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End of Course Tuesday

Good Morning

Wow, May is chugging along. School is coming to an end soon at my house. Five more weeks or 23 more days. The boy gives me an up to the date count down on our way to school every morning.

I love summer, but hate the heat. The heat and humidity is always on in Texas in the summer.

Since I live on the Texas coast, my eyes always turn to the hurricane maps come August and September. The last time I boarded up my house was for Ike in ’08.

We had already bought and cut the plywood for our windows and doors before there was a storm in the Gulf to avoid paying 4 times as much for a sheet of it once a storm is on it’s way. This allowed me to be creative and buy some “opps” paint to add a splash to my board up. Opps paint is the paint at Lowe’s and Home Depot that they make a mistake mixing so they have it at bargain prices. I didn’t care about the color, only that it was exterior paint.

Hubby is an engineer and he thought it would be a grand idea to paint the plywood making it more water resistant. The neighbors were put to shame seeing our house not boarded up with boring, dull, wood color plywood, but a nice Miami Aqua color and some pink/red stuff. It was epic and awesome to behold! We got so many compliments comments about it after the storm when everyone was out accessing the damage.

We stored our “no water damage” plywood in our storage building. When the next storm comes, we will be rockin’ the awesome again, but I pray it will be a long time before I need to board my house up!

All of that has absolutely no connection to the title of my post this morning so I digressed…….

The boy is super smart (mom brag moment). He is in high school Algebra I and Spanish I as an eighth grader. In order to get credit for high school courses, you not only have to pass the course, but take and pass a test called the End of Course test. I have no doubt these tests are another way for the test maker lobby to make money for their industry. That is why school children are tested so much. There is big money to be made in designing crappy tests and selling them and the grading services to states and schools. These companies have huge lobbies in Austin pushing this stuff.

It is what it is though and today the boy is taking his EOC test for Algebra I. He took a practice one a few weeks ago (more money for those test makers…..) and aced it. I was sure to give him the don’t get cocky speech on the way to school this morning. I am praying he does well.

Have a wonderful day.


Everybody has the same rate, whether you have three DUIs, or you’re a (nondrinking) churchgoing Mormon. I’m a runner with a healthy weight. Why should I pay the same rate as an overweight, inactive, smoker?

This guy’s racism is all over the place.

Maybe he can privately coach “The One”.

What will they find?

I’m still wondering how on earth Romney managed to lose.

Seriously, you are a joke.

Because the flag that stands for your freedom to celebrate is racists or something……

Payday at the track.

The real war on women is not waged by the GOP or conservatives.

This is a long read, but this man is a great football story. My new favorite player in the upcoming draft.


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  • section9

    Absolutely gutted this morning.

    Liverpool was leading Crystal Palace 3-0 with 20 minutes to go in the second half of a match in which the Reds might have had 3 points toward the Premier League title.

    Then, somehow, Palace scored three unanswered goals and tied the match 3-3 at Full Time.

    Liverpool did it to themselves, and lost a chance at the title to Man City to a mid-table club in Crystal Palace. Hopefully the Reds build on this season, but it’s hard not believing that Liverpool blew it completely.

    • c4pfan

      Morning! Sorry about your teams!

  • c4pfan

    Thanks for the round-up! Good to know the storm didn’t cause any damage.

    Congrats to Trig for graduating pre-school!

    How cool will it be to see history be made a and make Hollyweird eat crow? The Gosnell Movie is at 90%, but with only a week to go! Someone, please try and call Rush to mention it, if you can.

  • M_Minnesota

    Cross Posted.

    Some observations and questions. One could sense the excitement in James Dobson’s voice when he interviewed Gov. Palin on the campaign trail for Focus on the Family in 2008.
    Cut to recent events where James Dobson at the National Day of Prayer said “Come and get me Mr. President!” I will not pay the $12.00 abortion tax. I would have liked to ask James Dobson if he meant this tax year. Maybe that could be a rallying cry for Teavangleicals/Conservative Roman Catholics.


    They can’t arrest us all. King Barry gave us something we can hold onto. A 12 dollar abortion tax. Gov. Palin encouraging people to donate to the Gosnell movie project.

    Gov. Palin commenting in her words the “Epic Fail” of persons in Broward County on banning reading the Bible during “FREE reading time at the said school.

    I understand the difference between Para Christian leaders such as Dobson and Franklin Graham who recently commented on Sharia Law. Can you imagine a Pastor of a congregation (flock) making Sharia Law comments?

    Would he/she (some Pentecostal congregations) be putting his church at risk? Would that be scriptural? Can you imagine a Conservative Evangelical Denomination like The Evangelical Free Church (MN Dontcha know!) Placing it’s youth Conference/outereach in Dearborn MI?? Our Church has to assure parents when our kids go on mission that they are going to the safe area of Mexico.
    The only opposition I have seen so far is Franklin Graham, James Dobson and Little Sisters of the Poor. there may be others. I just have not seen them.

    It may finally come down to Pastors and congregations being united, but I think for now, Mr. Malone would only ask Para Christian leaders to “Go Dobson”


  • Cheetah444

    Good afternoon! Today is primary day in North Carolina, Indiana and Ohio.

    A few races to keep an eye on:

    1. OH CD14 – There seems to be a heated battle between the GOPe incumbent (Dave Joyce) vs. the conservative (Matt Lynch).

    2. NC CD3 – Sarah recently endorsed Taylor Griffin running against GOP incumbent Walter Jones.

    3. NC Senate – Thom Tillis vs. Greg Brannon. Brannon was endorsed by Rand Paul and Mark Levin. Tillis was endorsed by Mitt Romney and Rove & Co.

    4. NC CD2 – Renee Elmers vs. Frank Roche. Elmers is expected to win, but if she wins by a small margin, that could be a referendum on amnesty.

    North Carolina has a 40% run-off rule, so that may prolong these races.
    Politico is a good place for following all he results.

    Next Tuesday, May 13 is our first big primary in Nebraska.

  • isabel matos

    The Senate Map is here with the story behind the FEUD in North Carolina. Who is “enemy” number two after rove OR mcconnell in primary races?

    • blueniner

      Gracias “hermosa” Isabel!

      • isabel matos

        de nada. :)

  • isabel matos

    Firelight love your momma grizzliness. my nephew just became a cade (military patrol) did it all by himself. he came home dressed in uniform the other day -only 14 years old- and prouder only than me.

    • c4pfan

      Wow! Cool to know.

  • Bill589

    Would scientists call it a parallel universe, or would they have to say, ‘askew universe’, where O’s policies would be a good idea?

    People have adapted fairly well to major climate change every 300 – 500 years since forever. Now, we’re smarter, and can adapt even better. We’re in the midst of a ‘warm period’ since the earlier 1800s. (Well before the ‘industrial age’ started.)

    Someday, another Ice Age may again put my beloved Connecticut under a mile of ice. But not tomorrow. Not next week. I dare say not this century. And to deal with it now, is neither the best use of our politician’s time – nor our grandchildren’s money.

    However I do believe we may be on the brink of another ‘Age’, an Enslaved Age, and we should do all we can to save our grandchildren from that one.

    • pete4palin

      I’d take global warming over an ice age!

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