJ Dream Team” that died from cancer after the “Trial of the Century.”  Funny how life goes isn’t it.

    • c4pfan

      Yeah, I know.  So strange!

  • Bean Counter

    Hannity just announced Palin will be on his TV show tonight.

    • Riley4Palin

      Me thinks this will be the ‘Cuda at her very best tearing Obama apart from limb to limb.  It is about that time of the election season to be a good teammate and help take him out.  So much material in the last week, let’s hope Hannity gives her plenty of time.

      Perhaps someone should duct tape Hannity’s mouth so that she can go full throttle on Hopey Changey without any HannitisInterruptus.

    • LS as guest

      One thing I can say for Hannity is that when he promotes an appearance on her show, she comes on live and it’s not just a rehashing of old tapes (ahem, Greta, cough, cough).

  • section9

    BTW, a must for all Palin fans.

    Dan Riehl has a picture of Kathy Griffin sans makeup with her hair done up as a Seuss Character. I won’t even provide a link. I care for Firelight that much.

    If you want to know why Kathy Griffin really hates Sarah Palin like poison, I dare you to go look.

    Just remember, what is seen, cannot be unseen!

  • c4pfan

    Only about 750 people needed to follow  Bristol’s blog to meet her 10,000 goal!  Please, spread the word!

    Bristol is going to be blogging for Access Hollywood while on DWTS!

    Bristol will be doing her training in AZ and not in L.A.!  We need to make sure to support Bristol in her journey on DWTS!  It’s a great fun show for her to do while being able to get her blog out there and possible other opportunities in her life! 

    For those that vote by computer, you NEED to register first, or you won’t be able to vote for Bristol!

    A lot of things are showing that conservative culture is doing well, like Toby Mac hitting #1 on the 200  Billboard chart, etc!  Let’s show that support for Bristol!

  • lonestar

    I just looked up at the tv screen and didn’t recognize Palin.  

  • c4pfan

    Didn’t like the tan on Sarah (very distracting), but pretty good interview.

    • Firelight

      If Bristol and Mark are using AZ as their home base then they are likely getting their spray tans there.  Bristol always jokes about the spray tans involved in DWTS. 

      With all the Palin girls, I have a feeling there is a line when the spray artist comes, lol!  I’d be right there in line with them if I could.

      I bet her tan isn’t as dark as it looked. I think her lighting actually wasn’t very good.

      • section9

        Palin was so tanned I was reminded of the old lines that referred to Nixon after he left office: “Tanned, rested, and Ready!”

  • lonestar

    Posted this on the other thread. Perry wins the twitter award today.

    • Firelight

      Completely agree!  I LOVED that tweet!  Of course I love all things smart ass… so you know… :)

      • LS as guest

        Not only smart ass, but trying to work his way back into Gov. Palin’s good graces, perhaps?

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