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Leftovers Thursday

Good morning all!

So how is everyone doing?  I have happily slid into our routine of sleeping late and eating left overs.  I’ve cooked enough for a week and now I won’t have to cook again til at least Sunday.  Mr. Firelight has two full weeks off so he is enjoying sleeping late as well.  We are taking the kids to the mountains early next week for some fun.  We did play in the snow today and played with all the new toys.  I am an official “master” of doll hair.  I think I could get a job the American Girl doll store now.  I am also currently second runner up in building and dismantling the Lego City Rescue Jeep.  We are having timed trials in our family and while I’m not very competitive, I just can’t say no to my 5 year old’s big brown eyes!  There is also something fun about throwing my arms up when I’m done, lol!

So is there news going on right now?  I guess a little…


Happy Birthday Tripp Palin!

Say cheese… Palin family style!…

Uuuhhh… no, we don’t… we really, really, really don’t… only in a shrub’s dreams does anyone turn to them for inspiration…

Heh… I actually like this idea, I just don’t like his suggestions… I say we pick Palin…

As if the GOP vs Conservatives need anymore drama right now but this is no surprise… and neither is this

Oh but Tim… you are a Christian so you must be destroyed

And this is how the conspiracy theories get spread… goodness only knows what else he told reporters that has been widely reported and then corrected and then picked up by conspiracy theorists as not making sense… send his ass back to prison…

Holy smokes! Finally a good idea out of our GOP Senators… what did they eat over the holidays?…

No dumbass, Jesus was Jewish…


Good for me but not for thee…

Thank you!  I wondered what happened to personal honor, integrity and character in all that mess

Unlawful assault… umm ya think?…  Is this our future with Obamacare?

This is amusing because I actually did try in 1997 to get a loan for Mr. Firelight and I to buy a 5 acre mini-ranch in Oklahoma.  We would both be on the loan but I’m the one that called the USDA simply because our realtor told us to.   Back then, raw land was tough to finance and we were really young.  I was told “too bad” since I didn’t have any “first hand” experience running a farm.  They told me to have my husband call back or get some experience first.  Funny thing is by their definition of “first hand” he wouldn’t have qualified either.  They wouldn’t even let me fill out a credit app or discuss our financials (which were excellent).  We went to out local credit union instead and bought a nice house instead of the mini-ranch we wanted.  Too bad I’m not into to handouts…

Well, it’s your boy who isn’t playing ball so try sending him a message…

This will be the 5th time under Obama that the ceiling has been hit… of course the GOP controls the house which controls the money so go figure…

Now if people would just vote like it…

Yes, if a Republican did this... all hell would break loose…


Have a great day everyone!!




  • Pete Petretich

    Watch for Obama to save John Boehner.
    It’s always better to choose one’s opponents…

    • c4pfan

      Boehner will cave.

      • Pete Petretich

        However, if he caves the GOP majority could easily throw him overboard. That’s why I think Obama might save his Speakership. It would only take a few Dem votes to get Boehner re-elected!

  • c4pfan

    Who is in charge of Freedomworks now?  Seems like Dick Armey is a wacko.

    • BostonBruin

      Matt Kibbe is the President and CEO. Dick Armey was the Chairman. Not sure if they replace him or not.

      • senator20526

         The bought out his contract…

    • deTocqueville1

      He was always a bull in a china shop but he was a good soldier at first, then he bacame a bad general.

    • Firelight

      I think for now Kibbe is in charge.  It all seems like a mess.  Kibbe is actually a pretty good guy and the lower level staffers there are really nice but Armey is and has always been a fake and an establishment hack.

      I prefer Americans for Prosperity and Tea Party Express for organizations.  

  • c4pfan

    Interesting that I heard on Peter Boyles radio show (Denver) that the Aurora shooter WAS turned in to authorities about being a danger, but the two cops ended up ignoring it! 

  • susiepuma

    Is this deja vu all over again?

    • deTocqueville1

      Absolutel not! It will not work.

  • deTocqueville1

    Thanks for taking the time Firelight. Sounds like you and your family are having a marvellous time.
    I must say these articles on the Bushes are tedious. Papa lost and in his presidency destroyed the Reagan coalition. GW lost the popular vote in 00 and barely won in 04 and was a hugely profligate big spender along with the crony GOPe on the Hill. Huntsman, Daniels (who was part of the big spending) and Jeb? Nice to have a touch of humor on the holidays!

    Starbucks really is becoming a parody of itself! As is Armey. What can be said about Tebow, but if the Lord is with him, who can be against…

    Yes new revisionism, Jesus that bold Philistine leader.

    • cookboy

        “Papa lost and in his presidency destroyed the Reagan coalition” By design.

      • deTocqueville1

        Agreed Cookboy. How is your back coming along and how is the restaurant doing in Obama’s economy?

        • cookboy

          Thanks for asking. Pain has given way to discomfort and a strong sense of fragility. As long as I make no sudden movement I’m okay. Sales are back to 08 levels, pretty much, but I still have 08 menu prices while paying 12 prices for product. So things don’t suck for me so much as for some others. Many have fallen by the wayside in the last few years. The key for me is selling more of what I can buy cheaper. And using ideas and ingenuity rather than money as much as possible.

          • deTocqueville1

            Yes, volume as long as there is a margin. You must run one heck of an efficient shop friend. I have suffered (self inflicted, lifting, throwing, etc. on the farm in my ‘immortal’ youth) what they call type 3 lower back problems off and on for far too many years to count. Can leave you on the floor for several days unable to move. I sympathize!

  • M_Minnesota


    Thanks for all that you do!  I would hope that Pastors/others pick up and preach on what has happened to Col. West/Palin  and now Tebow. (They don’t even have to support them politically)  Is Mr. Lin in their sights?     

    Is it possible for a Devoted Christian Athlete to have a “Eric Liddle Moment”   (Eric Liddle refused to run on Sunday in the Olympics. “Chariots of Fire” )    In today’s culture?

    Have a great day!

  • indemind

    Good morning all you Ordinary Barbarians… From beautiful Carlsbad Ca… Pray everyone had a Wonderful Christmas Holiday… 

    Thank You Firelight, for another Awesome news round-up… You are truly a Bright Light in Sarah’s army… ;-)))

    SarahAmerica- “There is no limit to what we can accomplish when we don’t care who gets the credit.”

  • MaMcGriz

    Happy birthday, Tripp!

    And thank you Firelight for the great family pic. Man oh man it’s good to see Track’s mug. And he looks good. It’s especially gratifying to see him so well bracketed by two generations of Palin women.

    God bless that family.

  • RefudiateGOPe

    I saw this on another message board:

     “Fiscal Cliff” put in a much better perspective.

    Lesson # 1:

    * U.S. Tax revenue: $2,170,000,000,000

    * Fed budget: $3,820,000,000,000

    * New debt: $ 1,650,000,000,000

    * National debt: $14,271,000,000,000

    * Recent budget cuts: $ 38,500,000,000

    Let’s now remove 8 zeros and pretend it’s a household budget:

    * Annual family income: $21,700

    * Money the family spent: $38,200

    * New debt on the credit card: $16,500

    * Outstanding balance on the credit card: $142,710

    * Total budget cuts so far: $38.50

    Got It ?????

    OK now,

    Lesson # 2:

    Here’s another way to look at the Debt Ceiling:

    Let’s say, You come home from work and find

    there has been a sewer backup in your neighborhood….

    and your home has sewage all the way up to your ceilings.

    What do you think you should do ……

    Raise the ceilings, or remove the crap?

  • c4pfan

    So, Bohener called them back for Sun?  That must mean total cave coming!

  • RedDaveR

    Sad news.  General Norman Schwarzkopf has passed away:

    RIP General.   Prayers for his soul.

  • RedDaveR

       I have a feeling that Boehner is going to make some kind of “deal” which will pass with mostly Democrat votes along with enough RINO votes to win. He will probably get some kind of face-saving “concession” which he will pat himself on the back for.

      The question is whether Boehner’s Speakership survives all this.

    • c4pfan

      I’ve know he will cave from day one hearing about this 24/7.  That’s why I didn’t get why the talking heads even bothered talking about it.

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