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Happy Valentine’s Day Thursday

Morning all!

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!  I hope you all have a special sweetheart to spend the day with!


What? He’s concentrating… he…he…he…

News roundup:

I love my crazy town…

The Iron Dog starts tomorrow and our prayers are with Todd. Here are some great pre-race pics…

I would love to have my money in an offshore account… it is the lying… cough… denial… cough… that is the issue… the glaring hypocrisy doesn’t help either…

Cheney hearts Rubio and Rubio hearts Rove and his new plan… not liking the associatation amongst them….


They inspire soo much… like a hole in the head…

Go Chuck go!!  You are such a good brother and I’ve lost all respect for Field & Stream

Have a great day everyone!  Eat some chocolate!

  • c4pfan

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!

    Here are some AWWWW pics of the Palin family getting ready for the Iron Dog!

  • BostonBruin

    Good morning!

    “She was very goal oriented and refused to participate in anything that might side-track her from attaining those goals.”

    Chuck Jr., “Our Sarah”, pg. 156
    Sarah just tweeted a link to this article by Neal Boortz entitled “Why the Liberal Hatred of Citizens with Guns”

    She also tweeted this pic of Todd and Bristol hunting:

    Key points from the Boortz article:

    “The liberal penchant for gun control starts with their obsession with controlling the lives and actions of those considered to be their inferiors … and anyone not liberal is inferior … Liberals have the most dangerous of superiority complexes … This (gun control) isn’t about saving lives. It’s all about breaking the spirit of independent-minded and self-reliant Americans who still believe that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land.”

    I think she just indicated one of her major campaign themes, or at least has given the GOP and conservatives the ammunition (pun intended) they need to fight against the liberals.

    • Guest

       Thanks for that!

  • Gelston

    a shoot em up Saint valentine’s day

    (yes, remember that this is a Saint’s day)

  • Bean Counter

    Elections have consequences, part 382: the newly elected, veto proof, republican TN state senate just passed a bill to amend the state constitution to permanently ban the establishment of a state income tax. It now moves to the newly elected, veto proof, republican TN state house. Democrats have tried, and narrowly failed, for decades to pass a state income tax. This will take care of that.

    • LS as guest

      I like!

  • indemind

    Good morning barbarians… Happy Valentine Day…. Michele and I and of course Sophia (Brindle Boxer) are heading out to Tucson 7 to 8 car drive …. See you when I get there…

    P.S….Firelight another AWESOME news round-up …

    SarahAmerica “Here’s to liberty!”

    • senator20526

       I will be the one waving to you as you pass thru Yuma on your way to Tucson….

  • AmazedOne1

    *Passing around a LARGE box that contains all of your favorite chocolates to all of you dear, sweet friends here*

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • blackbird

    Happy Valentine’s Day to all the beautiful Gals here.

    Ten men and one woman were hanging on a rope under a helicopter.

    The rope was not strong enough to carry them all, so they decided that one had to leave, otherwise they were all going to fall.

    They weren’t able to choose that person, until the woman gave a very touching speech.

    She said that she would voluntarily let go of the rope because, as a woman, she was used to giving up everything for her husband and kids or for men in general, and was used to always making sacrifices with little in return.

    As soon as she finished her speech, all the men started clapping.

    • MaMcGriz

       If a man alone speaks in the woods, with no woman there to hear him, is he wrong anyway?


      • AmazedOne1

        Yes, absolutely.

      • blackbird

        LOL!!!, too funny I like that, thanks MaMcGriz. but I am not answering LOL!

        Happy Valentines!

  • chuckjr

    Thanks for mentioning the letter I wrote last night Firelight. You guys are great!

    • Guest

       So are you guys!

    • Firelight

      Anything we can do here to help!  Thank you so much for standing up for your sister and dad!

  • John_Frank

    As people know:

    – Mr. Petzal who writes for Field & Stream has written a hit piece concerning Sarah Palin which is completely false.

    – Chuck Heath Jr took the time to write a letter to the Editor of Field & Stream rebutting the obvious lies written by Mr. Petzal.

    People may want to write to the editors of Field & Stream and express their upset.

    Those who decide to write may want to include in your email:

    – the full text of Mr. Heath Jr’s letter, along with the link to Mr. Heath Jr’s website.

    – reference the tweet that the Governor sent out earlier today:

    Why the Liberal Hatred of Citizens With Guns

    – along with the additional tweet that Governor also sent out today:

    Bristol and Todd hunting

    – reference that the Governor is a lifetime member of the NRA and has the highest rating from the NRA

    People may then want to call upon Field & Stream to withdraw Mr. Petzal’s article from
    their website and issue an apology in light of the rebuttal written by Mr. Heath Jr.; and to publish Mr. Heath Jr’s letter in the next offline issue of Field & Stream, along with a full and complete apology.

    Here is the contact information for the offline publication:

    – and –

    Here is the contact information for the online publication:

    Just a suggestion.

  • pete4palin

    Best valentine/wedding scene….. 

    • Firelight

      LOL!  I love Adam Sandler!

  • John_Frank

    A new FB wall post by the Governor:

    A friend sent this photo of one of the many crowds that gathered in Texas on Monday to pay their respects to Chris Kyle. While too many of our “leaders” were oblivious, these ordinary Americans organized themselves to show respect for a great hero. Patriotic ordinary Americans like the people in this photo are the heart and hope of this country. The lesson here, as in so many things lately, is don’t wait for or rely on government to do anything for you. You have more sense and discernment than most politicians.

    She also sent out a tweet linking to the wall post. This tweet and wall post are in addition to her tweets and posts of earlier today.

    She is pounding Obama et al on their failure to honor Chris Kyle.

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