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DNC Free Friday

Good Morning

Don’t know about you, but I am so glad the abortion rally DNC Convention is over. My sources say there was not a Greek Column in sight.

I just couldn’t stomach to watch any of it. Watching the DNC reminds me of running by road kill. Running on the roads you occasionally pass critters who were to slow to get the job done. Some are nice and fresh, others are medium baked in the sun while others are so far gone, I’m left wondering what species they once represented.

I have a way to run by road kill without losing my precious fuel reserves. One, I just have a strong stomach and two I take small little breaths while exhaling slowly and as long as I can. While exhaling, you can’t smell! I found getting through the little snippets of the DNC I was exposed to easily tolerated by using this method to block out the verbal stank.

I’m so excited. Today I’m headed to Houston to catch a flight to Richmond, VA. Hubby works out of town, flies out on Monday and returns on Friday most weeks. This week he needs to work into Friday afternoon and needs to be in Maryland early Monday. This left him having to fly home Saturday and back out Sunday, which was silly. Just so happens the NASCAR race is in Richmond Friday and Saturday night so BAM! Ten bucks processing fee and points and next thing I know I’m headed to Richmond for an exciting weekend getaway. WOOT!

Just for fun, I am flying through Charlotte. Having that little stop over allowed me to use half points to get there and back. Hmmmmmm wonder why? Couldn’t be because people were avoiding flying through Charlotte this week, could it? Nah.

Have a great day!


A look into our future if we don’t cut spending.

So why wasn’t Fox all over the RNC little floor dust up? Hmm?

Awww, just a little Chicago political thuggery there.

While investors back Republican Mitt Romney for his economic vision for the U.S., they prefer Obama to manage the global economy by 44 percent to 42 percent, according to the 847 Bloomberg customers, who are investors, analysts or traders.   HUH???


SEC will be brutal I bet.

How ’bout them Cowboys?

Sick of this crap.

“Putin expressed concern about how a Romney presidency would affect the long-running dispute over U.S.-led NATO plans to place elements of a missile-defense system in Europe.”……..I bet, Obama will be “flexible”….Romney….not so much.



  • lonestar

    Yeah!  Its over. Life goes almost back to normal.  I don’t know if my area will get any ads on air since I am in a redstate; although I live in deep blue hispanic vote for anyone with a D after their name territory. 
    Got a call from Mitt Romney campaign today.  Told them sorry, until Romney starts attacking barry the way he attacked his fellow republicans during the primary, he wouldn’t be getting a dime from me. Told them I resent Romney saying barry is a nice guy just over his head.  Went to to tell him barry was not a nice guy and if the nominee refused to fight the way barry will, he will lose just like McCain.  I did wish them good luck and told them I hoped Romney Ryan wins.

  • section9

    It is good for Romney that Obama’s speech was such fail.

    I don’t like hearing that Romney isn’t putting commercials into PA, MI, and WI. That’s stupid, defensive strategy. Unless they are letting the Superpacs do the work there, which may be part of the story. I hope we don’t have McCain redux.

    • BostonBruin

      Romney is starting a major advertising campaign in CO, FL, IA, NV, NH, NC, OH and VA.

      Perhaps one thing that needs to be looked at is when early voting starts in these states.

      • Firelight

        I’ll check on when early voting starts here in CO.  I’ll also keep an eye out for his ads.  He has had some good ones running already but Obama has actually had some good and effective ones running too >:{

        • BostonBruin

          This article makes an interesting point. It also lists the ads that will be run in CO.

          “There is a limited number of advertisements a campaign can purchase down the homestretch. Many commercial slots in key swing-state television markets have already been purchased and filled, so advertisements need to begin running or purchased now.”

        • section9

          I see too much repetition of McCain Fail when I hear that they are not putting up ads in MI and WI, two states they should be forcing Obama to defend.

          Did Steve Schmidt suddenly go to work for Romney/Ryan?

      • LS as guest

        Still interesting that MI and WI aren’t in there.

        • Gelston

          i commented before that this could be the first team that loses both of their home states (MA and WI). Wow.

          • LS as guest

            Heck, Romney’s got a home in CA too.  They could lose four home states–MI, WI, MA, CA.

            Make that five–Ryan’s second home state is the D of C, too!

  • BostonBruin

    “While investors back Republican Mitt Romney for his economic vision for the U.S., they prefer Obama to manage the global economy … HUH???”

    President Romney is not likely to spread the wealth around the globe the way Obama has.

  • Bill589

    Flipping through news stations this morning I’ve heard Sarah’s name several times. Media politicos are ridiculing her over the ‘Kerry diminished himself by mentioning me’ comment. It’s the glee from people like Mika whenever they can ridicule Sarah that turns my stomach. I hope these progressives feel they have to ridicule her for a long time to come – before, during, and after her presidency.

    • Firelight

      Yeah, I’ve seen that too.  I really wish Sarah hadn’t said that.  I know she is humble and all and that is one reason I love her but being humble is different than diminishing yourself. 

      • section9

        That kind of thing infuriates me when she does that to herself. John Kerry is a golddigger and a buffoon of the first order. Plus, if you read Schweizer’s book, he’s an economic criminal of the first order.

        So now, instead of the headline being Palin commenting on Kerry’s speech or Obama’s horrid economic record, the headline about what Palin had to say is Palin’s “own goal” because she decided to adopt this Humble Horse Manure stuff. This after being attacked by an entitled Senate Bourbon who thinks he can be Secretary of State because he threw someone else’s medals over the White House gate back in 1971.

        Palin should never, ever diminish herself, and that’s exactly what she did, when being attacked by any liberal. Sarah Palin was one of Alaska’s most successful governors, and she said a very stupid thing about herself last night that I wish she hadn’t said. Bill Clinton was elected twice because he understood that NO ATTACK ever goes unanswered, EVER, without a counterattack in overwhelming force. You make your opponent pay for having attacked you. That’s one reason why Bill Clinton was elected twice.

        • Gelston

          she understands the comment; that does not mean that others do.

          • section9

            I know what she was trying to get across; that John Kerry was being elitist and silly. But it was lost in the translation. Clarity and brevity is her strength.

  • M_Minnesota

    Cross Posted at C4P

    Great interview by the Gov. with Cavuto!!

    Some random thoughts on the whole DNC voting “No” to include the word God
    back into it’s platform. I propose that it is a nothing burger and that
    Conservatives and Conservative Evangelicals have a much harder task in the
    current Republican Party. This will be true no matter if Romney or Obama win
    the Presidential election.

    Former Gov. of Ohio Strickland (who was a liberal United Methodist Pastor)
    was the one who proposed insertion of the word God back into the platform. In
    my opinion, It was a dog and pony show. Gov. Strickland beat out the well
    spoken and solid Evanglical Ken Blackwell for Gov. in 2006.

    My father and Grandfather were United Methodist Pastors, and yet they were
    Conservative Theologically. My guess is that the Bush Family’s United
    Methodist Pastors are Moderate to Liberal.

    What am I saying here? We all saw the cesspool that is the DNC which refused
    the mention of God in the platform THREE TIMES!!! The good part about it was
    that it was all out in the open!

    They were dealing with God as they really felt. The DNC was reacting to the
    “God” thing being a story and trying to be a Dog and Pony show for the RNC.

    Hannity did cover the Pre-Determined DNC Teleprompter evidence; but he never
    covered (to my knowledge) the RNC Pre-determined Teleprompter on the rule
    change covered by a local Fox affiliate.

    This was not done in the open. Does the rule (16/12?) change mean
    President Romney has to be the 25 or 20 percent rating to be successfully
    primaried in the eyes of the GOPe rule change?

    The Rule change in my opinion is like the Evangelicals and the Conservatives
    being “The Foolish virgins” who did not have enough oil for the night. The
    door is shut and they ask, please let us in!! the GOPe creature rears out it’s
    head and says “Depart from me I never knew you!”

    In my opinion, blocking Palin and making the Strong arm rule changes are
    worse than “Booing God” (saying No) Three times.

    The GOPe hated Reagan. they hated him more after his conversion to Christ
    (Hinkley attempt).

    Evangelicas, you thought Satorum was gonna be your guy? Hey Iowa Pastors,
    how’s that Bachmann endorsement workin out for ya?

    Evangelicals who were fine with Thatcher in “That other Country” need to
    truly see #THATWOMAN in this country. If they don’t, it blanks to be


  • BostonBruin

    Good morning!

    Well, based on what little I heard and watched of the two conventions, I’d say the GOP won the convention battle in a huge way. The biggest take-away from the past two weeks is this: STARK CONTRAST.

    The main advantage that Obama had over Romney was a perceived lack of contrast. This was a major concern during the primary season as conservatives felt that Romney would have the toughest task of beating Obama because he was perceived as being too moderate and too similar to Obama on some key issues, especially healthcare. Well, Obama and the DNC totally obliterated that problem this past week.

    Not only have we seen a stark contrast in the vision for our country with respect to policy and priorities, but we also saw it in the lives of people who spoke at the two conventions. The Democrats were so focused on the social issues and clearly showed that their anti-Christian, anti-Israel position is at the top of their agenda. Whereas, R&R are focused on fixing our financial mess and getting people back to work. And who is better to have as the face of your party: Mia Love and Susanna Martinez or Sandra Fluke and Liz Warren?

    Just a few thoughts on SP’s interview with Neil Cavuto. With regard to Sen. Kerry’s comment, she should have pointed out that he has obviously been asleep for the past four years as he didn’t realize that Paul Ryan is now the VP nominee. Of course, since the Democrat-led Senate hasn’t passed a budget in four years, we know they have been asleep.

    Second, her line of attack over the next two months may be to break the emotional bond that many have with our first black President. She’ll encourage independents and Reagan Democrats to vote with their wallets instead of their emotions. Game on!

  • RefudiateGOPe

    Good morning all.

    I managed to go through the last two weeks without watching one second of either convention and I avoided FoxNews like the plague.  I watched Governor Palin’s appearances here at P4A.  Based on the comments I saw on my Twitter TL about the conventions, my emotional well-being was well served by my decision.

    Even though I strongly feel that Obama must be defeated, I fear that Romney just represents a slower process of destroying our country.  Until we get enough Tea Party types in Congress, we don’t have much chance of turning it around.  That’s why what Sarah’s doing is so important.

    I saw something on Twitter that pretty much says it all.  While technically the U.S, is a Republic, most people view it as a Democracy, but what we’ve seen since the days of FDR, is a country that has morphed into what can best be described as an Ineptocracy, with a strong, strong emphasis on inept with our current Clown-In-Chief at the helm.  Ineptocracy is defined as a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

    Things will not change as long as the majority of the working class continue to depend on conventional sources for their “news”.  The media is the true enemy of our Republic.  They have willfully lost their way in their role of government oversight.  The liberal Democrats can easily be defeated if truth is part of the reporting process, but the media refuses to do its job of reporting without bias.  And unfortunately, a big part of the electorate is too stupid to know they are being sold a bill of goods that is nothing more than a fairy tale.

    • indemind

      R.O….  Ineptocracy… exactly!

      News media have lost there Souls years ago…

      Palin “There is no limit to what we can accomplish when we don’t care who gets the credit.”

      P.s….. Grrreat Post… *_*

  • Bean Counter

    Mornin’ y’all. Don’t know about anybody else, but I’m so sick of politics right now I could cry. I know I’m suffering from self-inflicted wounds because of my stupid convention reviews, but just chalked that up to community service. It’s gonna take me quite awhile to recover from such a severe bullsh*t overdose.

    I must admit, I winced a bit, too, when the Gov. took her self-deprecation just one step too far, however, she still comes out head and shoulders above that twit John Kerry. Which reminds me, democrats, where was John Edwards, huh? I mean, he lives within a easy car ride from Charlotte. I guess with Teddy K’s tribute and Clinton, they met their quota of womanizing scumbags.

    And Lipstick, you cannot go to Richmond and not hit Cookboy’s restaurant! That’s still a high item on my personal bucket list. Do not miss it!

    Well, I plan to observe a news blackout for the next few days. Going to hear a friend premiere her new album tonight, which will be a nice palate cleanser.

    Y’all have a tolerable weekend, you hear?

    • Firelight

      Bean you get the Purple heart for conservative warriors for watching that monstrosity of a convention this week.  It was horrible and an injury to the mental psyche of good healthy Americans, bleh…

      You deserve a vacation after that one.  I don’t blame you for the burn out.  I think my ears started bleeding last night during Biden’s speech and I just couldn’t stand more than a few minutes of Obama’s.

      • Bean Counter

        Thanks. Ha, I seem to have quite the assortment of scars from falling on swords, but at my advanced age, I’m about ready to pass the Neosporin and duct tape to some of the younger recruits.

        • section9

          I don’t know how you do it. I couldn’t watch Obama last night because I figured it would be like watching an old speech like Eric Honecker, the late lamented leader of East Germany. But Obama just mailed it in and failed, apparently.

          Thanks for taking one for the team.

    • LS as guest

      My suggestion–cold turkey until the first debate.

    • indemind

      ” Don’t know about anybody else, but I’m so sick of politics right now I could cry. It’s gonna take me quite awhile to recover from … such a severe bullsh*t overdose.”

      “You Took The Words Right Out of My Mouth” …. (Meatball– “Bat out of hell”)

      P.s…. Top of the day to all my fellow barbarians… from beautiful Carlsbad Ca.

      Firelight Tip Top news round-up… Your The Best. ….*_*

      Palin-“May we always be happy, and may our enemies know it.” ….  *_*

    • cookboy

      Have fun with that! What’s the Album? I’ll give her a sale.

      • Bean Counter

        Kathy Mattea, “Calling Me Home.” Released next Tuesday. I’ll tweet pics. Should have a fairly decent seat.

  • Gelston

    for those that missed the Obama speech.
    Bean, you could have watched this and saved 3 evenings of hurt.
    20 seconds

    • Bean Counter

      HaHa, I remember that Little Rascals episode from when I was a kid. Spanky had to be everyone’s favorite. Speaking of the Little Rascals, for a few years in the ’80s, I did some PR work for the Nashville AFTRA/Screen Actors Guild and had a very cordial relationship with Dick Moore, who was Dickie on the Little Rascals. He had a firm in NYC that handled the PR for the national AFTRA/SAG. A very sweet and funny guy.

  • Firelight

    Have fun Lipstick!  I agree with Bean that you should try and stop in for some excellent food by Cookboy.  He tweets some tantalizing pics of some yummy dishes!

    One thing I really noticed from both conventions is that the GOP has a much, much deeper field of talent for the the future.  The DNC was a graveyard with no up and coming talent.  There really was no one.

    The GOP had a lot of talent and not all of them were at the convention.  There are simply too many to name and they are spread out across the county in all positions.  There a lots of new conservative Mayors, Governors, State House and Senate, US House and Senate, State SOS other positions.  There is a revival amongst many towns and cities on their Board of Education and it seems to be grassroots conservatives.

    Yes, the GOPe slips one by every now and then and so does the DNC but they aren’t the ones having the revival and they aren’t the ones producing the new talent.

    I find this heartening.  I see the 2012 election as getting rid of Obama and taking control of the Senate with more conservatives and I see 2014 as another Tea Party stomping on both the DNC and the GOPe.  If that happens at all levels of government local thru national we can save this country.

    • section9

      One of the problems with the Regime is that it is a Personality Cult that fears cultivating potential rivals to the Dear Leader.

      This is one reason the Democrats are having trouble raising new Obama’s; nobody wants to be one. And in the part of the Party that COULD raise new Democrats, the Blue Dog coalition, everyone there is either retired or primaried by a liberal.

      There are fewer Clinton Democrats aroud. That’s a problem.

  • Pete Petretich


    “President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people,” Eastwood told The Pine Cone this week….”

  • Riley4Palin

    Morning All!

    1)  I don’t have the same reaction that many have about Palin’s comments about JFKerry.  I actually found all the commentary and response just fine…..if you listened to the whole thing in context.  She obviously is in the process of re-defining herself to the public and is taking a different approach on how she markets herself politically in the future.  Members of both parties have ridiculed her for a long time, even when she was a VP candidate.  Now that she is a private citizen, it will be easier to come back as the grassroots champion of conservative causes (obviously more Independent) away from DC and being labeled just another politician in the Republican party. 

    2)  I happily missed the convention speeches again last night.  Saw the lowlights this AM.  Um…….was Jennifer Granholm given a weekend pass out of the home?  Yikes.  She looked and sounded like a complete kook.  When you get on the highlight reel at a DNC Convention, you know you must have been a complete and utter nut case of epic proportions.

    3)  Saw Biden screaming like a mental patient too.  Apologies to all mental patients, but I don’t know what is more disturbing, watching this politician in action thinking he is normal or the people in the crowds cheering for him.   

    4)  The libs on Morning Joe were not all jazzed up about Obama’s speech.  Good thing they can turn to Biden and Jennifer Granholm for added comfort when they need a pick me up.

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Good lunchtime, everyone!

    Though I always like it when Gov. Palin socks Dems on their statements, I thought her comments on Kerry were OK because she backed up her initial comments on Russia. Interestingly, the DNC hit Palin (via Kerry) and the Tea Party (via video clips) more than the RNC touted them; it shows who the Dems fear and who the GOP wants to ignore.  The Atlantic had an article last night regarding Palin’s comments with the heading something to the effect of “even Palin says ignore her”. The irony of that article. You don’t write about people who are inconsequential. That’s what Kerry’s comments and Palin’s comments about his comments show–she is extremely relevant.

    I’m a bit surprised that Romney isn’t running ads in Michigan and Wisconsin at least. Michigan is probably winnable so they should try to play there, and I hope that they aren’t getting too cocky on Wisconsin since Ryan’s from there. Perhaps, though, they are relying on outside support, even though they can’t coordinate with each other.

  • cookboy

    Good for you! Hope the weather holds out. I’ll be hearing the faint din of V8’s from my porch 8 miles away. Find me on the Twitter. I’d love to feed y’

    • Ting

      I can walk to your restaurant!  I love it!

  • BostonBruin
    • Firelight

      I saw that earlier.  I’ll have the video up as soon as I can.  This should be a good one since it is after “the once” has given his speech.

      • section9

        Great interview. Calm and at ease, but FNC scammed their viewers again. 5 minutes at the end of Captain Ego’s show? Come on!

  • pete4palin
  • Pete Petretich

    LOL, NRO spliced Granholm together with the Howard Dean scream…

    “Granholm Channels Howard Dean” 

  • Pete Petretich

    Here’s a little newsflash from the wonderful world of food stamp assistance:

    I’ve been receiving them for over two years and lately it seems like the system is overwhelmed. My balance was kicked up to $238 on Friday. I get $200 per month from this program which is primarily administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

    It seems like they were supposed to do a telephone update recently about my status. It never happened. I can amply demonstrate my continuing poverty with paperwork, which I have done two times in recent months.

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