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Rock On Wednesday

Good morning everyone!
Team Ballin lives on!!  Next week they dance a rock and roll style dance.  From what I understand it seems that this is a 50’s style dance.  I could be wrong but Youtube tells me Rock and Roll style of dance is either this or this.   I’m gonna go out on a limb and rule out the second option simply for the high crazy ass factor…  we shall find out Monday night…

It looks like Gov. Palin is working on another book per People magazine.  It’s a book on fitness which I think would be really interesting and a great counter to Michelle Obama.  Gov. Palin can show her how it is done.  You don’t champion the issue by government takeover…

She tells People:

“Our family is writing a book on fitness and self-discipline focusing on where we get our energy and balance as we still eat our beloved homemade comfort foods!”

Anyone want to bet me some big money that she mentions running in this book?  I say she does.  Any takers???

Great article out of Idaho on Chuck Sr & Jr….

LOVE this picture of Willow and Todd… it is a great batch of photos of the Palin gang as well…

Adrienne has a REALLY important post at C4P… all hands on deck are needed…

Oh Anderson… you were doing so good there for a bit…

How embarrassing to be rejected by a puppet bird…

This is disgusting…  Karma, dude, karma…

Well this is comforting…

What??  You mean people might actually like his roadmap?  and not find him “scary”…

Keep it classy haters…

OK, not bad Willard, not bad…

Liar, liar… this lie is so big I’m waiting to see if she melts or bursts into flames…

This is a MAJOR lie and one I consider darn near impeachable…

She would know…

These guys are smart...

This girl is brave:



Whatever will be, will be…



Have a great day everyone!

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  • Michael

    Whatever will be, will be. Hmm. Hope she runs, the country needs her.I can’t accept the raw deal Sarah Palin has gotten from the GOP. It is straight out of Julius Caesar.

  • Michael

    Why does Sarah Palin except the screwjob that she got from the GOP? Her destiny was stolen from her and now we are gonna return to the Bush style GOP and the Tea Party will be nothing, all because Sarah Palin stayed home.

    • LS as guest

      What would you have her do differently about it?

      Yeah, her own party did a job on her, but on another level I’m sure she knows that politics has in some ways been very good to her and her family.  

      I was deeply disappointed that she didn’t run–and that she didn’t announce a couple of months sooner–but she had to go with her best judgment at the time as to what her family and the situation needed and could give her this round. 

      • LS as guest

        PS  Yeah, I would have had her wonk out seriously these past and future years–maybe with an AEI or Cato Institute think tank position on global energy policy–rather than glamming it up with Bristol and Willow.  But I’m not her and she’s done far, far more for the country than I ever will.

        • hrh40

          Plus, we don’t know that she isn’t wonking it up.

          There are more hours in the day than we see or know about her schedule.

          As her brother said, she’s always busy.

    • cookboy

      If ones destiny is ‘stolen’ it ain’t destiny. Just sayin’.

      • LS as guest

        Ha ha!

  • c4pfan

    Thanks & morning!  Hey, the tab type vid guy asks what every journalist needs to ask her, but won’t!  LOL

  • panchita

    morning y’all. anderson cooper live, went on an epic rant about bristol’s meltdown on dwts. he said he didn’t notice any movement in her forehead.

    what a complete idiot. too much time staring at men, is my guess. she had to have corrective jaw surgery due to a congenital defect of her jaw. the forehead i’ll attribute to her youth.  the left still going bat crazy over Sarah.


  • Lipstick

     My Texan ear almost did not understand a word that guy said who interviewed the Governor.

    I’m betting running will be in the book. :)

    Hopefully it will answer all my weird questions. I am wanting to know if the Governor does run every day…I’m thinking she has to take at least one off day or maybe two for cross training….how the heck does she not get injured? I want to know her secret.

    Any avid runner knows it is very easy to run to much and to often and get injured. The pounding is just to much on the body even if including easy run days.

    Running exclusively also can cause injury due to the fact that you strengthen just the muscles used for running while neglecting others. That is where cross training comes in. Weightlifting, it does not need to be heavy weights just weights to strengthen other muscles, especially the core and upper body.

    This strengthening of non running type muscles makes you a faster runner due to you being able to maintain proper form for longer and being stronger on push off etc. Maintaing proper form makes you more efficient while running which equals to faster times. Also, maintaining proper form cuts down on injuries because you are not doing a funky movement due to being tired and cause injury by moving in an unnatural fashion.

    Even elite runners do extensive cross training with weights.

    I would love to run every day but if I do I get injured. Running about 3 or 4 days a week and cross training three or two days a week with one total rest day with no workout a week keeps me from injury.

    If the Governor is running every day I want to know her secret!!! I believe she cross trains as she mentions spinning on and off and looking at her toned arms those don’t come just from spinning and running so there has to be some weight work……

    Sorry I am rambling now, but at least on topic! I actually need to go do my weights and 50 min on my stationary bike……cross training day today because I ran 4 miles yesterday!

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Hi. Lipstick!!

      I hope all is well with you and yours!

    • c4pfan

      In Sarah Palin’s Alaska, it showed that she also does aroebics.

    • blackbird

      Respect Lipstick.

      I remember the Governor mentioning how she had a tumble and scraped her knees and bruised the palms of her hand in late 2008.

      I would not be surprised if the Governor mentions Yoga as part of her routine as Yoga is very good for balance and more importantly breathing.

    • susiepuma

      I read in Our Sarah that the Gov gets up at 4:00 am and works out in a gym/fitness center, comes home,  fixes breakfast and gets the kids ready for school………….. don’t know her running schedule  but would imagine she fits that in somewhere………………..

    • Riley4Palin

      I remember her being photographed or did a quick interview awhile back about taking up Kick Boxing too.

      Me thinks she does lots of physical activity besides running to stay in that great of shape.  Her body rocks. 

  • BostonBruin

    Good morning!

    “Keep everything in perspective. Stay optimistic and positive and might as well dance!”

    – Sarah Palin

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Good morning, BB!!

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Good morning.

    I have to admit that I was initially ambivalent upon hearing about the fitness book. I would have liked to see a book on how to make government more fit and less obese. 😉 I’m too often an Eeorye though. However, giving it some thought, it should be a good book. Rather than the government nanny-ism a la FLOTUS and Bloomberg, her book would offer health ideas that aren’t based in government overreach, but instead personal responsibility. This is what she’s advocated for as a health policy anyway–even as a governor. I remember this clip from her 2009 State of the State address:

    I’m sure there will plenty about running, but also some on eating healthy, but also enjoying sweets and such in moderation. I still remember one part of an episode of the Alaska show where she busts out the s’more ingredients and said, “this is in honor of Michelle Obama, who said we should not have dessert”. Heh.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Good morning, Whitney!

      I’ll bet you are enjoying another playoff run by your Cardinals!

      My A’s avoided elimination last night be beating Detroit 2-0!

      God bless.

    • Firelight

      S’mores!!!!   You said my magic word, LOL!!!  

      • blackbird

        Couple of days ago you mentioned S’mores Firelight and I did not know what it was so I just want to post a link to S’mores  also National S’mores Day is celebrated yearly on August 10th in the United States.

    • Riley4Palin

      Hmmmm……our Whip was an Eeorye? You don’t say? :)

      How do you know that her book won’t detail how to make government more fit while also attracting less political people (and also the pop culture crowd) with her take on real fitness and yummy nuggets too? That is how I see the book being written. Palin always writes to all audiences so that it can be mass marketed. I don’t see her changing her strategy now.  It doesn’t matter what the topic is….she will always focus her efforts on both politicos and non-politicos to get the most bang and attention.

      She is so shrewd to start the narrative already of being a “Fitness” Book.  That alone should get her on all the national morning shows for promotion. 

    • section9

      Politically, a “fitness book” is a waste of time on Palin’s part. Hate to be so harsh, but this is the kind of endeavor that marginalizes Palin into celebrityhood just as she should be thinking of a new path to power. I know that fitness and food writing endeavors help her to communicate with the Broad Masses, but do they make her acceptable to the common run of citizen as a potential leader? I’m not so sure.

      There are a lot of people all over the Propaganda Ministry today eager to do their level best to marginalize Palin into some sort of fading celebrity desperate to hold on to her waning 15 minutes of fame. I’m not sure that what she has been doing helps her fight that impression.

      These are bloody serious times that call for serious leadership and new solutions for protracted problems. And Palin offers up a fitness book? I hope to G-d there’s something else on the horizon.

      • HerneTheHunter

        Allow me to rant for a minute.

        I have to agree with Section9 here. Of all the things she should be doing, writing a “fitness book” is not the best option AT ALL. I know we are supposed to trust her judgment but as each passing time goes by, am increasingly losing faith about the moves and path she is on.

        It just seems to me and I absolutely HATE to say this, I HATE it, but it seems to me now that she has decided to move away from politics and into celebrity-reality tv hood (maybe am being eeyorish) and I desperately hope am wrong and that I being eeyorish, but what a wasted talent it would be. 

        Think about it, this is not what a person of strong leadership qualities and capabilities, as we all know she possesses does. Every-time I hear about her or see interviews about her, it’s usually in the tabloid sections, where they talk about her in artificial and superficial manners not on the serious topics as someone with serious solutions to the problems we are facing. There are a lot people on the other side who are now saying this move took a long time coming, she’s proving them right, because they predicted this path for her when she left the governorship.

        This will be her third book so to speak and in all honesty neither of them will have been about detailed policy(ies) which at some point one has to write to establish a philosophy and governing doctrine and principle thinking for the masses to understand. I know there’s the Facebook notes, brilliant as they are, but that is not enough.    

        I know the mantra “You don’t need a title to make a difference” but in my humble you do need a title to make a difference, to make the kind of changes we need. Just look at Obama and the difference and changes he’s made to the country, she of all people knows that, as she was the first and prominently to talk about all his “fundamental transformation” of the country. He did all of these with a title, President of the United States of America. Just even getting conservatives elected to Washington is not even enough at these times, she has to be there to be able to bend them to the will of the people and institute the changes and reforms.  

        So, please enough with that mantra! She must understand the perilous times we are in and unless she’s decided that the other side has finally beaten her into the ground and she has moved onto something else, then this path is all wrong.

        I desperately hope am wrong.

  • BostonBruin

    Just posted to Facebook – adorable pic of “the boys” (Tripp and Trig)

    “The boys are busy waiting for mom and mom/grandma to exit the DWTS studio! Thank you to all Bristol & Mark supporters who voted for them to keep on dancing! They honor you.”

    • c4pfan

      They are having so much fun!  Great to see!

    • blackbird

      Best buds for life. They grow so fast.

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    My Dear Friends in Sarah,

    Happy Wednesday to you all!!

    Congratulations to Bristol and Mark for making it to the next week on DWTS!!

    Well my Oakland A’s survived elimination last night. Coco Crisp atoned for his dropped fly ball in Detroit on Sunday with a great, home-run-saving catch. The SF Giants also survived in an extra-inning game in Cincinnati. Exciting stuff!!

    I have a few thoughts to share with you this morning on a passage from Chuck, Sr.’s and Chuck, Jr.’s beautiful and inspiring and informative book, “Our Sarah.”

    On p.12 Chuck, Sr. tells us about the time he was almost killed in an avalanche.

    He writes, “Seconds later, a gust of wind swept across my face. Driven by the onrushing snow, it felt cold and crisp against my skin. A slab came toward my head. I ducked to one side and dodged it. Then, at the last possible moment, the avalanche split in half and swept past me on either side, leaving me untouched. I’ve never seen that happen–before or since.”

    Guys, I do not want this to seem blasphemous, but, when I first read these words, my thoughts raced immediately back in time and space to the ancient Israelites, to the Book of Exodus, to the PARTING OF THE RED SEA.

    May we not see here a certain parallel?

    The Lord once saved His People by parting the turbulent waters.

    On this day, He protected a wonderful human being, the father of our dear Sarah, by PARTING A RAGING AVALANCHE–a miracle, it would seem.

    Further, I do not think it will be an exaggeration to assert that He is, in these very days, effecting and working another miracle.

    An AVALANCHE was headed towards Sarah and her family.

    The avalanche was composed of the massed and icy and death-dealing fury and money and might of both the obama Left and the RINO, GOP-Establishment “right.”

    It is obvious that these two forces, while they may often disagree with each other and even hate each other, in many areas share the same worldviews, and in particular have been possessed of one evil and malignant mind in their vicious and voracious desire to consume and destroy and bury the Governor and all that she so gallantly and gloriously defends, incarnates, and loves!!

    And yet, behold: SHE STILL STANDS; SHE LIVES!!

    Whoever wins the election twenty-seven days from now, Sarah will be uniquely positioned to assert and vindicate the great cause of Constitutional Conservatism.

    If obama wins, it is plain and simple: SARAH 2016.

    If Romney wins, he’d better toe the line, and seek Sudden and Relentless Constitutional Reform. If he reverts to “Moderate Massachusetts Mitt,” IMV, the Governor is going to “hold his feet to the fire.” If this does not work, I am convinced that she will lead millions of Americans in challenging him for 2016, either via a GOP primary Presidential bid, or via a Third Party.

    The point is this:

    BY ALL HUMAN CALCULATIONS AND COMPUTATIONS, she should have been finished long ago.

    But, NO!!

    The Lord has PARTED THE AVALANCHE that was thundering down upon her head.

    The frigid fury and icy ire of the enemy juggernaut has been sundered into its two parts, wicked Left and malicious GOPe; these two mountains of malice have rumbled right on past her, leaving her essentially untouched.

    The very fact THAT WE CAN PERCEIVE THE TWO “WINGS” of the ONE evil power directed at her has constituted a severing and DIVIDING, in our minds and perceptions, of this dire and diabolical force.

    ON THE MENTAL LEVEL, the avalanche has been parted.

    ON THE SPIRITUAL LEVEL, she and her family have escaped its roiling and ruinous rush!!

    The fact that they have thrown all of their hatred, all of their money, all of their machinations at her, and that she stands today stronger than ever in her moral stature and standing, is the work of the Lord’s protecting and sheltering and invincible Hand!!

    He shielded her wonderful dad once upon a time from a physical avalanche.

    He has shielded her in these recent years from a political and spiritual avalanche.

    She stands still.

    Great things lie ahead for her, for us, for all of the American People.

    LAUS DEO–Praise be to God.

    God bless you all always!!



  • Bean Counter

    Because it didn’t show up on the homepage when I logged onto my desktop computer, shameless self-promotion: be sure to read my post ‘Why Dancing With The Stars’ Matters. Here’s a direct link —

    Now that my commercial is out of the way, how’s everybody? The Gov’s upcoming fitness book should be interesting. I just hope she does a book tour and comes back to Nashville. I’d love to take a stack of them to my neighborhood Whole Foods. That should cause more than a few cases of the vapors.

    Well, I’m just full of promotion this morning. Tonight is the premiere of ‘Nashville,’ a drama all about my hometown, 10:00/9:00 Central on ABC. I’ve had real reservations about this show, but have seen the pilot a couple times already and I have to say, it’s very well done and represents the city well, as opposed to most programs/movies about Nashville that keeps pushing the Hee Haw stereotype. Nashville is known as ‘the Athens of the South’ (minus the Greek economy, that is). It’s more than just country music. Anyway, if any of you are so inclined, you might enjoy it. There’s all manner of speculation as to who the main characters were modeled after, and I can go along with at least one of them, from personal experience, but I won’t get into that.

    Y’all have fun out there today…

    • Firelight

      Hmmm – it showed up when I logged on this morning.    Excellent post!!

      I haven’t decided if I am going to watch the new series Nashville.  I’m on the fence about it and will probably make the choice tonight.

    • susiepuma

      Liked your post on DWTS and I am watching and voting but I don’t watch any of the other alphabet channels – I refuse to give them any attention – hollyweird could disappear and I would not feel badly at all………… guess I finally agree with that minnow person who claimed that television would dumb down the country – alas, it has and the dumbing down is also being done with the help of union teachers in our public schools and universities………. does anyone ever tell some of these college grads in the liberal arts area (which is huge) that there are no jobs dealing with women’s studies, etc???  oh well, I guess the alinskyites need their useless idiots…. unfortunately, there are way too many…

    • cookboy

      The ‘Heroes’ cheerleader rises again. Her recovery from her own autopsy is one of my all time favorite TV scenes of all time. I think it’s the kind of show that I’ll watch when the season is over and the episodes stream one after the other.

      • Bean Counter

        The pilot is already up on Hulu and for free. I’ve spied a few “errors” but nothing that is a deal breaker so far. There’s a scene that is allegedly in City Hall, but it’s actually the State Capitol, which is being renovated and easier to clear out and shoot in. I’ve been in the room where the press conference is held many times for a press event with the Governor.

    • Riley4Palin

      How many shows am I suppose to watch?  Good grief!  LOL   I think I’ll have to catch that one on DVD sometime.  Right now I’m on episode 4 of ‘Scandal.’  Ooooooh, another good recommendation.  😉

      • Bean Counter

        Ha, I was wondering how you were liking ‘Scandal.’ The new season picked up where the last one left off and just knocked the wind out of me! All of us here are cautiously optimistic that this Nashville show will represent the city fairly, and so far, so good.

        I was talking with my hair stylist awhile ago, she’s on a music video shoot in Chattanooga, and I asked her if she knew who was doing hair and makeup for the Nashville TV show, that she needed to get her fingers in that pie, seeing as how she’s one of THE stylists to the stars. She said it was all union work, which she’s not, so she said she doubts that she would ever be asked to participate. They’ve imported all the craft folks from the left coast. TN is a right to work state, which the unions don’t like, so they circle the wagons and try to keep everything union wherever they can.

        • Whitney Pitcher

           Hair stylists unionize?

          • Bean Counter

            Film/TV crews have their own craft union which includes hair and makeup people, wardrobe, props, etc. It’s a real tough nut for an outsider to crack.

  • LS as guest

    This story is simultaneously not surprising and pretty amazing:

    • c4pfan


  • susiepuma

    Like your post firelight but I grew up as a rock ‘n roller and the first vid is of the Lindyhop/Jitterbug done in the 40’s – my mom taught me that dance when I was a little girl – the second vid is also not rock ‘n roll either – think early American Bandstand – that was rock ‘n roll – Elvis Presley, 50’s & 60’s – those days were rock ‘n roll – disco killed rock ‘n roll

    Have no idea what DWTS will pick – but those guys are pros – they should know the dances of each era……………………

    • Firelight

      I’m with you Susie.  I was confused when I searched and I kept finding this style as considered rock and roll.  I’m with you.  I was completely expecting American Bandstand, Elvis etc…  that is what I hope Bristol and Mark come up with.  I will be pleased to see it if it is.

      • susiepuma

        me too

    • blackbird

      how about if they picked Chuck Berry – Johnny B. Goode

      • susiepuma

        hell ya – 50’s & 60’s – lotta good songs & singers, bands, etc. from those years……….

        • blackbird

          Yes, for me too that was when musicians and talent played and created music. Little Richard’s ‘Long Tall Sally’ would also be a great song for Mark and Bristol to dance to.

          • susiepuma

            Oh – I can think of a number of songs that would be great for them to dance to – my ipod has 1200+ songs on it – everything from classical to classic rock, big band music, old time rock and roll, country – you name it I probably have it – I turn it on and dance around the house to whatever tune comes up…………..

            and I keep adding to it when I hear something I like…………..

  • c4pfan

    Mark was asked by ontheredcarpet and he said it’s a mixture of the jive, and the others you mentioned below!  I didn’t get it!  They already have the jitterbug as one of the dances!

  • blackbird

    No betting here, that would be throwing my money away but I do think Sarah will mention brisk walking and maybe other activities like kickboxing that have other benefits of self defense.

  • meloryscott

    Annoy Jimmy Kimmel, vote for Bristol.
    One of the reasons I vote for her is to make sure she doesn’t have to go on Jimmy Kimmel’s show. If she makes it to the last round she won’t have to go on his show. 
    He can’t stop trashing her and wants her on his show so bad.  I will do everything I can to make sure he is not granted his wish.

    • meloryscott

       “If she makes it to the finale she won’t have to go on his show.”
       At least that was true the last time.

    • susiepuma

      I voted and will vote for Bristol for two reasons – one, I want her to win that stupid mirror ball trophy and two, to p*ss off the progs –

      that is also why I always link provacative or interesting or funny stories, blogs, etc. to my FB page (I hate FB by the way) just to occasionally go check to see who has posted what – it’s just to make the libs mad – it’s so much fun…..

  • susiepuma

    interesting – Neil Cavuto just said that the Gov is gonna be on his debate show tomorrow nite – she’s also supposed to be on BOR?  FBN & FNC – same time unless…………………. when is the debate?  I wasn’t planning to watch but now will have to because who knows when and where…………….

  • c4pfan

    Sarah is going to be on BO’s show for a PREVIEW of the debate.  Yuck.  I was hoping for after.  Who’s going to be watching a pre show stuff?

    Neil Cavuto is on a Fox Business…which no one watches!

    I’m bummed! :(

    • blackbird

      I will see the relevant interviews here when Firelight puts them up.

  • Freempg

    Photo looks like Rockie (the squirrel) on Wednesday.

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