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Demand The Truth… What Really Happened Regarding Extortion 17?

On the night of August 6, 2011, our military piled 30 of our best and brightest highly trained Special Operation forces into an old Chinook helicopter built in the early 1960’s that had last been retro-fitted in 1985 and was documented to be in very poor condition.  Why?

Why would our government put 17 Navy Seals, 5 Navy Special Ops Support Personnel, 5 Army,  3 Air Force, 1 Military work dog and 7 Afghan soldiers and 1 Afghan civilian Interpreter all onto the same helicopter and why would they give them such an old National Guard helicopter when our Special Forces usually fly the latest and greatest technologically advanced machine such as the MH 47 Nightstalker?  There were 38 deaths total in that single crash.  We sent our men into harms way in the wrong chopper, without cover and without properly vetted Afghan companions.  They had no escort, no cover, the drone that was supposed to provide an “eye” was not working and it was an active battle situation.

The crash happened in Tanji, where the U.S. closed a combat outpost in April 2011. However, the AP reported that the Afghan forces never staffed the outpost after American forces left and the Taliban moved back in.  The nature of the mission for Extortion 17 is really not known but result would become marked in history as the largest loss in the history of Naval special warfare and the largest one day loss in our 11 year war in Afghanistan.

There are a lot of questions that have not been answered and frankly, our government has attempted to coverup and bury as much of this incident as possible.  Today at a press conference, the family members of some of the military that were killed are demanding answers and they deserve them.  Not only has our government denied them the right to the truth but they have violated these people’s right to religious freedom and insulted these fallen heroes in death by allowing a Muslim cleric to come disparage and damn these honored warriors to hell by declaring them infidels to Allah.  Why not provide the families copies of the ramp ceremony? Why keep that a secret and also not provide the identity of the Imam?   This ramp ceremony takes place in Bagram, Afghanistan so is this a regular event for this Imam? Obama and our military owe these families an apology and the truth.

Everyone needs to take the time to watch this press conference:

So is our military the greatest, fittest, toughest, best trained military in the world whose mission is to protect and defend our country and win whatever battle we sent them in or are is our military a bunch of community organizers sent out to win the hearts and minds of the enemy and sing a round of kumbayah?   Our Navy Seals do NOT train to be community organizers.

Why and who made the decision at the last minute to switch out the eight properly vetted Afghan soldiers and interpreter for eight unknown Afghans to join our Special forces on this critical combat mission?  Who was this person and why did they make this decision?  Who were these eight Afghans that were now on this chopper and how did SOCom not know about the swap?

Why and who invited a Muslim Imam to speak and pray over our fallen Christain soldiers at their funeral when these families were told that they could not express their own Judeo-Christian values at the service?  How dare our government, military and President allow such a thing.

An internal investigation was conducted by CENTCOM and it concluded “that all operational decisions, linked to the incident, were deemed tactically sound” and that the Chinook crashed after an RPG round impacted the aft rotor assembly.  Tell us something we don’t know…

Karen Vaughn, mother of one of our fallen heroes that night, expressed frustration at the unanswered questions and missing information in the over 1200 page report from CENTCOM.  She questioned why the helicopter entered unescorted into a valley that was on heightened alert that night and had been in battle for more than 3 hours.  She expressed disgust at the rules of engagement that prevented pre-assault fire as she was told that it damaged our efforts to win the hearts and minds of our enemy.  “So in other words, the hearts and minds of our enemy are more valuable to this government than my son’s blood” said Karen.

One of the most disturbing pieces of information Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn revealed was that the Afghan National Army, the Afghan National Police and the Afghan Security Ministry are, have been and still will be involved in planning of every single stage of every single mission of our special operations that happen in that country even knowing that these agencies have been infiltrated.  Heck, the enemy brags about it but yet, our strategy doesn’t change.  Just who is in charge here?  Clearly, Karen Vaughn raises four very important questions about that night.

During this press conference some of the current Rules of Engagement were revealed.  It is no wonder that over 14,000 soldiers have come home as wounded warriors and changed forever in just the past 3 years under President Obama.  It is a dereliction of duty by our Commander in Chief.  The new rules of engagement set our soldiers up for failure and to die.  Is that the goal?  Are these new rules designed to weaken our nation and our military by killing our best and most special forces off?  Was this crash in Tanji an offering of appeasement for the capture of Bin Laden?

Pres. Obama has shown time and time again little concern for our fallen soldiers.  The form letters he sends out to the families was mentioned today.  It is shameful and embarrassing to the office of the President and Commander in Chief that a personal phone is made to someone like Sandra Fluke or Jason Collins but for someone who gave their life blood for our freedom, their family gets a form letter with an autopen signature.

Doug Hamburger lost his son Patrick in the crash.  Doug expressed that he feels his son and team members were ambushed.  He raised concerns with Vice President Biden’s leak of classified information revealing the name of Seal Team 6 and that this leak put his son in harms way by putting a bounty on his head.  Mr. Hamburger wonders why no one from the Afghan military was ever questioned during the 1250 page investigation.

Michael Strange was a Navy Seal who died in the crash. His dad Charles Strange represented him well.  He described Biden as having a “half a load on” when he leaked the information about Seal Team 6.  Mr. Strange described his encounter with President Obama and General Colt.  He pressed the Administration for where the black box was.  They told him it was blown away by the flood.  Mr. Strange didn’t buy that excuse and pressed further.  After all,they’ve found black boxes at the bottom of swamps. They told him it was all in “the book”.  Strangely, there was no ink in the book they provided him.  Again, he pressed for the truth.  They told him they burned the original book (why?) so they gave him a disk but most of the disk was full of white outs.  Mr. Strange talks about how Admiral Horowitz tells him they didn’t use a drone which could have done the same job because they wanted to win the hearts and minds.  Who gave the OK?  Mr. Strange asks.  “It goes all the way to the top” he says “It’s in the paperwork”.  He asks everyone to follow the money and who is the leak?

The most devastating information was when Mr. Strange said that he had been provided pictures of his son from autopsy and yet the government then turned around and claimed that all the soldiers were burned beyond recognition and had to be cremated.  Mr. Strange knew that was a lie and was visibly angry as his son did not need to be cremated. He had pictures to prove that his son could have had a proper burial and yet the government cremated his son.  Why would the military lie to him?

We changed the rules of engagement to benefit them and yet the Taliban and Al Queda have RPG’s, night vision goggles, heat seeking missiles, and more.

It took our military 10 minutes to identify which helicopter went down.  There were no pathfinders, no eye in the sky drone, no escorts, nothing.  Our military men were fighting for their lives with no backup, no help, no rescue.

Today’s press conference left no doubt that there is a coverup going on of Extortion 17.  Also speaking at the press conference was Admiral James Lyons,  Army Major General Paul Vallely, General Tom MacInerney, Lt. Colonel Allen West, former Seals, Benjamin Smith and Larry Bailey, and General Boykin.  Each of them expressed concern that our military has been infiltrated at all levels by the true enemy and that they are trying to destroy us from within.  Being experienced military men, they warned of the dangers of the new restricted rules of engagement.

Admiral Lyons revealed that the Muslim Brotherhood has had more growth and made more strides in the past few years than they have made ever in the history of our country.  57 Muslim nations protested our training materials and those materials were purged and our trainers were “re-educated” toward a sensitivity toward Islam (57 of them… Muslim nations… does that number ring a bell with anyone? kind of like the 57 states Obama thought the US has…hmmm…).  Admiral Lyons rightly pointed out that the concept of Arab Spring makes no sense.  They don’t want it and their crede is to destroy us and our democracy.  Admiral Lyons stated that under the Obama administration he has seen the Muslim Brotherhood ascend to power in the Middle East.

Gen. Tom MacInerney names names.  This guy is the real deal.  He lays it out about the corruption, complicity and dereliction of duty of this government. He names Sec. Gates at the launching pad of politicizing the military officers and the Obama Administration for the pattern of leaving people behind.  Gen. Boykin took the podium and talked about the last time we went to war without politics which was on the beaches of Normandy.  Gen. Boykin expressed how deeply incensed he is regarding the fact that the military has allowed an Iman to come and pray over the bodies of our fallen soldiers condemning them to hell.  He said that we have failed to know the enemy and apologized to the families.

Col. West reminded everyone that in the last election cycle we had for the first time in 77 years no one running on either ticket with any military experience.  He reiterated the same questions that have been asked and stated that the answers must be demanded.  Navy Seal Benjamin Smith observed that Islam is over 1400 years old and they already didn’t like us before we were a breath just on ideology alone and yet we are only 200 years old and we have supposedly never lost a war but do we stand a chance in this one?  He stated that he believes that President Obama is guilty of treason by putting our people at risk like this by sending people into situations where the other side has foreknowledge of our plans.

Brigitte Gabriel closed out the press conference by thanking everyone who serves this country and fights for our freedom and the families who raise and support those soldiers.

Noted names:

People who would NOT help:

Rep. John Boehner, Sen. Levin, Sen. Harry Reid, Sen. McCain, Admiral William McRaven, The establishment of the Republican party

People who would help:

Rep. Gommert, Rep. Bachmann, Rep. Franks, Sen. Rubio (kind of, since he ran to his new best friend McCain & the Vaughn’s declined McCain’s help as they don’t trust him but they didn’t say why).

We can not let this Administration lie and cover up the truth or hide it’s real motivation while more and more of our soldiers are wounded or die senseless and needless deaths.

Please take the time to watch the press conference for yourself.  Listen to the words and hear their concerns and then contact your Representatives and Senators to demand a Congressional Hearing into what really happened so that the truth will come out.  We can not let this Administration politicize our military or use our best and brightest as failed community organizers.  If we the people don’t make enough noise, they will simply sweep this under the rug.  They are counting on us not caring enough.

It is time to demand the truth.



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  • John_Frank

    Thank you Firelight for this post.

    What we are seeing is a direct result of this administration’s policy, supported by members of the Republican establishment, of climbing into bed with Islamists, including the Muslim Brotherhood, based in Egypt and the Wahabi religious sect, based in Saudi Arabia who believe in Muslim supremacy and Sharia law.

    This even thought the Muslim Brotherhood declared jihad against America and Israel in October, 2010 and the Wahabi religious sect, backed by Saudi petro dollars, believes that everyone in the world should pay obeisance to Islam.

    One of the points that came out of yesterday’s hearings into Benghazi is that as a result of the policies of this administration, the men and women in the diplomatic corp and the military must work with “locals”, whether it be in Libya or Afghanistan, even when the “locals” are known security risks.

    This policy has placed the security of our men and women working overseas at grave risk, as illustrated by what happened at Benghazi, along with the attacks on our military in Afghanistan by members of the Afghanistan military.

    It has also placed our national security at home at risk, as evidenced by the Boston bombing.

    Yes, we need to demand the truth.

    • blackbird

      What you have described John is Treason. This is unbelievable.

      • John_Frank

        Treason? No.

        Testimony: Elements of Militia State
        Dept. Hired to Station Members Inside Benghazi Compound Were ‘Complicit’
        in 9/11/12 Terrorist Attack

        Stupidity, incompetence, arrogance, and hubris? Yes.

        In essence, the policy of this administration is that we can work with any Muslim political, religious or para military organization, along with any Muslim government, no matter what there stated views are towards us, as long as they foreswear committing acts of violence against us.

        As evidenced by the Extortion 17 tragedy, the Green on Blue attacks in Afghanistan, the Benghazi terror attack, and the Boston marathon bombing, this policy is wrong.

        When our diplomats go into dangerous situations, or our military go to battle, they are placing themselves in harms way.

        However, this policy is greatly adding to the risks involves, while placing Americans at home in harms way, and if allowed to persist, will ultimately threaten our national security.

        Worse, when things do go wrong, instead of changing course, this administration continues pursuing a flawed policy, while obfuscating, stonewalling, and covering up the truth to avoid accountability and responsibility, aided and abetted by a largely compliant media that instead of holding this administration to account, has acted as poodle skirted cheerleaders and Praetorian guards.

        Will the media’s role change?

        It may now that Jonathan Karl of ABC and Stephen Hayes of the Weekly Standard have covered this part of the saga:

        Carney Claims on Changing #Benghazi Talking Points at Odds With the Facts

        Boehner Calls on President Obama to Release Benghazi E-Mails

        Reports Confirm “Scrubbing” of Benghazi Talking Points as Boehner Demands White House Release E-Mails

        • blackbird

          Thanks for your response John, I agree with you and would add that imho there is an element with willful intent to undermine military and security operations.

          Who ultimately made the decision and why to issue 2 stand down orders in the Benghazi case.

          What of the leaks leading to the outing of Afridi.

          Is it just coincidence that “15 members of Seal Team 6” were shot down.

          • John_Frank

            Hence the need for a full investigation.

  • Freempg

    Well said, Firelight. You are a patriot of the highest order. God bless you.

  • blackbird

    “Was this crash in Tanji an offering of appeasement for the capture of Bin Laden?” YES!!!

    This is unbelievable. I read over at Breitbart yesterday about the press conference on the Extortion 17 but had no idea what so ever it was this bad, this is treason.

    “Each of them expressed concern that our military has been infiltrated at all levels by the true enemy and that they are trying to destroy us from within” this is the very definition of treason.

    How can they infiltrate the Military so quick, cannot just be in 4 years.

    This post should be in every newspaper, take out a two page spot and post this.

    Thank you Firelight for this post.

    • Timothy P Beckel

      It’s been a year since your post but I have come to the same conclusion. That’s where logic has taken us.

      7 Afghani commandos were pulled from the chopper just before takeoff. Suicide bombers? I believe we have a sinister quid pro quo, Bin Laden’s whereabouts/capture/killing in return for high value military personnel at a later date to quell the radical Bin Laden faction. Very high levels of military/government on all sides. War is money and Bin Laden’s capture/death? gave the popularity of the war a boost. You need to be able to see people this way or you will never believe the evil in them.

  • blackbird

    “they have violated these people’s right to religious freedom and insulted these fallen heroes in death” this is unbelievable

    • MaMcGriz

      Westboro Baptists must be thrilled.

      • blackbird

        There are a disgrace and do not know their Bible.

        • MaMcGriz

          So true.

          I’ve met folks who ride with the Patriot Guard motor cycle group of veterans that escorts and runs interference for the military families targeted by those ill-doers.

          They’d say we’re putting it too mildly.

  • Bean Counter

    VERY well done! Praying that this gets the attention and scrutiny it deserves.

    • Firelight

      Well, it got the P4A twitter account suspended, lol!

      • Bean Counter

        Really? Wow, how did that happen? Isn’t this what the TDGN or whatever it is supposed to help fix? They rally their network of folks to bombard the Twitter gods to undo crap like that.

        • Firelight

          Well, Palin4A twitter account isn’t part of TDGN. I don’t follow tweeps or personally tweet from it so I guess it might look a little out of balance in followees vs followers.

          I sent an email to support and hopefully they will lift the suspension but if not, it is usually lifted in 30 days anyway. I’ll just tweet the P4A posts from my personal account. I imagine that trolls simply reported the account as spam until it got auto-banned or someone important really didn’t like my article. I guess we will find out. If it was trolls, they should quickly re-instate me. If it was a complaint from someone with clout, I won’t be.

          • MaMcGriz

            I’m sorry to hear this. Thank you for posting it.

            • Firelight

              We are live again!!! Twitter was very helpful and quit to fix the situation. Yay!!!

              • MaMcGriz


                And we came away with a good stage concept! lol

          • blackbird

            You are most definitely directly over the target. This article should be in The Denver Post, this is way bigger than Benghazi.

            It’s unbelievable that a Muslim cleric will be asked to pray at Seal Team 6 funeral, and curses them to hell. People have lost their life for a lesser offense.

          • MaMcGriz

            What’s TDGN?

            • Firelight

              It is a group on Twitter that banded together to help fight the lib group called Uniteblue. Uniteblue bands together and reports people as spam even though they have done nothing wrong. The group simply doesn’t like the Tweep because of politics. They usually do it to someone like Dana Loesch or Ben Howe but they will also do it over articles written or general ideology.

              Twitter has an automated suspend system similar to disqus. If people report a tweep enough times in a certain time frame, Twitter’s computer will automatically suspend the Twitter account for 30 days. Then the person who owns the Twitter account must file an appeal for re-instatement. Twitter will review it and see if there is a legit reason for the account to be suspended or not. If not, they will re-instate.

              When a computer auto-suspends someone part of what it looks at is the number of followers vs the number of people the account follows. If the balance is off then the computer assumes the account might be spamming. TDGN was designed as a group that if you joined, everyone would follow each other and make sure that the following vs the followers were always somewhat balanced so that the computer wasn’t tricked into thinking someone was a spamnbot.

              • MaMcGriz

                Thank you. It’s amazing how mobbish and tacky are the Left. They’ve become like marauders.

        • Firelight

          The P4A twitter account is live again. Twitter was very quick to respond to my email and review the situation and fix it. Yay!!

  • susiepuma

    Saw an article – can’t remember where – said that about 40 members of the military, etc. connected with the supposed death of the Osama bin laden in Pakistan have been killed, committed suicide, etc…………… that certainly raises some questions but we will never get answers because too many people will deny that our government would kill anyone – especially this particular administration – it has been completely infiltrated by members of the muslim brotherhood and other islamists & guess what? they really do hate Christians and America, in particular… but we shouldn’t jump to conclusions – oh no – that’s tin foil hat territory – don’t go there…………………. connect the dots – they have been there all along

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  • Mseagle

    Thank you so much Firelight for the wonderful article…I can barely sleep knowing what went on and how they set our SEALS up….I will join their fight to get answers.

  • aloha

    I viewed this entire UTUBE video ; very moving, very serious! This TRUTH MUST be given to Fox News & The Blaze , where it can be exposed to the public masses right now when Benghazi hearings are also gaining traction ! Glenn Beck & Sean Hannity are true TRUTH SEEKERS & Freedom fighters that can give this Extortion Plot 17 media exposure ! Please help those families involved by directing their efforts to bring this to public forums to Fox News & the Blaze!

  • idahojewel

    I watched this video with a heavy heart that our Military put these brave people in harms way without backup or a good explanation to the families about it.

  • LindaF

    I know that it sounds over-the-top, but aside from that one picture of the dead soldier, is there any evidence that they actually died?

    And weren’t captured by the enemy?

    Do I trust this administration? Not one bit.

  • Operation Terror

    The CIA just admitted that the Abbotabad raid on bin Laden was a CIA operation. The neighbors all say that no soldiers left that compound alive. They saw the body parts in the compound. The explosion was heard miles away. Then three months later Seal Team 6 members die in an old Apache and they cannot find the black box? Connect the dots!

  • Timothy P Beckel

    7 Afghani commandos were pulled from the chopper just before takeoff. Suicide bombers? I believe we have a sinister quid pro quo, Bin Laden’s whereabouts/capture/killing in return for high value military personnel at a later date to quell the radical Bin Laden faction. Very high levels of military/government on all sides. War is money and Bin Laden’s capture/death? gave the popularity of the war a boost. You need to be able to see people this way or you will never believe the evil in them.

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