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It’s Good to Be Home Tuesday

Good Morning!

I am back from a long weekend in Richmond VA & it is good to be home. There is nothing like the feeling of those wheels touching down in Houston and knowing I am back on Texas soil. It sounds sappy, but I love my state. I missed the boy, the dog and the leopard gecko.

A few highlights of my trip:

The flight out of Houston left late so when I touched down in Charlotte, I had 25 minutes to get to my plane to Richmond. No problem, I’m a runner and I had my awesome Brooks trail running shoes on:

I debarked in Concourse A and my flight left out of Concourse E…….about 12.8 miles apart. Charlotte was packed. It was insane with people all over the place. I think it was a bunch of DNC folks heading out after the big lecture of lies uplifting speech from our President. While making my way through wall to wall liberals, I realized that if I made it, my luggage would not so either way, I’m sitting at an airport waiting. By then it was a challenge to see if I could outrun the two dudes in flip flops running to their plane so I went for it. It was a race of epic airport proportions. I was using the moving sidewalks to my full advantage. By the way, you stand on the right and walk (or run) on the left (Insert eye roll here). I regret I didn’t have time to sync the old Garmin with a satellite so I could know my pace and exact distance. It felt great to squeeze in a little run while visiting Charlotte. I saw the flip flop dudes peel off 3 gates before mine…they were too late….but I made it….WOOT!

The Nationwide race Friday night was awesome with lots of passing and side by side racing. At one point in the race there was a 12 lap run of 3….(that’s right 3!)…cars door to door for the lead. Awesome, I was on my feet! The Sprint Cup did not have as much exciting racing, plus there was a rain delay so we were 2 AM finishing the race. It was exciting, but I liked the Nationwide better this time around.

Sunday I had the pleasure of meeting Cookboy and his sweet family. What a blessing to meet people who are hardworking Americans with like minded principles. We enjoyed walking around a Civil War battle field where a Texas regiment served with distinction along with many others fighting the invading Yankees (sorry HRH). Richmond is rich in history and a beautiful city. Hubby could easily transfer there and work out of headquarters rather than being in Texas…..I may be tempted……

Today is the 11th anniversary of September 11th. May we never forget and may we never allow the political correct crowd to re-write history and distort what occurred that day.


Have a wonderful day!


News for the Day:

A great write up Runner’s World did for the 10th anniversary of 9/11 last year. It shares stories of how some people dealt with their loss through running. It is long but a great read.

Apple to the rescue.

Government Motors.

I was raised in a Ford family & hubby is a Ford guy. Ford, who took no bail out money, reacts to changes in the market, unlike GM. I’m also a Mustang gal. The boy’s college fund could buy me one of these!

We should have never went off of it.

Once a great company.

He’s so smart, he doesn’t need to go.

You all know who you are…..

Just some more hope and change and doing things differently in DC.

He is a great runner and a great guy who gets a lot of hate being open about his Christian faith.

The plot just gets thicker and thicker.

Wonder if the Governor BQ’d and will cash in? I believe you can use a marathon time for up to 12 months.

I might should do this. Go out with a PR.

  • Firelight

    I am so glad you got to meet Cookboy and his family. Is his baby as cute as the pics he shares?

    Excellent running time thru the airport!  I know the Charlotte airport well. My brother is a pilot and they used to live there so we frequented that airport with our buddy passes.

    I’ve never been to Richmond but I’ve always wanted to go.  I have always heard it is beautiful.

  • Michael

    Here is a little strategy tip for fighting a Palin basher that uses Joe McGinniss’ filfty lies in tweets or anywhere they say a lie about Palin just tell them Obama is gay. Hit them with the bathhouse stuff Man’s Country, Donald Young, Larry Sinclair, Kal Penn, Reggie Love, the Pakastani roommate Sugar Daddy, and of course the one that started it all Frank Marshall Davis.

    • Bill589

      I fight the lies best with the truth.   Sarah has made it easy.

      • ZH100

        ” I fight the lies best with the truth.   Sarah has made it easy.”


      • section9

        If she does enough of it, which she does not.

        I can’t repeat Mr. Churchill’s admonition enough: “A Lie gets halfway around the world before the Truth gets its Pants on.”

    • ZH100

      A much better and more mature approach is simply to tell the truth about Gov.Palin´s record and debunk the lies with facts; with the truth.If you know the facts it is very easy to counter the smears and misinformation about Gov.Palin.

      McGinniss’s book is a gossip book. Even the NYT defends Gov. Palin against the gossip in McGinniss’s book.

      And even if Obama would be gay ; so what. Gov.Palin has supporters who are gay and they have defended Gov.Palin many times against  smears and attacks. 
      Gov.Palin is not a gay hater.  No offense, but some of your tweets reflects very poorly on Gov.Palin and her supporters.

      From “Going Rogue”:

      “Then he changed gears, shifting the topic to social issues. He seemed impressed when I told him that people in my own family disagree on some issues like abortion, but that we don’t argue over it at the dinner table. I have one relative who expresses her pro-choice position articulately.

      My own pro-life opinion diverges from hers by 180 degrees, and we’ve had great, civil discussions on the topic.

      It would later amaze my family and friends that the Obama-Biden camp and their media friends painted me as rigid and intolerant. It was assumed that I refused to hear alternative points of view and used topics like abortion and homosexual marriage as a political litmus test.

      I explained that I had never asked anyone, including the Democrats I appointed, what their position on abortion was, and I didn’t discuss my opinion on homosexuality with cabinet members or judicial appointees, either.

      Schmidt seemed surprised and pleased, even when I reiterated that I was solidly pro-life and hoped they would never try to temper my position on the issue.

      Then we talked about gay marriage. That’s when I told them about Tilly, my junior high friend and college roommate, who, after college, decided to openly live her lifestyle she chose with her partner. To me, she was still Tilly. I loved her dearly-loved the whole Ketchum family. I
      explained to Schmidt that I opposed homosexual marriage, but that didn’t seem too controversial in the campaign since the Democrat candidate for president held the same position.”

      • section9

        Policy trumps propaganda, but it must be relentlessly articulated. As we can see, the McCain Campaign was cluelessly inept at this. 

    • Bean Counter

      Forgive me for getting a bit personal here, but I’m going to offer what I hope will be viewed as constructive criticism — 1. Dude, grow up. 2. Do something about your anger issues. 3. Your attitude and antics do not help the cause; quite the contrary, you do more harm than good.

      • section9

        Thank you. Pithy but to the point.

    • Firelight


      This is not a helpful response.  In fact, response hurts Gov. Palin more than it would ever help her.  Please don’t use this strategy and please don’t spread the hate in the name of Gov. Palin.

    • section9

      That is beyond stupid. If Palin ever followed your advice I would dump her like a bad habit because I would then know she would be so toxic that Hitler could beat her.

      We NEVER use that stuff against Palin-haters on twitter; they are using misdirection and Shiny Pony politics to keep people from looking at Palin’s actual record, which is Reaganesque. They also try to make Palin look really bad to keep people from highlighting the horrible record and policies of President Clown Shoes.

      Almost all of the shit peddled by the Palin haters on twitter, Trig Truth, the Mat-Su Milkmaid “Scandal”, the cocaine, Track being a criminal, all of it, was made up by committed Democratic activists waging electronic and propaganda war against a good, Christian politician. In 2008, Palin didn’t get that the Democratic Party had turned into  a death machine. All of it was sponsored by the Obama Campaign and the Alaska Democratic Party, with a helping hand from the Murkowskis. By the time Palin did understand, it was too late for her career as governor. Now she knows better, but she’s not stupid enough to play that game, because that’s not the kind of leadership voters want.

      Obama never does that stuff. He lets other people do that for him.

      I’m all for using black propaganda against someone, but it should always be used by third parties having nothing to do with the campaign. What looks good to you, the committed activist, looks horrible and “not nice” to the Good Government Squishtard who decides elections. These people are the treasured “Moderates” that the Romney Campaign is after. They think they believe in Good Government and Balanced Budgets. That is a lie. All they really believe in is which candidate can give them the Most Swag at the Least Cost.

      Voters respond to policy from the candidates, not to this crap. However, relentless negative propaganda has its place in any campaign, but it must be used by allies, not by the candidate or her allies. The relentless attacks on Palin in 2008 did help damage her reputation. Any GOP candidate has to have Black Propaganda in his or her quiver, or stay home.

      But the Man’s Country stuff? Leave that home. Firelight’s right.

  • LS as guest

    Since it feels something like traveling to a foreign country to visit Texas, I imagine it must feel the same going from Texas to one of the other 49?

    • Lipstick

      There is no other place like Texas. I am one of those obnoxious Texans who truly believe there are Texans and everyone who wants to be one!

      However, your comment is flawed…..traveling to Louisiana is like being to a foreign country, not Texas. I lived there 5 years and Louisiana is…….Louisiana. LOL

      • LS as guest

        Ha ha.  I’ve visited both a few times and have enjoyed them both.  But Louisians (sp?) are just kinda like your fun-loving cousins.  Texans are as good as another species altogether. 😉

  • LS as guest

    And I know Bostonians–I’d want the governor to have very good security the whole way if she entered Boston.

    • Lipstick

       I hope she would be running anonymously and no one would even know she was there. I think it is great when famous people publicly run a marathon. It promotes the sport and healthy living. Also, it is a risk to do that because you may have an issue and not be able to finish.

      A marathon is a long run where anything can happen. Elites pull out all the time. If a famous person did then their haters would mock. Most of these haters couldn’t run to their mailbox, yet they would destroy someone who tried and failed.

      I have never run a marathon. Only Half Marathons. Marathons are another beast altogether and take an extraordinary amount of time to train for with insane long runs. I don’t have the time to do it and my body probably couldn’t hold up to it right now anyway. I top out at 15 mile training runs, that is enough for me. Hubby ran a marathon last March and the long runs were brutal. I admire anyone willing to run 26.2!! It is not easy at all.

      I do think some of this celebrity running marathons is contrived and is done by people who have it on their bucket list or want to lose weight etc.

      The Governor is an avid, life long runner. It would be just about the run and running Boston. I could see her wanting to not have anyone know she was even there, and she may have run it last year. I am pretty sure you can use a marathon time that is up to 12 months old as a BQ, so she may have BQ’d and been waiting to do Boston in 2013.

      If she requested Boston to keep her running under wraps I am sure they would do that. It is less they have to worry about security wise and plus they would not have to deal with all the drama PDSers  would try to bring to a large event such as Boston.

      It is fun to guess!

      • BostonBruin

        Keep in mind that you don’t have to officially enter the Boston Marathon in order to run in the race. I’d guess that the majority of the runners just get in the back of the pack and are free to take off once those officially entered have left.

        • Lipstick

           Oh no! In the running community that is looked down upon. You are called a Bandit. Many races look for Bandits and kick them off the course. Boston chooses not to so as to not draw attention to them.

          If you run in a race you are not registered for you are stealing. It costs money to set up a course, provide security, rest rooms, medical care on site as well as hydration, crowd control etc. When you partake in the race without paying an entrance fee you are getting all these things for no charge.

          In Runner’s World mag a guy wrote an article on running the Chicago Marathon Bandit and WOW, he got it in the comments section afterwards.

          Bandits are low life takers who do not want to pay their fair share of the costs of a race.

        • LS as guest

          The other route, which would be very easy for the guv–I think about a quarter of a tweet would more than get it done for her–is to run for charity.  Although she’s faster than to need it, it seems that’s how the slow marathoners get into the big races these days.  (Slow, rich guys just pay the charity minimum as an entry fee.)

  • hrh40

    no offense taken re the yankee comment. :)

    yay for the gold standard!

    glad you had a great trip.

    welcome back!

    • Bean Counter

      It’s a good thing you don’t take offense at being called a yankee, or you’d probably never speak to me.

      • senator20526

        Having lived all my life in the West……I don’t understand the meaning of “cracker” when referring to the south…can you explain? Thanks..

  • BostonBruin

    Good afternoon.

    I’ve been wondering how and when SP would campaign over the next two months. Then I found out that the TP Express will embark on a 21-day nation-wide bus tour from September 12 thru October 2. I’d be surprised if she doesn’t speak at several of their rallies, especially in states where she’s endorsed Senate candidates.

    There was some discussion yesterday on TRS with regard to El Rushbo’s opinion that Obama may have instigated the Chicago teacher’s strike so he can get involved and save the day. That would then give him some propaganda to help his campaign.

    I am of the opinion that this strike only hurts his campaign for the reasons specified in this NewsMax article.

    “This feeds into the image of the unions, particularly in the public sector, being greedy, and it undermines their support among the general public.”

    I think this strike puts Obama in a can’t win situation. If he’s silent, then the unions may get upset with him for not standing up for their cause. If he gets involved, then he’ll be loudly criticized for helping these well-paid teachers and ignoring those who are unemployed.

    • Riley4Palin

      Only in America can a Teacher’s Union strike and parents still send their children to school to get free breakfast and lunch while we pay the bill.

  • senator20526

    Morning all…..Great to be back….Yuma suffered a sever thunderstorm on Sunday afternoon, snapping 65 power poles and throwing us into darkness for 28 hours.. The good news, the temperature only reached 84 degrees yesterday, the bad news, some people lost their frozen foods…Things are pretty much back to normal for us…but other suffered a lot of property damage, trees uprooted, and awnings ripped off their porches…no loss of life that we know of..You don’t realize how much you depend on electricity until you lose it…….Doesn’t look like much happened over the week-end other than my Niners beat the Packers…in Green Bay….Romney didn’t quite shoot himself in the foot, just nicked himself with the ” I like somethings in Obamacare” statement…thus telling conservatives that he has no intentions of repealing it….That’s it for now…I stand with let her lead the way……..

  • cookboy

    Lipstick, I’m glad you’re home safe and sound. It really was a pleasure putting a face with the name, and your Mister was a delight. The bakergirl thought the same.

  • Pete Petretich

    Romney and his dirty RNC will not pry one penny from my depleted bank account, but I did just get my parents a sweet early birthday present:

    Dinner tickets to the Rita Coolidge benefit concert here in Cleveland Heights on Friday, October 12! 

    If you live in the vicinity you might want to join us. The benefit is for the local neighborhood association…

    • section9

      Not one thin dime for these swine. My money goes to Sarah.

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