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Choose Life Wednesday

Happy hump day everyone!

In honor of the grotesque display of the pro-abortion parade going on in Charlotte this week.  I’m dedicating today to the beautiful thing called life.

So, I’m keeping it simple today.  When it comes to the new DNC platform the nicest thing I can say is O.M.G…


This is absolutely disgusting…




My all time favorite speech:



eck… hairball… bleh

Ummmm, pretty sure I don’t want to be the person who made this decision….  there are consequences to actions…

Another decision that the man upstairs is not going to be happy with…

Run, Forest run…

I hate these kind of games

I am not surprised…


Have a great Wednesday everyone!  Celebrate life!!!





  • Lipstick

    Great topic.
    I still marvel when I look at the boy and think, wow! I could have made a decision on my own and this person who thinks, laughs, has opinions, breathes and has a soul Jesus died for could not be here if I had decided to abort him.

    What a terrible thought. No one should have that kind of power over an innocent’s life.

    I remember when I found out I was pregnant, it had been tricky to do so. I felt the same, looked the same yet I had looked at a picture of what the baby looked liked at 8 weeks and marveled that nothing was the same anymore!

    Out side of my salvation, the boy is the greatest gift ever given to me by God. 

  • blackbird

    Good morning everyone. Last night for some reason I was thinking about the Governor’s speech at Faulkner University ~

    At the 55:12 mark “…John Mark received an honorary diploma from Dallas Christian High school and Abilene Christian University gave him their change the world award, he was made an honorary marine, he proudly represented Texas in the International Special Olympics… you see I am looking forward for this kind of stuff for my son…”

    Only a blackened heart could justify abortion. Obama and the DNC platform are evil, if anyone wants to see what evil sounds like, listen to Obama speak about abortion.

    Thanks Firelight.

  • Gelston

    a quick read on the difference between rich people and the 99%.
    think of how many of these qualities apply to Sarah Palin. …………….

  • Gelston

    we need a link to this thread on the homepage ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    • blackbird

      I though it was me that was not seeing the link form the homepage content area, was now about to clean out my browser cache.

      • LS as guest.

        Yeah, my P4A homepage is stuck on Tuesday.

    • Firelight

      Clean your cache out and see it that helps.  We had some site problems and reset last night but when I pull up the home page on my computer it shows up.  

  • Bean Counter

    There’s definitely something screwy with the site today. I’ve notified Firelight.

    Well, my big decision this evening is whether to watch the NFL opener — Cowboys vs. Giants, or Bill Clinton. Hmm, may wind up having to flip a coin….

  • MT4P

    The only way I found “Choose Life Wednesday” was through Facebook.

    My P4A explorer bookmark only goes to homepage with “Rules for Being Chicked & Back to Work Tuesday”.

    Also not showing are:

    1) “President Obama Funds a Government with an “Epidemic” of Sexual Harassment” by Whitney Pitcher

    2) “DNC Convention Day 1 – Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?” by Bean Counter


    Firelight……that is my all time favorite Palin speech also.  It was the first time I heard Sarah speak about Sarah, without the political rhetoric and she had me in tears. 

    I don’t think I’ll ever forget it……thanks for posting it. ♥

    • Firelight

      Me too Ten.  I loved hearing her talk about her inner thought process and how humble and very normal and relatable  she is.

  • Akabosan

    This seems like a good day to revisit the talk by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor.  It is about 20 minutes and not just an eye opener, but a consciousness expander.  Enjoy!


  • Firelight

    Hi everyone, I know that some are having problems with the site.  Can you try cleaning your cache out and see it that helps?

    I did that and it worked but I want to see if it works for anyone else.  Can someone let me know?

    • BostonBruin

      Still doesn’t work for me in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

      • Firelight

        On your mobile or computer?  I can’t get it to load right on my iphone but it loads fine on my computer. 

        I’m trying to hone in on what the issue seems to be so that I can tell them specifically when I call them as they speak a language that I don’t…. tech speak, lol!

        • BostonBruin

          It’s not working on my home computer (running Windows 7).

          Also: FWIW, it doesn’t work on my iPod either. I do see the latest comments on the right panel, which is how I get here.

          • susiepuma

            me too………………….  that’s how I got here…………

          • Firelight

            OK Boston, try and see if it works now.  I am thinking I fixed it (I hope!)

            • BostonBruin

              Now working on my iPod. Will check home pc tomorrow.

              Thanks for your hard work and dedication.

              • Firelight

                Yay!!!!   (I’m flexing my only techie muscle) lol! 

      • indemind


    • indemind

      Not Working

      • Firelight

        OK, try again and see if it works now.

        • Lipstick

           Mine is working in Firefox

    • c4pfan


  • Bill589

    “When it comes to the new DNC platform the nicest thing I can say is O.M.G…”

    Me too. OMG – Obama Must Go

    • blackbird


  • Firelight

    I’m still working on it the glitch guys.  Please bear with me.  It appears to be a plugin issue as the site is working fine for some and not others and is not working right on mobile devices for anyone.

    At least it isn’t down :)  Praise God for that!

    • indemind

       Got It … Thanks FireLight… *_*

    • blackbird

       Homepage working for me Firelight and I did not clean my browser cache.

  • MT4P

    I had posted and then removed (due to length) the letter now linked below regarding #RNC2012 sent by Morton Blackwell, the RNC National Committeeman from Virginia.

  • Gelston

    firelight is a genius.

    Yay dirt!

  • Pete Petretich

    We thank you L-rd for allowing the nation of Israel to be a light unto the nations… 

    We just started a new bible study sequence on Exodus at my Catholic parish. Ten sessions, every Wednesday night. That should take us right up to Election Day…

    “Bob Marley & the Wailers – Exodus (live)”

    Will our nation be led to freedom from this Obamanation?

  • c4pfan

    I read on some tweets that there was a nun that spoke at the Dem convention?

    Always surprises me for some reason that there are so many liberal Catholics.  Geez.

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