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Bluebonnet Blessings Friday

Good Morning

Ahhhh. Don’t ya just love the picture on the home page for this post? I love the Texas Hill Country. Add bluebonnets bloomin’ and there is nothing more beautiful. People who think Texas is just a wide open desert with oil wells are sadly mistaken. There are some beautiful areas in the state I love.

One year hubby and I took a weekend trip on our motorcycles to the Hill Country in March when the bluebonnets are in full bloom. It was outstanding. Riding on a bike gives you a much better view of all the wildflowers in bloom. (Thank you Lady Bird Johnson….remind me to tell you about my elevator ride I had with Lady Bird at the LBJ Library sometime….) Besides the view, on a motorcycle you can smell the flowers. It is a full sensory event and wonderful indeed. I hope to maybe do that this year on our motorcycles if we can find the time.

As my mind wandered thinking about Texas and how beautiful the Hill Country is, I started to think about how blessed I truly am. I have no idea why God has decided to bless me, someone who is unworthy of His grace, with so many wonderful gifts. I suppose that is why He is God. He can see past me to what He has created and saved with His grace.

Since Tuesday it has been hard to not be a Gloomy Gus. Tuesday was bad. The next 4 years will be hard, trying and a great change for the America we all know and love and many who read & post here went to war to fight for (thank you veterans!).

No matter who won the election, wouldn’t America still be different after 4 years? America is much different now than when I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s, some of it good change and other not so good. I venture to say that much of the changes in America in the next 4 years will not be good, but I also believe that much of it will be good, very good indeed. We may have to look deep and in different places to find the good, but it will be there, somewhere, in America.

Thinking about all my blessings, the changes to come that are good and bad got me to thinking that we should all take a minute, especially with Thanksgiving approaching, to list things we are blessed with. Surely we can all come up with 5 things…..probably tons more than that.

So, let’s hear it y’all! No Gloomy Gus posts about how we are all doomed today, let’s post blessings instead.

I’ll get us started:

1. I am blessed with my salvation, for which I paid nothing and Jesus paid it all.

2. I am blessed with a wonderful husband that I have been with for almost 20 years. He is the love of my life, my best friend, confidant, defender, lover, most trusted adviser and supporter. He is hot on top of all that!

3. I am blessed with the boy. He is a wonderful child who has been in-trusted to me & his dad to raise and care for. He is the light of my life. I would die any death imaginable to protect him.

4. I am blessed to live in a great country where I can worship as I want, live free and safe. I am protected by men and women who volunteer to fight for my freedoms. Thank you veterans….again!

5. I am blessed with health for my family at this time. I know that it may not always be that way, so for this time of health I am grateful. Along those lines, I am thankful that I can run. Many people can not, I can. I love to run and I am thankful for every run I am healthy enough to take.


What are your blessings? Share or just speak them in your heart today. It will make things look much brighter.

Have a great day!

 Texas Bluebonnets & Indian Paintbrushes at Dusk



Prediction: Palin runs for and wins Begich’s Senate seat in 2014, kicks a** in this event May 2015.

Time will tell.

Actually, I agree. Any vote to repeal would be a dog & pony show. No way it makes it to the Senate floor, much less get signed.

If ya can’t sell Big Macs, the economy is super bad.

She works hard for her money, so hard for it honey…..

Blue???? Must be some good weed in San Antonio.

Rest in Peace Coach.

Oh good, I was worried a hyped up sexy ad would not be shown during the Super Bowl.

Hmmmm, Obama is re-elected & BAM….Wall Street freaks.

All future male GOP candidates need to be prepared to define rape…the left’s new tactic, it worked in 2012 ya know.

Just the beginning.

Oh goody! I can’t wait to vote for him. (Insert eye roll here)

I nursed the boy exclusively for 18 months so I support it, but this is unnecessary.

I ran this Sunday. We ran slow but had a great time visiting the whole way.


  • BrianusBerkleianus

    Thanks, Lipstick!!

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    My Dear Friends in Sarah,

    Happy Friday to you all!!

    This will be just a very short greeting this morning. I have to leave on a brief trip in a few hours.

    29 August, 2008 was Sarah Palin Day, the day that Senator McCain introduced the Governor to the nation and to the world in Dayton, Ohio.


    20 January, 2017 is Inauguration Day for POTUS 45, the person who will succeed obama in the Oval Office.


    We all remember the joy, the hope, the happiness, the fire that we felt on that marvelously brilliant and beautiful late summer’s day of ’08.

    The Lord willing, we stand poised today at the exact midpoint between that dawn, that incunabulum, that birth, that beginning and a fruit of fulfillment that will be a Washington Winter’s Day, not of our discontent, but of our supreme content and triumph and exultation, as Sarah Louise Palin raises her right hand to take the Presidential Oath of Office.

    May I quote in conclusion William Wordsworth from his “Prelude” about what we will all feel on that January day–God willing:

    “Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, but to be young was very Heaven.”

    God bless you all, my friends!!



  • blackbird

    Beautiful post Lipstick, Thank you.

    I am grateful to Jesus Christ Lord and Savior for watching over my Mother, my Sister, my Sister’s Children, my family.

  • mark1955

    Hey everybody, “Great” news. According to the FW-Star Telegram, George P.Bush  ( Jebbies son )has apparently filed for statewide office in Texas. But the paper had no info on what office that was. What a surprise.we are saved now. sarc

  • IsraeliCojones

    To McConnell:


    • c4pfan

      Don’t.  They need to start showing results first.

  • c4pfan

    Lovely pics to look at this morning!  Thanks!

    No one find it odd that George Bush is running in TX vs FL? 

    • LS as guest

      Good morning, c4pfan.  George P’s been living in Texas, probably because he thinks he’d get more of a Hispanic-vote boost there than in Florida. 

      Jeb meanwhile has come out with some sort of ridiculous prediction of Texas not being a red state any more in just for years.  I think a closed-door, bipartisan agreement for full amnesty and citizenship is the only explanation for that, and we’ve signs of that aplenty.

      The exit polls showed more Hispanics (66%) supported abortion than did the electorate overall (59%).  Pew research has shown the majority of Hispanics support gay marriage.  The majority of Hispanic babies (53%) are born out of wedlock.  “They’re social conservatives” has been shown over and over to be a canard.  Yet, Krauthammer uses it in his pro-amnesty column this week.On the other hand, the majority of Hispanics in their home countries have regularly supported Marxist-leaning regimes, and that’s before they get to the US where the Democrats promise ever more benefits (already at least 57% of Hispanic immigrants, both legal and illegal, receive some form not simply of government benefits, but of welfare)–and even affirmative action preference over most long-time Americans simply for being who they are.The idea that Hispanics are going to change their politics because we give them amnesty and the right to vote is delusional.  They will only significantly increase any demographic advantage that the Democrats already have.I suspect that the two parties had already agreed that they’d pass ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ before the election anyway–perhaps due to concessions to big donors in the GOP?  (E.g., is Shelly Adelson a big employer of illegals in Nevada?)  Otherwise, Mitt wouldn’t have practically offered another $10K on-the-spot bet in his second debate with Obama.  He forcefully guaranteed that he’d get comprehensive immigration reform passed in his first year.  Yet all kinds of GOPe–including establishment GOPe such as Hannity and Krauthammer–have come out in support of amnesty and citizenship for illegals within two days of Romney’s losing.Either way, this was planned and promised despite the majority of Americans firmly opposing it.

      • LS as guest

        Grrr–Disqus.  My apologies on the formatting above.

      • senator20526

         The rumor mill says George P. Bush is a registered Republicrat……

      • lonestar

        The media and Hispanics can claim to be socially conservative all they want; but, their voting patterns say otherwise.
        In the Hispanic counties of TX, barry got between 70 and 85%(that’s right) of the Hispanic vote. In Florida, barry got 53% of the Cuban vote. This one is disturbing since older Cubans know a thing or two about living under a dictatorship. Too bad their children are being brainwashed.
        George P. Bush (the brown one) filed papers showing his intention to run for statewide office in TX. I called him the brown one, since his grandfather refers to Jeb’s kids as the brown ones.
        Bush vs. Rubio, get your popcorn out.

        • LS as guest

          Exactly.  Also, people are deluded if they think a conservative Cuban is going to win a boatload (no pun intended) of Hispanic votes.

  • c4pfan

    When are the ones that say people should take personal responsibility take personal responsiblity for not getting out the base? 

  • Gelston

    if Mr. Obama lives out his term, it will be the first time since Jefferson, Madison and Monroe that we have had 3 consecutive two term Presidents in a row. The country has never seen 4. Will Sarah Palin extend the streak?

    • blackbird


  • RefudiateGOPe

    Good morning all.  Nice roundup Lipstick.

    I hope you’re wrong on your first “news item”.  First, I don’t know how much Governor Palin has been permanently damaged in Alaska, so the idea of her running for Begich’s seat could be a fatal mistake.  If she were to run and lose, her political influence would take a big hit.  Besides, even if she could successfully take the seat, why bury her in a situation where she is just one voice amongst 100 voices?  Second, we need Sarah’s voice on a much larger scale if we have any hope of reconstructing the GOP.  If we don’t fix the GOP, we can’t fix the country.  Whether Sarah decides to run in 2016 or not is irrelevant at this point.  It’s what she can accomplish in the next two years that’s most important.  What we do in the next two years will determine how much more we can accomplish in the following two years.  I don’t think there’s another “leader” who can make the right things happen in the GOP.

    • LS as guest

      A couple of years in the senate would give the governor more foreign policy cred, but I too wonder whether Alaska has been poisoned for her.  Yet, I’d be counting on Alaska for its electoral votes were she to run for president, so maybe I shouldn’t be so concerned.  

      Whether via elected office or otherwise, however, I expect her to come up with some sort of newly contributory policy gig after the first of the year.  I’ve long thought global energy policy and politics would be a good focus for her on that.

      • susiepuma

        Please explain how being in the Senate adds foreign policy cred – she has more foreign policy creds than 95% of the Senate and the House………………………….

        • LS as guest

          That’s not how conventional wisdom sees it, and I’m talking about checking a box for conventional wisdom.  IMO she’d have an easier time running with some sort of policy position between 2010 and 2016, so best to have it cover global issues in some capacity–and yes, the US Senate covers global issues.

          Running for senate probably wouldn’t be my choice were I her political handler, but fortunately for her, she’s her own political handler. 😉

          • cookboy

            If Sarah Palin doesn’t share my utter loathing of ‘conventional wisdom’, I’ve wasted entirely too much of the last four years.

            • LS as guest

              If you don’t think she’s about convincing a majority then I think you’re missing something.

  • Bean Counter

    Mornin’ comrades. Hope everybody is kicking high today. Re: states rejecting the Obamacare exchanges, our governor — rich republican, business mogul, sort of moderate, but very market oriented — hasn’t decided whether to accept or reject the exchange. He’s still studying all the implications. Says he’s considering accepting it, mainly because rejecting it takes all other options off the table, and if they do accept, they can undo it later. Many republican state legislators are dead set against it, and since any proposal to accept the exchange will have to be approved by the legislature, it may be DOA anyway. So it’ll be curious to see how this all shakes out in Tennessee. In 2.5 years, I’ll be eligible for Medicare (assuming it’s even there by then), so I’ll either be covered or staring at a death panel. The suspense is killing me.

    Well, it’s been a fairly stressful week, so I’m going to play hooky this afternoon and see the new James Bond movie, then on Sunday, treat myself to another round at the foot spa, which has become my newest guilty pleasure — an hour of reflexology, foot and calf massage, face and scalp massage, then a killer back massage. This will be much more uplifting than watching the Titans lose again.

    Y’all have a fun Friday and a groovy weekend.

    • Riley4Palin

      I’m seeing ‘Skyfall’ tomorrow.  Can’t wait!  It is getting awesome reviews!

      Hmmm….pedi sounds good too, thanks for the reminder to keep spending my hard earned money on myself instead of handing it over to the government.

    • c4pfan

      Which Gov?  Are they out of it?

  • chuckjr

    Thanks for reminding me to look at the brighter side of what we have in our lives, Lipstick. I am grateful and blessed for what I do have but I’m also very concerned that many of the liberties we enjoy now are being chipped away on a daily basis.

    I just want my kids to have a safe, prosperous, fulfilling future. It’s painful to see that so many people nowadays seem to be so uninformed about what’s really happening to this country.

    Thanks again,

    • hrh40

      Uninformed is right!

      And, sadly, in my workplace in CT, extremely smug about their lack of information. :(

      We’ve heard of sore losers, but liberals are the sorest winners I have ever known.

      And I have known a lot of them throughout my life in CT …

    • palinsupporter1

      Chuckjr keep up the great work!!! and make sure you get your sis to run in 2016 :)

    • Gelston

      I wonder if that is why Abe Lincoln put Thanksgiving after the elections.

      As Abe said, people are about as happy as they make up there mind to be.

      our access to knowledge is unlimited. People choose to be uninformed, I believe

      • LS as guest

        I love that quotation.

    • RefudiateGOPe

       I’m glad you found your way to P4A.

      • chuckjr


        I’ve been lurking around this site for awhile. Sorry it took me so long to chime in. It’s nice to see a lot of familiar names here.


    • Riley4Palin

      Hi Chuck!

      Nice for you to stop by.  Hope to see you more often.

      Since I know your dad is a big Packer fan, if the Packers make it to the Super Bowl again this year, how about you and dad meet up with us?  I missed the last Packer Super Bowl and could have kicked myself for not purchasing tickets and won’t let that happen again.  If your sister wants to tag along, she can.  I’ll make sure to get your guys all dressed up in Packer gear, beer in hand, and stick one of those god-awful cheeseheads on Sarah’s head so noone can spot her.

      I promise you a great time!  I might even be able to convince Whitney and TexMex (grrrrrr…Cowboy fan) to come along too.  But give TexMex a break.  She will probably be sporting her Tony Romo #9 jersey and cowboy hat and not Packer gear like the rest of us.  Poor thing.  She never really experiences the excitement of playoffs or Super Bowls with her man Romo, but she insists on wearing his jersey anyway.  Something about a hopey changey thing that someday he will throw more TD’s instead of interceptions.

      • chuckjr

        If the Packers make it this year, I’d do almost anything to get there!

        Thanks, Riley.


        • Riley4Palin


          Since Obama has already predicted the Bears will go to the Super Bowl, our chances already increased tenfold.  :)

          • lonestar

            Poor Bears, that’s the kiss of death!

            • mark1955

              I’m sure the Bears just let out a collective,”Oh Bleep!

  • GrmaTX

    Thanks, Lipstick: I, too, am grateful for Jesus and the life and light and love that come from a relationship with him…from now through eternity.  I am thankful for the family and friends Ihave.  I am thankful that there is a God who is alive and has such great love for the world.

  • LS as guest

    Oh, and without offering specifics, I am amply blessed.

    On the political side, Dan Mitchell offered seven silver linings to the Romney loss that almost leave you wondering whether it was that far from being for the best in the long run:

  • senator20526

    Morning all……Well it looks like another beautiful 74 degree day, with bright sunshine, in the great desert Southwest……Great post Lip…..I noticed something about this election….we conservative are not as upset about it as we were in 2008……We all know that we are in for a bad four years, but since we were not wanted by the RNC and the Romney campaign, maybe they will get the message….and maybe not……already Sourkraut, and some of the other inside the belt way types, are saying that we need to move toward the middle…How much closer to the middle do we have to get for Gods sake?….We are Conservative, small govt. republicans and we do not go to the middle….we stand on our principles. We will never get anyone elected if we are demoncrat-lite. Another thing on this getting the women’s vote….how do you explain Jan Brewer, Niki Haley, Susana Martinez, Deb Fisher, Kelly Ayotte and many more Republican women in Congress? As I posted on Chuck jr. web site…..we need a meeting of conservative, tea party leaders, and conservative politicians to come up with a road map of where we are going.  Everyone have a great week-end and enjoy your family… KTF

    • blackbird

      Krauthammer and the rest need to leave the room, they are too cowardly and scared but more importantly they have no clue what the problems are.

  • Riley4Palin

    Hi All!

    For what it’s worth…

    I spoke to one of my vendors today.  He lives in New Jersey, runs a business there, and still doesn’t have power in his home.  I didn’t even have to bring up Chris Christie because he did.  People are now very frustrated with the lack of response, but due to numerous regulations, there is a monopoly on service; therefore “they don’t care.” 

    He went on to say that “he really stepped in it in the last couple weeks.”  He said he has no chance of a successful career in the Republican party after the storm/Obama love fest and would not be surprised if he becomes a Democrat sooner rather than later.

    • lonestar

      Cory Booker’s gonna challenge him next election and Booker will win.  Problem solved!

  • lonestar

    I am happy my son didn’t bring his Longhorn shirts with him as he travels to TX A&M this weekend for a math competition.  Of course it helped that I didn’t wash them.  :-)

  • ProudAmerican247

    Q: What’s the difference between obama’s cabinet and a penitentiary?

    A: One is filled with tax evaders, blackmailers and threats to society. The other is for housing  

  • pete4palin

     Petraus resigning because of some sort of affair right before he has to appear before congress is too much to take at face value. It has to do with Benghazi. Elections have consequences. This is post election Obama purge of non-believers.

  • Firelight

    Love the picture and optimism Lipstick!

    Sorry I’m not buying that Petraeus’ resignation doesn’t have to do with Benghazi.  Nope, not in the least.   He was supposed to testify and now he won’t have to.  How does that work?  That just doesn’t seem right.

    • mark1955

      Yep. I wonder if Petraeus’s wife will still keep her position with the Obama administration in the consumer agency that was formed as a result of Dodd/Frank ? Kinda speaks to the Petraeus families integrity and political leanings.

      • LS as guest

        I’d forgotten about that.

    • c4pfan

      I don’t buy it either!  Out of the blue he quits?

      • LS as guest

        Nobody volunteers to quit by announcing a defunct affair.  

        He was clearly pushed by Obama and his crew,and IMO by getting the dirt out he can no longer be pressured or blackmailed–as he certainly was right up to the line of being expected to lie under oath this time to Congress next week.

    • susiepuma

      Patraeus can be called to testify – the Senate can call anyone and everyone to testify before Congress……………………………… his resignation means nothing and I never really liked the guy – he started COIN and the stupid ROE in Iraq & Afghanistan that does nothing but cause our military to be killed –

      If we are in a war, be in it to win it or get the hell out………. why is our military nation building? What a bunch of BS – always thought Viet Nam was a stupid war and this last mess has me convinced – win it or don’t get in it in the first place…………..

      • LS as guest

        Absolutely, Susie–I agree with you completely!

  • Bill589

    In my personal life I have started meeting people that appear to be ‘lost republicans’. Totally disillusioned with the party. Metaphorically – wandering aimlessly through the wilderness, searching for a party, movement, or other group with the right principles, and longing for a patriot leader.

    They only have distorted knowledge of the ‘defunct TPM’ and the ‘well-meaning, but not too bright SP’; this is because they know them mostly through the republican media. They ‘know’ so much that just isn’t so.

    These people, a few of whom I’ve known for a while, have the right values and principles to embrace the TPM and SP – if they only knew them truly. The truth is on our side. We just have to get it to more people. I think new media, and some infiltration of the old media, may do this.

    And I believe SP can outflank this government media, unite the TPM, and draw in all disillusioned republicans. Our Braveheart can unite the patriot clans and save our country.

    May it be God’s will that our constitutional republic is saved and restored.

  • Bill589

    Already I hear ‘republicans’ in the LSM say that they don’t want to be known as ‘the party of no’.

    But when it comes to O’s freedom destroying, and prosperity destroying, policies – I want our politicians to be the party of ‘hell no’.

    Thomas Paine –
    “Moderation in temper is always a virtue; moderation in principle is always a vice.”
    Thomas Jefferson –
    “In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.”


    • c4pfan

      They give me nothing but a headache.

      • lonestar

        I haven’t turned my tv on since early Tuesday and that was to set my DVR for the week. 

    • lonestar

      Jefferson also said, A government big enough to give you everything, is also strong enough to take everything you have.”

  • Bill589

    Lipstick – In New England we have something I call ‘Grape Hyacinths’ that look a lot like Blue Bonnets. I wonder if they’re related. Both are beautiful plants.

  • Guest

    There’s nothin like a motorcycle ride to cheer me up…or dreamin aboit one…..thanks Lipstick!! Especially after a long discussion from my co-worker why he drank the kool-aid & thinks America is on the right track. MR too white, too much dollar venturist….co-worker willing to be taxed more to spread the wealth !!! Thanks to P4A & C4P I would have been more stunned than I was.

    As I shut-off my computers for the last time, closed the blinds to my awesome office view, locked the door, walked the hall for the last time….in my heart I held the last work email sent to the dearest of colleagues. It ended with “though there are rough seas ahead, may you always know and seek G-d’s blessings.” …..then to come home and find bluebonnet pictures with a Spring ride in mind, one who loves Yeshua & her family (luv this site for being pro- Yeshua &-family) lifted a chin above the keyboard with an exceptionally warm smile.

    Thank you Lipstick, Firelight, Bean & Whit all behind the scenes for what you do !!
    Wonderful to come here, a trusted site for a laugh or smile. Blessings upon each of you!

  • cookboy

    Beautiful pic, great post. 

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