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Gumbo Tuesday

Good Morning

I’ll just admit it. I’m still ticked about the election. I have been avoiding websites that mention politics because I absolutely cannot stand to look at Obama, much less read anything having to do with his pathetic self. Yeah, that’s right I used the word pathetic.

Now that I’ve got all the grump out of the way, let’s move on to more positive things… gumbo!

Not an actual photo of Lipstick’s gumbo, just some that looks kinda like it

I don’t care how Yankeefied you are (I just made that word up), gumbo is good eats. Just to educate ourselves, I looked up the definition of gumbo.

Gumbo is a spicy, hearty stew or soup, found typically in the states on the Gulf of Mexico in the United States, and very common in the southern part of Louisiana. It is eaten year round, but is usually found during the colder months. This is due to the extended cooking time required, as a large pot full of simmering liquid will heat up the surrounding area.

I was born and raised in Southeast Texas. We are close to Louisiana and are influenced greatly by Southern Louisiana music and food. While growing up, my dad would make gumbo on occasion, usually around the holidays when a bunch of people were coming over. He had a gas burner set up outside and would plan for weeks. No one was allowed to help, not even chop up anything, it was top secret stuff. He always made chicken & sausage gumbo, never seafood gumbo. I am sure that was because seafood is expensive and we had little money. It was the best gumbo you have ever tasted!

To combat my frustration at the utter stupidity of the American electorate election results, I am in full gumbo planning mode. I am seriously thinking about having all my posts between now and Thanksgiving have gumbo in the title. Why not?

My family is coming to my house for Thanksgiving and we are having……GUMBO! My dad passed away in ’05 and he took his gumbo secrets with him. A few years ago, I had my mom write down what she knew about his recipe. She knew what he bought for it but not all the details. I worked it enough where it is not his exactly, but pretty close.

I am putting all my negative thoughts about the election into planning gumbo! There is nothing more therapeutic than chicken, sausage, file’, okra, roux etc……simmering in the kitchen (wiping drool from chin)….oh wow, I feel better just thinking about it.

Gumbo is not a dish you whip up and eat. That is not how it is done. You plan, you make a list with excitement and anticipation, you go to the grocery store like your heading out to Disney World, you can’t sleep the night before because you are so dang excited to be making your masterpiece gumbo the next day. It is a work of love and art. Above all else, you make your gumbo a day or two before you want to serve it. It becomes even better sitting in the ice box for 24 to 48 hours.

Yeah, I’m thinking a big pot of gumbo is just what the nation needs to help us get started on the long road that is the next 4 years.

For all you purists out there wondering how in the world a post on gumbo ties in with Governor Palin….. well, I found nothing about gumbo in Going Rogue, but I am sure the Governor would LOVE my dad’s gumbo.

Have a great day!


My Texans kicked butt. Just sayin’.

My Aggies kicked butt. Just sayin’.

Wow, seriously?

First of many. On the interstate near me, the speed limit is 70. Everyone goes about 90. So if the speed limit is 85, I can only imagine how fast people go.

This is just stupid. Never happen, plenty of free loaders in Texas, how the heck we gonna pay for them?

More jobs!

My favorite pizza, love their bread sticks.

Keep it simple stupid.

Who knew?  She hauls butt on top of her other talents.

If they get money back from the police, the runners should get at least a partial refund.

It’s getting closer! Maybe I can talk my sis into going with me this year. She is crazier than I am, we’re likely to get arrested.

Some tips.

Even more tips.

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  • Pete Petretich

    Wow, crazier and crazier…


  • Pete Petretich

    Sarah Palin for Speaker of the House!!!
    (Please re-Tweet)

    • Firelight

      I really LOVE this idea!!   She would be VERY effective.

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    Amen, Lipstick!!

    I too cannot stand to even look at obama, or to listen to his voice!!

    God bless you and yours!

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    My Dear Friends in Sarah,

    Happy Tuesday to you all!!

    I would like to throw out an out-of-the box idea for your consideration this fine autumn morning. The Governor has never been a conventional or traditional politician; rather, she is a far-seeing stateswoman, who does things her own way (“I did it my way”)… and her critics and enemies be damned.

    She should announce her run for the Presidency NOW!!

    OK, now that I have your attention :-), let me modify this statement a bit. She should declare her candidacy literally today, or, better, a couple of months from now, the night before or the night after obama’s second “inauguration.”

    Here are a number of arguments to support such a move. Some of them may OVERLAP with others. Some or all of them may turn out, on examination, to bear little weight and merit. I am, after all, no political expert (Hell no!!), but just a simple citizen from Berkeley, California who hates what the Left is doing and has been doing to America for many years, and who loves America and loves our dear Sarah.

    We need to SHAKE things up, in my very humble opinion; Sarah needs, again IMHO, to shake things up–if the Good Lord so guides her.

    So, here goes:


    1) It IS an out-of-the-box idea, one that would stun and shake up the whole political Establishment. When one takes initiative, sudden and relentless initiative, in any field of human endeavor, one has psychological and mental momentum on one’s side.

    2) Such a move could UNITE CONSERVATIVES EARLY behind one candidate. It could forestall and block RINO efforts to do what they did this past election cycle: Set up several “stalking-horse” “conservative” candidates to divide our side, and allow the chosen RINO to come down the middle, as Romney did this last time.

    3) It would reward her millions of supporters, who waited so long for her to announce last time–and she never did. This time we would have the joy of a very early announcement.

    4) It would put immediate pressure on obama, on Speaker Boehner, and on the whole Federal government: The Cuda is watching you!!!

    5) It could bring back people to her banner that do like her, but were DISILLUSIONED when she did not run last time.

    6) She could start raising money right now, and organizing right now.

    7) The move could trick the Left and the RINOs into unloading their wrath EARLY on her–immediately upon her announcement they will go crazy, and attack, attack, attack; ridicule, ridicule, ridicule … and then the STORM will have passed, and she will be relatively immune from such attacks, because the public will be numbed from them, and such tactics will cease to resonate with many people when it counts–in 2016.

    8) She would thus make herself de facto head of the GOP, and especially the leader of the OPPOSITION to obama.

    9) She would constitute herself as the leader for the 2014 mid-term elections, in order to take back the Senate and consolidate the hold on the House–and maybe push for a new Speaker of the House.

    10) She would LIFT UP THE SPIRITS of millions of Americans, especially in the ARMED FORCES, who are severely demoralized by obama’s “reelection.”

    11) It could head off any efforts to make the GOP a Democrat-lite Party, competing with the Dems in the giving away of “stuff.”

    12) It would draw the fire of the Left on HERSELF, leaving, e.g., 2014 conservative Senate candidates relatively free from enemy fire.

    13) It could serve to distract obama from his mission to destroy America–Sarah has “lived in his head” since August/September, 2008, and really would after such a move.

    14) She would constitute herself as America’s SHADOW PRESIDENT, until we can formally oust the usurping regime in Washington, DC.

    15) She would thunderously raise RONALD REAGAN’S battle standard of BOLD COLORS, not PALE PASTELS.

    16) America, in the person of the Governor, would be standing up early, right at the start of obama’s second term, and saying, “We’re mad as Hell, and we won’t take this S*** anymore, ‘mr. president’!!!”

    17) It would serve as the casting down of AMERICA’S gauntlet, the SOUNDING OF AMERICA’S WARNING–We Shall Never Surrender!!

    18) If she announces the night before or after the “messiah’s” second inauguration, she would steal some of his thunder, in precisely the way that Senator McCain’s VP announcement on Sarah Palin Day, 29 August, 2008 in Dayton, Ohio, stole the thunder of obama’s “Styrofoam Greek columns” acceptance speech at the DNC in Denver the night before.

    19) If she simultaneously announces Lt. Col. Allen West as her VP choice, it would be a direct hit back at the new Congress, whose RINO leaders, through the device of redistricting, have tried to drive a great Patriot from the halls of Washington.

    20) IT WOULD BE SIMILAR TO WASHINGTON’S CROSSING OF THE DELAWARE on Christmas Day, 1776. The British and their Hessian mercenaries were settled comfortably into winter quarters. They were not expecting a fight. Patriots were demoralized. Washington struck out across the Delaware, attacked the Hessians at Trenton, New Jersey, won a signal victory, lifted up the hearts of Americans everywhere, and saved the Revolution–by a BOLD and totally unexpected move!!

    Anyway, these are just some ideas for contemplation on a chill autumn morning.

    God bless you all always!!

    DEO VOLENTE, SARAH 2016!!!


    • RefudiateGOPe

       Well, Brian, ol buddy, as you know, I was thinking that Governor Palin needed to concentrate on rebuilding the GOP and waiting until 2015 before making a decision about 2016.

      This post of yours makes me rethink my whole mindset.  I guess you could say I was thinking in a “first things first” frame of mind.  You, on the other hand, see things differently.  I have read and re-read each of your points and can’t see a whole lot to disagree with, if Sarah has aspirations for Palin2016.

      If she were to take your advice, and such good advice it is, a big task will be for her to come up with a plan to sell the Palin brand to the ignorant and misinformed, while finding a way to frame the issues and her positions on those issues without the filter of the MSM.  She needs to dump her FNC contract, but continue to talk to the Fox folks like Cavuto, the FBN people, Shannon Bream, Uma Pemmeraju, and Greta.  She needs to avoid Sean Hannity interviews. If she goes on with Ted Baxter, she needs to do it  face-to-face. And obviously, she’ll need to do various interviews with “hostile” media, but use what she learned from the Couric and Gibson interviews, when doing so.

      Brian, you have won me over.  Palin supporters need to stop with the Palin2016 banter until Sarah makes it reality.  When she does, it’s Katy, bar the door.

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thanks, Refudiate!!!

    • BostonBruin

      I really wonder if Gov. Palin sees a future for herself in politics within the Republican party. The fact that she didn’t do any campaigning the last two months and did not speak at the convention makes me think the answer to that question is no. According to Tony Lee at Breitbart, she was asked to campaign for Deb Fischer, but obviously she did not. She probably knew there would be some retaliation against her or Fischer if she did.

      I am also of the mindset that the GOP primary in 2016 will once again be rigged for the “chosen one” – whoever that may be (Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, …). I suspect she knows that too.

      I do think she has to get serious about 2016 now, but not announce it officially until 2015. However, everything she says and does for the next 3 years will facilitate a successful presidential run in 2016 – including the health & fitness book and book tour.

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thanks for your thoughts, BB!!

    • melory2


      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thanks for your thoughts, melory!

    • Betsey_Ross

      All reasons I would have thought of.  Everything you said is so true.  It would be our only hope of ‘tempering’ what is about to be done to us.  I would think that Sarah is as surprised as we are about the election.  She must be getting to her fighting weight and I would think come out swinging.  She has been very quiet since Nov. 7.  I’m ready to jump on her band wagon as I have been since she was introduced to us. 

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thanks, Betsey!

  • Bill589

    I’ve noticed three main things wrong with most polls as to who would be best as the GOP 2016 nominee. Sarah Palin isn’t in them, Sarah Palin isn’t in them, and . . . um . . . oh yeah, Sarah Palin isn’t in them.

    Now that I think of it, I think there is a forth reason the polls are fubar: Sarah Palin isn’t in them.
    ‘ABP’ lives in the GOPe and their media. Evidence that they are concerned.

    They put Michelle Bachmann in polls, the “Thinking person’s Sarah Palin” as they have called her.
    But it shows that they are not concerned about MB.

    Ignoring SP works to a point. But as people begin seeing the truth, that they are ignoring the 800 lb momma grizzly in the room, then the GOPe and their media will just look stupid.

    And then if Sarah ever opens her mouth once, slightly hinting at possibly, maybe, running for president – then these polls immediately become obsolete.
    At the best time – I hope so.

    The truth is on our side.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks, Bill!!!


  • BostonBruin

    Good morning!

    “Taking a stand … in direct opposition to the views of key people who helped her gain elected office was a necessary step toward becoming a politician in her own right, rather than someone else’s pawn.”

    Chuck Jr., “Our Sarah”, page 54
    This Friday is the big deadline by which states must let HHS know if they plan to implement their own healthcare exchange. Hopefully, enough states will just say “no”!


    The Republican governor’s will meet this week. Gov. Jindal will take-over as the Chair (from Bob McDonnell). Hopefully, they’ll all decide to refuse to implement the state exchanges and refuse the Medicaid expansion.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks, BB, and good morning!

  • Gelston

    well, Victoria’s Secret has been asked to apologize for this:

    And I agree they should. Dressing a model to look like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is beyond the pale.

    • Firelight

      Good grief…

      Well, in the Firelight household where my hubby is a card carrying Choctaw and I have some Cherokee we say she is damned hot and has nothing to apologize for.  I showed him as he was walking out the door and we both laughed as he said “is she apologizing that she isn’t here in our house?”  

      The girl is hot… the costume is hot… sorry if as someone who takes pride in the fact that our family has some Native American blood that we think celebrating it’s beauty and sexiness (yes, cause it is) is not a bad thing.

      It is very tastefully done.  It’s not like she is doing porn.  It’s the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. It’s always sexy but tastefully sexy.  What is this world coming to??

      Now Elizabeth Warren…. LOL  that is just a mental picture I don’t need Gelston, LOL!!

      • susiepuma

        I thought Native Americans objected  mostly because of the head dress – that it is/was reserved only for Chiefs……………………. this dressing as Native Americans is not new – has been happening for a long long time……….. when one is old, there is not much that is new

        btw – she may be ‘hot’ and I am not a prude but jeeze – seeing half dressed women who look good is one thing (doesn’t do anything for me except wonder if their mothers are proud – ugh) – seeing imitators who do NOT look good is something else – needs to stop – hurts my eyes and makes me feel kinda sad about how awful these young people look and wonder again about who raised them

        also btw – I continue my personal boycott against everything lib – including movies, tv, books, music, etc. – if they get no support, maybe they will go away permanently…..

        • Gelston

           living in WA State and having worked on the Yakama Nation Reservation, I often see Native Americans wearing the “Washington Redskins” tee shirts and hats. They seem to think it’s funny to have an NFL team named for them

          • susiepuma

            good – but how do they feel about non-natives wearing a head dress?  I used to work with several Native Americans and they felt very strongly about that issue……….. one of guys I worked with used to give me bags of wild rice that was harvested by hand…… sooooo good – I lost contact with him some time ago & so now I have to have my wild rice shipped to me from MN & pay dearly for it – but it is still good (I think I did hear that he had died but could not get confirmation)

            btw – Lip – add some wild rice to your gumbo – it is good & adds a little nutty flavor…..

          • Firelight

            Yes, Gelston, my hubby’s grandfather lived for years on Choctaw land/reservation and it is all really such a joke to them.  They love to act offended but really they aren’t.  You mess with their casinos and then all bets are off, lol!

        • Firelight

          No, not really.  In all honesty, they just object to be objectionable most of the time.  Technically, one doesn’t wear another person’s headdress so the only person to be offended would be the person/Chief the headdress actually belonged to.  It isn’t much different than wearing someone’s wedding ring.  You just don’t do it.   My guess is that this headdress was made just for the fashion show, it doesn’t belong to anyone.  So while some might want to make a big deal out of it, it would be considered faux outrage to those that really know but some people like to have something to complain about.

          As for her being hot, well, it is a fashion show for lingerie… it is a specific venue for a specific product.  She isn’t walking down 5th avenue looking like that.

    • Lipstick

       I have just a bit of Native American blood but not enough to be considered Native American (unless I’m running for office in Mass or apply for a professorship at Harvard).

      I have to say that is pretty thin skinned.

      As someone who actually shops at VS, I am appreciative that there is a store where you can buy sexy items that is not distasteful. They have some really nice items in there and they have the more, interesting items too. VS is a place where my Baptist friends will actually admit to shopping at without worry of being scandalous in the church, unlike Fredericks of Hollywood.

      I also have a cousin who worked there while she was working her way through college and she loved working there. She even moved into management after graduation. They treat their employees very well according to her.

      Another example of people getting all bent out of shape. So when we have kids at school with little paper headdresses at Thanksgiving is that offensive too? Good grief. This just gets old.

      And Gelston…..Warren….that image is not one that should be mentioned in polite company. 😉

    • LS as guest

      As in ‘beyond the pale face’?

  • Bill589

    War is hell. Sarah can’t say anything to us without informing her enemies too. “Don’t let your enemies know what you’re thinking.” This sucks.

    It sure would be nice for the control of my stomach acid if Sarah would just say, “I’m running for president in 2016.” Even if that is in her head and heart at this very moment, she can’t tell her enemies this. While I do get some kind of happiness from fighting a just war, mostly – war just sucks. It’s usually just my faith that saves me from needing too much Pepto Bismal.

    Sarah Palin earned my trust, asked me to trust her, and then earned my trust some more.

    She has the capability. Going by all who know her and write about her – she is not one to sit around and watch her cub’s country be destroyed. Combining what they write, with that of the record of her repeated behavior and accomplishments in her life, I figure that adds up to SP going Momma Grizzly on our enemies’ arses.

    But I can’t be sure, and she can’t say. And war is hell. But I will continue to trust her.
    And work, hope and pray for the constitutional republic I hand off to my own cubs.


    • Gelston

       Sherman’s words were “War is all hell.”
       It has a different meaning than the way libs use that phrase.

  • Gelston

    susiepuma asked about finding someone who died
    Here is the list of 90,000,000 Americans who have died since about 1970

    in the lower right, when they ask for a search engine, use “family search”.

    this is an invaluable resource.

    • susiepuma

      Thanks but 90m is way too many………………… I can’t remember the last time I saw him even – 1978-80??? I don’t remember and I also cannot remember last name – first name was Jack – like trying to find needle in haystack………………………..

  • IsraeliCojones

    (repost from C4P)

    Please take note (for those who think this is not fiction)

    The WHI is out, enters the Republican Insider – who, hopefully, won’t be another Bushtard (we’ll see soon enough).

    Preceding his first interview, The Ulsterman Report encourages its readers to ask him questions.

    Here is the link:

    You might want to ask questions like:

    “Why did the GOP wage a war against Sarah Palin – the “Stop Palin” campaign – one week before the 2010 results were known, and in which victory she took a major part?”

    “Why did the RNC operatives collecting money during those years keep telling Conservatives they had over the phone that she was “damaged goods”?

    “Why was she shunned at the Convention?”

    “What are you going to do to nullify the attack on the grassroots now known as the #RNCPowerGrab that happened during the Convention?”

    “What do you think of Mark Levin saying yesterday that if Conservatives leave the GOP, then you’re toast?”

    “How come one of your fundraisers came out on October 4th, 2011 saying to the public that “We have our Nominee”, before the primaries even got started? Does that mean that those primaries are only kabuki now?”

    “Did you deliberately lose this election to Obama by pissing off your Base any time you could?”

    “Are you accomplice to the massive voter fraud that seems to have occurred in this election?”

    “How many years of survival do you think you’ll get if Conservatives tell you to Eff Off?”

    etc. etc.

    • IsraeliCojones
    • LS as guest

      Yes, he claimed not to be a fan of the Bushes, but then his free association response to Marco Rubio was ‘potential’.  Small difference.

      Also, I’d thought UM had said originally that he was a WHI’s contact within the Romney campaign, but he says he wasn’t involved with Romney at all.

      • IsraeliCojones

         Well, I wasn’t expecting him to say “Bushtard” when hearing Roobio’s name lol.

        That said I’m gonna check this “contact” thing and come back…

        • LS as guest

          Ha ha!

      • IsraeliCojones

         Ok, here’s what is written on TUR about this new Republican contact:

        “[WH]Insider has graciously set up communication with an individual from within the Republican machine who was apparently in almost daily contact with them during the final months of the 2012 election.  I was unaware of this relationship, but also certain I was unaware of many other aspects to the work Insider was  so feverishly attempting to complete for the past several months.  I have been promised that the information coming from this Republican will most importantly prove  “honest and uncompromising” regarding their understanding of the failings of the Republican Party and the conservative movement, as well as a “much needed and more modern” understanding of how to defeat the Democratic Party.

        “This individual is well connected, though apparently was not in any kind of managerial position within the Romney campaign – a campaign I’m told they viewed as “competent but falling short of linking itself to the fundamental Conservatism that still has a home in the majority of Americans”. According to Insider this person “leans libertarian without the freaky”.  I am not quite sure what the phrase means but am looking forward to asking this new source directly.”

        • LS as guest

          Thanks, I was just going from memory when I’d read about it originally.

  • Pete Petretich

    YES, I think John Boehner should be replaced by Sarah Palin as Speaker of the House. The sooner the better!

    1. She is the ultimate corruption buster on the national stage, and she has a proven record of giving grief to both parties on the crony capitalism issue.

    2. Corruption is (not surprisingly) the Achilles Heel of Obama and the Chicago gang.

    3. She is not tainted by a dubious and ambitious House career like most of the other options.

    4. What’s more, Sarah would go after Obama from the House while McCain would go after him from the Senate. Obama’s already off balance in spite of his beating Romney Phony.

    What are some other reasons Sarah should be the next Speaker of the House of Representatives?

    • Bill589

      I totally agree with you as far as SP’s ‘work-performance’ would be concerned.
      Sarah would lead, and run point in a battle against O.

      And these are the first ten reasons why the GOPe will never let SP be Speaker:
      Reasons 1 – 10: She is the ultimate corruption buster on the national stage, and she has a proven record of giving grief to both parties on the crony capitalism issue.

    • Guest

      Pete….IMHO, there’s one issue that keeps being overlooked with SP as corruption buster.
      It’s that the corruption within our political system is tenaciously linked to other countries.
      To bust the corruption internally will draw wrath from the outside feeders & takers….a wrath that has no mercy….thus the greater problem & cost (not just monetarily) for our Country.

  • Pete Petretich

    Remind me again, why wasn’t Sarah Palin invited to speak at the RNC 2012?

    • Bill589

      Sarah is a threat to our corrupt government. Only half of it are the Democrats.

      • LS as guest


  • c4pfan

    I hope Sarah is interviewed soon! 

  • Guest

    Something is troubling/not matching with sleuthing the news. is reporting 40 States are petitioning to secede from USA.
    Hamas is dubious about BHO’s 2nd term ie interfering.
    North America is looking at being oil independent by 2020; Keystone pipeline surely being approved as well as fracking (tidbit California has the largest supply of oil in US).

    IMHO there’s wheeling & dealing under the tables to allow obamacare mandate in exchange for oil independence (thus not promoting “democracy” in arab countries) or USA is being carved out to future “owners.” oy…crazy conclusions….does make one wonder what’s brewing….

  • cookboy

    Top notch post, Ma’am!

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