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Freedom Weekend Edition – UPDATED

Good morning everyone!

How is everyone doing?  I think I am going to scream if I hear one person today claim that these riots and uprisings of Islamist across the globe are wholly due to the movie.  That is completely absurd.


Muslims are burning our US flag

Muslims are chanting death to America

Muslims are attacking our embassies

Muslims are killing our diplomats , military protection detail and an Ambassador

Muslims are burning our buildings over there


These are attacks against our COUNTRY.   Note that if this was a protest against the movie they would be yelling down with Sam Bassiel, the producer of the movie.  They would be protesting the distributor of the movie or Youtube unsuccessfully. The Muslim brotherhood would be demanding the United States turn over Sam Bassiel.  They would be demanding him. That isn’t what they are doing now is it…  that would be because this isn’t about the movie.

Funny, for a country that hates us so much, you NEVER see them burning our currency.  They will take our money & foreign aid and yet hate our wealth and capitalism.  Such hypocrisy…

No, this isn’t about a stupid movie.  Our Ambassador, marines, navy seal and diplomats had NOTHING to do with that stupid movie and yet they were killed.  Our embassies had NOTHING to do with that movie.  Team Obama trying to tell us this is only about the movie has now given him the name President Dipstick.

I agree with Greg Gutfield.   We need to evacuate all Americans from these countries, turn the cameras off, stop reporting on the news coming out of there and stop all foreign aid to these countries.  It is like a 2 year old. If you walk away from the tantrum and don’t watch they will likely stop.  I think a lot of this is for the cameras and propaganda.



Gary’s going retro in the best way…

Here are the Premiere dates and locations for Occupy Unmasked the movie… paging Nancy6… we got lucky on locations… CO is on the list… you game?

Stay the course on this Paul and we will have your back for this fight…

Well, this is a completely debunking piece of junk article and now we know for certain that the Libyans are lying and so is our government about what happened to Amb Stevens.  Read the article and then look at these pictures.  He isn’t “unrecognizable or covered in soot”.  He isn’t unharmed either.  He has some soot/dirt on him but he also has some obvious injuries that need treatment.

So why did they take him in?  What crime has he committed? Here is more info

It’s an ugly, ugly world

Heh… rejected

Bad timing… bad decision… just bad all around…

Keep fighting Scott… you will win this

Bad news for Obama and America…

Bongino speaks!…  tough words on the current security crisis…



Gov. Palin retweets John Nolte:

John Nolte @NolteNC

Anti-Islam Filmmaker Donated Million Dollars To Obama Campaign  via @sharethis

Retweeted by Sarah Palin
Oh what will they say about that…  You can watch Maher’s film Religulous here… I’d skip to the last 25 minutes…  I’m not a fundamentalist so I do laugh at some of his points of absurdity when he finds the extremists in any faith including Christians (the part where he mentions they mow around a certain picture on the side of a hill, lol)  but his last 6 minutes or so prove just how lost and narcissistic he is.  It can be boiled down to his belief that because he hasn’t experienced G-d, no one can.  Because he can’t prove G-d, he must not exist. Because he can’t understand faith, it isn’t reasonable.  Basically, Maher thinks the world revolves around his thinking and should organize itself according to Maher’s point of view yet he admits he doesn’t know everything and still he doesn’t leave room for the fact that he could be wrong on faith.   As for his criticism of Islam, he is mocking Islam while standing in it’s Holy temple.  If that doesn’t incite anger then we all know this outrage against this movie is a joke (which we know it is).
Personally, I don’t believe we should be disrespectful to anyone’s religion even if we don’t agree with it but I also don’t think we should sugar coat those religions either.  Islam is a religion of violence but denigrating their prophet is a set too far. I consider the golden rule of do unto others and I don’t like it when other people disrespect Jesus or G-d of the Old and New Testament.   However, while I don’t think we should be doing it I fully accept the fact that we as Americans have the right to do it and I don’t think that should be changed.   I think people need to grow up. Act like adults.  Follow the golden rule and grow a thicker skin.


Sarah Palin is excited to be at PowerUp Live Boise on October 17th at The Idaho Center from PowerUp Live on Vimeo.



Filmmaker of anti-Muslim film is released by police and disappears…

Three days


This is disturbing

So is our Ambassador to Sudan still there? This doesn’t bode well if they are…

So they blame al Qaeda…

Never waste a good crisis…

Consistency… demand it!…

WHAT??  Surely you jest… of course it is all about the movie you silly…




Have a great weekend everyone!





  • cookboy

    Given the current state of affairs, all one can really say about it is “This s&*t is all f&*#@ed up.”

    • Firelight

       I couldn’t have said it better myself!!

    • RestoreSP2012

      I 100% TOTALLY agree!!!!

  • section9

    Isn’t it though.

    In other news, it should be noted that Paul Ryan’s debate prep opponent against Biden is Ted Olsen, former U.S. Solicitor General under Bush.

    Department Store Santa must not have been available….

    • c4pfan

      What?  Isn’t he the guy that is fighting the Prop 8 in CA?

      • Gelston

        Olson’s third wife,[8] Barbara Olson, was a passenger on the hijacked American Airlines Flight 77 that crashed into the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, his birthday. On October 21, 2006 Olson married Lady Booth, a tax attorney and native of Kentucky who is a lifelong Democrat.

        Olson was a founding member of the Federalist Society.[10] He has served on the board of directors of American Spectator magazine.[11] Olson was a prominent critic of Bill Clinton’s presidency, and he helped prepare the attorneys of Paula Jones prior to their Supreme Court appearance.[2] Olson served Giuliani’s 2008 presidential campaign as judicial committee chairman.[10]
        Olson believes there is a constitutional right for same-sex marriage

        from wikipedia

  • BostonBruin

    Good morning!

    “Above all, what Todd and I want for Trig and all our children is happiness. We know that means they’re going to have to work hard and we’re trying to prepare them for lives that will consist of moments of both success and failure – and, more important, well-deserved contentment.”

    America By Heart, pages 178-179


    Great article by a 23-year old law student.

    “Unemployment and fiscal responsibility, although not as flashy as media manufactured ‘wars on women,’ are the true issues of this election. On these issues, President Obama has failed our generation. I believe that America’s youth will see that.”

  • c4pfan

    Why was that guy arrested?  I’m not understanding it.

    • Firelight

       Me either.  From what I read they didn’t actually arrest him.  They just took him in for questioning but I still don’t like it.

      Yes, the trailer/movie was offensive but it was not illegal.  I don’t like this precedent at all.

      Here is another article that gives more explanation.

      • senator20526

        This is the new America under Obama and Holder……They have the right to kill Americans without warrant or Judges orders…..What do you think happened to the guy in Kansas that filed the citizenship suit with the Sec. of State?  Holders people gave him the word, and Presto, suit dropped…..He will be a marked man the rest of his life….

    • RefudiateGOPe

       My understanding is that there is a question about whether or not he violated the terms of his probation.  He was prohibited from engaging in any activity on the internet because his conviction was for internet-related fraud.

  • Nancy6

    I’m in!:)

  • indemind

    Hey, Good morning everyone … from beautiful Carlsbad Ca. unusually HOT weather we are having here 90+ today….

    Firelight, as usual Tip Top news round-up…. *_*

    Well, it looks like I’ll be driving up to Orange County to see “Unmasked”…I will be wearing my “Undefeated”
    hat and button, with my “Breitbart is Here” tee shirt…. *_*

    I Stand With Sarah Palin

    Palin- “May we always be happy, and may our enemies know it.” ….  *_*

  • BostonBruin

    Nice photo of Track saying good-bye to Tripp before heading back to Afghanistan this past summer:

  • RefudiateGOPe
  • blackbird

    I couldn’t agree with you more Firelight and with Gutfield but I would add one more thing… stop! buying their oil.

    • Firelight


  • LS as guest

    Hi guys,

    Here’s an interesting serious of (long) videos from a military intelligence expert on Islam, jihad, and all we see in the news.  It’ll take a few hours to go through them all, but it is well worth it.  And I defy anyone to get through the last one without being horrified anew by our Sec. of State and current administration.  I left the fifth video with a particularly renewed appreciation for Congresswoman Bachmann, whatever quibbles we might have with her. 

    • LS as guest

      Oh, two more things: 

      1) You want to take the videos in order, rather than trying to jump around, as they are cumulative, and 

      2) It is clear that the ignorance and idiocy that we saw from the Bush administration re: the Islamic threat was as bad as it appeared as well.

    • blackbird

       Thanks for the link LS, this looks very interesting. Thanks again.

      • LS as guest

        You’re welcome, blackbird.  Also, here’s a great article from Andy McCarthy: 

        • blackbird

          Thanks LS, McCarthy article was very insightful. I did not know about the 2009 UN resolution. What the Muslim world needs to do is to heavily censor the internet like what China does, they already censor all forms of media, so why not the internet.

          Mr. Coughlin’s video series was very good. I bookmarked it.

          Thanks again LS for the links.

  • Pete Petretich

    “Video: Governor Palin Discusses PowerUp Live Conference In Boise October 17th”

  • Whitney Pitcher

    That event in Idaho seems pretty interesting with a unique group of people. It sounds like it’s a fairly apolitical event, but Steve Forbes and Rudy Guliani would probably be interesting to hear from. If I remember right,Gov. Palin supported Steve Forbes for president in 2000, and personally,I agree with the idea of the flat tax–at least conceptually. I’ve always appreciated Guliani, even if I don’t agree with him on some issues, and I think that he is one who has been pretty good at defending the Governor. The video clip showed that Kristin Armstrong is another speaker there. I looked her up, and she is an Olympic cyclist who lives in Idaho. It sounds like a pretty unique event. 

    • section9

      It’s one of those motivational sessions that people go to from time to time. Giuliani has been doing this circuit for years. Lots of folks in sales, management, and business attend these sessions, and they are of great value and insight for those seeking new insights from high achievers.

      OTOH, I really look forward to seeing her get out on the stump, which is where she’s needed.

  • Akabosan

    Glenn Beck on his Blaze web site introduces a new action center.  Working with FreedomWorks, the center is intended to facilitate action and communicate on issues.’s-new-‘action-center/


  • blackbird

    Thanks for the update Firelight.

  • Susiepuma

    If Islam were really a religion, I would agree that their “prophet” should be left alone – but Islam is a way of life based on the writings of a barbaric, illiterate 7th century pedophile – if you are a muslim, you practice islam – if you are not a muslim, then you are an infidel and according to the prophet, you must be killed – does any other ‘religion’ say this?

    People need to stop referring to this crap as a religion – it is not and never will be – it is a goverment ideology and all muslims must follow or die…………… there is no leeway in this………….

  • senator20526

    Morning all……It is with great sadness I report that both of the Marines killed in Afganistan  last week, were stationed here in Yuma, at the Marine Corps Air Station….We honor their memory today…May God comfort their families and friends who grieve for them… ….Just back from church service and wanted to pass that information along to you patriots who respect the constitution and the Military…..It is a beautiful clear and sunny day in the great desert Southwest, currently 89 degrees and going up to 101 degrees later this afternoon…..In order to preserve my sanity, I will not mention any of the political stories this morning…..All I can think of is the decline and fall of the Roman Empire……I’m sure Brianus can relate to that……Have a Great Sunday and KTF.



  • Pete Petretich

    This message is from Rep. Allen West. It was published at 2:57 this afternoon via Facebook:

    “As the sun sets to signal the beginning of Rosh Hashanah, my wife, Angela, my daughters, Aubrey and Austen and I send wishes for a happy, healthy and sweet New Year to all of our Jewish friends around the world.
    During these High Holy Days, my thoughts and prayers will remain, as they always are, with the Jewish people who face growing challenges that threaten their homeland of Israel. I pray that this new year brings only peace, comfort and loving happiness to the Jewish people.
    As the shofar sounds at the end of Rosh Hashanah may we all pray for next year in Jerusalem. L’shana tovah tikatev v’etahetem, may you be inscribed and sealed for a good year.” 

  • Bill589

    I’ve read that MR is being advised to show his personal side and connect with people.

    Sometimes MR can robot on about facts, figures, plans, etc., without bothering me. I can take it. But when he tries to ‘connect’ with me . . . I just get queasy.

    Still, when O proclaims his verdicts to the masses . . . I get scared for my children, and angry.

    So I hope MR sticks with his strength and tries to influence voters with the logic of why O is bad for the country and his own ideas are better. The personal stuff is just too phoney. Don’t try to compete with O’s phoniness – O is the master of phoney.  Fight using the facts Mitt; don’t try to be my buddy.

    Yes, I’ll take four years of occasional queasiness, over four more of being scared for my children.
    O Must Go.

    • RestoreSP2012

       I agree with you that MR needs to stick to the facts and stay away from the other.


      Don’t worry Bill, once elected, there will be no more bouts of queasyness….because there will be no more attempts of “connecting with people”.

      • Bill589

        Depends on what polls and advisors program . . . er, tell . . . him as to which principles to express that day.

    • blackbird

      I agree Bill, that’s good sound advice.

      • Bill589

        It’s really just a ‘gut feeling’ at this time.

  • pete4palin

    Mitt campaign having trouble?   I’m shocked.

  • Gelston

    The well named Virginia Gentleman will have quadruple by-pass heart surgery on Tuesday. This wife is posting for him on C4P, for those who wish to leave a word of encouragement.

    • hrh40

      Thanks for sharing the info here, G, I miss a lot at C4P cuz I can’t keep up with all the comments.

      And, truth be told, I find myself skimming over some commenters and their “discussions” –  which sometimes take up large swathes of the comment boards – and which means I sometimes end up passing over pertinent information as well …

      So thanks again for this important info.

  • Pete Petretich

    Bill Kristol has an interesting theory about the end-game for this election:

    “Foreign Policy as Tie-Breaker” 

  • blackbird

    I just came across this movie MONUMENTAL: In Search of America’s National Treasure

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