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Super Sized Weekend – Updated

Happy weekend everyone!

Whew! I am sooo ready for this weekend.  This week was crazy.  Far be it for life to ease me back in to a busy schedule after my relaxing and laid back summer.  Nooooo, my life went from 0 to 60 in 2 seconds last Monday.  The RNC, my kid’s school, of course my little guy picks up a virus or something the first day back and yesterday had a high fever.  He still doesn’t feel good and is running a low grade temp.  So needless to say I am behind on my to-do list!

So I’m keeping it short so everyone can get out and enjoy the weekend.

Quick News:

Look who has Sarah’s back

That’s not suppose to work this way…  darn cellphone recorders…

Exactly… it’s OK to laugh at Obama…

Heh… I like his speech even more for it now that I know the back story…  go rogue Mr. Eastwood…

Looks like Joe might have actually struck some gold…

You don’t say


OK, so I have finally gotten time to post some pictures from Gov. Palin’s rally for Kirk Adams last Monday.  I apologize for my lateness on this.  I want to thank Susiepuma for the pictures.






I’ve had some readers write in telling me that the Governor handled her own makeup, hair and overall look. The crowd size seemed great. It was very hot and a few people were taken away in ambulances.  I did find out that the crowd could hear her but could not hear Hannity at all so they did not know what questions she was asked. She also stayed and worked the crowd for a VERY long time and really looked like she was enjoying herself.



She’s ready to shake it…

Great video on RNC Powergrab… (h/t IsraeliCojones)

This is joyful…  NOT!

heh… think I’ll pray for LOTS of rain for Charlotte…

Poor, poor Mikey… lol…

This angers me because Bolton is right…

I stand with Bebe

I’ve made no secret that I think Todd Akin is a dumbass but Rove is evil…

Doug has a great post on why Romney is going to have some big regrets…

In my opinion, this man is the intellectual mind of the conservative party…

Great article from some CO delegates on the rules changes fight… these are my peeps!!  Notice they work Palin’s name in… makes me smile :)

Q & A with Bristol... I have the same goal as she does… I strive not to gain 5 lbs every day too…

I might have to watch this speech by Billy boy… I am amused that he is playing “keep away” from Obama, lol…


OK, enjoy your long weekend everyone!  I’ll update this post as we get more news this weekend.



  • cookboy

    I hope the little one perks up quickly. And that you all have fun laboring.

  • section9

    Take care of the young lad. Hope he gets well soon!

  • Guest

    Sorry to hear that the little one is under the weather. Hope he gets well soon.

  • c4pfan

    Love the pic you used for the thread!  Too funny.

    Have a great 3 day weekend everyone!

  • indemind

    Good morning Palinistas…from beautiful Carlsbad, CA.  … *_*

    By the way, Firelight … awesome news roundup… hope your little one feels better. 

    Hope everyone has a safe and blessed labor day weekend.

    Palin -“If you love your freedom, thank a Vet.”   

    ¸.*SarahAmerica *¸
    .¸.¤*¨¨*¤.¸¸.¸.¤*¨¨*¤. …………  Not4Sale                                              

    Palin-“There is no limit to what we can accomplish when we don’t care who gets the credit.”

  • senator20526

    Morning all….Sarah must really be enjoying the heat….she is still here in Az. as far as I know…Could be spending time with Willow while she goes to hair school…..Well, today is Sept. 1, the opening of Dove hunting season in Arizona…..Most all the hotels and motels are full of dove hunters from all over the country…The high temperature today is expected to be 99 in the great desert Southwest…Really feel sorry for old Bark-Bark, having to give up fundraising in Ohio, to fly to NO. and pretend to care about the flood victims……but not a word from the press, like they howled about W not being there the day after…..Well you guys and gals  have a wonderful day and play nice…

  • IsraeliCojones

    Repost from C4P:


    Another must see link.

    This Delegate is from CO and Firelight can be proud.

    The end is particularly interesting. Even during the Delegates’ count for the Nomination, it was forbidden to utter Ron Paul’s name on stage.

    I’m not a Paul fan by any means, but WTF?

    Republican Delegate from Colorado Jeremy Strand Interview with Watchdog Wire

    • Firelight

      I have an enormous smile on my face.

      I know Jeremy. He is also a Palin supporter.  He has a VERY bright future in politics here in CO.  He is not a Paul nut, he is a Paul supporter but more of a conservative tea party person and not a tin foil person. 

      This can be shown by the fact that he did not vote for Paul at the convention. We had 8 delegates abstain from voting.  They did not vote for Romney.  They did that because Paul was not on the ballot.  Voting for him would not have been counted so yes, technically they could have voted for anyone BUT abstaining was a direct slap at Romney.  In reality it isn’t really any different than voting for Paul or someone else as far a numbers go but to Romney, it was a direct insult.  They did not like the rules power grab. They wanted Romney to know it.

      Jeremy is a great guy.


      • IsraeliCojones

        Yes he seems so. It really warms the heart to see such motivation. I really really liked this interview. If this is the future of the GOP on the ground, I say “More of it!”. They won’t be able to impose their will forever.

        By the way, you’ve got mail, because I’ve posted something here which should have been amended before posting but I forgot. So with your permission…

  • IsraeliCojones
    • Firelight

      You can add this article to your list.  I love my CO delegates. The three main interviewees are all Palinistas and kept me posted thru out the rules fight.  I love how Dudley worked Sarah’s name into the article, lol!

      • IsraeliCojones

        I very certainly will in my next posting (meanwhile please correct the h/t :) please)

        I’ve just found a very interesting take on all this but I cannot post it right now ’cause I have to get some sleep. Just this: we may learn some things in the coming days…

  • TEXs

    Glenn Back  is a low life,back stabbing scumbag,POS!!!

    He insulted Governor PALIN many,many,many……..times….

    Firelight,why in the world would you ever mention,and by doing that promote
    this despicable snake oil salesman’s web site???!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Firelight

      You would suggest I get news from where?  Even Breitbart has had unfavorable Palin articles in the past. I don’t think there is a single news source (that isn’t 100% Palin) that hasn’t at one time or another run some anti-Palin or snarky Palin story.

      The Blaze has some good writers too and has many pro-Palin stories on it.  I don’t link to anything that Beck himself writes or records. 

      • Gelston

        you get 10 plus points for the great dog picture – I love it – so that wipes out all your negative points for the weekend. …. not that there are any minus points.

      • TEXs

         Whatever you do in getting news,please,don’t get it from the well known back stabbing
        slimeball , crocodile tears weeping phony,the no good creepy snake oil salesman.

        I know you are much smarter than that!!!

        • Firelight

          I look at who writes the byline.  I am not so ignorant as to boycott all news sites simply because one person has dissed Palin in the past otherwise we would have no place to get our news and we would all be ignorant fools.

          I look at WHO wrote the article. Remember that Jedeidiah Bila and SE Cupp also do work for The Blaze. Do you expect me to boycott them?  That would be a stupid thing to do.

          Please also refresh yourself with the rules of this website.  Calling my intelligence into question is insulting simply because you don’t like a website I linked to even though the article is a good one and the site itself posts more positive article than negative about Sarah.  If you don’t like a site link, skip it and move on like an adult.

          • TEXs

            Oh c’mon firelight,Jedeidiah Bila and Se Cupp haven’t been great fans of Governor PALIN
            since Oct. 5,2011.Like so many others they went looking for paycheck.
             Correct me if I’m wrong.

            I think they are more concerned about their next paycheck than what they really believe.
            That’s fine,it’s their business.

            But it doesn’t mean that I and millions of other Governor PALIN supporters will go along
            with that…….

            SARAH PALIN is the ONLY American politician I trust!!!

            • Firelight

              You are clearly wrong. Jedidiah regularly tweets support for Gov. Palin. She ALWAYS defends Gov. Palin on any show that she is on and SE certainly defends the Gov. when needed including on her online show on The Blaze.

              I’m done with this conversation because clearly you do not know what you are talking about. You haven’t done your homework on the topic and you have set such an unrealistic standard for yourself that you can not possibly be educated on current events since you boycott pretty much every news source out there.  I am surprised that you did not say anything about the link to the New York Times, The Hill or even Joe Miller’s link.

              Next time if you don’t like a link, simply skip it. In fact, you might want to avoid our news round up entirely. 

              • section9

                Some folks over at HA are starting to say that SE Cupp has “gone native” over at MSNBC, mentioning that she’s become a female Scarborough. Bears watching.

                Buchanan, it should be pointed out, never gave an inch while he was on MSNBC.

                • Firelight

                  SE definitely toes the line but I think she learned a long time ago not to cross it or her stock goes way down and she suffers a tremendous backlash from her base of fans.   However, I have heard her defend Palin more than sit silent and on MSNBC that is about the most one could ask for.

                  I think some people expect far too much from people.  They think if people aren’t praising, singing rah, rah and bringing Palin into every conversation that they are dissing her. They also think if someone disagrees with Palin in any way they are dissing her.  I just don’t buy into that idea.  I think that is creepy.  Palin is human. She isn’t perfect and other leaders do great things too and don’t need to be compared to Palin every time.

                • IsraeliCojones

                   Can’t agree more.

  • Pete Petretich

    Sarah said a new party is a real possibility in a recent interview. I don’t give a damn about the Republican party! The “Tea Party” is rather diffuse and has never spoken with one voice.

    Perhaps she will run for President as an Independent, and her organization will morph into an actual, stable party which will endure. I would imagine, though, that they would have to work in tandem/tension with tons of down-ballot Republicans, many of whom are very much “invested” in the currently existing Republican party.

    To my mind, something similar to the Conservative Party of New York State might be ideal, on the national level: 

    CPNYS has been VERY influential, but they have never tried to replace the GOP in New York State. Sometimes CPNYS endorses the same candidate as the GOP of New York State, sometimes they do not. The political dynamic between New York City and “Upstate New York” is similar to the political dynamic between Washington, D,C, and Greater America…

    • pete4palin

       If elected, Romney and company will have the nomination process locked up tighter than Fort Knox four years from now.  She may however, just call herself a Libertarian and use that party label.

      • Pete Petretich

        There’s a group out there called “Libertarians for Life”, but is that party pro-life?

    • fb274

       T.E.A. is a “movement” AND is inclusive of Independents, lots of Democrats, Libertarians and non-affiliated individuals.  Too many think the movement is comprised of only Republicans.

    • Bill589

      Don’t paint Libertarians with one brush; too many appear to do so. 

      Ron Paul is not liked by many of us, sometimes called “Right Libertarians” who are pro-defense, life starts at conception. A constitutional federal government is the big deal – and ‘social conservative’ issues are therefore left to the states and individuals.

      Many of us live ‘social conservative’ lives, but don’t think DC should have anything to do with forcing people to do so. Local and state governments can be used if those issues need addressing. 
      Keep the money and the power out of DC and closer to the people.

  • blackbird

    Thanks susiepuma for the photos and Firelight for putting them up, here is to your little superman getting well soon Firelight.

    Great news roundup, I like Mark Ballas they have a better shot at going all the way this time.

    “This time around I’ll see if she’s willing to try a sexier outfit” is that possible, to wear a more sexier outfit than the last time they were on the show?

  • Pete Petretich

    “23 Million Americans Unemployed. Thank you Clint Eastwood. That is indeed something to cry about…”

  • Michael

    Write these people and demand they renew her contract. Get this to everybody you  can . Do this for Sarah Palin. Call Them and Email Them. Get Everybody You Can To Do This. Do It For, Sarah Palin. Post this at C4P and Everywhere You Can. Thank You, Friends.

    Call FoxNews and Demand They Renew Sarah Palin’s Contract.Phone: 212-301-3000

    Call and Email These Two People Demand They Renew Palin’s Contract.
    Brian Lewis, Executive Vice President Corporate Communications Phone: 212-301-3331 Fax: 212-819-0816 E-Mail:
    Irena Briganti, Group Senior Vice President Media Relations Phone: 212-301-3608 Fax: 212-819-0816 E-Mail:

    • Firelight

      No, sorry I’m not going to do that. 

      First, I believe in free markets and private business.  If Fox wants to renew their contract with Gov. Palin they should.  If they don’t then they shouldn’t. That’s their business.  I’m not “demanding” anything from them.  I can change the channel but I can’t tell them how to run their business. That’s just silly.

      Second, it isn’t my job to protect them from their own stupidity if they decide not to renew her.  There are consequences for them that I am sure they are aware of and I won’t stand in the way of that if they choose that direction.

      Third, I don’t know what Gov. Palin wants.  Maybe she doesn’t want to stay with Fox. Maybe she doesn’t want anyone butting in to her private business dealings.  I would not want to presume to know what she wants and I would never want to interfere with what she has going on.

      Fourth, your actions come across as condescending and patronizing toward Gov. Palin. You act as if she can’t handle these things herself so therefore her supporters (namely you) must step in and save it for her.  That is insulting and doesn’t show very good trust in her on your part.  I believe her to be a smart and saavy business woman who doesn’t need to be rescued so I trust that she will work out a deal that she finds satisfactory to her, whatever that deal may be.

      Fifth, I don’t believe this story anyway.  I don’t believe there is a grain of truth to it. I think this was something Fox threw out there to justify why they sidelined her because they did not want to bring attention to the RNC Powergrab and benched Gov. Palin because they couldn’t be sure that she wouldn’t talk about it on air that day.

      • Michael

        I tend to agree with the Fifth Part.

        • section9

          The point being, she doesn’t need a letter-writing campaign. She’ll do what she’ll do. The entire story was bogus, imho, a planted story by FNC designed to make her look bad. And it may not even have been from anyone at FNC. Consider that.

      • ZH100

        Well said, Firelight!  I agree 100% with your complete post about this issue.

      • Guest

         Excellent post!

    • ZH100

      Michael , no offense but you are promoting a gossip story about Gov.Palin.

      We don’t know anything factual about Gov.Palin’s contract and her negotiations with Foxnews.

      We only have the gossip hit piece story of the NY Magazine;  please don’t promote a false story about Gov.Palin.  

      You are only helping Gov.Palin’s opponents by acting as if the gossip story is true.

    • c4pfan

      I get what your trying to do.  I don’t think you are trying to tell Sarah what to do.

    • TEXs

      Although your intent is good your method is not.

      Governor Palin knows best what she wants to do with FOX.
      Maybe she wants to go on another network and get payed much more than what
      she’s getting now.

      But,but,but……FOX is the only conservative network…….

      No,FOX is not conservative network,never was.It’s just to the right of the lunatic fringe LSM.
      It is a mouthpiece for corrupt GOP establishment.Roger Ailes is card carrying
      Country Club republican,and always was.

      He dislikes Governor Palin for the same reasons all the rest of RINOs hate her.
      FOX business success came easy,they have no competition.

      Sarah Palin should get Donald Trump,Sheldon Adelson,Koch brothers and some
      others and start her own Network,real conservative Network.

      All conservative media talent would run to her and she would bury FOX,at no time.

    • bucky321

      i hope she leaves fox

  • c4pfan

    I wouldn’t fall for the ‘keep away’ thing from Bill Clinton. 

  • Greg Legakis

    God bless Newt Gingrich for vividly describing the Dems extreme positions on abortion during Meet the Press this morning.

    It was awesome and way overdue to hear from high profile Conservatives.

    The GOP establishment are cowards on the truth about abortion.

  • senator20526

     Morning all…….Just back from a wonderful service at church…all is right with the world if you have the blessings of God in your life…….I hope everyone is having a great Labor Day week-end…..Just noticed I am 8 “likes” short of 10.000…so who is going to be the lucky one to reach that mark? Shameless, just shameless…….Don’t forget tomorrow is the finale of Todd’s SES….Well, that’s it for now….have a great day and play nice…

    • Gelston

      congratulations on your 10,000th

  • pete4palin

    A dead cat has a bigger bounce than Romney has!

  • Bill589

    I was just watching a ‘House’ rerun, and a few times in the background stuck on a bathroom wall was what looked like a bumper sticker – saying, “Vote Change”. I checked, and the program originally aired in 2008.

    Coincidence? Was some Hollywood progressive trying to send a subliminal message?
    Nothing about politics surprises me anymore.

    • c4pfan

      No.  They were out and out giving Obama free ads.

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