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Random Friday

Good Morning!



By now you all know how my mind flows from one thought to the other with complete randomness at times. Kind of like the Romney campaign. Do not get me wrong, I am all about the Romney love since I badly want him to win, but his campaign kind of moves from one thing to the other without doing anything really well, much like my train of thought.

In honor of all that dough Mitt is spending on advisers who are so random in their focus, I decided to just let my mind go in setting up this post. Enjoy!

I haven’t been as focused on the national news this week as things are kick butt awesome interesting in a little town just up the road from me. Seems some cheerleaders at the football is a religion in Texas event  football game had a banner for the team to run through at the start of the game with a, GASP, scripture verse on it.

Well, you know the drill…some idiot (probably not from my VERY Bible belt area) complained and now it is getting very interesting. Here is a picture of the horrible, vile banner these girls did for the team to run through (major eye roll here)


My Facebook page exploded when this happened a couple of Fridays ago. The community was excited and supported it. The girls then doubled down on expressing their free speech the next week with this banner…..

The superintendent consulted the “legal department” and put a stop to anymore Bible verses being put on run through banners. Now, knowing this little town, which is a short drive from my house, that is LOL and I am throwing a bulls**t flag.

Legal department?


I think he meant “my buddy lawyer who I ask for legal advice regarding school issues every now and then said I needed to stop this crap”. No way they have a legal department!

The girls tripled down when they showed up at the girls volleyball game with signs with Bible verses on it and it just gets better and better and better and better…I am real close to needing to pop extra popcorn for this news story. It is even getting national attention which is a huge deal in my little podunk area of Texas.

I also have a close inside source in the locker room that says the football boys are 100% behind and cool with what the girls are doing. Can you say FREE SPEECH?

Still getting a brain ache wondering how out of touch someone would have to be to think a Bush could ever win a national election in this country again. Holy cow.

The weather is turning cooler here earlier than usual (thank you global warming) and I am about to officially declare this hurricane season over! YEAH!

I’m putting a lot of stock in the debates. I hope Mitt is prepping well and ready to blast and broadside Obama with lots of facts and figures on his sorry butt excuse for running a country the last 4 years. Obama doesn’t do well when “questioned” or when criticized. Team Mitt needs to cram all the crappy news up O’s rear in these debates in an informative way. I can see Obama losing his cool now that he has a record someone can debate him on.

Really craving Tex Mex food right now. Man, I love me some good Tex Mex!

I am planning on buying the new book by Chuck and Chuck Jr. Heath the day it comes out. I am excited and hoping I learn a few thing about the Governor I did not already know.

Have a great weekend.



6 points is a “slight” lead…..oooooooooookay.

I’m listening…….

No need to ask me daily, I never approve of what he is doing on any given day.

But I thought the election was over? It was a tie? What is the tie breaker?

Make your vote count! Vote third party!

What a dog!

Wow. And I think I’m all that doing the water rides at Schlitterbahn….

Flipping unbelievable.

Girl power, LMBO! You got your a** kicked by a girl, you wuss.


  • blackbird

    Thanks for the news round up Lipstick.

    Romans 1:16
    For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.

  • LS as guest

    Good morning.  Here’s an interesting analysis/forecast of the GOPe by, of all people, Scott Rasmussen: 

    • hrh40

       “If Romney loses in November, the Republican base will no longer buy the
      electability argument for an establishment candidate. From the view of
      the base, the elites will have given away an eminently winnable
      election. Someone new, from outside of Washington, will be the party’s
      nominee in 2016.”

      that rules out ryan or rubio …

      • Bean Counter

        “From the view of the base, the elites will have given away an eminently winnable election.”

        That’s the entire issue distilled into one powerful sentence, and the sole reason so many grassroots conservatives/tea party types have been beating our collective heads against the GOP wall lo these many months.

      • OldPat

         But not ole Jeb.  Can you spell ‘transparent’?  Is Ras just buying the butter for his bread, HRH?

  • section9

    Nice roundup, Lipstick.

    You don’t expect Romney to actually win a debate based on who hands out more Free Stuff to the Broad Masses of Workers and Peasants, do you?

    Didn’t think so. This is Mittens we’re dealing with here.

    Just trying to remind everyone that we don’t live in a Republic of industrious yeoman farmers and small shopwrights with flintlocks at the ready anymore.

  • LS as guest

    Oh, and I wish the third-party vote would be that inconsequential, but between Johnson and Goode it’s polling at 6% in VA, which could be vital.

  • Pete Petretich

    Good news for Sarah Palin…

    “Romney May Be the End of the Line for the Republican Establishment”

    • Firelight

      So it sounds like win or lose the GOPe will be toast.  We can’t afford for Romney to lose.

      • Guest

         Firelight, I am sorry. I don’t see how the gopE is toast. The rule change at the convention coupled with how powerful Tokyo Rove’s rolodex of billionaires becomes thanks to Citizens United, pile on the propaganda from Roger Ailes FOX News and where do we come out any different?

        • c4pfan

          I agree with you!  People are dreaming about them being toast!  It’s the conservatives that became toast with this Primary!

        • Firelight

          I was commenting on what the article was referring to.  The article made is sound like either way the GOPe was toast.

          You and I both know that isn’t true and what surprises me is that so does the author of that article.  Rasmussen doesn’t believe a word that he wrote.

          My point was that we can’t afford to have Romney lose.  I am still trying to figure out what Rasmussen’s motivation was for writing that piece.

          • Guest

             Okay, thanks.

    • blackbird

      “The Republican base is looking for someone like a 21st century Ronald Reagan, who will display his faith in the American people” memo to Scott, they have found her.

  • BostonBruin

    Good morning!

    Watched just a few minutes of the debate last night between Scott Brown and Liz Warren. There was so much he-said she-said back-and-forth, it was like watching a tennis match. I’d think that undecided voters got a bit dizzy.

    Anyway, Liz Warren is so soft-spoken and somewhat frail-looking. It’s hard to see her having any influence on the Senate floor. She appears to be a weaker and less-qualified candidate than Martha Coakley. Looks good for Brown to hold his seat, but not by a lot.

    Well, this is interesting. It appears that Sarah Palin was in Las Vegas yesterday and I just noticed that Mitt Romney will be speaking in Las Vegas today. Hmmmm….

    • LS as guest

      Interesting indeed.

    • Firelight

      I am praying to G-d that Romney is wise enough to seek Sarah’s counsel.  P.R.A.Y.I.N.G.

      • blackbird

        Maybe there is some secret meeting planned, maybe Romney will ask the Governor to hold a BBQ event in Colorado and in the other swing states, LOL just my inner conspiracist self thinking out loud, it’s Friday after all.

      • BostonBruin

        I thought it was very enlightening when SP said a few weeks ago that she had no hachet to bury with Romney. Either she knows that the attacks from his people were instigated by Jeb Bush or she’s forgiven Romney because ABO.

      • section9

        We’re talking about Mitt Romney here, Firelight. He should have asked Palin to step in three weeks ago.

        This is terminal.

        What you wrote once rings true: Palin never goes where she isn’t wanted. More’s the pity.

        • Firelight

          There are a LOT of “shoulds” with Mitt when it comes to Palin but the question is what is he going to do now…

          With the Bushies publicly throwing him to the wolves, I can’t see why he would remain so faithful.  At the very least he should put Palin on the trail with Ryan even if he can’t bring himself to defy the Bushies enough to be seen with her himself.  Palin and Ryan together would draw a HUGE crowd.

  • OldPat

    Trying to put reins on Lipstick’s run-a-way train she calls her thought process would be like harnessing the wind – can’t be done.  LOL.

    Hope she’s right about those debates, but I think ole Mitt may be too busy kissing it to realize he should be putting a foot in it.  It, of course, = BO’s rear end.

    Truth is, I think the ole ‘possum is going to follow his usual MO, and we will have to try to drag his sorry carcass across ther finish line first with no help from him. 

  • LS as guest
  • section9

    What Pete posted below!

    Bear in mind, both Firelight and I and a bunch of others have been expecting the stab in the back from the Establishment towards Mitt for some time. If Romney loses, there will be a civil war in the Party. The question is whether Palin is ready to fight that war, or leave and start a new conservative Party.

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Good morning!

    Lipstick, I like that those cheerleaders are standing firm on their freedom of speech. :) I haven’t seen that kind of stuff here in central Illinois which overall is a center right part of the state. I do laugh though about one of the area schools,a public high school, where a friend of mine teaches and has been an assistant football coach in the past.  Their big rival is one of the Catholic powerhouses–usually one of the top ranked teams in the state. This Catholic school recruits athletes, gives scholarships, and is pretty expensive to attend. Most of the people associated with the school, students included, have a bit of an arrogance to them. Anyway, my friend’s school had shirts printed up that has the school’s football logo or something similar to that on the front, and on the back, it says ” God loves us for free”. It gave me a little bit of a chuckle and a smile that a public school would do that, even if it was a tongue-in-cheek knock at their Catholic school rivals. 😉

    It’s been interesting to hear the governor talk foreign policy lately. Her foreign policy–“Palin doctrine” speech in the Spring of 2011 certainly made it clear that she doesn’t want any part of the neocon approach to foreign policy. Of course, just before that she had gotten rid of Randy Schunemann, her foreign policy adviser who worked on the McCain/Palin campaign–one of the guys who still defends her, but has a different view on military involvement than she had. Last night you could tell she really just wants to get our troops and our money out of those areas. I don’t think that she’ll ever go isolationist like Ron Paul, but she’s definitely carving out a spot as one who really doesn’t want to believe that America should be the world’s policemen like a lot of GOPers do.No doubt having a son in Afghanistan especially at this time weighs heavily on her mind.

    • Gelston

      Sherman did noy say “War is H**L”
      He said “War is all H**L”

      Sherman was called crazy for his vision of war. You either create a h**l that the enemy can’t withstand (see also “shock and awe”) or you lose.

      My Gelston family marched with Sherman. They could create such h**l that he chose them to be the first to enter Atlanta and raise the flag over the city.

    • blackbird

      I was searching for Sarah’s comment when she said something to the effect of, if Karzai or Governments don’t want us there then we should get out.

      With a President Palin, America’s financial and foreign policy disastrous situation will rebound imo much faster than the experts will predict.

      With a President Palin, America’s best days are most certainly ahead, the future is a bright one with peace through strength.

  • hrh40

    great morning commentary as usual, guys. thanks, lip, and everyone!

  • Bean Counter

    Glad to see, from both Lipstick and Whitney, that there are still young folks who will, unashamedly, stand up for freedom of speech. I’m likewise proud of the University of Tennessee, who told an atheist organization in Madison, WI (What is in the water up there? Riley?) to eat dirt when they whined and issued a complaint because a prayer is said over the loudspeakers before every home football game. The pre-game prayers are going to continue. Link to news story here:

    Loved Gov. Palin’s remarks last night. And yeah, the Vegas thing is curious. However, I think Romney and his all-knowing and all-powerful advisers would never lower their standards to seek her counsel, although they would be wise to do so. She’s on the record as endorsing the ticket; she owes them nothing more and, frankly, I don’t want her in the line of fire if Romney loses. The establishment will find a way to blame her anyway if that happens. Oh, and I have now seen THREE Romney bumper stickers. The tide is turning here in this red state! There is an official Romney headquarters literally around the corner from me, it’s been there for a couple of weeks, and I still have seen only 3 bumper stickers and one yard sign.

    Have a great Friday, good buddies, and go eat some candy or something productive.

    • Gelston

      yay dirt

    • Riley4Palin


      A weekend in Madison, WI should be on anyone’s bucket list.  It must be in the city and on State Street during the college season so that you can get a good glimpse of liberal professors in their wacked out glory, dirt bag grungy liberals with greasy hair sipping their coffee spouting more wacked out beliefs, and plenty of out of town and out of state parents walking around in their Badger Sweatshirts after the football games wondering what the hell they are paying for these days to get their children educated.

      You will go home needing a high-powered/high-temp body wash with scrub brushes to get rid of the cooties.  We head up there a couple times a year (always in the summer time) to see how the other half lives and enjoy the Farmer’s Market and walking around the Capitol.  Luckily, the majority of the real wackos are hibernating during this time of year and we usually have a very nice and relaxing time.

  • Riley4Palin

    Morning All!

    I had a weird vibe from the beginning of the Palin interview last night.  Perhaps it was my disappointment that she came on after those key east coast Romney advisors finally thought it might be a good idea that they express some real outrage and passion against this Administration’s foreign policy.  Sununu seems to be the only attack dog out there these days. Um, that is not enough.  You cannot have one attack dog and a bunch of golden retrievers and poodles with pink bows going up against Obama and the rest of his inept Administration. P.S.  Get a freakin’ normal haircut already Sununu.  The long wavy hair and elitist aura takes away from your messege to middle America.

    As for Palin’s interview, it was just okay for me.  Maybe it was because her job/subject matter was to discuss the ongoing apology tour, but that is not any real news.  Is anyone really that surprised that the Obama Administration is using tax payer dollars to say “We’re sorry, oh, soooo sorry.”  Why not hit dingbat Hillary over the head along with Obama last night?  She is the one who made the video afterall.  I guess I expected more from ‘Cuda.  She seemed too reserved.

    Having said that, I am glad she expressed her own personal opinion about the troops and how they are not being utilitzed properly.  Yes, bring them home when you see no end in sight and you have an Administration bowing down to countries, apologizing, and more worried about hurting their feelings instead of protecting your own men and women in uniform.

    One last thing I found very interesting.  She called Obama a politician, not a leader.  A few thoughts danced in my head after I heard that comment.  I believe the shift in how she will market herself will continue.  Perhaps she has decided against running for public office ever again?  Perhaps she has new plans in the private sector?  Perhaps she really does plan to run as the outsider down the road?  Who knows, but she never really says anything without a deeper meaning.

    • BostonBruin

      “Perhaps she has decided against running for public office ever again?”

      A few weeks ago she made some comments that make me think the answer to this question is that she does not want to run for public office in the future. That’s when she said she despises politics, can’t stand to be around politicians and would rather work to unlock Alaska’s natural resources.

      O/T: What do you think of the poll which showed Tammy Baldwin with a 9 point lead over Tommy Thompson? Looks like the Democrats were way over-sampled.

      • Riley4Palin


        The Senate race is much closer than that, so is the Presidential election.  I would say it is within 2-4 points.  Thompson has a few problems right now, which doesn’t mean he still can’t close the deal, but it is more difficult now.

        1)  He spent all is money during the primary and now needs to re-group.  He hasn’t had much advertising of late and Baldwin has been flooding the airwaves with her national money.  She has a crap load of money to play with until election day.

        2)  The TP supporters never wanted Thompson, we wanted Eric Hovde.  Thompson is a Bushie wimp/moderate and we all know that; therefore the passion is not there for him like it is/was for Gov. Walker.

        3)  Another red flag went up for me when Thompson was quoted the other day blaming Romney for his lower poll numbers.  WTF?  It sounded weak and Obama-like to pass the buck.  Then I got to thinking that he is a Bushie and that sounds about right.  Put it all on Romney and keep your hands clean.  Idiot.  He is running against a freakin’ extreme liberal.  He has no real excuses not to be ahead if he was running a good campaign.

        We shall see, but our state is still full of enough liberals who like free things so it will be close.

        • ProudAmerican247

          You may be right in all you say, Riley.

          It’s up to Thompson to win or lose this one.

          I didn’t vote for him either, but we’re stuck with him now. 

          We need to finish the job on these radicals in Wisconsin. Kick their butts out.

          “Anyone but Baldwin”.

        • pete4palin

           For some reason, moderates do best attacking conservative candidates. After that…..

        • section9

          If you wanted the Romney people to bail on Wisconsin, you would put out this poll. I’m suspicious of it.

      • ProudAmerican247

        “Looks like the Democrats were way over-sampled.”

        Got that right Boston.

        Baldwin isn’t going to beat Thompson.

        She’s gonna get the same shellacking the other radicals got in the 2010 midterm elections and the 2012 Recall MAJOR FAIL continued the shellacking.

        And the icing on the cake will be the shellacking b.o. WILL GET on November 6th in Wisconsin.


    • Whitney Pitcher

       Sununu just reminds me of an older Chris Christie.

    • section9

      I believe it was that her big problem was with politicians. Palin herself is a leader. Huge difference.

      However, as Aristotle rightly pointed out, man is a political animal. You can’t get there from here without the politics. Palin is fated for this role, I suspect, and will always be drawn to it, whether she likes it or not. This is what leaders do.

      Palin’s point is that we are led today by a faux-leader, a normal politician who was jumped up by more powerful men to be much more than he was ever capable of being. We are paying to price for our gullibility and greed in 2008. She is simply too polite to point that out.

      However, this is always true: the people get the kind of government they deserve.

      Sarah Palin could never just sit home and watch her country fall apart, no matter what she says publicly. It just isn’t in her. That’s why she’s not dropping out of politics.

      • indemind

        YEP!… Right On…

  • blackbird

    Many Muslims today are not happy!

    They’re not happy in Gaza
    They’re not happy in Egypt
    They’re not happy in Libya
    They’re not happy in Morocco
    They’re not happy in Iran
    They’re not happy in Iraq
    They’re not happy in Yemen
    They’re not happy in Afghanistan
    They’re not happy in Pakistan
    They’re not happy in Syria
    They’re not happy in Lebanon

    So, where are they happy?

    They’re Very happy in Australia
    They’re happy in New Zealand
    They’re happy in the UK
    They’re happy in Canada
    They’re happy in the US
    They’re happy in France
    They’re happy in Germany
    They’re happy in Italy
    They’re happy in Sweden
    They’re happy in Denmark
    They’re happy in Norway

    So, they’re happy in every country that is not Muslim.

    And who do they blame?

    Not Islam.
    Not their leadership.
    Not themselves.


    Well Stuff Me, have I missed something here??

  • Bill589

    I know I’m a novice at this stuff, but still – a year and a half ago I wrote that I believe, in 2013, we will have either O or SP as president. I hope I was wrong.

    With O’s broken promises, failures, and unconstitutional actions – how the flip can he win?
    Answer: The GOP nominates the coreless ‘Massachusetts Obama’ to run against him.

    I still think an empty soup can should be able to beat O.   I’m just not sure MR can.
    God help us and save our republic.

  • Bill589

    The last half-dozen or so comments of mine have been very negative. I never want to be a ‘downer’ to others. It’s just very hard for me to write something ‘positive’ about MR or the GOP.

    Instead of just pointing out how bad O is, I wish MR would be a little more specific about what he will do to improve things; maybe I’ll be able to argue FOR MR, instead of just AGAINST O.

    A wise person once said that it is not just the replacing of O that is important, but who and what we replace O with.  I know we want to replace O with MR, but I don’t know what that really means.  I wish MR would tell me, but I don’t even think he knows what that means.

    Maybe tomorrow I’ll think of something positive to say.

    • BostonBruin

      This article gives an idea of what President Romney will undertake in his first 100 days.
      Specifically, he plans to (1) repeal Obamacare, (2) overhaul the tax code and (3) produce a deficit reduction package consisting primarily of entitlement reform.
      His transition team has already got the ball rolling with Boehner and McConnell on these tasks. I also think Paul Ryan’s experience and working relationships with the House committee leaders should help get stuff thru the legislative process.
      In addition, I would expect him to immediately approve the Keystone pipeline, extend the Bush tax cuts, reign in the EPA (stopping the war on coal) and who knows what else (perhaps demand that Bernanke immediately stop QE3).
      Obviously, his success will hinge on us getting control of the Senate.

      • Bill589

        Obviously you have hope that he will uncharacteristically keep his word. I hope for this too, but it’s hard for me to expect it.

        I know he said he will repeal Obamacare. And then he says he will keep some of it. Or maybe not. Or maybe he will. He likes the ‘can’t deny coverage for preexisting conditions’ part, so he’ll keep that. Well, last week he said that he’ll keep some parts including that. I can not say I’m 100% sure about his position this week.

        Everybody wants to overhaul the tax code and says entitlement reform is needed. What is his way and why is it best?

        When I think I understand his position from ‘MittRomneyCentral, FoxNation, or other Rombot site, Mitt says something different in a new interview or speech. I think he is in a constant state of, ‘Going Wobbly.’

        He doesn’t have to agree with Reagan or Palin about issues, but he needs to begin painting with bold colors like they did/do. Take a stand and lead an offense.

        I believe a nominee Palin would be at Obama’s throat so much that it would be all he could do to try to defend himself. There is just so much truth to attack him with. O would be politically shredded by November.

    • meloryscott

      Hi Bill

      Disqus placed my reply to you at the top of the page.

    • Firelight

      I don’t think you have been overly negative.  None of us are happy that Romney is the nominee. I think any conservative that is happy is fooling themselves.

      I’m really not sure if we will get a chance to argue FOR Romney.  I like some of his ideas on paper. I’m not convinced he would actually follow thru with them without a conservative House and Senate.  So, arguing against O is pretty much the winning argument for me.

      Also fighting to make sure that we have that conservative House and Senate is very important.

      Never apologize for wanting a conservative candidate.  Yes, we have to vote for Mittens but we don’t have to like it.

  • Riley4Palin

    Obama/MSM War Room

    Axelrod:  Romney released his taxes today.

    Obama:  How good were they for our narrative?

    Jarrett:  Well Sir, not very good at all.  We may have to ask for help from our friends.

    Chris Matthews:  What do you need?  We can spin it in our favor. He still hid this information for a long time.

    Harry Reid:  I hope noone looks into how much I gave to charity.

    Obama:  Me neither.

    Nancy Pelosi:  Me three.

    Axelrod:  We’ve got a ton of money tied up into commercials about hiding his taxes.

    Plouffe:  We’ll have to re-group quickly.  How about another Jay Z and Beyonce fundraiser?

    Hillary Clinton:  How about we make a video tape apologizing for all of us in this room not paying enough to charity?  Perhaps then we won’t be perceived as damn hypocritical cheapskates who only know how to spend other people’s money.

    Palin:  Brilliant idea Hillary!

  • MJosephSheppard

    I thought I’d draw your attention to this strange phenomenon. I posted an article back in December 2010, when Palin running was a possibility, which showed a path (map) to 270 EV’s for her.

    It received a bit of attention but nothing unusual. However in the last two months it has had substantial interest& is up to 10,000 page views. I posit that it means that in the last two months thousands who were OK with ABO now think that Romney will lose and are looking to 2016 to see if a conservative can win.

    Scott Rasmussen’s article at Townhall today reflects, imo that thinking too. Anyway that’s the only interpretation I can come up with for such a strange phenomenon-I can’t believe there has ever been such growing, under the radar, interest in an alternative candidate scenario in the heat of a campaign.

    Here’s my original post and the latest conjecture on what the new interest means

    Here is Rasmussen’s post;

  • meloryscott

    Bill it is really a sad day when a conservative American feels he has to apologize for speaking truth to power.  What is even sadder is that it is fellow conservatives that make you feel like a bad person because you have legitimate criticisms for a politician like MR. 

    Never surrender any of your rights and freedoms as an American, no politician is worth it.  We don’t win  by surrendering our rights.  Our country will  survive only if we stay true to our principles and never surrender our rights and freedoms.

    We especially have to be hard on dictator-wannabees like Romney and Obama. I will vote for Romney, we will win in a landslide, in spite of him.  Don’t believe the polls and the media.

    You have been an encouragement to many with your straight-talk, don’t stop now, you’ll be miserable, and many of us may feel that we are alone.. 

  • Pete Petretich

    ICYMI, “Virginia Gentleman” over at C4P had a heart attack last week, then surgery on Wednesday morning. This is the latest update on his condition from Mrs. Virginia Gentleman which was posted four hours ago:

    “Hello all of VG’s friends, sorry that I have been so slow at getting you all up dated on his condition.  the sugery went well.  Only did a trible-bypass.  He has been moved back to the step down unit today with a hoped for discharge for sunday or monday.Forgive me for not reading all of your messages tonight.  Iworked a 10 hr day and I am very tired so good night to you all and thank you again for your prayers.  He is looking forward to getting back and talking to you all himself.”

  • cookboy

    Outstanding post, Lip! And I too love me some good TexMex. 817 in particular.

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