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President Empty Chair Wednesday

Morning everyone!


Yep, it’s a mess out there.  We have a total lack of leadership in America today.  Team Obama is an absolute embarrassment.  They issued an apology. Walking it back now does nothing to change the fact that they issued it.  The damage is done.  Gov. Palin really stepped it up with an absolutely awesome Facebook post.  It is my all time favorite…

Romney also released a statement:

I’m outraged by the attacks on American diplomatic missions in Libya and Egypt and by the death of an American consulate worker in Benghazi. It’s disgraceful that the Obama Administration’s first response was not to condemn attacks on our diplomatic missions, but to sympathize with those who waged the attacks.

I keep thinking there is a second paragraph or final sentence but I’ve looked everywhere and this is it.  I will say it is much better than what we got from the White House and I actually don’t doubt the right sentiment is there.  I just wonder who is writing his press statements.  They need a little help.

My favorite tweets from yesterday are from our very own:

a Palinista@aPalinista

Palin tells #RomneyRyan2012 that “They do have to bring it directly to Obama personally.” Then she shows how it’s done

That is EXACTLY what she did…


Michelle McCormick@TexMex817

Pres Obama & VP Biden: Team ‘Little Stick’ & ‘Swizzle Stick’ 2012


Yes people, we have found the perfect names for Team Obama…  alert the secret service as these must be the new code names, lol!


Whitney Pitcher@whitneypitcher

The gist of @sarahpalinusa ‘s Facebook post in one image:

Let’s take a poll:  would we consider this size pictured above to be:  a) wee   b)teeny   c)nub   d)dinky   e)petite    f)meager

I could make Obama little stick jokes all day…  and I will be doing just that in my head… pay no attention to the Mama Grizzly who is cracking herself up today as I go about my business…

Gov. Palin also retweeted two of Kirsten Powers tweets:

kirsten powers@kirstenpowers10

Also this has to be the first US government response to an international incident that refers to “hurt feelings.” Good lord.

Retweeted by Sarah Palin
kirsten powers@kirstenpowers10 US EMBASSY RESPONDS TO VIOLENCE IN CAIRO – please tell me this is a joke and not the real response? 

Retweeted by Sarah Palin


Bristol tweeted out this story…

So this is the “pimp the limp” mess…

What was sprinkled in his bowl of Wheaties?…  wow is he stepping up his defense of Gov. Palin…

He was snubbed by the man with the nub…  this is NOT right…

An apology for the apology?… too late…

Part 2 of this interview is VERY interesting… I think I will be buying his book…

These parents get a standing ovation for speaking out…

WTH is going on over there?…

Vice President Swizzle Stick…

Is this what Team Obama calls #Forward?…

Where was Politifact or…  Epic fail on their part…

Oooohh, please show this for free on a major network before the election…

Add this book to my fall reading list…  it is growing by the day…

President Little Stick…

The halibut finally got some good advice & stopped flopping around…  someone helped with this new line of defense… it wasn’t his normal peeps that is for sure…

Can I get an AMEN

Now WHY would she do this?


Have a great day everyone!!






  • Bill589

    Hurt Moslem feelings?  Someone mentioned today that O didn’t consider the feelings of Catholics when making them pay for other’s contraception.

    • hrh40

      That’s in Palin’s FB note, too.

  • Bill589

    FoxNation – fire up, etc.

    “Palin: Romney Needs To Get ‘Severely Aggressive’ On Obama”
    (I wonder if she worded it like this because Mitt said he is ‘Severely Conservative’.)

  • mark1955

    Firelight, McCain’s last comment, “But it might be true”, regarding the perception that Sarah’s lack of knowledge on Foreign Policy,might have cost him the election,after first praising her,proves McCain hasn’t changed at all and is still the same Prick he alway’s was. Especially the way he snuck the insult in after initially coming to her defense.

    • Firelight

      I’ve heard McCain asked the same question lately and he gave no hesitation to say no.  I think this article is taking some journalistic license with their writing. 

      In fact, lately he has been asked this question or a version of this question numerous times and he has adamantly said she was an asset so I’m just not buying it.  I know how AP journalists work.

      • mark1955

        Yep. It wouldn’t be the first time the AP, or any other lamestream news outlet,took some “Journalistic license” with the facts.

    • hrh40

      I believe it was her perceived lack of knowledge on economic issues that was meant in that final paragraph.

      • mark1955

        LOL. Whatever it was they were accusing her of not knowing,they were wrong. I suppose she wasn’t as knowledgable,as the “Rocket scientist’s” who were so smart they crashed the economy in September 2008.

    • lonestar

      This coming from the man who said he knew nothing about economics, before the 2008 election.

  • blackbird

    This post is heart healthy and I am only at the Wheaties now LOL!. Thanks Firelight. TexMex and Whitney are awesome Gals.

  • Bean Counter

    Well, looks like our favorite former Governor had quite a night. With one interview and one facebook post, she managed to castrate both Obama and Romney and launch a 2016 presidential campaign. This was a political perfect storm for her and she killed it, stabbed it with a knife and twisted it.

    Beyond brilliant.

  • Riley4Palin

    Good Morning –

    1)  I’ve had a lot of favorite Facebook posts, but I agree with Fire.  This was Palin at her very best.  She was direct and so far removed from being politically correct, that I bet she won over new supporters in one night. 

    2)  I just watched the BOR interview.  This too ranks in the top tier of her interviews.  She seemed to be very focused and direct.  At times she wants to get a lot of talking points across and the message gets lost.  Everyone in the Romney and Obama camps heard her message loud and clear.  She was authoritative and direct.  Everything you would expect to hear from an executive and leader.

    3)  Watching the BOR interview and then reading that Facebook post reminds every single person who watches politics closely that the Romney team made a very critical error in not inviting her to speak at the convention.  This is the Palin that the Republicans and Independents needed to hear a couple weeks ago to get their juices flowing and excited.  This is the Palin that can swing voters to our side which would have countered that waging finger Clinton.  This is the Palin who says what so many of us think all the time and are not in a position of power to do anything about it.

    Well done Governor.  I love you more today than I did yesterday. 


    The photo of the ambassador being dragged thru the streets is heartbreaking and appalling…..Can anyone say Carter 2.0?

    Supposedly Romney had a press conference this morning and did “really well” in his response to this…..did anyone see/hear it?….any video of it?
    I’m VERY curious as to what he had to say, after all……I thought this election was all about jobs, and jobs only.

    BTW firelight….that photo of Hillary, is that recent?…..dang she is looking more haggard every day. :(

  • Lipstick

    I know I am starting something…but people who are pouting about Palin not running, that the GOP foiled her super secret plan to have a floor fight in Tampa (major eye roll here) and steal the nomination and since Palin was not invited to speak at the convention need to get their heads out of the Palin 2 year old tantrum sand.

    She did not run for what ever reason…move on.

    Meanwhile back at the ranch……Obama is….I can’t even think of an adjective to describe the screw up this man is.

    Good grief, you really want to stay home and pout over Palin and enable Obama to be re-elected? He is worse than anyone to ever lead a nation. Imagine this weak spine jackass and his little helpers being in charge for 4 more years and implementing their new found “flexibility” with our enemies.

    Holy s**t wake the hell up.

    Romney is an a**hole, but he is NOT a socialist and a radical Islamist sympathizer. Yes he doesn’t kiss Palin’s a**, but she doesn’t kiss his either. No reason to blow up the whole country because of that fact.

    • BostonBruin

      Here’s an awesome audio commentary by Mr. L’s Tavern on this same subject:

      On a similar note, I have to say that I am equally turned-off by all the Palin 2016 talk. Good Lord, can we get R&R elected and then give them a year or so before we dump them?

    • Riley4Palin

      Palin has been telling everyone for quite some time Anybody But Obama.  I wish some of her hard core supporters would just listen to her words and follow her lead.  Palin is willing to give Romney a chance to prove himself to be what the country needs right now.  All you have to do is watch how Romney has handled this latest crisis and realize quickly that his response has been 100% better than anything that has come out of the current White House or State Dept.

    • Firelight

      Nah, not starting anything.  She chose not to run for her reasons and I am sure the GOPe had some to do with it but bottom-line it was her choice.

      While I still wish she had run I don’t believe she ever had a super secret plan to stage a coup at the convention (a coup is different than a legit brokered convention of which chances died in April). That is not her style. 

      My advice to everyone who can’t let it go is that the primary is over.  Get to work on building a ground force for 2016 AFTER this election and take it up in the next primary but it’s time to move the fight into the arena that is labeled “beat Obama” and not the “nominate Palin” arena or “sit and sulk” arena.  That time has passed.

      Yesterday was a great example of why we can’t take our ball and go home.  We work with what we have as imperfect a vessel as he is.

      PS – I love your post. Every word of it :)

    • IsraeliCojones

      Best post I’ve read all day. Thank you.

  • Whitney Pitcher

    I know there’s a certain unspoken “Emily Post’s guide” to criticizing a sitting president on foreign policy, and I’m not trying to say Romney’s response was stellar ( though it was tons better than Obama’s), but the media only further reveal their bias with attacking Romney over this. The President blasted Romney’s response to Egypt before blasting what happened in Egypt.Priorities. Plus, Obama tries to not take responsibility for his own state department’s comments. Of course, he probably didn’t authorize the statement personally, but he’s still responsible for it–just like Gov. Palin once brought up about the Secret Service agents in South America and the lavish conferences of one department (I forget which one).  Also, President Obama tweeted a tweet asking for campaign donations before he tweeted anything about 9/11,so he has no room to speak. I know I shouldn’t be surprised by the media response, but it still appalls me.

    I loved Gov. Palin’s interview and FB post. She tells Romney to be severely aggressive, then she gives him an example of how to do so in her Facebook post. Perfect.

    • Riley4Palin

      The lapdog media on Morning Joe were at their very best this AM ripping Romney for stepping into the fray and then covering for Obama.  It was more sickening than usual. 

      It is quite ironic the same week that the lapdogs (especially Andrea Mitchell) hoisted Hillary Clinton on a pedestal for 2016 to run for President, she makes an appearance today defending the State Department and walking the idiotic statements back because of their own PR screw up of epic proportions.  Yeah…..we all need Hillary as President to apologize and bend over some more after four years of Obama.  Good grief.  Stop the madness.

      Regarding Palin, I laughed at loud when she said severely aggressive on BOR.  A politician at her very best taking on Romney.  The more I think about the Facebook post, the more I am inclined to believe that it was not only a shot across the bow to Obama and Romney, but also to Hillary to tamp down this Presidential nonsense since the initial soft response was completely insane. 

    • Firelight

      I agree Whit.  I knew his statement last night was a bit short and likely in haste but I didn’t doubt the sentiment behind it.  I will fully admit that his press conference this morning was good.  Clearly not as strong as Palin but head and shoulders above Obama’s response.


      • Whitney Pitcher

         Right, and I didn’t necessarily mean that Romney’s was bad. I think he was trying to be cautious since it was still 9/11, and he is the presidential candidate. It is him showing some spine, which is appreciated. The Obama administration’s response was horrible.

  • section9

    Palin has been delivering an unalloyed asskicking to the Sun King over the past 48 hours. It’s about time Romney got a clue and followed up.

    That picture of the U.S. Ambassador being dragged through the streets of Benghazi after being fingered by his Libyan Security Team for murder should outrage all Americans.

    We have seen Palin at her finest, though.

    • blackbird

      I say an eye for an eye and hit a thousand times harder.

    • Lemuel Vargas

      It looks like those Libyans are helping to move the US ambassador to the hospital bacause there were no ambulances going to the area after they shelled the place. So no prejudgments of the Libyans, pls.

      Have come to realize that what the truth is to a person depends on that persons perception of the truth.

  • hrh40

    Rush read Palin’s FB in the third hour – interrupted several times – but he did finish the whole thing because he said it was good.

    • Riley4Palin

      Oh noes!!  Rush mentioning Palin’s Facebook ripping Obama a new one on the same day the MSM is trying their best to cover for Obama.  This is too damn delicious. 

      Thank God we have a few on our side that know that the MSM is as much as an enemy as the Dems.

  • Pete Petretich

    I hope Romney and Sarah Palin keep attacking Obama in tandem the way they did in the last 24 hours. Working from different directions they could drag that sucker down better than any other team of opinion jockeys could. The idiots in the MSM wouldn’t know which way to turn their fire!

  • RefudiateGOPe

    • Firelight

      I just love this.  I loved it when they made it and I still love it, lol!

  • Riley4Palin

    Romney should be nailing Obama every chance he gets for flying off to another fundraiser today while our own Americans were murdered in cold blood.

    Funny that Obama and Biden have to mention that Osama Bin Laden is dead every three seconds to pump their own chests, but don’t seem to give two shits that our own people were slaughtered in the hands of other countries who don’t like us very much.

    How f*** up is this anyway?

  • c4pfan

    Wait a minute, when Mitt dropped out in 2008, Nancy French was already planning for 2012?

    “Of course, that didn’t happen.  When Gov. Romney dropped out of the race back in 2008 during a Washington, DC speech, I wasn’t there. I felt oddly bereft as I sat in front of the television trying to process the announcement.  “You see, kids,” I said, trying to put on a cheerful face, “we lost this one, but we’ll have another shot at it in 2012.”  I don’t think they quite grasped what I was going through.”

    I’m sorry, but I STILL don’t get this stuff.  Nancy French, who worked for Romney, works for Bristol and Sarah still wasn’t invited to the convention?  Anyone else totally confused with this bull? You can’t make this stuff up.

  • MJosephSheppard

    Extract from link:

    Planet Leftist New Theme “Palin is Darth Cheney/Emince Gris Behind Romney (But”Irrelevant” Also)

    If one searches “Sarah Palin” on Twitter a continuous stream of, almost word for word attacks on Palin and Romney appear in a seemingly endless chain-it is all so patently obvious as to be embarrassing. The gist being that Palin is a has been who should “shut up” (expressed in filthy language) and stay in Alaska where she can (and it’s so very very tired isn’t it) “see Russia from her house.”

    But in planet bizarre leftist world a new them has appeared along the lines of “Romney has an opinion on Libya which he will stick to unless Palin makes a new Facebook note.” This idea that Palin is the Dick Cheney evil mastermind behind Romney takes some mental gymnastics to wrap your mind around though.Up till now the theme was that Palin was “Sarah who” being cancelled by Fox, not invited to speak at the GOP convention and shunned by the GOP establishment, and now eclipsed by Paul Ryan and soon to fade into obscurity. The new Dem line is that the supposed incompetence of Romney is making “Palin look a genius” and that Ryan is a liar who makes Palin, even though she is supposedly an idiot was at least sincere.”

    There are so many anti-Palin themes running at once and running in contradictory relation to each other that it is dizzying trying to get a handle on just where the left is coming from. One thing is certain though,  the attacks keep coming, (see also the “lamestream media” e.g. Capeheart and Taylor Marsh and the very odd Mataconis)  against a supposedly  irrelevant VP candidate from a losing team from four years ago.The question why almost answers itself doesn’t it.

  • blackbird

    Deck of Cards –

    • Firelight

      That is really cool. 

      I actually heard a similar story like that growing up in church.  I think I remember it being told that the soldiers would use the deck of cards as their Bible as a way to not be detected by the enemy as Christian and that the method was easily taught to the Jewish soldiers during the WWII so they would not be detected. 

      I don’t know how true all that is but I have definitely heard that story before.  This guy does a great job of re-telling it.

      • blackbird

        I never heard of the story of the deck of cards but have seen this video some years ago and today it popped in my inbox. That is interesting what you heard and I won’t doubt it.

  • MJosephSheppard

    Political Editor at USA Today, Paul Singer made these comments inter alia (video at link above) in response to the question “Will Sarah Palin ever run for president again?””I would not count her out by any stretch of the imagination. She still has tremendous influence and is popular with Tea party members. She may be back.”

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