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X-Games Aspen Weekend Edition – UPDATED

Morning everyone!

It would take a lot to wipe the smile off my face today.  I’m pretty happy that Palin ditched Fox.  I think we can expect some exciting things for conservatism and grassroots activism in the future.  This news was definitely worth the happy dance.

This weekend the X-games are running in Aspen which is always exciting.  We usually take the kids and head out to watch but this year we are hanging close to home since we were just in Arizona a few weeks ago.  Aspen is 4.5 hours from Denver and I’m just not up for the trip and neither is the rest of the Firelight family.

However, I’ll take you guys on a photo tour anyway because it is a fun place and the X-games are a must see at some point in ones life.  Aspen always gets lots of press for being chic and elite.  It is a fun town but I won’t say it is my favorite.  It is fun to say you have been there at least once.  To me, there are other places in Colorado that are much better to hang.  The X-games are a great time to make that one visit to Aspen/Snowmass if you decide to come.  Bring your wallet, everything is $$$$$$.

If you get bored this weekend, here is the TV schedule for the X Games.


(Aspen St. Regis Hotel)

(Winter X-games)


(Snowmass Mountain called Buttermilk ready for X-Games)

(people like to shop and pay too much for things in Aspen)

(no I did not post this pic upside down silly, he’s just crazy)


Here’s a highlight video from last years final 2 days. While the Firelight family isn’t in any of these videos, we were there with some friends.  The vibe is just so fun. It takes a special kind of crazy to do most of this stuff and I have a great appreciation for that kind of crazy, lol:



Gov. Palin is speaking in Florida in March… tickets… (h/t Ron)

Ron has the latest on Team Palin/Davis pre-test runs for Iron Dog…

Excellent… I love it when Limbaugh gets so mad he says bullsh*t…

Third times the charm…

So, in theory our athletes should not catch on fire…

(in my best valley girl voice) So I’m not a constitutional lawyer and I’m sure if I was… I would know right away that THIS would be an abuse of power and not to do it yet I’m just a housewife and I also pretty much knew right away that this was an abuse of power and not to do it… so I guess if one didn’t know it was an abuse of power then we possibly could assume that maybe they at least aren’t a housewife or constitutional lawyer… just saying…

Heh… now make them do this for 8 to 10 hours but this amuses me…

Insane! Here in CO you have a choice. The energy company offers cash ($40 I think) to have one installed.  I have refused as I don’t like the company having control over my house.  If I’m hot, I want my air and I’m willing to pay for it.  I don’t want them shutting it off.  This is just crazy…

I can foresee LOTS of problems with this, bad aim… no search warrant, motive of shooter etc… lots of problems…

And the Paul Revolution just hit the mainstream (minus 10% of its nutjobs but plus a whole lot of conservatives)…

Sooo are you saying you want to be more elitist with fancier Ivy League Englishness and less commonsenseness or what exactly… I’m sensing 30 second soundbite double speak…

Might I suggest a first guest whose last name starts with a P and has an alin in it?…


*******EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW******* Breitbart has an exclusive interview with Gov. Palin regarding what comes next.  Since it is exclusive, I’m going to just link to it and sent traffic over there instead of re-posting it here.  It is a great interview and there is much we can discuss from it.  I’m more jazzed right now than I have been in a long time!


Have a great weekend everyone!!




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  • ZH100

    Good morning all.  Beautiful photos!

    ‘Meet Washington, D.C.’s new aristocracy: the lobbyists Advertisement’

    ‘America may be divided between red and blue states, but ‘BoomTown’ is distinctly green’

    ‘Boomtown’ Special Assails D.C. for ‘Extracting’ Wealth from Taxpayers

  • RefudiateGOPe

    Good morning all.  A cold icy morning here in Central Kentucky. 

    Well, the twitterverse really lit up about the Palin/Fox news, and of course it was interesting to see how the media handled the news. 

    I’ve watched and read for three years about how Governor Palin’s contract with Fox was for $1 mil per year.  Maybe it was, but maybe it wasn’t.  There have been tons of speculation, but zero confirmation.  The media seemed to rely on other media reports as their authority on the subject.  In regard to the value of the contract, I have some questions.  Why would Fox disclose it?  Would they give their other contract players a negotiating tool by telling the world they are paying Sarah Palin a million bucks a year to appear for less than an hour per month on the air?  Would Sarah or her financial people disclose that information?  Why would they?  She may or may not have made that much as a contributor, but imo, it’s an example of “if something is said often enough, it becomes fact”.  Look how many articles that have been written about her and for some reason the author felt compelled to include that she was a million dollar per year employee of Fox News.

    There was much speculation about how much Sarah made off of her books.  Some of that speculation was based on the historic value of best sellers, so some of those numbers may be close to the actual amount.  There was speculation about how much she was paid for SPAK. People have talked about how much she was paid to give various speeches, but a lot of that was pure speculation driven by the hatred of her. Yeah, they were able to find out what her “going rate” was with the speakers bureau, but it didn’t account for the flexibility that Sarah was able to offer to groups that she wanted to help.  The point is that all of this was speculation, and not fact, but yet it was presented as fact. 

    Had Sarah run in 2012, her income sources and amounts would have been disclosed at some point, but until that happens, it’s all speculation people and it really doesn’t matter. The haters are disappointed that they didn’t turn her into a bag lady, and that includes a big portion of the media.

    Whatever Sarah decides to do is okay with me, but I expect that it will be impactful. It would be great if her income stream was significant enough for her to hire an official spokesperson who would be capable of “setting the record straight”.  IMO, she needs another Meg Stapleton, if not the real thing.  I’m tired of media lies turning into media memes that turn into unverified accusations that are presented as facts. She needs someone who can take a lie and “nip it in the bud”. She doesn’t need “a source close to Palin”.  She needs a spokesperson who will go on the record to correct false memes.

    Sarah has millions of followers who will gladly contribute to help her turn this country around.  All she has to do is tell us what she wants to do and what she needs to do it.  AND, I wish that she would either jerk a knot into whoever controls the SaraPAC website or to set up a new website all together.  Maybe that would be a good job for Chuck Jr. and Bristol.  She can depend on them to always have her back.  If not Chuck Jr or Bristol, I bet that there are numerous people at P4A and C4P who would gladly take on the task of managing her website.

    Of course, there is the possibility that Sarah may take a direction that is different than what we expect or hope for.  If she does, so be it.  None of us should complain that “she’s let us down”.  We have not taken one step in her shoes.

    • deTocqueville1

      Great post. Whatever she has made she has earned every penny, as the old E. F. Hutton brokerage commercials used to say ‘the old fashioned way’ (for those old enough to remember)! 

      • RefudiateGOPe

         Hey, don’t forget the “When Hutton Speaks, People Listen” ad.  As has been proven since 2008, “When Palin speaks, people listen”.

        • deTocqueville1

          Absolutely! LOL

        • Guest

          virginiagentleman1 on C4P said this way

          *** The Palin Principle ***

          Basically when there’s SP, the crowds appear

  • BostonBruin

    Good morning!

    “Her contrarian viewpoint, coupled with the courage to act on her conclusions, made her a serious threat to existing power structures within the state of Alaska, the Republican Party, and the permanent political class that controls the nation’s capital.”

    Chuck Jr., “Our Sarah”, pg. 132
    This quote is quite applicable based on the documentary that Steve Bannon and Peter Schweizer presented last night on Hannity. I find it quite interesting, however, that Sarah did not issue a tweet yesterday encouraging people to watch. Perhaps she did not feel it was appropriate given that she no longer works for FNC. 

    Anyway, I bet her phone is ringing non-stop from people like Jake Tapper, Rachel Maddow, etc. now wanting an interview.

    Awesome photos, Firelight. And thanks for linking to Ron Devito’s report on the Iron Dog. Very good news that Todd and Scott are having great results with Ski-Doo. This year’s Iron Dog starts on February 17.

  • deTocqueville1

    Thanks Firelight. It sure is beautiful (and a bit nuts) out there in CO. Great pics and vids!

    I think Tapper will either change CNN somewhat or CNN will change him. I am hoping for the latter and if he could withstand the Obama worship at ABC, I think he will bring some objectivity to his new job.

    If anyone listened to the Jindal speech in its entirety they would be impressed by its vagueness and for me vacuity. Very long on generalities and short on substance. He seems to employ a lot of code words for the Bush/Rubio type agenda which with the re-election of Priebus is likely to form the core of the GOPe moving ahead.

    The decision of the DC Appeals Court in the Canning case was crisp, well reasoned and faithful to the Constitution and the Founders. The references in the decision to Hamilton and others showed a profound respect for the logic of the wording employed and its clear intent. It really presents a stark contrast to the muddled, confused, distorted gibberish which Roberts produced in his defense of Obamacare. The Appeals Court acted as jurists, Roberts as political panderer ! Here is the link if anyone is interested. 

    Of course Obama’s NLRB appointed Chairman has already stated they will ignore the decision as it applied only to the case before the Court. Look to a challenge enforcing the decision in other cases as the decision goes to the root of jurisdiction of the Board to sit (without a properly appointed quorum). I imagine Levin’s Landmark Legal will again play an important role in the process.

    Yes Rand Paul seems to be moving dramatically away from his Dad’s position on Israel although with his blatant ambition to seek the Presidenccy I am unsure whether I believe him.

    • c4pfan

      Exactly.  I don’t even get it.  Why not just do your job and use that as an example?

    • deTocqueville1

      Sorry, meant to say ‘former’ about Tapper. He will hopefully push CNN to be more critical of the Obama Administration.

  • Nancy6

    I’m up in Aspen today, but not for the X-Games, for my daughter’s hockey games.
    She had a concussion, but, she has been cleared to give testimony at any hearings anyone might need her to testify at and to play hockey.
    Actually, I would appreciate prayers for her, she thinks she is invincible.

    The mountains need snow SO bad! It is bad up here!

    Also, praying for Mrs. Heath, what a wonderful lady! God bless her!

    • c4pfan

      Yipes!  That’s scary.

    • Firelight

      Yes, I’ve been praying for Mrs. Heath and I hope your daughter is OK.  I know she’s a tough one but I hope her noggin is still the brilliant specimen it is :)

      I had heard they were making snow like crazy out there for the X-games.  I didn’t realize it was that bad. That is nuts!  Have fun in Aspen!!

      • Nancy6

        Thanks for your prayers!
        Yeah, I’m looking at a mountain right now that has no snow. The ski resorts look good because of the man made snow.
        Not good for spring and summer! So dry!

    • Guest

      concussion is no small thing, my prayer: may your daughter sense more of her tomorrows than what seems important today.

  • c4pfan

    Thanks!  LOL at that dude’s hair-do!

  • Emily Baxter

    ‘Sup peeps. I’m going to DC for the summer. I got the internship! And I will definitely NOT compromise principles for money. That ain’t happening. At least, I will do my utmost best. 

    As for Palin/Fox, YAY! Good news to me. Having free will is one of the most precious God-given-gifts we have as human beings.

    • Nancy6

      Emily, Congratulations! That is great news!

    • Firelight

      Yay!!!!  Congrats!!

    • Guest

      Congrats Emily….
      small word of encouragement–Mat 6:33

    • deTocqueville1

      Fabulous news Emily!

    • LS as guest

      Congrats, Emily!  

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Wonderful, Emily!!!!!

  • Emily Baxter

    Just to harp on what Nancy6 had going on…

    “We Will Never Ever Get Back Together” because “I Knew You were Trouble”. –Sarah


  • senator20526

    Morning all….Another overcast 68 degree day in the great desert Southwest…It has been spitting rain off and on for 24 hrs…more in the forecast. Great news about Sarah and Fox News….I see a big blue bus in her future and lots of speeches to those Tea Party folks…Our local Colorado River Tea Party is having it’s big Tea party  celebration on April 14 here in Yuma. Looks like Sarah has events lined up for March and April already…..Have a great day and KTF

  • LS as guest

    Well, isn’t this interesting:

    I of course couldn’t agree with her more in her assessment of the GOPe and MSM problems, I’m thrilled to hear that she’s freeing up her schedule for the fight, and I wonder just how much of a role in the media she has in mind.

    Notably, the one prospective 2016 candidate we have with all the right positions and experience is, of course, the governor.


    • IsraeliCojones

       Beat me to it. :)

      • deTocqueville1

        LOL, me too.

    • Emily Baxter

      She picks her battles wisely. I’m with you LS, hmmmmmmm…

    • Firelight

      You are fast!!!

      • IsraeliCojones

         Now you must work on week-ends lol :)

        • Firelight

          It’s a good weekend for me to be working :)  We are sticking close to home.

    • deTocqueville1

      Beat me to it! Great interview.

    • hrh40

      In time for the Sunday talk shows.

      Combined with the Fox story, maybe they’ll even talk about it … to try to get her on their shows.

    • pete4palin

       She did say  “all doors are open”  ….    that means she is at least thinking about a run.    

      • section9

        Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Palin is 48. That’s old in dog years, but young in pol years. Sarah is a baby compared to most people in the business, especially most of the gals.

        The reason why the Lefties are all up in arms is because they know she won’t go away.

  • pete4palin

    If Sarah calls me to ask what I think she should do next, I’ll refer her to this article… 

  • IsraeliCojones

    No wonder The Right Scoop is so successful. He’s reactive:

    No wonder HA is sinking: the 1,325 posts Palin thread hasn’t been chosen for their “Top Picks”.

    * facepalm looking at the left column on HA *

    • c4pfan

      What was?  Something on the GOP talking to themselves again?

      • IsraeliCojones

         Well, something on Milwaukee County sheriff’s PSA (160 posts), something on a comprehensive immigration reform proposal (with a pic of McCain, the future of the GOP) – 209 posts, Chambliss retiring (150 posts), Christie discovering that Zero is nothing more than a partisan hack (150 posts)…

        Freakin’ seriously, they are sick in their heads over there.

    • section9

      That’s the point about HA.

      Once Michelle sold HA to Townhall, they sold off to the Suits. The Suits don’t want to see Palin popularized on an Establishment website, which is what HA really is. Palin just blew the doors off over there. The Palin thread got over 1,000 posts. All the other threads are Weak Sauce. But the staff over there wants Jeb/Rubio/Christie, so they don’t want Palin anywhere near the top, even though she’s hit count gold for Allah.

      • IsraeliCojones

        Yeah, that’s in substance what the posters are saying over there. unseen is even betting there won’t be another Palin thread in a long time… since the “results” are so facepalmish (for them).

        Considering the Palin thread has now reached 1,360 posts (!), this can only be an ideological choice. Because marketing wise, it’s downright stooopid (like the GOP).

        Anyhow. If she’s in to win it – whatever fight it will be – she’ll do it without them. Good for her.

        Maybe Michelle should think about creating another blog. That she wouldn’t sell, this time.

        • section9

          I’m not sure, but I think Malkin and her group own Twitchy outright.

          And by the way, the point is not only taken, but reinforced: when you sell out to the Suits, your credibility with the Base takes a nosedive.

          Does anyone doubt that Allah and Ed will be shilling for Jeb/Rubio/Jindal in a couple of years and dissing Palin if that’s how things are shaking out? I mean, I’m not stupid enough to believe that there’s any editorial independence over there anymore.

          K Street hates Palin because Palin won’t do business with them and make any of them any money. Were Palin to hire one of the firms and put their suits on retainer, her stock in the beltway would start to rise, as if by magic. But she knows that they are bullsh*t artists who leach money from candidates and she won’t play that game, even though it might make her job easier.

          • IsraeliCojones

            Well, agreed. I’ve never had any delusion about “HA not changing” after the selling by Malkin. Mainly, I went there because of the talkbackers, not because of Allah or Ed’s entries.

            But the talkbacks have also become crap, mainly thanks to the over-zealous Mittenjugend, as you say. So I’m rarely there anymore, and the irony is that, having been waiting for an account for 4 years, I’ve got one now but I don’t even use it…

      • IsraeliCojones


        The Palin thread at HA has just reached 1,411 posts

        And they just moved another dead entry (129 posts) in their “Top Picks” column. But not the Palin thread.

        So it’s intentional.

        Hey, Allah and Ed, don’t go cry in your cornflakes yet. Instead, post, post, post some new dull blog entries: she will disappear and this nightmare will be over.

        lol. Poor you moderates.

        • deTocqueville1

          It is denial personified.

  • BostonBruin

    Awesome interview! I am glad that the first one was given to Breitbart.

    The thing that stands out to me is when she said a moderate Republcan lost and that we cannot allow the GOPe to pick the candidate. I think she just told Jeb to get the hell out of her way!

    • c4pfan

      Yeah, I liked that too! 

  • indemind

    Please sir, (Bannon) can I have MORE ………………….pretty please!

  • deTocqueville1

    Absolutely. Palin has fired the opening salvo and it was right on target!

  • deTocqueville1


  • IsraeliCojones

    Weekly interview with my man Mark Levin.

    A girl can dream, can’t she?

  • RefudiateGOPe

    “In this new year, as jobs change with doors closing and opening, kids growing, relationships evolving, and life throwing curveballs, may you resolve to stay engaged and optimistic. May you pick your battles wisely.” – Governor Sarah Palin

    From her FB post of Jan. 1, 2013

    • Firelight

      You did exactly what I did Refudiate! 

      First thing I did yesterday was reread her New Years Post and I knew that back on Jan 1st she already had plans to most likely not renew her contract.  She may have been waiting for a few things to fall into place first but she likely knew back then that if everything went the way she wanted them to, she would not be staying with Fox. 

      Sure is fun to go back and see the writing on the wall so clearly.

      • susiepuma

        Yeah – hindsight is always 20/20 isn’t it……………………. that’s why I always go back to her book – Going Rogue – it says it all….. recent statements, speeches, tweets, etc.  are just confirmation of previous info…

  • John_Frank

    GOP leaders insist no overhaul needed

    Ordinarily I do not link to polutico, but this one was too much to resist.

    Amazing … no concept of why Romney lost, except believing that it was a failure of communication.

    Talk about out of touch.

    In the meantime, in her interview with Steve Bannon, the Governor nails it.

    • section9

      Deck chairs and the Titanic come to mind….

    • Firelight

      (BIG grin) they won’t see what’s coming… 

      If they really are this out of touch (which I have no doubt), they will throw what they can at the Governor but they won’t see the barbarians until the flag is hoisted.

  • panchita

    lets talk brass tacks.
    Sarah is on the move. Only dead fish go with the flow. Maybe Sarah hasn’t seen the crack in the door yet but i sure have. Its our jobs to grab Sarah and drag her through that door together.
    Wherever she is. Wherever she goes. We Must be there to show her how much she is needed.

    I’m started the yelling now. i got pretty big lungs. and i got the fever. and the only prescription is MORE Sarah.


    • indemind

      pan…. God Bless you my Dear….. and your little dog too!

      Palin-“Our freedoms are being compromised, our common sense insulted, and our children exploited. We must be vigilant and engaged, and we must remain hopeful that a better day is coming.”

    • deTocqueville1

      You are absolutely correct, ‘unchained’!

    • john norton

      Unleashed  at last… it’s her’s do ,if She so choose’s.

  • Nancy6

    ‘Member that one time when I was whining about not having any snow?
    Driving through snowstorm…..and on icy mountain roads!
    You cannot please me.

    • Firelight

      Be CAREFUL!!!

      • Nancy6

        We’re home safe and sound.
        I saw my life flash before my eyes only once, was eating popcorn as it happened.

        Thanks everyone for your prayers for my girl. She didn’t get hurt on the head today! Yay!;)

        • blackbird

          That is great news.

        • Firelight

          Yay!  I’m so glad to hear this!!!

  • John_Frank

    Boehner full of regret over ‘fiscal-cliff’ moves

    Right. So, what does the House do?

    House votes for unlimited debt until May 19

    Of course.

    If anyone thinks that the Speaker will hold the line using the debt ceiling, not going to happen:

    “We are Americans and we will figure this out.”
    Speaker Boehner Discusses Challenges Facing the Nation and
    the Republican Party in Address to The Ripon Society

    In his address, the Speaker made it clear that he was not prepared to go over “that abyss,” even though it is crystal clear that default would only happen if the President chose to default.

    That written, from his ….um…speech, (his speech was filled with pregnant pauses), while the Speaker did not say this explicitly, reading between the lines it appears that he is prepared to use the need for a continuing appropriation resolution to prevent the Executive Branch from running out of money as a lever, including if necessary to force a Federal Government shut down.

  • palinsupporter1

    The one part of Palin’s interview that I was a bit concerned about was when she said, “As far as long-term plans, the door is wide open. I know the country needs more truth-telling in the media, and I’m willing to do that.” 
    Does that mean she’s just going to be a media pundit? She can be so much more than that imo.
    The media is already catching on to this bit and stirring up crap.

    • pete4palin

       I read it as anything is possible.  Then a new sentence stating one of the possibilities. Pundits are dime a dozen, I hope she’s more than just that.   She seems to have this thing about down playing herself at times.      

      • palinsupporter1

        Your right about that! There’s one way in which she’s not a good politician, she is too humble. She doesn’t like talking herself up.

        • section9

          That’s the one thing I hate that Palin does; she minimizes herself sometimes.

          • deTocqueville1

            Not this time. She has fired the first volley and named the usual suspects. She is ready to rock.

    • IsraeliCojones

      …and another poster sees this “door wide open” as a sign that she doesn’t exclude a run.

      And me, I’m thinking: why people are always over-interpreting what this plain spoken woman is saying, whatever she’s saying?

      Weren’t we cut by a thousand knives on October 5th, 2011?

      • palinsupporter1

        i agree its parsing one sentence, and she said to uma pummaraju that anything is possible in 2016.

        • pete4palin

           I sort of think, in order to make as many possibilities as possible for Sarah…..    We should start a new political party and see how it goes.  It could then be up to her to make use of it or not.  There’s certainly nothing to loose.  The GOP establishment is doing that for us.    

    • section9

      Not to worry. What Palin knows when she does this is that the Usual Suspects will go at her words like sharks to chum in the water.

      “That’s because she’s an irrelevant quitter who was offered $15.00 an hour to continue to stay with FNC by Ailes, who hates her chillbilly a$$!,” screams the Left.

      All you have to do is watch what the Left and the Propaganda Ministry do and it gives you a mild indication of what Palin will do going forward. See example of Leftwing Memecasting above.

      Palin has read Rules for Radicals and knows her Alinsky up and down. So she knows how to push the Left’s buttons. Remember that Obama has been on a huge roll, and that the Administration and the Democrats have been on this big, triumphalist March to Moscow.

      Like the Wehrmacht, they never counted on a Winter Storm, in this case, one named Sarah.

      Look at the hapless GOP; they don’t know how to fight, they don’t know how to lead the charge against the Administration, they are scared sh*tless of polling data that is transitory, they don’t want the Propaganda Ministry to hate them.

      There is a leadership vacuum on the Right, and there has been since the air started going out of Romney’s balloon in late October. This environment is tailor-made for Sarah. She will take this and run with it.

      But be patient about a Presidential. That may not happen now. Americans may want to see how she does in the Senate or another term as Governor first before they trust her in the White House. That’s the price she paid for her resignation. That may not be fair or right, but it is what it is.

    • Firelight

      Two things I’ve learned about Palin are that she plays her cards close to her chest and the woman is nimble.  She may have her eye on 3 different possibilities depending on how the next 2 years go and the 2014 elections turn out. 

      The other thing I’ve learned is to not worry about it all. Since Palin herself may have several different plans of action depending on how things go, there is no point in trying to read between the lines, parse her words and play the whole predictive/declarative statement game that some like to play pretending that each and every interview is really some sort of Morse code message.

      Nope, this time around I’m just gonna chill.  It will be a new frontier for everyone especially if we try and start a 3rd party.  That may or may not actually work so it will all be one big chess game.

      • blackbird

        I was now this minute going to ask about your avatar. I was missing the candle.

        … .- .-. .- …. / .–. .- .-.. .. -. / ..— —– .—- -…. that is Morse code for Sarah Palin 2016.

        • Firelight

          I don’t know where my flame went.  It just disappeared for a bit but it’s back :)

      • c4pfan

        Good advice!

      • MaMcGriz

         Right there with ya.

      • Guest

        3rd Party?? Are you up on news how the Lapid Party in Israel formed within months to take second to Bibi’s Likud Party? …..mere months ! IMHO, anything is possible….

    • deTocqueville1

      No, of course not!

    • LS as guest

      You’re not alone, palinsupporter1, that was my concern as well.

      As I’ve said previously, I’d rather her wonk out with a part-time think tank position.

      The only two media gigs I’d be excited about for her would be 

      1) a one-minute-a-day radio commentary–can’t you just see liberals going crazy with a daily Palin ‘message’ to counter?


      2) a Firing Line-style, deep-discussion, one-on-one debate and discussion series with liberal writers, leaders, and ‘thinkers’.

      In a regular pundit format, I don’t expect any of the other TV networks to be any more supportive of or useful to her than  Fox.  Instead, I think they’d actually be worse.

  • blackbird

     Thanks for the beautiful photos Firelight and the videos were awesome, thanks.

  • Bill589

    Re: Brietbart interview – 10,268 have recommended this article so far.  It’s not just that Sarah paraphrases John Paul Jones’ cool reply, but it fits her personally.  She has proven she has his capable-gritty-fighter attribute in common.

    • deTocqueville1

      She is a leader and everyone recognizes that fact, which strikes terror into the hearts of the lefties.

      • blackbird

        She sure does deTocqueville.

        Steven Bannon:
        In my research for the film I made on Governor Palin, The Undefeated, I was constantly amazed at the anti-establishment stands she took at every step in her rise to power. Moves that a conventional politician would run from, she embraced: in Wasilla, in Juneau, and in the rise of the Tea Party. Her ability to see “over the hill” to what is really important, what really matters, is what sets her apart.

        The Governor has been at the forefront of the fight against the Permanent Political Class and, as such, inspired Peter Schweizer and myself in our work last night on Fox News with Sean Hannity’s special “Boomtown.”

    • blackbird

       Sarah Palin the Fighter ~

  • blackbird

    I saw over at TRS this headline: Sarah Palin on what’s next: “We can’t just preach to the choir” and for some time now I have been meaning to have a daily routine of engaging the politico and huffington comment boards, maybe now will be a good time.

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    My Dear Friends in Sarah,

    A Happy and Blessed Sunday to you all!

    I offer two items this morning.

    First I have some thoughts and comments about the news from last Friday about the Governor’s FOX News contract.

    I also have reflections on the next page of her beautiful first book, Going Rogue.

    A few final remarks will tie the two segments together and link them to the Peter Schweizer/Steve Bannon special that was shown on Hannity Friday evening.

    I shall see you later on this week.

    God bless you all always!!

    DEO VOLENTE, SARAH 2016!!!



    The big news last Friday was that the Governor will not be returning to FOX as a contributor/commentator.

    I have various thoughts to share with you this morning on this not-unexpected but still momentous move.

    First, I am impressed by the sheer GUTS of her decision. What was she paid, something like ONE MILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR!!!!

    Who among us, I ask you, my friends, who among us would have the courage to walk away from the security and safety of money like that?!? (Even if the FOX offer was for less than one million this time, it was undoubtedly a heck of a lot of money that she has turned down!!)

    I think that the Governor has chosen to take the uncertain, but bracing and bold and patriotic path of following a “way less traveled.”

    This is in lofty line with the fortitude of our Founders, who staked “their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor” on the cause of American Independence!!

    This is in lofty line with our warriors through the centuries, who have given their “last full measure of devotion” that our Republic may live!!

    This is in lofty line with her own family’s marvelous tradition and patrimony of the fearless following of the clarion trumpet call of adventure!

    Indeed, what IS the patrimony of the Palin/Heath family? Is it riches and power and pride and sway and money, as is the case with so many wealthy and hypocritical Dem and GOP politicos??


    Rather, the tradition of these beautiful families is one of courageous confronting of and conquest of the unknown.

    Chuck and Sally Heath did not allow the specter and terror of the great 1964 Good Friday Anchorage Earthquake to deter and discourage them from their plans to migrate from Idaho to the fair and far North Country, to the Last Frontier, to the Land of Seward’s Dreams. THIS is Sarah’s family heritage: Not wealth and power, but a noble and dauntless and intrepid spirit of adventure!!

    IMHO, she is following right in the lines and paths that her parents traced and carved into their spirits and souls so long ago.

    Further thoughts:

    For the SHORT RUN, we may miss a few interviews on FOX in which, in spite of the ineptitude of her interlocutors, she would have given us precious insights and inspiration. However, this loss is far outweighed, I think, by the fact of her LIBERATION FOR THE LONG RUN!!!


    For the mighty LONG RUN I think that this move portends and presages great things for our dear Governor and for our country!

    If she had signed up again with FOX, it might have pointed to her settling into a career as a commentator and writer, as a mere observer of the political scene.

    But our Sarah is no mere sidelines spectator–never!

    Now, now I think that it is highly likely that she has mighty and momentous projects in mind!!!

    So let us continue to pray and pray and pray for her, as the year 2013 and succeeding years unroll before her and before all of us.

    We have dire enemies to defeat, and a country to win back!!!



    Below is the commentary on the next page of her wonderful book, Going Rogue.

    Please note that the Going Rogue Reflections site has been updated through the last page, p. 110.

    The address of the site is:


    This may be the shortest citation I shall make in the course of these reflections.

    On p. 111 of GR, in reference to her campaign for Governor of Alaska, Sarah writes, “Our friends volunteered.”


    What profound matter for reflection is contained in the tiny yet vast compass of these three little words (four for “uncle” joe biden).

    First, think how many more true FRIENDS Sarah has now than she did when she launched her campaign for Governor back in 2005. At that time the fields of her friendships were mostly confined to the Great Land; now, now, because she has fought and suffered so greatly for America since 2008, she has millions upon more millions of true friends who have either met her in person over the course and career of the last four-plus years, or, even though they may never have encountered her in her lovely person, feel that they have in Sarah of Alaska a TRUE FRIEND, a personal friend … almost a family member!!

    Now let us consider briefly the word “volunteer.” What is its etymology? It comes from the Latin word VOLUNTAS, “Free Will.”

    Sarah’s friends chose to help her out of the depths of their free will.

    I think that history has demonstrated over and over what a few FREE fighters can accomplish when they are set against SLAVE armies of the opposition.

    As one example, just consider Leonidas’ 300 Spartan warriors and what they accomplished against the slave hordes of the Persian King, Xerxes, at the famed and fateful Pass of Thermopylae in 480 BC.

    As another example, consider what the warriors of the American Revolution wrought against the professional soldiers of the British Empire and against their Hessian mercenaries!

    FREE service proceeds and wells up from all the depths of the “deep heart’s core”; it comes from LOVE!!!

    Yes, Sarah’s friends volunteered to help her in 2005-2006.

    This will be as nothing compared to what, IMV, is just around the corner.

    When she raises her Alaskan and American Battle Standard;

    When she sounds Freedom’s Trumpet Call of Thunder;

    We shall behold:


    Sarah and her Free Friends will save America!!!

    Finally, to tie the observations on her FOX contract to these remarks on Free Friends, let me observe that the Peter Schweizer/Steve Bannon special last Friday on Hannity about the Permanent Political Class served and serves as a perfect set-up and platform for the Governor!

    SHE was the pioneer in denouncing and exposing these FAT CAT DC CRIMINALS, with her Crony Capitalism speech in Indianola, Iowa on 3 September, 2011!!

    She FIRED THE FIRST SHOT; she and her friends will FIRE THE FINISHING SHOT, the deathblow to the PPC that will at the same time be the life-giving sword stroke that revives, revivifies, and restores America!!

    NOW she is FREE TO ACT!!

    She will, IMHO, summon Patriot Friends to a Second American Revolution to …


    As she said in her interview with Breitbart News: “The door is wide open” and “We haven’t begun to fight!”

    • susiepuma

      Love this Brian, love this…………………………………………

      I am volunteering and willl do whatever I can to see that this woman becomes President….

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thanks, Susie, and God bless you!!!

  • Pete Petretich

    My contribution upon waking:


    Gamble away one billion/other people’s money & then gone out for coffee in the Hamptons.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks, Pete, and good morning!

  • RefudiateGOPe

    “[Palin’s] ability to see “over the hill” to what is really important, what really matters, is what sets her apart.”

    – Steve Bannon

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks, Refudiate!

      • RefudiateGOPe

         Good morning Brian.

        • BrianusBerkleianus

          :-) !!!

  • RefudiateGOPe

    From Mark America:

    (Don’t be fooled by the title)

    • susiepuma

      This was an excellent post by Mark and so true now that I have read it……..

      I am so anxious to get this party started…………..

    • c4pfan

      Off to read it!

  • indemind

    Awesome post over at Mark America… “Sarah Palin Won’t Run”

    Palin- “I was raised to never retreat andto pick battles wisely, and all in due season. When it comes to defending our republic, we haven’t begun to fight! But we delight in those who underestimate us.”

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks, Brother Inde!!

      Mark’s post is outSTANDing :-) !!!

    • hoosfoos1

       I agree with Mark’s point on principle, but the metaphor about running is just too good of a fit for Gov Palin. Isn’t her next book going to be about fitness (running)?

  • RefudiateGOPe

    I think Governor Palin’s exclusive contract with Fox became a liability to the Palin brand, not an asset.  Since the majority of her appearances were on either Hannity or Greta, her effective message was curtailed.  Hannity is terrible with someone like Sarah.  All the time is spent by him bloviating and then pretty much setting up a response to insure an answer that validates his premise.  At times, Greta was good,but again, she set the stage, she controlled the dialogue.  The last two segments Sarah had with Cavuto were excellent.  He let her talk and then he seemed to be supportive of her delivery of her message.  The best Palin appearances were over at Fox Business News.  David Asman and Sarah seemed to click naturally.  He didn’t ask stupid questions, forcing her to answer them.  They talked about substantive issues.

    I won’t be surprised if Sarah is a little quiet until Todd crosses the finish line at the Iron Dog.  I won’t be surprised is we hear a lot from her before then.  No one knows what she’ll do or how she’ll do it.  That’s what makes her loved by her supporters and hated by her detractors.

    • indemind

       Thanks R…GOPe…….. In Total Agreement…..

      SarahAmerica “Here’s to liberty!”

    • deTocqueville1

      Agree completely. It was a great forum for her to deliver her message and broaden the base, however she received no support after Tucson and after her Indianola speech you could sense the hostility in the members of the FOX ‘elite’ commenters at what they considered the insidious nature of her message as regard to the cozy GOPe relationships in DC.

      She is now free and unencumbered. Yeah!

      • section9

        And let’s also be clear: Palin was roundly betrayed by her own employers after Tucson. Few people there actually stood up for her, fewer than her endorsees. Ailes apparently threw her under the bus.

        In all likelihood, she probably made the decision to leave FNC after Tucson.

        • deTocqueville1

          Yes, agreed, sorry I was not clear on that point!

    • Firelight

      Yes, recent interviews with Cavuto had been good but there were times when Cavuto would show actual shock during the interview that Palin showed an intelligent thought that he agreed with and that just annoyed me.  Bolling was always really good with Palin because he let her talk, Asman was good and I think Megyn Kelly was always fair to the Governor.  I did like Greta because I knew she didn’t have a hidden agenda against Gov. Palin.  Hannity annoys me and I can’t stand BOR.

      I do think that Fox was a liability because lots of people would use the excuse that Fox viewers would want to hear what she had to say but outside of that she would not have an audience. She proved them wrong with her co-hosting of the Today show but I think this will extend her reach even more on a long term plan.

      • RefudiateGOPe

         That’s why I limited my praise of Cavuto to the last two appearances with him.  Before that, he was pretty sanctimonious toward her.  I agree that Megyn Kelly and Sarah seemed to click, but unfortunately, due to time zone differences, we didn’t get to see them together much.

        The one thing that I’m interested in seeing is whether or not other outlets will reach out to her or will they try to shut her down by shutting her out.  Writing about her or talking about her is one thing.  Engaging her is quite another thing.

      • TENCOLE

         I haven’t watched FOX or any of their pundits in a very long time. I would wait for the Palin “interview” video to pop up on the internet and then would watch it. I just feel that FOX is like any other news channel and I don;t ever watch them either.
        I’m glad that Palin has broken her ties with FOX for the same reason Firelight……to let her be on other venues. When Palin speaks….whether for a presidential future or not……she should speak for/to all the people, not just to the choir…..even those that get their news from the LSM.

      • blackbird

        I like Hannity and imho I think his interviews with the Governor were good.

        • deTocqueville1

          Yes, Sean means well, he just gets carried away sometimes with his own take on things and cannot stop talking.

        • Firelight

          I like him too. He just annoys me with the way he talks over her or frames his questions as to make sure she answers to make his point but he does have a good heart and does seem loyal to her which I appreciate.

          • blackbird

            “or frames his questions” I know what you mean.

    • blackbird

      “Fox became a liability to the Palin brand” maybe that was the plan after they could not manipulate her.

    • Guest

      agreed on all accounts….

    • section9

      This is a very, very, smart take. Had Palin stayed with FNC, Ailes would have done everything in his power to keep her caged up so Rubio and Bush could have free run of the other networks. Basically, that’s one of the things that happened last cycle.

    • Jim809

      Roger Ailes turned against Governor Palin after she decided, in October 2011, not to run for president. His plan, all along, had been to simply exploit her fame for a couple of years and then take credit for having made her into a viable candidate. When she made her announcement on Levin’s show it just served to pour salt into the wound.

  • Gelston

    you guys are so great on this thread that all I can do is step back and enjoy reading it

    • deTocqueville1

      Thanks Gelston. We always appreciate your comments, wit and good humor.

  • RefudiateGOPe

    Unlike some of you, I don’t give Jake Tapper a pass because he occasionally acts like a real journalist.  I expect a journalist to be a journalist 100% of the time.  That being said, I could support the idea of Sarah being on his show, IF, and that’s a big IF, he allowed a real exchange of ideas. 

    • deTocqueville1

      I am not sure to whom you refer Refudiate but my comments were to the effect that he was one of the few and sometimes the only, members of the LSM, to question rigorously the inconsistencies in Obama’s policies. He had a great interview on Levin’s show discussing his book on the military and how it changed his perspective. In any case I think he could bring some critical acuity to CNN. I don’t know whether that clears anything up but perhaps.

  • IsraeliCojones

    3094 comments on Breitbart’s Palin thread, and almost all of them are unreadable.

    Porn stuff and everything. What the heck? They don’t have pest control over there?

    Andrew would blush with shame. Bunch of sickos.

    • deTocqueville1

      Yes, aren’t they a clear headed, thoughtful, rational bunch!?

    • Guest

      Shalom IC ! Good to see you again. Where have you been?? Suppose you know Yankee4Palin no longer posting.

      What’s your thoughts on Lapid (generally), and his preference over Finance & Defense positions (briefly)?? Seems coming in 2nd took a few by surprise.

      • IsraeliCojones

         I’ve been working like h*ll and it starts again tomorrow. Lapid’s success surprised everyone, yes. That said, for the rest, if you don’t mind, I will answer you another day because it’s 2:30 am here and I HAVE to go to bed.

        Next time i see one of your posts (when I’ve finished this project) I’ll answer. OK?

        • Guest

          Great! Thanks ! Laila tov….

  • pete4palin

    Right on DeMint!   Now let me take this one step further.  Take control of the message by taking control of a party……   a new one.     I know that’s a shocker but it’s the most logical and practical way to get the job done. 

    Oh yes…. game over GOPe.

    • c4pfan

      I got to check this out.

    • blackbird

       “We want to be the leader, the facilitator, the catalyst of the conservative movement.” well for God’s sake embrace Sarah Palin.

  • Pete Petretich

    Libs typically become demon-possessed (Like girl in The Exorcist) when they comment on Sarah. I think that’s because she’s angel-possessed?

  • Nancy6

    Obama says he goes shooting all the time.
    Could he define shooting, please?
    Hoops or guns?

    • c4pfan

      He’s lying! Plus, that has NOTHING to do with the 2nd Amend.

    • Gelston

      the whole family goes with him except his daughters.
      I wish someone who ask Michelle if she enjoys it

    • deTocqueville1


  • blackbird

    What is the sustainable solution for an out of control self-serving corrupt Washington and congress? in my most humble opinion elect Sarah Palin as president and tea party folks to congress and let them clean up the swamp. There is no other way.

    America is $16,444,677,343,745.35 in debt. Please, please elect Sarah Palin as President.

  • Pete Petretich


    Sarah Palin  26 Jan 2013
    “We’re not going to be able to advance the cause of limited constitutional government unless we deal with these big government enablers on our side. And this all ties into the problem of crony capitalism and the permanent political class in the Beltway. We need to consistently take them on election after election – ever vigilant”.
    Jim DeMint  January 26, 2013,  
    “Conservatives have given the sole distribution rights of our ideas, our beliefs and our values – at least in the political sphere – to the Republican party,” the South Carolina Republican said. “We are on the outside looking in hoping they will take some of our ideas and adopt them. It is time to flip that around. That is our job as a conservative movement,” Mr. DeMint added. “We can’t keep looking to the political class and complaining that they are not doing the right thing. We need to take the message to the American people. That is what we want to do at Heritage. We want to be the leader, the facilitator, the catalyst of the conservative movement.”

    Mark Levin  January 24, 2013 
     “We cannot get through Obama and the left until we get through the Republican Establishment,” Levin said, railing against establishment consultants who attack the base and politicians who know nothing of “Burkean reform” because they have spent their whole careers “clawing their way to the top.”-In a talk at the Heritage Foundation on Wednesday with his mentor, former Reagan Attorney General Ed Meese, for whom Levin served as Chief of Staff, Levin said the Republican Party is, “devouring the conservative movement,” and the old bulls need to step aside in favor of a new generation of conservatives who are fluent in conservatism.

    • deTocqueville1

      Great post Pete thanks for the stark reinforcement!

  • pete4palin

    WTF alert….    Paul Ryan is now promoting a Clinton Presidency.    Establishment scum. 

    • deTocqueville1

      I’m not sure he is promoting one directly, he is saying it would be better than Obama. However you are absolutely correct that his choice of words is less than fortuitous and that he is mindlessly falling into the ‘compromise trap’. He seems to have now become a slave to the DC insiders’ club mindset! We could see this coming unfortunately.  

      • blackbird

         and these are the “smart” people.

      • c4pfan

        Yes, he is.  The idiot.

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Gov. Palin has impeccable timing, and I found it interesting that the timing of her breaking ties with Fox coincided with the Schweizer/Bannon special and the National Review summit. The Schweizer/Bannon special focused on the same issues she wants to take on, and the National Review Summit was a case in point about her suggesting conservatives not preach to the choir because that what the NR folks were doing.

    I think this was a great decision by the Governor, and I look forward to whatever is next. 

  • Michael

    Sarah Palin always looks forward never backward. She left the Governorship and never looked back. She knows that she became a National Politician . 

  • Michael

    Sarah Palin needs to be the Most Important Conservative in America again.

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