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Riders Up! Weekend Edition Bluegrass Style – UPDATED

Morning all!

This weekend is all about Kentucky.  Today is the Derby and tomorrow Gov. Palin will attend the fundraiser for the Headley-Whitney Museum in Lexington.  Our weather is scheduled to be beautiful and sunny and I hope everyone else is as blessed too.

So here we go.  Some of the best sights, sounds and tastes from Kentucky.

Oh yeah… Derby pie… a slice of pure heaven…

Derby Pie was created by George Kern.  It is a masterpiece of chocolate, walnuts or pecans and Kentucky Bourbon.  You can mail order them here or try and make your own with this recipe (good luck!)…

Yuummmm… 100% American thru and thru

No whiskey can call itself Bourbon unless it is made 100% within the United States according to the Bourbon formula… take that you French and Scottish drink snobs…   I would highly recommend touring the distilleries in Kentucky or hanging at the Bourbon Festival


Touring the horse farms are memorable.  Each is unique and full of history from the horses that have stabled there to the buildings themselves and the families that have owned them.

One of my favorite things about Lexington was the limestone fences that ran for miles.  They are works of art and just beautiful!


Let’s not forget the women and children :)


Finally, the hats…




and the horses…

They say you are lucky if you are born in the year of a Triple Crown winner.  I was born the same year as Secretariat….


It’s race day!!  I would love to see Todd and Sarah in the crowd!


In other news:

These people are assclowns

This is good… I’m surprised…

Um… a bit short, don’t ya think CBS?

Meh… starts out heavy on the adjectives but ends up OK…

Count me as one who thinks she knows more, I say this one is no fool

Oh the unflippinbelievable irony

This is not helpful for their relocation department…  I don’t do bees…

Yeah, baby!  Take that and I hope our own IsraeliCojones was the secret jet fighter pilot and pushed the trigger button with her middle finger…

Wrong… mine worry about their Legos, American Girl doll, whether or not it is just going to keep snowing forever or will summer just please come on already and bacon…  they worry about bacon… we can not run out of bacon…  she is just so out of touch…

Hell hath no fury like I if someone EVER did this to me…

The Daily Currant is officially the IQ test standard… either dumbass or not a dumbass…



Looky here!  #ThatWoman has been spotted at the Derby and she looks beautiful...

Great photo of Gov. Palin and Marylou Whitney…

The Musk brothers?… The founders of Paypal and Telsa Motors get their photo with Gov. Palin… one brother lives here in Denver, Kimbal…

Here’s another of Kimbal mugging for the camera with Gov. Palin (only this time he gets Palin’s twitter handle right)…

Tony Lee writes a brilliant piece on Gov. Palin’s speech to the NRA…

What has Rick Moran been drinking? He is not normally complimentary of Palin…

Congrats to Orb!!!

Bring it on!  I would love to see Cruz debate Biden!


Have a great weekend everyone!  I’m sure I’ll be updating this post as all things Palin happen.



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  • BostonBruin

    Good morning!

    Speaking of middle finger, take a look at this photo and recall that Sarah recently said there is no such thing as a coincidence! LOL!×4141-270×186.jpg

    • Firelight

      heh… that is funny!

    • blackbird


  • deTocqueville1

    Thanks Firelight. Yhe pie looks delicious and as a confirmed Scotvh drinker I will attest that aged Bourbon is damn fine drink. Beautiful pics, I visited Kentucky years ago and it is surely one of the most spectacular places on earth.
    Great to see the pain caused progressives yesterday from exploding heads and knotted knickers!
    The poor woman must have suffered from the bee attack. I had an apiarist keep a number of hives at the back of my farm for years and it is unusual for bees to be agressive. However the yellow jackets and some other varieties can be nasty. My only bad experience was out walking my dogs one day and one of them went over and barged around the hives shaking one up. The bees emerged ripping mad and I had multiple stings on the head, neck and bare arms. Of course the dog was nowhere to be found and the kids thought I looked highly amusing for a week or so.

  • Whitney Pitcher

    I agree that the Daily Currant is a good IQ measure overall, which is why I was disappointed when Drudge and Breitbart picked up stories from there. People need to read more than the headlines. The satirical stories are pretty funny themselves.The point of satire is that they have to be somewhat believable, or it isn’t satire.

    Looking forward to watching the Derby. Go, Frac Daddy!By the way, speaking of Kentucky, where is Refudiate? I haven’t seen him around for a couple weeks. Has anyone heard from him? I hope he’s OK.

    • Firelight

      I haven’t seen Refudiate around either. Perhaps we should try and ferret him out.

      I was disappointed in Drudge too. I didn’t catch Breitbart’s use of the Currant if it has been recent. I would think with all the bad press people have been getting for believing the Currant as real news that most would know by now what The Daily Currant is.

      Go Frac Daddy!! Go Verrazano (only because the blaze on his face looks like our old horse. It is remarkably similar)!!

      • MaMcGriz

        I think we need to get us up a little posse and ride to T-viv and round up IC.

        I be missin’ my Hebrew sis.

        • AmazedOne1

          I’ll join that posse!

          • Firelight

            Me too! I’m all in for that!

        • IsraeliCojones

          Thanks for the thoughts, lovely peeps. Sorry, can’t post these days.

          I’ll come back when I can

          • MaMcGriz

            And we’ll be here to welcome you.

            We’ve saved the piece of pie at the top of the page for you, and want you to know we’re hugging you in our hearts.

            As always we pray for the well being and blessing of you and yours.

            Much love, IC.

            • IsraeliCojones

              Thanks, sis. Miss you too.

              • MaMcGriz

                {{{{ }}}}

              • AmazedOne1

                Oh, IC, I didn’t see this post the other day. Today, I was checking Disqus for any of your recent activity and saw this comment. Yes, I truly miss you, too. If you can talk about it, I’d love to know why you can’t post much lately. If it’s personal, then just know that I feel the emptiness without your precious sensible approach nowadays.

  • Polarbearpapa

    Remember Firelight…Nothing like a good azzclown to make our point for us by expressing their ignorance on any given topic…

  • Gelston

    The most dangerous place in America today is in a line between a Kleenex box and my perfect Kentucky wife when they play “My Old Kentucky Home.”

    I stand with Sarah Palin and no one else.

    • Firelight


      • Gelston

        as I left Safeway last evening, a youngster asked if I wanted to buy McDonald’s coupons to support Little League. I asked how long they are good for and he replied, “forever.” I told him I was not planning to live that long and asked if I could get a discount. I think the joke went over his head.
        Yes, I did buy one.

        • Firelight

          Good one! I bet you made his evening helping him with a sale. You are a good man!

  • MaMcGriz

    Assclowns and idiots….

    “In a reprise of her use of a 7-Eleven “Big Gulp” as a prop during the
    Conservative Political Action Conference to mock Bloomberg’s ban on
    large-sized sodas, she displayed a pack of cigarettes at the NRA event
    to poke fun at the mayor’s call for banning store displays of

    Would somebody please roll one out of that skol box she pulled out of her pocket and give it to Mr. Tom Curry, who wrote the above quoted passage? Once he gets it lit and tries to smoke it I think he’ll forever be impressed with the difference in smokes and chew.

    Ignorant city boy.

    • John_Frank

      People need to contact Mr. Curry and tell him to correct his report.


      Linked In

      Send him this photo:×4141-270×186.jpg

      And this video, showing that it was a tin of chewing tobacco:

      Hmm …. not surprised that Mr. Curry would make up this lie, given that he is an employee of NBC, “a reliable, poodle-skirted cheerleader for a president who writes the book on exploiting tragedy.”

      • MaMcGriz

        Thank you, John_Frank for another swift and thorough response to yet another sad example of Poodle-skirted journalistic incompetence the Governor has warned us about.


        Poodle-skirt journalism!!

        Don’t you just love and admire that woman’s brain??

        …as we await Mr.Curry’s correction. [cough]

  • AmazedOne1

    Thanks for the comprehensive tour of Derby-related sites. My dad worked with thoroughbreds and my son’s horse was a retired racehorse. So, my heart wishes I could spare the calories to make that yummy-looking Derby pie today.

    • MaMcGriz

      Pie hell! I wanna RIDE!!!!

      The most thrilling ride of my life was on a thoroughbred after growing up on quarter horses moving cows.

      I’ve always got a mild case of saddle fever, but Derby week brings it on bad. lol

      • AmazedOne1

        I have a similar case of saddle fever this week! We live in cow horse country, too. So, we have never forgotten the tone of awe and laughter in our vet’s voice when he first stood next to our guy, looked up at his withers, and said, “My, he’s a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig boy.”

      • Firelight

        LOL!! I’m with you Ma, I’m ready to saddle up!

  • blackbird

    Thanks for the photos Firelight. The 3rd photo, I want to wake up there with a cup of hot coffee on the porch looking out through the mist and seeing the horses, and siesta in the afternoon by the pond in photo 10, too beautiful.

    Do you have any hats Firelight and what about Mr. Firelight what do the men wear, just a suit and tie.

    A little history, we have Mount Gay Rum the oldest existing brand of rum in the world which is cured in charred oak Bourbon barrels from Kentucky.

    • MaMcGriz

      Would you care for a mint julep? :)

    • Firelight

      I don’t have any Derby style hats and Mr. Firelight would not be caught dead in any of the men’s style Derby hats but it seems safe to say that the entire style at the Derby is gaudy, obnoxious with a hint of class, lol!

      Here’s a link for some pictures of just the men’s hats…

      • blackbird

        Most of those hats suit a carnival. I would wear the bowler hat, that’s about it.

      • MaMcGriz


        Surely they don’t let these people and hats anywhere near the ponies!! LOL!

        Good grief!

        • Firelight

          I know right! They scare me!

          • MaMcGriz

            And these guys wonder why they have a hard time getting dates…? lol

        • blackbird

          LOL, for sure, how about the guy with the blue horse humping the pink horse hat. LOL, I wonder, do they have a contest for most colorful head dress.

          • MaMcGriz

            Maybe judged by how many small children they traumatize? LOL

  • MaMcGriz


    I hope I haven’t opened the door to a troll influx after leaving my first comment over at politico. I don’t like that place, but I have to say I got a huge laugh from one of the conservative posters who’s very bright and effective, with a professed love for the swamp. So he seems to fit right in there and certainly seems to serve a good purpose. It was worth the visit to find this poster. He’s hilariously effective and loves barky about as much as I do.

    But the sickos are the ones I hope not to have attracted back here via the disquatch. I have no doubt they’ll be promptly shown the door if they should show up.

    Their comment section seems to be something of a cesspool over there.

  • PetePetretich

    After early mass this morning with our new Philippino priest, I took a long urban hike as I waited for my local, racially segregated food bank to open. I finished this short book:

    “The Ruling Class: How They Corrupted America and What We Can Do About It (2010)”

    In the end, that book reminded me of this very long tome about the modern population control movement and it’s demographic manipulation by “Masters of the Universe” Establishmentarians like John D. Rockefeller III and Senator Prescott Bush:

    “The Slaughter of Cities: Urban Renewal As Ethnic Cleansing (2004)”

    Senator Bush was a supporter of Planned Parenthood in his day but I don’t know if Rockefeller recruited him with his Population Council…

    Among other things, during my hike I re-visited the burial place of President James A. Garfield. There was some general memorabilia about the U.S. Presidents along with items focused on James and Lucretia Garfield in particular.

    My hike also reminded me of this classic Sarah video:

    “Urban Hike with Gov. Sarah Palin”

  • john norton

    Pss … : later on today we shall see at the Derby… my bet is on ORB,who has Secritariat’s blood in its lineage and has won the last four times frm the Gate… !

  • golfmom3

    Firelight, do you live in the Bluegrass? Lovely, lovely photos! It is a privilege to live here.

    • Firelight

      No, I live in Colorado but I did go thru and do the farm tours years ago. I love horse racing and horses!

  • blueniner

    Beautiful photos of Kentucky, I believe the Everly Brothers were from Kentucky.

  • MaMcGriz

    Btw., I keep forgetting to say I got my ‘liberty’ photo this week. I
    can’t stop smiling at the thought of it. That teeny little woman in a
    pair of jeans holding up a great big plastic cup of sweet drink. It’s
    not done as if in defiance, but more in confident presentation. As if in victory, as if to be a toast to real power. Man what a picture of strength.

    ha ha…. Somebody’s sweet little granny humbly showing the world on our behalf that We the people are the real power, and this photo reminds me it’s a truth that’s keeping the Left up at night.

    I may not be holding up a big gulp, but I’ll sure as heck stand with Governor Sarah Palin.

  • indemind

    cross post

    Brietbart Sports writes about Palin at the Derby.
    Palin Attends Kentucky Derby…. h/t Myfairlady

  • panchita

    The left may have the poodle skirted media to cover their agenda,
    but Sarah has this chihuahuas teeth at her disposal (though a few are a little loose, so that if bite someone, i may leave a tooth or two behind)

    ankle biting chihuahuas for Sarah 2016!

    • Firelight

      soft lamb and rice food and mojitos… he, he, he…

      • MaMcGriz

        Yes. We will do that and we will give her a tiny gun to take the place of her fierce teeth so that she may continue her quest to bloody the ankles of those who would disrespect the Governor. Yes. This we will do for our faithful and ferocious chiuahua for Sarah. And when she can no longer hold her little gun we will give her an armed israeli, well trained in the ways of Krav Maga, to do her bidding. Oh the ankles this one will bite! The Left will tremble in fear and drool upon themselves uncontrollably!

        I’ll see if she wants her lamb and rice wrapped in a soft fresh corn tortilla while you mix that mojito.

  • Gelston

    What kind of Kentucky Derby was that???
    Not one of the jockeys announced that they are gay.
    What a waste of time.

    • Firelight

      Gelston, that is priceless!

      • MaMcGriz

        It’s been a day for good laughs, for sure. The guy I saw today at wherever that was….politico?…had me in stitches a couple of times. I went back later and read some of his later posts, and same thing. He’s good. Slaps liberals around with a lot of wit and calls obama ‘bar.’

        And you know your homegirl instantly knows this is short for barky. lol It’s not, but it’s about as equally disdainful of the ossiah as my nickname for him, so I liked it. He’s funny in that special southern way. They’re wicked with those genteel one liners.

        But there is nothing as elegant as Gelston humor. It’s in a class by itself. It knows all. ;~)

  • section9

    Who won?
    The big news for me, other that Sarah attending, was QPR being relegated from the Premiership and tiny Hull City being promoted from Second Division to the Premier League of the Football Association once Waterford failed to win.

    • Polarbearpapa

      What kind of football is that…they actually use their feet…..and they wear shorts with knee high socks…..

      ..what’s up with that?….

      • deTocqueville1


      • section9

        Wonderful game. Check it out.
        Except my team, Liverpool FC, was stuck in the middle of the Top 10 of the Table, and got bounced unceremoniously from the Football Association’s FA Cup competition back in early march by a team from the Third Division. Happens all the time.
        Manchester United won the Premiership again, which they’ve done 20 times in the past, G-d knows, 25 years, under Sir Alex Ferguson.

  • panchita

    My hearings not so good anymore but i didn’t hear Sarah mention Bush by name in her NRA speech. Wearing a t shirt she separated herself visually from the ruling class.

    In other news, a shorthair latino was the winning jockey in today’s exciting derby race.

    4 Arthritic paws up for Sarah 2016!

    • deTocqueville1


  • jester2939

    Thanks for the fabulous pictures of Kentucky! They make me a little homesick, though.

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    Thank you, Firelight, for the wonderful Kentucky photos!!

    God bless, and have a great Sunday!

    • MaMcGriz

      Glad yer back. You were missed.

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thank you, Ma!! God bless!

        • MaMcGriz

          You too!

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    My Dear Friends in Sarah,

    A Happy and Blessed Sunday to you all!!

    I have been away for a little while, and I just saw her magnificent speech at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum!!

    ECCE VOX LIBERTATIS– Behold the Voice of Freedom.

    The Governor wields the double-edged sword of cutting humor and incisive thought to rip apart the enemies of the Constitution, and especially the foes of the Second Amendment.

    She indicts, and brilliantly indicts, the “Politics of Emotion”–while, of course, vindicating the legitimate place of emotions in our lives.

    She beautifully depicts the mutual and necessary and closely-wedded support that Liberty and Morality provide for each other.

    I hope to have more thoughts on her powerful twelve-minute speech later on today.

    For this morning, I present reflections on the next page of her splendid first book, Going Rogue.

    Thoughts on previous pages, along with accompanying photographs, may be found at:

    God bless you all always!

    Sarah Domination 2014;

    DEO VOLENTE, SARAH 2016!!!



    On p. 123 of GR, Sarah continues with her description of the night of her inauguration as Governor of Alaska. She writes, “Piper sat happily for most
    of the ceremony, her bright red dress unruffled and her new black patent
    leather shoes swinging. Her sisters had placed a tiny toy tiara on her head and told her to be patient.

    “She hung in there with just a hint of weariness, though she never got bored with her dress. She wore it to all the inaugural events and never tired of dancing in it.”

    I would like to offer a few thoughts connected to the words and concepts from this passage of being “patient” and of feeling “weariness.”

    Like Piper, WE too must be patient in this present hour, a figurative “hour” whose actual length and extension we cannot now know.

    Like Piper, WE too sometimes feel touched with “just a hint of weariness.”

    I know that I, in company with so many of you, wanted the Governor
    to run for President for 2012. In fact, I presented a piece at the end of last
    year on what the concept of “SARAH 2012” meant to me and, I think, to
    so many Americans. However, I do believe that she is guided and directed by the Hand and Might and Wisdom of the Good Lord.

    Indeed, I think that a Celestial Game of Chess is now being played
    out on a board the broad and extensive spaces of which occupy, not the limited
    confines of sixty-four squares, but the entire breadth and length and majesty
    of the fifty States of the Res Publica Americana. Further, because the fate and fortunes of the entire world are intimately bound up with and tied to those of America, we may fairly say that this “chessboard” encompasses and embraces the entire globe.

    Now, as anyone knows who has played a little chess, it is
    often the pawns and knights and bishops that are the first forces to be marshaled and deployed; the rooks and the QUEEN are often (though not invariably) held in reserve.

    I would like to think of our Sarah, even in a Republic, as the Queen on the chessboard of this great contest. Like the multifaceted and powerful queen in
    chess, the Governor, with her brilliant and multiple talents and abilities in
    so many areas–stateswoman, orator, political analyst, political warrior, humorist, writer, woman of the People, huntress of the enemies of America, etc.–like the chess queen, our brilliant Sarah possesses broad powers on many depths and levels.

    It seems that the Lord is holding the QUEEN in reserve for the right and destined and critical hour and moment.

    We often grow impatient and weary and discouraged, and perhaps never more so than on THAT day, 5 October, 2011, and in the days and weeks that followed it.

    In fact, the Governor’s act on that autumn day in 2011 may have constituted a Great Gambit.

    A gambit in chess, of course, is the sacrifice of a piece in the present moment for a great gain, yes for triumph, at the end of the match.

    With the clarity and integrity of vision that can often only be supplied and furnished by retrospect, we may someday see that day in October,
    2011, not as the END of a dream, but as the BEGINNING of one!!

    Patience was asked of Piper on the night of her mom’s inauguration as Governor of Alaska.

    Patience is asked of us as we await, in hope and prayer, the Governor’s eventual inauguration as President of the United States of America.

    19)–In your patience you shall possess your souls.

    • deTocqueville1

      Thanks Brianus. Great to see you and God Bless. I always find your words both inspirational and comforting.

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        You are most welcome, de Tocqueville!! God Bless!!

  • blackbird

    A songe for the late nighters or early early morning folks:

    Too Late to Apologize: A Declaration

    • MaMcGriz

      Classy video!

      Well done!

      • blackbird

        I like that song and video a-lot, agree, it’s well done.

  • section9

    “Poodle Skirted Cheerleaders”
    This I love. One can’t show enough contempt and slight regard for the Goebbels Press. There aren’t enough Scott Conroys and Salena Zito’s to make up for what they’ve done to themselves and the way they’ve let the country down.

  • deTocqueville1

    Thanks for the update and the great photos Firelight. What a race, I always marvel at the speed the horses generate on those sloppy tracks. Orb is a great horse and McGaughey is a great and humble man.
    The Gov is out and about winning hearts and minds and impressing more people (even Moran who is an inveterate beltway water carrier). We can always count on Tony to spread and reinforce the message.
    The Gov is definitely expanding and consolidating the base.
    I can see a mighty force building to reclaim and restore the country.

    • BrianusBerkleianus


  • Bean Counter

    Today is one of my favorite holidays. And this year, I’ve got a world class Mexican restaurant literally across the street. I can walk over there and then crawl home. I offer the link below as my personal greeting of the day to each of you.

    • MaMcGriz

      Kay passo, my little freeeholey girl?

  • Gelston

    HEY EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY CINCO DE QUATRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    did I get it right?

    • MaMcGriz


    • blackbird

      LOL, I don’t think so LOL!!!

      Gelston, while going through my music collection I came across this Toots and The Maytals song Bam Bam and thought of you, here you go

      here are some of the lyrics:

      I want you to know that I am the man who
      Fight for the right, not for the wrong
      Going there, I’m growing there
      Helping the weak against the strong

      This man is friend and is trying to trouble no man
      That’s if you trouble this man
      It going to bring a bam bam

    • Gelston

      this is from when Obama called it by that name

  • MaMcGriz

    A fun and thoughtful thing from the internet (h/t Patrice Lewis):

    My Medical Appointment

    I visited a physician last week who was quite enthusiastic. It was a
    “new” doctor in the practice, a young lady (at MY age, EVERYBODY is
    “young”! When I was born, the Dead Sea wasn‘t even sick!) She was
    obviously a liberal by her dress and manner. She asked me what was
    wrong, and I replied, “I have a cut on my leg; and I think it may be
    getting infected.”

    She said, “Before we start, I have to ask you a few questions. Are you allergic to any medications?”

    I replied, “No.”

    She said, “Do you have any guns in the house?”

    I said, “HUH??”

    She replied, “Guns. Do you have any guns in the house?”

    I asked, “Why?”

    She said, “I’ve got to ask this question. It is required under the Affordable Care Act.”

    I asked, “What are you going to do with the data?”

    She said, “We compile it, amalgamate it, and submit it to the government.”

    I said, “Well, I have a Tommy Gun. I let my kid Tommy play with it.”

    She said, “What’s a Tommy Gun? I don‘t think that is the kind of gun they are concerned with.”

    With THAT, I knew I had a live one. I said, “It’s similar to a B.A.R., but a little heavier and shorter. I have a B.A.R. also.”

    She said, “A B.A.R.?”

    I said, “Yes.”

    She looked puzzled. Then she brightened up and asked, “Do you have any assault rifles?”

    I attempted to look puzzled, and said, “I don’t know. What is an assault rifle?”

    She said, “That’s a gun that is used in wars.”

    I said, “As a matter of fact, I do. I have a replica of a Revolutionary War musket.”

    She began to look a bit exasperated. I pretended not to notice and kept up the appearance of trying to be helpful.

    She said, “Do you have anything more modern than that?”

    I replied, “Well, yes I do. I have a replica muzzle loader from the
    Civil War. Do you know the difference between a musket and a muzzle

    She rather peevishly said, “No, I don’t; and I don’t want to. What else do you have?”

    I said, “I have an M-1.”

    She asked, “What’s that?”

    I said, “A rifle.”

    She asked, “What kind?”

    I replied, “It is called a Garand.”

    She rather loudly said, “I don’t care if it is a grand rifle or not. Is it an assault rifle?”

    To which I replied, “I don’t know. I don’t know what an assault rifle
    is. You say it’s a rifle used in war, yet you say that my musket and
    muzzle loader are not assault rifles.” She calmed down (a bit) and
    asked, “Anything else?”

    I said, “I have an MG-.30, and an MG-.50. I‘m also part owner of an Apache. But they are not rifles.”

    She stated, “Well, then, I’m not interested in them. Anything else?”

    I replied, “Well, yes. I also have a 12-gauge and a 20-gauge pump. They are not rifled though.”

    She said, “I’m not interested in pumps; I’m interested in guns.”

    I replied, “Well, then, I have a Colt, a Luger, a Glock, a bazooka, a
    Parabellum, a Kalishnikov, a Henry, an Uzi, a Llama, and a Beretta–but
    they are not rifles.”

    She then said, “I’ve had enough of this. I think you’re toying with me. Let me see your leg.”

    I then said, “Excuse me, but before you look at my leg, I have a few questions to ask of you.”

    She replied, “Of course. What are they?”

    I said, “I have given you a lot of information about my guns. I am
    somewhat concerned about your knowledge and ability to assimilate, make
    coherent sense of that information, and report it correctly. Do you know
    the difference between a .22 caliber and a .223 caliber? It’s a rather
    fundamental difference.”

    She replied, “Actually, I don’t.”

    I said, “I see. Let me ask some more relevant questions. “How much money do you make?”

    She said, “That’s personal, why do you ask?”

    I said, “Well, in pushing the Health Care Act, my president cautioned
    the population about doctors that would amputate a leg rather than treat
    a cut because they make more money that way. Consequently, I wish to
    know if you are financially troubled. What kind of car do you drive?
    What are your house payments? How much is your mortgage? How much credit
    card debt do you have? Do you have a student loan; if so, how much?”

    She said, “I’m not going to answer those questions. You have no right to ask them.”

    I then asked, “Do you have training and education in homeopathic
    techniques? Do you know the benefits/effects of CoQ10, ginseng, fish
    oil, Creatine, BCAA, and other such herbal treatments?” Do you know the
    difference between Panax ginseng, American ginseng, and Siberian

    She replied, “Well, No!”

    I then asked, ”Well, have you studied it at all?”

    She replied rather defensively, “NO; it’s all a bunch of hogwash anyway!”

    I said, “Oh, then you have read the research on it. What have you read?”

    She then said, “I don’t waste my time reading such things. Why are you asking me these questions?”

    I said, “Well, if I’m going to turn my body over to you for treatment, I
    believe it is reasonable for me to know something about your
    motivation, training, experience, and competence. Do you know anything
    about the practice of holistic medicine?”

    She said, rather angrily “No, I don’t!”

    I said, “Oh. Okay. How much experience do you have in practicing medicine?”

    She replied, “Well, not very much.”

    To which I said, “Well, we all have to start somewhere. What medical
    school did you go to; what is its rank in terms of other medical
    schools; where did you intern; and where did you do your residency? What
    is the rank of the hospital where you did your internship and

    She rather peevishly said, “All my credentials are posted in the waiting room.”

    To which I said, “Really? The rank of your medical school is posted in
    the waiting room? Do you have any experience with leg injuries? If so,
    how much?”

    I guess that was too much for her. She rather crossly said, “I think it
    would be best if you saw a different doctor.” …and started to leave
    the room.

    I said, “You know, doctor. You asked me irrelevant questions about my
    guns, and I answered them. Whether or not I own guns is really none of
    your business and has absolutely nothing to do with any treatment you
    might prescribe. On the other hand, I ask you questions quite relevant
    to my situation, and you refuse to answer them. Isn’t that somewhat

    She said, “But I HAVE to ask those questions. It’s the law.”

    To which I replied, “Actually, it is NOT the law. Here is what the law says–taken directly from the Affordable Care Act:”

    (1) WELLNESS AND PREVENTION PROGRAMS.—A wellness and health promotion
    activity implemented under subsection (a) (1) (D) may not require the
    disclosure or collection of any information relating to— (A) the
    presence or storage of a lawfully-possessed firearm or ammunition in the
    residence or on the property of an individual; or (B) the lawful use,
    possession, or storage of a firearm or ammunition by an individual.

    (2) LIMITATION ON DATA COLLECTION.—None of the authorities provided to the Secretary under the Patient

    Protection and Affordable Care Act or an amendment made by that Act
    shall be construed to authorize or may be used for the collection of any
    information relating to— (A) the lawful ownership or possession of a
    firearm or ammunition; (B) the lawful use of a firearm or ammunition; or
    (C) the lawful storage of a firearm or ammunition. You may verify this
    at:… see p 20 and

    “As you can see, you have broken federal law TWICE — once by asking, and
    once by collecting data. It is perfectly legal for me to own guns; it
    is NOT legal for you to ask and/or collect such data. YOU are breaking
    the law, and yet YOU are the one that is angry. Not only that, but you
    erroneously stated that you must ask such questions, and you did it in a
    very authoritative and convincing manner. You gave me false
    information, which I then acted upon by answering your questions. On
    that basis, how can I be expected to trust your medical judgment? When I
    attempted to ascertain your medical competency, you became defensive
    and hostile. There is really no need for me to see another doctor in
    this practice. I‘ll go somewhere else, where my privacy is respected,
    and I can trust the information I receive.”

    Semper Fidelis,


    Colonel, U. S. Marine Corps, Retired

    • blackbird

      Don’t mess with Marty. Thanks for sharing Ma. that was good.

      • MaMcGriz

        You’re welcome. Love me some Colonel Marty.

        Nobody sharpens their weapons or their wits like the Marines.

  • panchita

    On meet the press no mention of Sarah as a presidential candidate.
    On abc, snakehead and wife both touting Cruz. No mention of Sarah.

    We have them right where we want them.

    Populist chihuahuas for Palin 2016

  • DeeDEEthree

    From Kansas City Star.

    At ‘Heavenly’ Derby, Sarah Palin says she bet on Frac Daddy, of course.

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    Good Afternoon/Evening, Everyone!

    I would like to present some highlights from and observations on the Governor’s recent and magnificent twelve-minute speech to the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum in Houston.

    Then I would like briefly to offer an image that may help to buttress and support one of the central themes of this great speech.

    I might note in passing that twelve MINUTES from our Sarah weigh more in the scales of GRAVITAS (yes, Mr. Karl Rove!!) and serious political and cultural discourse than twelve YEARS, or even LIFETIMES, of hot air, lies, distortions, deceptions, broken promises, and plain (pardon my “French”) BS from most of the pampered political cronies and hacks who currently occupy the swamp of Washington DC!!

    Emphases are mine throughout.

    She starts off by citing Shakespeare’s Henry V, while humorously poking fun at herself for doing so. She adapts the Bard’s “Band of Brothers” to our day: “Band of Brothers and Sisters.”

    She places the struggle to defend the Second Amendment in the larger context of the issue and question of what kind of a people, what kind of a country, we are going to be.

    She exposes the double standard of the “reliable, poodle-skirted, cheerleader” media for attacking a previous president (note well that she does not name George W. Bush) for “exploiting” 9/11, but fully supporting obama’s exploitation of horrors like Sandy Hook–obama “writes the book on exploiting tragedy.” Again, she does not NAME the subject, this time obama.

    We have “leaders” who practice the “Politics of Emotion.”

    “Emotion is a good and necessary thing,” but what she censures is the exploiting of it by politicians to promote their own agendas. She notes that we could use a bit more emotion about what goes on “every single day on the streets of cities like Chicago and New York.”

    “Emotion is not leadership.”

    “The Politics of Emotion: It’s the opposite of leadership. It’s the manipulation of the People by the politicians for their own political ends. And it’s not just self-serving; it’s DESTRUCTIVE AND IT MUST STOP.”

    Whenever these tragedies occur, the question is raised in DC: “What can we do to limit the freedom of the People?” This is the wrong question. The question better asked is:


    She artfully turns the idea of “bitterly clinging” on the Left, including the mayor of New York, who is “bitterly clinging to the notion that the government must control the People in all aspects of life.”

    Turning to the same New York mayor’s desire to ban public displays of legal tobacco products, she reprises her great CPAC “Big Gulp” moment by taking out a tin of chewing tobacco–and says that Todd has been looking for it all morning!!

    With beautiful oratorical art, she pivots from this instructive and hilarious moment to the subject of “a People capable of living in freedom.”–

    “As usual, the men and women who created this country and secured our freedom, they have the answer. They wrote our founding documents, our charters of freedom, for a MORAL AND A RELIGIOUS PEOPLE. They understood that a Free People must EITHER NUTURE MORALITY [OR] THEY LOSE THEIR FREEDOM. John Adams said our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.”

    She cites her hero, “the late, great Margaret Thatcher,” as understanding the “codependence of freedom and morality.” She quotes Lady
    Thatcher: “Freedom will destroy itself if it is not exercised WITHIN SOME
    SORT OF MORAL FRAMEWORK, some body of shared beliefs, some spiritual heritage that is transmitted through the Church, the family, the school.”

    She then censures DC and its politicians, and the process of the self-destruction of freedom.


    We have to ask ourselves: “Are we creating a culture that can live and thrive in freedom?”

    In connection with the Second Amendment, she cites her Trig’s nickname, “Trigger,” and the middle name of a nephew, “Remington.”


    She wants Trig “to grow up in a country that is exceptional, and is still strong and good and decent and free.”

    What keeps her and us RELOADING is the crowd of faces that she sees at the Forum, and the “millions who are with us in spirit.”

    “The Washington Establishment sneers at you, and you don’t give up. The lamestream media just plain doesn’t get you, and you don’t give up, you don’t retreat …”

    She refers to the NRA membership as four-and-a-half million brothers and sisters, and she exhorts them to keep the faith and stand up and fight for our freedoms.

    So much, my friends, so very much, in the brief space of twelve or so minutes!!

    Sarah is a political philosopher of the first order, who can see the crisis of our time in its broad context, and can express, in clear and clarion terms for all to understand, the remedy for our ills … and she is a PATRIOT and LADY with plain, old-fashioned courage and grit and heart and guts and cojones!!!

    I would just like to suggest, very briefly, an image that may help us to picture the marvelous relationship that exists between FREEDOM and MORALITY, between LIBERTY and the LAW (of God).

    Consider a painter’s canvas. The painter is restricted by definite constraints, namely, the boundaries and limits of that blank canvas. Now, consider our lives as Free People. Just as the artist can, within the confines of the canvas, create an infinite variety of beautiful scenes and images, so a man or a woman can, within the merciful constraints of the Good Lord’s Law, create, with the Brush of Free Choice, infinitely variegated and marvelous and wondrous and living images on his or her own eternal soul.

    God bless, guys! I shall see you later on this week.

  • section9

    Remember, at some point Palin has to indicate to people her intent. If it’s all-Cruz, all-Rand, and all-Jeb all the time, that’s where the big money is going to go by default. Palin will simply be overwhelmed by the volume of institutional money being channeled to the serious people. That’s what I think happened the last time. At some point, she’ll have to come out from behind the curtain.

    As Obama weakens, the bids to replace him will accelerate, as will the campaign cycle. I suspect there’s lots of stuff going on behind the scenes that we are not meant to be made aware of. However, at some point, secret maneuvers must come out into the open. Again, this is my opinion, and I state it this way because I believe that a lot of major donors are going to want to see commitment from Palin because of what happened in 2011 before they invest a dime in her.

    • blackbird

      “That’s what I think happened the last time” nope. imho it was family not money.

      • section9

        You may be right. No one except the Palins themselves will ever know for sure.

        • blackbird

          Chuck Heath thinks so, I remember reading something he wrote on his blog

    • JLAdevelop

      I agree with you that if she wants to run for President she will need to make her intentions known to her supporters and the media. No one in political circles seems to even consider her a possible candidate. Scott Conroy from Real Clear Politics has an article this evening describing all the potential candidates and he does not mention her. And Scott has been a source that Sarah’s team has trusted.

      It is my impression that she is happy doing what she is doing – rallying conservatives to support conservative principles and elect conservatives to office. Does not appear to me that she has an interest in running. Of course I wish she would.

      • section9

        That would be a great waste of talent, if true. At some point, her ability to rally conservatives will wane over time as she becomes Yesterday’s News. That just is what it is.

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