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Tug-a-war Weekend Edition- UPDATED

Morning peeps!

It is the official countdown!!  Only 4 more days to go as of posting this, 3 before the end of the weekend!!  The campaigns are in full gear here since we are a “swing” state or “battleground” state or whatever anyone wants to call us.  It sure feels like a battle out there.  We have Romney here and then Ryan here and the ads are running non-stop and my phone rings every 30 minutes.  It is crazy!

There are all sorts of Tea Party rallies, phone banks and get out the vote efforts around the state this weekend.  I really don’t think I have ever seen anything quite like it and I don’t think I have ever been invited to so many things in my life all within 96 hours.

Each side has ads and events going on. It is enough to give someone whiplash for sure.

I guess we will find out Tuesday night (hopefully) whose efforts paid off.  I think it is too close to call right now and Gary Johnson might spoil the whole thing here and throw it to Obama…

News roundup:

Say what????

Karma people… karma… there are only so many of them and those workers don’t make the decision on where to start the work first… those decisions are made in a fancy office… not by the guys doing the actual hard work just trying to help…

This is the next generation of Marthas

First I never get to run into Gov. Palin on an airplane and now I’m not lucky enough to have a free bar wiz past me… I gotta make some changes…

Lipstick… this one is for you…

Don’t forget today is all about finding our inner puppet

Yep… I have wondered the same things…

Excellent questions to why…

Will he also hold his breath until he is blue and passes out?  That is a great idea…

Well someone had a moment of genius…



I’m cracking up that all of the sudden Obama is running Bain commercials again here in CO.  Yeah, that’s gonna work this time…

Yay Bristol!!  She wins a big one…

Nope, nothing to worry about here

I expect Texas to not put up with this crap.

Nice, voter intimidation on camera by a dumbass…

Fine, riot… we have guns too…

I love you Rudy

Thank you Lord, Thank you Lord, Thank you Lord that he did not get picked…

This is heavy

I’m still waiting for the machine that “accidentally” switches a vote from Obama to Romney…. anyone, anyone?


OK, have a great weekend!!  I’ll keep the thread updated as the weekend rolls on…


  • BrianusBerkleianus

    Thanks for the post, Firelight!!

    Have a great weekend! 

    • Firelight

      You too BB!!

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        :-) !!

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    My Dear Friends in Sarah,

    Happy Saturday to you all!!

    If you have not seen it already, you might want to go to the archives to view MarkRNY’s (Sir Marcus’) great and stirring and informative post towards the end of yesterday’s open thread (C4P)!!

    Below are the remarks I posted last night on her splendid interview with Hannity.

    Enjoy the big NCAA football games today.

    God bless you all always!




    Good Evening, Everyone!

    Here are some highlights from and observations on her interview with Hannity this evening.

    Emphases are mine throughout.


    She refers to all that HOKEY HOPEY-CHANGEY STUFF.

    This is a great addition to her earlier and brilliant “hopey-changey” stuff, by which she unsheathed the sword of ridicule, and unleashed it on obama and his allies. The attaching of “hokey” to the phrase adds to its force both in terms of the EAR (alliteration) and the MIND (powerfully underlines the fraud of obama and obamunism).

    She says that the obama “administration” is ending in a BIG, MESSY, LOUD, BLOODY TRAIN WRECK. This is superb. Among other things:

    She implicitly indicts obama for the BLOOD of BENGHAZI;

    She implies that the “president” and his cronies will not be able to cover it up (it is LOUD);

    She implies that obama will NOT get a second term, since it is of the essence of a train wreck that the train goes off the rails BEFORE it reaches its destination (eight years of destruction of the USA, in the plans and minds of obama, valerie jarrett, and their fellow commie thugs).

    obama got what he wanted out of the hurricane and its aftermath: Photo ops with A REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR (more on this phrase below), so that he and the mainstream media could FAKE THE BI-PARTISANSHIP that in no way, shape, or form does obama represent–he is the most partisan “president” we have ever had.

    “WITH A REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR”: BRILLIANT. She indicts the Governor of New Jersey without NAMING him!! The phrase is an understated, but powerful and perfect smack-down. Its use causes all who hear her to nod to themselves, and say, “Yep, Chris Christie!” She leaves the drawing of conclusions, the explicit indictment of Christie, to US!!

    obama seized the opportunity, along with THE COMPLICIT LAPDOGS IN THE MEDIA, to politicize the hurricane.

    People cannot place their hope and their faith in government, AS THE HURRICANE SHOWS.

    Many, many people across America who wanted to put their hope and their faith in obama’s false promises have AWAKENED.

    She believes that enough Americans have awakened and understand that it is time for a shift, a FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION NOT OF OUR COUNTRY, BUT A TRANSFORMATION OF WHAT WE PREVIOUSLY PERHAPS HAD BELIEVED IN THE NAME OF POLITICS, so that we can get America back on the right track.

    This is wonderful! What we need is not a fundamental transformation of our country, but a transformation of MINDS and HEARTS WITHIN our country–and she thinks that enough people have been so converted that obama will be ousted on Tuesday!!

    As she so often does, our dear Governor said more, explicitly and implicitly, in an interview of a few minutes than most others could say in a discourse of several hours in length.

    God bless you all always!!

    Our Sarah Always!


  • blackbird

    Romney will win by 10 points.

    I hope Martha McSally win come Tuesday even more than Romney.

    The americanthinker article is a good read.

    I think my inner Muppet would be the Swedish Chef, LOL

    • Firelight

      OMG Blackbird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   That was my favorite Muppet!!  I LOVE that you found that clip. 

      I remember one line that he used to say “here’s zhe chicken and here’s zhe boom boom, zthrow zhe chicken up and…..(boom, boom… he would actually shoot it)  LOL!!

      • blackbird


  • Pete Petretich

    This is the first reading from yesterday’s mass. I attended before work, at the Cathedral, with the Bishop of Cleveland presiding:

    Wis 3:1-9

    The souls of the just are in the hand of God,and no torment shall touch them.They seemed, in the view of the foolish, to be dead;and their passing away was thought an afflictionand their going forth from us, utter destruction.But they are in peace.For if before men, indeed, they be punished,yet is their hope full of immortality;chastised a little, they shall be greatly blessed,because God tried themand found them worthy of himself.As gold in the furnace, he proved them,and as sacrificial offerings he took them to himself.In the time of their visitation they shall shine,and shall dart about as sparks through stubble;they shall judge nations and rule over peoples,and the LORD shall be their King forever.Those who trust in him shall understand truth,and the faithful shall abide with him in love:because grace and mercy are with his holy ones,and his care is with his elect.

    (The Lord tests us, but he also takes care of us…)

  • Pete Petretich

    This is the first reading from yesterday’s mass. I attended before work, at the Cathedral, with the Bishop of Cleveland presiding:

    Wis 3:1-9

    The souls of the just are in the hand of God,and no torment shall touch them.They seemed, in the view of the foolish, to be dead;and their passing away was thought an afflictionand their going forth from us, utter destruction.But they are in peace.For if before men, indeed, they be punished,yet is their hope full of immortality;chastised a little, they shall be greatly blessed,because God tried themand found them worthy of himself.As gold in the furnace, he proved them,and as sacrificial offerings he took them to himself.In the time of their visitation they shall shine,and shall dart about as sparks through stubble;they shall judge nations and rule over peoples,and the LORD shall be their King forever.Those who trust in him shall understand truth,and the faithful shall abide with him in love:because grace and mercy are with his holy ones,and his care is with his elect.

    (The Lord tests us, but he also takes care of us…)

  • BostonBruin

    Good morning!
    “An ancient philosopher named Sun Tzu once said the person who chooses the location of the battle determines the outcome … To change the outcome, she had to change the battlefield.”

    Chuck Sr., “Our Sarah”, page 272

    This statement from “Our Sarah” expresses what is at the forefront of my thinking right now. Like many, I have been surprised that Sarah has been working totally behind the scenes since she spoke at a Tea Party rally in Michigan a few months ago (with the exception of her private speeches in Boise and New Orleans) – no campaigning for candidates and no TP rallies.

    Chuck Jr. told some folks at one of his book signings recently that his sister was working 16 hour days, but doing who-knows-what.

    There is a brief discussion on this question over at TRS and a couple of comments may be spot-on: “She knew that she didn’t want to be a distraction for whomever was running … I think she is laying low to avoid letting the msm use her for a distraction”.

    The video recently put out by NAEOF (New American Energy Opportunity Foundation) got me suspicious that she may be heavily involved in working with this newly-formed organization. We also know she’s working with her family on the health and fitness book.

    We’ll find out soon enough and I know we won’t be disappointed. And her troops will be ready and willing to assist on the new battlefield.

  • Gelston

    Now for my prediction.
    First, I believe in the excellent article by Jay Cost – polls do not matter. But then, Sarah said that poles are for strippers. …
    Second, we have no idea what Sandy’s effect will be on this election. I believe that the images of hungry people, long gas lines and dark nights in the cold will hurt Obama, Christie and Bloomberg. They ain’t suffering.
    Third, I ask people a question or 2 as they come by my office. I try to be careful to not lead in one direction or another. The disgust for Obama is alarming. People are ready to vote. This will be more like 2010 than the media wants to think. When 1994’s vote rocked DC, Clinton, to his credit, reacted. In 2010, Obama ignored it. That will be part of his undoing.
    Fourth, the US of A is the only country in the world  that elects the commander-in-chief of its armies. I think that the events in Libya will cost him enough votes to make a difference. And I credit Romney for not making this a campaign issue.

    I have said many times on this site and on C4P that the candidate for President with the optimistic message ALWAYS wins. Obama has preached gloom and doom. What is he thinking? What happened to Hope and Change?
    Therefore, my prediction is Romney by a landslide.

    • blackbird

      “Romney by a landslide” I agree Gelston.

      imho if Obama was present and doing his job instead of all the me, me, me hot air photo shoot in New Jersey, then off to Vegas for fundraising while the folks are in an ongoing life and death situation would be a boost for his reelection effort, but it’s clear his words are hollow and his actions are disgraceful, this is who he is.

      The people are in dire straights and Obama is yucking it up with the 1% in Vegas of all places, disgraceful.

      Obama has the blood of Ambassador Stevens the 2 Navy Seals and the consulate worker on his hands and no amount of cover by the corrupt media can wash it away. Obama’s inaction was treacherous and a direct dereliction of his duty to protect as commander-in-chief.

      I totally agree Gelston, “Romney by a landslide”

    • Guest

      Gelston….may it be so! even overriding all fraud (missing in the equation)

  • Guest

    Thanks Firelight !!

    The Battle belongs to the L-rd.

    Comforted to know He’s known the outcome all along…
    IMHO the hearts/will of the people He is testing.

  • Bill589

    In NH Romney says his campaign is a movement. Now, I’ve been saying for a while that he is full of a movement – but probably a different kind of movement than he means.

    It’s an anti-Obama movement Mitt . . . . get over yourself.  Hope you win.  You must win. 

    But if you do not maintain your newly found TPM principles, you’ll also be a “one term proposition”. I’ll happily not wait until 2020, but replace you with the real deal movement leader in 2016 if need be. Don’t forget: “We’re here. We’re clear. Get used to it.” – is aimed at both halves of our corrupt government – RINOs too.

    • blackbird

      Well said Bill.

  • John_Frank

    Good afternoon.

    Thanks for the news round up Firelight.

    Jennifer Griffin:  Exclusive: Security officials on the ground in Libya challenge CIA account

    Presuming that the President did give a directive or order that everything possible be done to secure the Benghazi mission and save the people being attacked, what the heck happened?

    Looks like the “lie that will fly” is already falling apart.

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Good afternoon!

    Final weekend before the election. I’ve seen this statement going around twitter– change your clocks this weekend and your president on Tuesday. I decided to fill out an electoral map last night. You can do so here too:

    Just copy and save whatever link is shown at the bottom after you make your picks. I’ll share mine in Tuesday morning’s thread, just in case I make any change in the meantime. :)

    My inner muppet is probably Beaker. I first was introduced to the muppet types of course through Sesame Street, but also through Muppet Babies, a cartoon of the toddler muppets that was on in the 80s. There was one episode when the nanny came in to get the muppets for lunch, and they were having hot dogs. The Miss Piggy character said, “yippy skippy, hot dogs!”. My sister and I were pretty young at the time, so we didn’t get it when my mom started laughing–since hot dogs are often made out of pig and “Miss Piggy” was excited about them. To this day, if my family is excited about something simple in life, we’ll say, “yippy skippy, hot dogs!”. I suppose it’s kind of like “yay dirt!”. 

    Anyway, it’s unfortunate, though, that liberals refuse to understand that just because you like something means it needs to be government subsidized, and it’s childish that they constantly resort to costume to make a stupid point–vagina costumes, muppet outfits etc.  

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Oh, and Martha McSally is awesome!

    In that Greta interview, the topic of a sexist ad being run against McSally is briefly mentioned. Here’s that ad:

    This was put out my Nancy Pelosi’s PAC by the way. 

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      I agree, Whit–I loved that interview!!

      God bless.

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    The Irish over Pitt in triple OT!

    The Governor’s grandfather, CJ Sheeran, loved Notre Dame football … and Latin! Undoubtedly he is smiling from on High this evening.

    IMHO, CJ will also be smiling one day when his granddaughter, our Sarah, crowns, not a triple OT win on the gridiron, but an executive TRIPLE SWEEP:

    Mayor of Wasilla;

    Governor of Alaska;

    President of the United States.

    The Tide and LSU in a few minutes. I hope you are all having a great Saturday.

    Prayers continue for our friends who are still struggling with the aftermath of the hurricane.

    God bless, guys!!

    • blackbird

      God Bless you and your family as well Brianus and have a great weekend my friend.

      I am going and drink a cup of hot coco and watch a movie, ‘Brave’ I love animation movies.

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thanks; God bless you too, Blackbird!!!

        Enjoy the movie!

    • section9

      Sorry, I’m a Cane fan. We don’t rejoice at Notre Dame’s triumphs.

      However, it was a well deserved win. 

  • c4pfan

    I don’t get something. If people say that the polls with Obama is due to more Dems being polled and yet the same people say that those Dems that voted early are most likely voting for Romney? 

    I read about how McCain beat Obama on election day votes, but it was the early voting that gave it to Obama!  That’s why I think early voting shouldn’t happen.  It should be one day and that’s that. 

    • Bill589

      Early voting makes me nervous too. I figure there is more chance of errors, and more ways to corrupt.

      Unfortunately, reducing errors and corruption is not something our government appears to accomplish very often.

  • John_Frank

    In the dying dies of the 2012 election campaign:

    Obama supporters send out tweets threatening that if Romney wins, they will riot

    Obama urges his supporters to vote for him to get Revenge.

    Bill Maher, who donated a million dollars to an Obama super pac, goes on TV and warns Romney Supporters: ‘Black people know who you are and they will come after you.’

    The Obama campaign changes their campaign slogan from “Forward” to “Revenge.”

    When challenged about the new slogan, the Obama campaign manager falsely claims that the Romney campaign message is one of Revenge.

    Does that sound like a winning campaign, or a loosing campaign?

    • Bill589

      I’ve read somewhere some months back, ‘If Romney wins there will be riots. If Obama wins there will be a revolution.’

      I’m afraid I know what it means. Hopefully Romney wins and keeps it to simple riots.

      If O wins, do we kiss the idea that is America – the US constitutional republic – good-bye, or do we do what founders and even President Lincoln said we should do if our government ‘perverts’ the constitution?

      Either way, but especially if O wins, I’ll be looking to SP for guidance.
      God help us patriots.

  • blackbird

    Thanks for the excellent update Firelight.

    I think Obama is going to be needing therapy after Tuesday and I wonder if he is going to blame his defeat on Bush LOL!

    That Crap in Texas with the NAACP is disturbing and should be illegal, moving people to the front of the line, but what’s worse is the lady been told to stand down.

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    My Dear Friends in Sarah,

    A Happy and Blessed Sunday to you all!!

    Four years ago today, 4 November, 2008, there dawned that dark day, one of the bleakest and most dismal in our history, when barack hussein obama, a Chicago “community organizer,” a person with no experience in the real world, a disciple of bill ayers, saul alinsky, and valerie jarrett, a person bent on the “fundamental transformation” of the United States of America, an enemy of America and of Americans, was somehow, the Lord knows how and why, “elected” as “president” of the United States of America.

    Four long and laborious years later, America is on the cusp and edge and verge of ousting this usurper and domestic enemy from our White House.

    In this spirit, I present the following post from five days ago. It was posted during the day on 30 October.

    Let us never forget, in the hoped-for euphoria of victory over the commie thug on Tuesday, let us never forget the special and wonderful lady to whom, above all others, IMV, we will owe this signal and salutary victory.

    God bless you all always!!

    Our Sarah Always!!



    Good Morning/Afternoon, Everyone!!

    I am becoming more and more confident that barack obama will be defeated, perhaps even comfortably defeated, one week from today.

    This is a good thing. We have known that he had to go since the moment he was inaugurated. Indeed, the Governor prophetically denounced him in her 2008 RNC oration even BEFORE he seized and usurped the Presidency. For those who have somehow been blinded heretofore to the vicious and duplicitous nature of this fraud-in-chief, the events of Benghazi have helped to expose the real “character” of this person. This is all very, very good.

    However, I feel a certain wistful sadness today too.

    If Romney wins, Paul Ryan will be inaugurated as Vice President of the United States on 20 January, 2013. It could have been Sarah’s VP inauguration four years ago. This is nothing against Paul Ryan, but, to my mind, he is not even remotely at the Governor’s level in political, intellectual, or personal terms. He seems like a decent and talented man; Sarah is so much more … And yet Ryan will be on a winning ticket. He will reap the rewards and fruits of labor that he did not perform; sufferings that he did not undergo; circumstances that he did not create.

    Further, if she had chosen to run, it would have been Sarah poised to win the White House next Tuesday. And while I am beginning to sense that Mitt may win by a comfortable margin, with not only Ohio, but some States like Iowa, Pennsylvania, and Michigan perhaps going his way, I think that our Governor might have won in a landslide victory of Reaganesque proportions.

    I give Romney credit, especially for that excellent first debate … but he is still no Sarah Palin.

    SARAH was the one who prophetically denounced the “messiah” in ’08, as she saw right through his fraudulent façade from the beginning;

    SARAH was the one who spearheaded the 2010 TEA Party triumph that, to some extent at least, cut obama’s term in half;

    SARAH was the one who kept the hearts, the spirits, the ideals of Americans afloat through all the swirling floodtide and foul miasma of obama policy initiatives, obama “legislation,” obama propaganda, obama lies;

    SARAH, I am convinced, was the one who made a selfless and self-sacrificing decision for her country when she decided last October not to run–and maybe we will know the full story someday.

    SARAH IS the one who, in spite of the terrible attacks of Romney’s surrogates on her since 2008, has given him her generous support.


    They are both golden and timeless exemplars of the spirit of LOVE OF NEIGHBOR, LOVE OF FLAG, LOVE OF COUNTRY, LOVE OF THE LORD that are the marks and the majesty of the American Spirit.

    Bristol Palin, in the CPAC episode of her show “Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp,” reports what her mom said about the CROWDS that flock to her wherever she goes: Book tours, campaign appearances, speeches.

    “I’D GIVE MY LIFE FOR THEM,” The Governor said!!!

    And she meant it and means it.

    Romney and Ryan will be inaugurated next January, and the foul stench of obama and his commie thugs, valerie jarrett, eric holder, and the whole filthy crowd of them, will be purged from Washington. THANKS BE TO GOD.

    And yet, and yet we SHALL NEVER FORGET what Sarah Palin of Alaska, more than any other individual of our time, IMV, has done to save our country … and …

    I am certain that Sarah will be our President, and a President for the ages, when the LORD decrees that the time is ripe and right for her!!

    God bless you all!!

    Prayers continue for the hurricane victims!


  • Bill589

    The defamation lawsuit filed by the man who made headlines for heckling Bristol Palin in a California bar has been tossed out. He was made to pay Bristol’s attorney fees. Good.

    Edit: Oops – just read this above in the ‘updated’ news. Well, I’m happy to write it anyway. Especially about him being made to pay Bristol’s attorney fees.

    • blackbird

      Always sweet justice to read it again Bill. Wonder how much he is out, 20K? LOL!!! now that is SWEEEEEEET!!!!

  • Pete Petretich
    • blackbird

      Thanks for the link Pete, that was a good read.

  • John_Frank

    Here is a link to an audio of the robo-call that Governor Palin has been making to voters on behalf of the Faith and Freedom Coalition:

    According to the related Politico article:

    – The call is tailored to recipients in various states.

    – It is part of a massive GOTV effort being conducted by the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

    – The call is being made to over 8.5 million voters across 56 congressional districts and in 14 states.

    – The largest call universes are in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Washington, Nevada and Wisconsin.

    P.S. Smith’s Politico article mis-characterizes the call as being made to “social conservatives.” Hate to break it to Mr. Smith, but the objectives of the Faith and Freedom Coalition are supportive of common sense constitutional conservative candidates, not social conservative candidates.

    • blackbird

      “or even better vote early” that’s right crush them at their own game as well.

    • c4pfan

      Thanks John_Frank!

    • Anno76

      Thank you posting John – it’s always great to hear Sarah even if it only a snipet!

    • Firelight

      Damn!!  Now you are going to make me answer my phone :)

      I’ve been avoiding the 12 robo calls a day I’ve been getting the past week but being that it could be the Gov I just might have to start answering them.

      • John_Frank

         LOL … there you go …

        • Firelight

          My kids answered one the other day and it just happened to be Clint Eastwood.  That was pretty cool. We put him on speaker phone, lol!

          • John_Frank

             I bet it was.

  • Pete Petretich

    I don’t approve of the Mitt$ter, but I will (probably) vote for him on Tuesday here in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. He is a tool in more ways than one, but at this time the USA needs an Obama Removal Tool.
    That being said, the future is yet unwritten.

    • c4pfan

      You didn’t early vote?  I wish it was just one day and that’s it.

      • Pete Petretich

        I don’t trust early voting but my parents love it.

  • Pete Petretich

    The recent Sarah PAC donation absolutely might swing the election since many of her people are hesitant to cheerlead for Romney for a variety of reasons.

    • c4pfan

      I doubt it. 

      • Firelight

        I doubt it too.  I think most of her loyal fans see it as CYA so she can say she was a team player.  She also donated to Murky to prove she wasn’t after her seat. It certainly wasn’t because she supported her.

  • c4pfan

    I love Rudy too! 

  • c4pfan

    Doesn’t it seem like the GOP isn’t expecting to win the Sen and lose House Seats and that’s why Romney is using the ‘work across the aisle’ card?

    Is the GOP relying on less Dems voting this time and using more Republicans voting early with an addition of the same number that voted in 2008?  Is that where the ‘sweep’ is coming from? I see that Gallup is still out due to Sandy.

    Lastly, it seems that Vitter is giving a clue as to the next fight coming… Conservatives in Senate /Congress vs the Moderates Romney plans to put in cabinet roles.  I wonder how much Ryan will be willing to go against the Conservatives.

  • c4pfan

    I read that Hollywood is making a movie about Rush?!  Is that true?

    • Firelight

      Probably, they will use it to trash and discredit him and they will embellish and fill it with lies and half truths like they did with Game Change.  Same MO they always do.

  • Pete Petretich

    “Greta has story Sarah has done a robo call for Romney”

  • Guest

    Selected news briefs….

    18:22 Syrian rebels capture oilfield near Iraqi border (AP)
    19:47 Rival Libya militias battle on streets of Tripoli (Reuters)
    21:57 Kuwaiti security forces teargas opposition protest (Reuters)

  • blackbird

    there is something I want to say before Tuesday. I was over at TRS just now going to watch Romney’s speech and below the video clip is a photo of about 35 Thousand folks and I just thought… Revenge is best served in numbers LOL!

    • blackbird

      Romney gave a great speech, very optimistic, I liked when he talked about the Flag and the Shuttle and what it means.

      Obama must be exasperated when ever Romney talks about real change, I love it.

      • Firelight

        Yes, optimism always wins the day in my opinion. 

        • blackbird

          Me too. I saw a few clips of Obama over at Breitbart and he looked unhinged talking something about Romney and change, he sounded bitter, what a contrast to Romney.

          Also you can clearly see the rehearsed antics of Obama a parody of himself and see he is a small and bitter partisan who only knows how to agitate people.

  • Guest

    While US votes….

    ” Israeli warplanes fly over Golan as Hizballah fighters pour into Syria”


    New US-Russian Syrian deal would leave Assad in power DEBKAfile November 3, 2012, 12:41 PM (GMT+02:00)

    US and Turkish sources report that Admiral James Winnfeld, Vice-Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff informed Turkey of a peace plan negotiated with Moscow for keeping Assad in power and barring the creation of buffer zones. Instead, the UN was studying the deployment in Syria of a peacekeeping force. During his visit to Ankara in the third week of October, the US admiral said that Washington’s plans for Syria would be fully revealed after the Nov. 6 presidential election. The deal with Moscow runs counter to the policies of the Syrian rebels’ regional backers, Saudi Arabia, France, Qatar and Turkey who are dedicated to regime change in Damascus. DEBKAfile: It must also have stood high on the agenda of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s talks this week with President Francois Hollande, and Defense Minister Ehud Barak’s conferences with British officials in London. ”

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    Good Evening, Everyone!

    The Governor again tonight, in her interview with Hannity, manifested her genius for packing a world of meaning into the short and straitened space of a very brief interview. She says more in a few minutes–sometimes with a mere phrase (remember “death panels”?!?) than most can say in hours and hours.

    Here are a few highlights from and observations on the interview.

    Emphases are mine throughout.


    Re obama’s recent voting for “revenge” remarks, she says, “Revenge is a very poor tool to build a united and hope-filled nation.” And she say that for a president “to encourage anyone to exact revenge via their vote is pretty much the antithesis certainly of what Mitt Romney is representing and standing for in this election–and that’s a great question: ‘Revenge against who? Against what?’ ”

    Right on, Governor: Probing the MEANING and IMPLICATIONS of the word “REVENGE”!!!

    The polls are close because of the corrupt, lamestream media.

    The press has “intimately invested itself in” (great, expressive phrase!) obama’s candidacy and reelection bid.

    They would not allow the American public to actually hear what obama was planning to do to our country.

    What he’s done so far is a PROLOGUE (great expression) to what four more years would be. In other words, the main act, the main part of the “story,” will come if obama is allowed to have four more years, years during which he would not be subject to the electorate. This was, IMV, a wonderful and expressive image created by the Governor: PROLOGUE!!

    It was “UNFILTERED FORUMS,” namely the debates, that finally caused things to start shifting.

    Again, this is a wonderfully evocative phrase: UNFILTERED FORUMS!!

    She is optimistic about Tuesday, but she won’t make predictions.

    She contrasts the “INSIDE BASEBALL” stuff, polls, etc., with matters on which the media should be focusing, issues like Benghazi and its cover-up, and obama’s foreign campaign contributions.

    “The status quo has got to go.”

    Re PENNSYLVANIA and other States that were thought to be safe for obama, and re Romney’s recent activities in these States: A campaign should never give up on any State.

    This was, IMV, a clear, if implicit, reference to her own wish and STRATEGY in 2008 to STAY IN MICHIGAN, even when the McCain campaign pulled out of that State!!

    Guys, it is this conclusion to the interview, combined with its opening theme, “revenge,” that makes a fascinating study, IMHO.


    We have obama’s REVENGE, on the one hand, which is the remembering of something with an INTENTION to inflict dire and drastic RETRIBUTION, and, on the other hand, Sarah’s MEMORY of 2008 and the abandonment of Michigan by John McCain’s campaign.

    It is MEMORY, not to exact foul and fetid “REVENGE,” but to CORRECT and RECTIFY a mistake!!!

    To my mind, the “alpha and the omega” of this interview, its beginning and its end, drew a sharp and vivid and indelible contrast between the healing and restorative spirit of the heroic and great-hearted Lady of the North Country, and the vicious, petty, petulant, small-minded Chicago thug whose “reign,” God willing, is about to come to an end!!

    God bless you all always!!



  • Bill589

    In Massachusetts, Warren is supposedly ahead of Brown now. I guess noone can say they’re prejudiced against native Americans. 😉

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