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Running Weather Tuesday

Good Morning!

It rained most of the weekend in my neck of the woods but it is paying off big time now! The rain brought in much needed cooler temperatures and I am excited!

Fall visited a couple of weeks ago and then left. It always does that here. Nice weather and then back to sweating in the humidity. I have a feeling this little snap may be here to stay. I am so sure I even broke out my one box of fall decorations and went to town putting all 7 fall decor items I have out. Just call me Martha Stewart.

What I really like about fall temps is running! After huffing and sweating and sticking to everything through a summer of runs in 95% humidity, I always look forward to a little cool running! This morning’s run I am nervous. Last week I tweaked my Achilles and had to pull up on my Thursday run. I have not run since and decided to shelve my 12 miler I had planned on Saturday to rest it. I’m trying it out this AM in glorious 57 degree weather! Woot!

Fall and running just go together. After suffering through summer runs, it is much easier to run with cooler temps and lower humidity. The tree leaves are turning fall colors and looking beautiful, that nip in the air, the ease at which you can maintain your pace…….ahhhhhhhhhh.

Have a great day!



J-E-T-S   Jets,  Jets!

They’ve got themselves a little coalition.

Thank goodness we have the Texans.

Enchiladas history.

Not an Ann Richards fan, but I am planning on reading this book.

Banned book“? Really? You mean, “moved to the appropriate campus” or “not spending money on a book that is not age appropriate” but then that doesn’t fit the ACLU’s agenda.

Barf bags for everyone.

Hey, why not throw in a car and liability insurance while you’re at it?

Univision has out scooped the MSM.

I think if you choose to eat horribly, sit on your butt and not exercise, smoke, drink etc then I should not have to pay for your high health care just because you are old. Those choices way back when have consequences ya know.

I hate to tell ’em, but I lived in Saudi Arabia. Picking up magazines to buy there would be entire pages ripped out and others where a big Sharpie would have colored over women’s legs, arms, chests etc in ads and other pictures. So, even if you had left those pics, they still would have been censored.

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  • BrianusBerkleianus

    My Dear Friends in Sarah,

    Happy Tuesday to you all!!

    I am going to beg your indulgence and forgiveness this morning.

    This Second Day of October is a very special day for me.

    Today would have been my wonderful father’s and mother’s sixtieth wedding anniversary.

    Today is the fourth anniversary of the Governor’s triumph …total triumph … in her debate with joe biden.

    Today my Oakland Athletics are in the playoffs.

    Let me share with you a few thoughts and words about these themes and subjects.

    First on my dad and mom.

    My father was a very special man: Navy veteran of the USS Hornet; son of an Annapolis man and admiral in the United States Navy; football player, boxer, basketball player in high school; member of the University of California crew team in college, scholar in the glorious English language–one of my last memories of him before his untimely death many decades ago was his reading to me from CHAUCER in the original MIDDLE ENGLISH–in fact, he and my mother met in a Chaucer class at UC Berkeley!

    My mother: Her first language was Spanish, yet she had a deep and perfect command of the English language, and a profound knowledge of English literature. While she lived (it has been over five years since her death), I could ask her about ANY author or period in the long history of English Lit, and she had “all the answers.” Oh, she also studied both Latin and Greek, and inspired me to make the study of the foundational languages of the West my life’s work (in high school, I wanted to study Tolkien’s Elvish, but I had to “settle” for Latin :-) !!)

    My Oakland A’s:

    Because we are on the West Coast, this very special team has not received much national publicity, but here are a few facts about them:

    Pitcher Brandon McCarthy was nearly killed a few weeks ago by a line drive that hit off his head–an operation saved his life. The team hung his jersey in the dugout wherever they went, and he is now back, travelling with the team.

    Because of injuries, the team has FIVE ROOKIE STARTING PITCHERS in the rotation right now, and yet they are prospering.

    A year or two ago, a prime A’s prospect gave up “the world” to enter a monastery in Southern California, where they PRACTICE THE TRADITIONAL LATIN LITURGY in the monastic life. With all of the horrible sex scandals in recent years re the Catholic clergy, this young man is an example of the finest and best of the ancient priestly tradition of SACRIFICE and CHARITY for Christ and neighbor. Think of the BIG BUCKS he could have earned as a top and stellar diamond prospect–and yet he has given it all up.

    This A’s team is special.

    And last but far, far from least, is our dear Sarah!!

    Four years ago today she strode onto that stage and, from the first moment when she asked biden “Can I call you Joe?” she owned the debate; she owned the evening; she owned our minds and our hearts.

    Remember how she wanted MORE debates with biden?

    Remember how she grew in power and strength and panache and confidence, as the evening wore on?

    Remember the regret we all felt that: A) She was not debating obama, and B) that there were not SEVERAL VP debates?

    Thank you, guys, for letting me wax at some length on several themes on this special second of October.

    The lesson of the 2012 Oakland A’s (whatever their post-season fate from here on);

    The lesson of the brave lives of my late parents;

    The lesson of the BRAVE AND BEAUTIFUL LIFE OF OUR SARAH is that there is NOTHING, NOTHING we cannot accomplish in the power and love of the Lord.

    God bless you all always.



    • BrianusBerkleianus

      And congrats, Lipstick, on the 4-0 start of the Texans!!

  • BostonBruin

    Good morning! Love this sign just put up in IL-9 (a district that voted 67% for Obama in 2008).

    I should add that I am seeing quite a bit of anecdotal evidence like this in liberal districts around the country. Game on!

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks, BB, good morning, and congrats on your Patriots’ big win last Sunday!

      • BostonBruin

        Thanks and hopefully we’ll help your Raiders by beating the Broncos on Sunday.

        • BrianusBerkleianus

          :-) !!

  • hrh40

    Looks like we’re going to have not one, but two, extra candidates on our presidential ballot this year.

    I guess that makes them third and fourth party candidates?

  • hrh40

    Great and educational roundup, Lip. Did not know that bit about Saudi Arabia. Guess Fox News, with all its babes and cleavage and legs, is not shown there? Even though they finance it? 


    ” Thank goodness we have the Texans.”…..AND…..thank goodness we have da Bears. ;))

    Cubbies have lost 100 games this year….first time since 1966. *sigh*

  • Riley4Palin


    Okay, just keeping it real.  I much prefer watching Bristol shooting guns than watching her dance.  As a matter of fact, Bristol would make a great contestant on ‘Survivor’ where she could hunt, fish, and shoot stuff all the time.  She would be in her natural element and would love it.  Unfortunately, the show is 39 days long and a long commitment away from Tripp and her family.  Oh well, another dream dashed.  Hmmm…..perhaps Todd should try out for ‘Survivor’??  That would be awesome!!  I am what you call a ‘Survivor’ groupie.  I’ve watched every single season and never missed a show.  Todd would be a great contestant.  It really is a show about social interaction with some great physical and mental challenges.  The sole survivor wins a million dollars.  Todd could play for charity. 

    How could this help Sarah if she still plans to stay politically active?  A zillion pop culture voters watch this show.  Todd would kick some serious butt at all the challenges and come off very likeable on the show – another plus for the Palin family.   If you get far enough in the game, they always have a family member visit too. Enter Sarah. Sarah could be seen and heard by more voters in one night than the what she is put through on Fox News interviews these days.

    Do you see what I am left to these days?  Hoping and dreaming that the Palins shake things up after the election of the most boring campaign ever.  Ahhhh……I think I need more chocolate….


    • BostonBruin

      Actually I’m wondering if Todd even plans to race in the IronDog next year. Last time he talked about it, he seemed unsure. Probably needs to make a decision in the next few weeks.

    • susiepuma

      Sorry, but I wouldn’t waste a minute watching …………… there is enough backbiting, lying, manipulative crap going on in real life to bother watching it live on TV…………… (even Stars Earn Stripes – there was a pattern and it was not in Todd’s favor)..

      I wouldn’t even watch DWTS but am doing so as long as Bristol is on it…….. otherwise it’s crap – winning a stupid mirror ball is the most important thing in their lives right now and winning this would make their children proud??? how phony is that? 

      Seriously, our country is going to hell in a handbasket and we’re concerned with liberal celebs?

      • LS as guest

        I hear ya, Susie!

  • Nancy6

    Obama wants us to vote with our lady parts and I’m afraid to know how to do that.
    Why does everything have to be so difficult?

    • senator20526

       ….does that mean get your rear in gear?

  • Pete Petretich

    “The Heroes Vote Initiative is a non-partisan program of the Military Voter Protection Project and The Legacy Foundation. Working with local military and veterans groups, as well as state and local election officials, our goal is to motivate military voter participation and provide assistance to those members who need it. It is time for our men and women in uniform to have their voices heard on Election Day.”

  • Nancy6

    Perhaps Lady Parts voting was what Pelosi meant when she said ObamaCare had to be passed to find out what’s in it.

  • c4pfan

    Since Sarah will be part of Cavuto’s show tommorow, will she be in Denver?

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