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Friday Eve

I’ve been kinda tuned out from the news this week. It’s the last week of my class which means there’s a big paper due. Things will be short and sweet today. Thanks to Firelight for filling in for me last week.

On to the news…


These threats are unacceptable

Benghazi cover-up blowing-up

“Being opposed to things that we’re against in government isn’t enough. We also need to identify what it is that we’re for and push aggressively for that.” LOVE this quote and Sen. Lee’s message. This quote is from an in-depth video interview that is very good.

Oh, hey guys I’ve got a great idea. Let’s just count some people *twice* so we can say a bunch of people enrolled…

AND, there’s no way the numbers are reliable (not that any of the readers here were fooled) because the back end of the website STILL hasn’t been fixed

Lois Lerner in contempt

Also –> A vote for a special counsel for the IRS scandal also passed the House with 26 Dems (!) voting yes.

No. Nope. No way. Please don’t. Nu-uh. Nyet.

That’s one BIG bear

Y’all know I love football but can we just have the NFL Draft already?!? I can’t take anymore mock drafts or discussions, lol. The draft is this weekend and since my class will be over, I’m looking forward to watching some of it, kicking back and relaxing. Hope you’re all doing well. :-)

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  • Mike Fahy

    In North Carolina’s 5/6/14 Republican senatorial primary election,
    establishmentarian Thom Tillis won with 45.69%
    of the vote. Conservative Greg Brannon and six other candidates
    received 54.31% of the vote.

    Carolina has a 40% threshold for a runoff election rather than
    the typical 50% threshold in other states. If the runoff threshold had been 50%,
    Conservative Greg Brannon likely would have defeated
    RINO Thom Tillis in a runoff, and then defeated incumbent Democrat Senator Kay
    Hagan in November.

    Texas had had a 40% threshold rather than their 50% threshold, Ted Cruz would
    have lost just as Greg Brannon
    lost. Here is what happened in Texas two years ago:

    Primary Election
    David Dewhurst
    Ted Cruz

    Runoff Election
    Ted Cruz
    David Dewhurst

    Conservative states have runoff elections. Republicans and Democrats in the
    other 40 states have enacted no-runoff primary election rules designed to defeat

    • c4pfan

      Yeah, it’s pretty much a given that 40% is nothing.

    • deTocqueville1

      Thanks, informative post.

  • RedBrightandTrue

    Ha! Shows you how out of it I’ve been. The NFL draft starts tonight!

  • Lipstick

    Okay, so I have my DVR set to record the NFL draft on both ESPN & NFL network.

    What will my Texans do? I can’t stand it. We desperately need a QB & I don’t trust Clowney’s work ethic, but I don’t really trust a #1 pick QB in this draft either.

    Nail biting hoping my Texans don’t be stupid tonight. I have little hope of that happening though……

    • c4pfan

      I’m over the NFL.

      • Lipstick

        Well good. You can skip over my posts referring to it.

    • Cheetah444

      There seem to be some verified rumors that the Texans and Patriots are talking about a trade for the Patriots backup quarterback Ryan Mallet. My guess is that would involve the Patriots trading their #1 pick in the first round (#29) for the Texans top pick in the second round.

      Yeeesh, I may be staying up late just to find out the Patriots have traded their first-round pick which means they won’t select any players until Friday night. Just what happened last year. At least you don’t have to wait long at all to find out what the Texans will do with the top pick.

  • c4pfan

    Morning! I looked at the weather forecast for Sunday (Mother’s Day) in Colorado and talk about a drop! Ugh! LOL

    Don’t forget to check out

    Also, a fun movie Mom’s Night Out comes out this weekend! It’s by the same people who were part of God’s Not Dead
    co-starring Patricia Heaton and Sean Ashton.

  • c4pfan
    • AmazedOne1

      LOL — Well, it’s kinda tough to make them responsible as an organization because they’re NOT an organization.

      When Catholic priests molest boys, the Catholic church can be held responsible. What “organization” are you going to sue when individuals in Hollywood molest kids? There is not one. It would be the individual.

  • c4pfan

    Sarah was on some Alaska radio show yesterday. It’s at the C4P site and tells you where to skip to. Seems there was some idiot anti-Sarah person also on there. That’s why I’m waiting for just a posting of Sarah’s segment.

  • M_Minnesota

    Cross posted

    Morning P4A.


    M_Minnesota Screaming and Yelling and pulling his hair out last night.

    Yup that was me last night watching the Extra TV interview with Gov. Palin interviewed by Mario Lopez. Now Gov. Palin gave a really good interview and it was a “Nice enough” interview for a “Extra TV” style setting.

    Palin was/is a gracious host and a gracious person being interviewed. But imho in the interest to tell the media to “QUIT MAKIN THINGS UP!!” I feel I need to speak up.

    You will catch this if you DVR’d the show. The thing that made me want to THROW A BRICK at my T.V. Set was a comment made by Mario Lopez in his mixing studio after Palin gave her answer regarding Baptisim.

    Mario Lopez VERBATIM said “Her closest allies on the Christian Right have blasted her for her comments regarding baptisim.”

    O.K. Mario!!!!! Who, who is an Ally of Gov. Palin on the “Christian Right” have blasted Gov. Palin on the Baptisim comments? WHO???????????

    Was it Franklin Graham? NO!!!!!!!!! Was it Billy Graham? NO!!!!!!!!! Was it Al Mohler? NO!!!!!!! Was it James Dobson? NO!!!!!!! Was it Richard Land? NO!!!!!!! Was it ANY CONSERVATIVE EVANGELICAL Leader on the “Christian Right” NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I sent a tweet to @MarioLopezExtra and said “Can u name names on the christian right that r her allies? that blast her on Bapt? Crickets!

    Feel free to respond to Mario Lopez. Be nice. I’m out.

    • AmazedOne1

      In general, Christians consistently have been Sarah’s allies. Many articles that have been written since that comment have stated that some conservative Christians were unhappy with it.

      So, I kinda think that Mario Lopez meant those sorts of responses. I don’t think he meant individuals; I think he meant that the group that has been her closest ally has been critical of the statement.

      • deTocqueville1

        You may be right in part. I haven’t seen any criticism by conservative Christians and in fact many defenses of her comment. there have been a number of humorous remarks as well. The criticism has come from DC beltway ‘Christians’ and atheist ‘Christians’ as far as I can see.

        • AmazedOne1

          The National Catholic Register provides a list of some Christians who didn’t like it (including an article on the same website that hosts Bristol’s blog):

          • MaMcGriz

            I can respect a person’s position if they’re uncomfortable with what she said, although I would be willing to bet there are many more Americans who’d applaud her comment than who take offense.

        • RedBrightandTrue

          Some religious individuals who were especially vocal with their criticism against this comment were Mollie Hemingway and The Anchoress (just to name two.) Although let’s be real, the Anchoress rarely misses a chance to criticize Sarah. I followed her on twitter waaaay earlier on and unfollowed her pretty quickly because of her snark & rudeness re: Palin.

          Hemingway: “She said something that struck me as sacrilegious.”

          The Anchoress: “Palin and Baptism: It’s simple, folks. She’s wrong.”

          Just two samples from their blog posts that could have lead Mario to make the comments that he did.

          As a BAPTIST, I was not even close to being offended. Anyone who understands Palin and knows of her religious beliefs/background would know (unless they’re being purposefully obtuse…) that she wouldn’t mock/denigrate a practice of HER OWN FAITH.

          Nah, I think lots of folks (like Hemingway & the Anchoress) have never really been supporters of Palin and they look at events like this and chances to denigrate her.

      • MaMcGriz

        Yep, it must have been all those 65,000 vociferous ‘designer Christians,’ not to be confused with the 65 million who are still cheering her on.

        They wish.

        And this is how the culture of lies is fed.

        • M_Minnesota


          Thanks for clarifying and having my back. :-)

        • M_Minnesota

          A1 and MaMcGriz The thing that KILLED me was that Mario said HER CLOSEST ALLIES on the Christian Right….

          • AmazedOne1

            Mario Lopez is not a deep thinker. I will guess that you and I and MMG have now put more thought into his comment now than he did before he said it.

            That’s why I think he just meant Christian supporters, allies in general as the headlines showed. He doesn’t seem to be a research sort of a guy who would have looked into the topic before he spoke to see exactly who had supported Sarah previously and who might have withdrawn support afterwards.

            • M_Minnesota

              Not arguing with you that Lopez may not be a deep thinker. But even when you are a pop journalist you know at some basic level that words have meaning even when you want to be self congratulatory all the time. Yes, I don’t think Lopez is “out to get” Palin. It was his own pop style way of the must be obeyed Journalistic maxim in any scoop story. “if it bleeds it leads”

              • AmazedOne1

                Totally agree!

      • M_Minnesota

        I still think that The elder Graham is lucid enough if it was presented to him, he would not rebuke Sarah.

        • AmazedOne1

          I’d love it if he were feeling that good today.

      • DeeDEEthree

        Faithful America is far from “Christian” they are far far leftists social justice “Christians” funded by George Soros.

        Check out their Website and see for yourself.
        They are a big joke.

        • AmazedOne1

          You’re absolutely right — the group is nuts!

          However, my point still remains that Mario Lopez (or his staff) could have read that headline because the newspaper trumpeted the fact. Anyhow, he didn’t quote from them. He just led into the question with a general reference to Christians who blasted her.

  • John_Frank

    Good afternoon. RedBrightandTrue, thank you for the news write up.

    Yesterday, some interesting developments took place concerning Ukraine. Follows is a note the writer posted to Facebook early this morning (with an update) which people may find of interest:

    Russia And Germany Move Ahead With Plan To Resolve Ukraine Crisis.
    Want to know what is going on? Read the original source material, not the media spin.

    On a totally different note, two articles that help explain the burgeoning relationship between China and Israel which people may find of interest:

    Common traits bind Jews and Chinese

    - and -

    The Chinese and the Jews

    Okay, that is for now. May the rest of your day be blessed.

    • John_Frank

      For those who do not do FB, follows is a copy of the FB note:

      Will it work? Yesterday, Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation met with the President of Switzerland and OSCE Chairperson-in-Office Didier Burkhalter in Moscow to discuss the Ukraine crisis. Afterwards, Putin and Burkhalter spoke to the press.

      The European and Russian markets moved up and the ruble strengthened in value in response to the media remarks of Putin and Burkhalter.

      As an aside, for those who do not know, OSCE stands for Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. The OSCE website can be found at

      What did Putin and Burkhalter discuss during their meeting and what was said to the press afterwards? Instead of reading the various media reports about what took place, let’s review the original source material as posted to the President of Russia’s website:

      Meeting with President of Switzerland and OSCE Chairperson-in-Office Didier Burkhalter
      Vladimir Putin met at the Kremlin with President of Switzerland and OSCE Chairperson-in-Office Didier Burkhalter. Possible avenues for helping to find a way out of the crisis in Ukraine were the main subject of discussion.

      - and -

      Press statements and replies to journalists’ questions by Vladimir Putin

      People will also want to read this news report from ITAR-TASS:

      OSCE drafts roadmap for resolving Ukrainian crisis
      The document will be presented to all the four parties of the Geneva accords

      Have you read the original source material? No? Well before going further you will want to do that.

      Now to gain an understanding of what lead to this meeting, read the following blog post by John Helmer of “Dances With Bears:”

      The OSCE Special Monitors in Eastern Ukraine Aren’t NATO spies — But How Neutral Are The OSCE Experts On Occupied Territory (Northern Cyprus, Afghanistan, Iraq, Hebron, Kosovo)?

      Helmer writes in part:

      “In the wake of the lethal Odessa fire on May 1, President Vladimir Putin and Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed by telephone on Sunday afternoon “to take effective measures, including through the OSCE in the first place, aimed at easing tensions in Ukraine. In this connection, Swiss Federal President and OSCE Chairperson-in-Office Didier Burkhalter will arrive in Moscow on May 7.”

      Read the following post on the President of Russia’s website concerning the telephone call between Putin and Merkel

      Helmer goes on to write:

      “This amounts to an invitation for the Swiss to exercise their longstanding neutrality in European conflicts to keep the warring sides apart in eastern and southern Ukraine; prevent the violence; and create the conditions in which a durable settlement between the Ukrainian regions may be negotiated on a new constitutional basis. In short, an international police force.

      That’s an option which the Kremlin has been quietly circulating to the European governments for days. The Obama Administration has refused to accept it because the deployment casts doubt on the capacity of the Ukrainian security forces, and restricts the special forces who caused the May 1 Odessa fire. From the American point of view, too, such a European force is exactly what US officials don’t want because it’s – State Department expletives deleted – European.”

      On the topic of “State Department expletives deleted – European,” read this post by Helmer

      People will want to read the rest of Helmer’s post on the OSCE. At the end of his post he raises some astute questions concerning the people the OSCE has brought on board to lead the Ukraine mission. Given their apparent bias, this begs the question, why are US officials opposed to the plan?

      So, what is going on? The Russians, with the support of the Germans, are endeavoring to finesse the objective of the Obama administration and the interim Ukraine Government, thereby avoiding the risk of a military confrontation with Russia. This would lead to the imposition of sectoral economic sanctions by the Obama administration and put significant pressure on the European Union to follow suit. Leading German companies have made it clear in no uncertain terms that they are strongly opposed to the imposition of any more sanctions on Russia.

      What is the objective of the Obama administration and the interim Ukraine Government?

      Despite various statements made by the interim Ukrainian Prime Minister about devolving authority to the regions and recognizing minority language rights, the objective is to quash all dissent in eastern and southern Ukraine towards the goal of Ukraine remaining a unitary State that ultimately becomes a full fledged member of the European Union; and a member of NATO.

      As to the level of dissent, read the following post by Helmer titled:

      The Majority Of Eastern Ukrainians Wants The Russian Language, Russian Money, Open Borders – But No Russian Military Intervention, No Nato Intervention, And No More Ukrainian Oligarchs

      The effort to quash the dissent is being carried out using loyal members of the Ukrainian military, augmented by loyal Ukraine special forces, along with Ukraine National Guard forces comprised largely of Right Sector members who are loyal to the Ukraine Government, and possibly aided by American mercenaries, with the full support of a team of CIA agents based in Kyiv, and all the resources American intelligence can bring to bear.

      As witnessed by the horrific events that took place in Odessa on May 1, this effort will lead to significant civilian casualties.

      Ultimately, Russia would have no choice but to intervene militarily. This would likely lead to a full fledged confrontation between Russia and America with potentially devastating results for all concerned.

      Despite earlier claims by NATO officials and others, even though Russia has kept the military option on the table, as part of the effort to protect not only their national security interests but also the significant Russian minority in eastern and southern Ukraine, Russia has no desire to use military force. This was recently acknowledged by NATO’s senior military official while Ottawa, Canada.

      Russia may achieve goals without Ukraine invasion: NATO commander
      Gen. Philip Breedlove meeting Canadian political, military leaders this week

      As to General Breedlove’s position that Russia has special forces in eastern Ukraine, people will want to read:

      Behind the Masks in Ukraine, Many Faces of Rebellion

      Will the plan of Russia and Germany work? Can we avoid further deaths in Ukraine? Now that Putin has made his move, will Obama and the Ukrainians reciprocate, or will the situation continue to spiral out of control?

      According to the following BBC report, the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Councils will consider Putin’s request to delay the referendums scheduled for Sunday.

      What about the Obama administration and the interim Ukrainian Government? The White House labelled the vote as “illegal, illegitimate” and said they should be cancelled rather than postponed; and Ukrainian interim Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk dismissed Mr Putin’s calls as “hot air”.

      However, ITAR-TASS is reporting that:
      Kiev says ready for dialogue with Ukraine’s federalization supporters
      An official from the Council for National Security and Defense stated that “everyone is tired of war: both law enforcers and civilians”

      Trusting this analysis is of some value. May the rest of your morning be blessed.

      Update: ITAR-TASS is reporting that:

      Donetsk and Luhansk regions to hold referendum as scheduled earlier
      The people’s council of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic has voted against the postponement

      While efforts to de-escalate the situation will continue, this decision makes that process more difficult. Read also this report from BBC news:

      Ukraine crisis: Pro-Russia rebel vote to go ahead

      Observation: By calling for postponement of the vote, even though the people’s council decided to proceed, Putin placed responsibility on the shoulders of the interim Ukraine Government to resolve the crisis.

      P.S. Prior to the meeting in Moscow, in response to a question during a press conference on May 7, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said:

      “Q: The US government said that if Russia recognizes the referendum in the eastern part of Ukraine as legitimate, it will launch a new round of sanctions against Russia. What is China’s comment?

      A: China’s position on sanctions is clear and consistent. We oppose the use or threat of sanctions at every turn in international relations. We are deeply concerned about the current situation in Ukraine and call on all relevant parties to remain calm, exercise restraint, act upon the consensus reached by Russia, the US, the EU and Ukraine in Geneva, renounce force or any violent action that may cause the situation to deteriorate, start political talks and reconciliation process as soon as possible and move the situation towards de-escalation.”

      Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying’s Regular Press Conference on May 7, 2014

      Translation: China fully supports the Russian and German effort to de-escalate the situation in Ukraine and resolve the crisis.

      P.P.S. On a separate note, just to keep things lively:

      Chinese Vessel Rams Vietnamese Ships Under Air Support; Water Cannon Used

      • section9

        The idiot in the White House is bringing China and Russia together.

        Clowns, the lot of them!

        • John_Frank

          Remember this post by Sarah Palin?

          She opened with:

          We’re in for a helluva’ ride, America. Obama just named Susan Rice as his National Security Adviser and nominated Samantha Power to replace Rice as our U.N. ambassador.

          She closed with:

          Nah, America… I shouldn’t have prefaced this post with a warning to hang on because “we’re in for a helluva’ ride.” Sorry. That was crass and inaccurate. I should have just said about Obama’s judgment and unchecked power, “America, we are so screwed.”

  • deTocqueville1

    Excellent roundup RBT. Geller has been a consistent warrior for Liberty and in exposing the malignant, hateful heart of Islam.
    Don’t let those end of term blues get you down.

    • c4pfan

      Yeah, and people on the so called ‘right’ in the media treat her like crap!

  • isabel matos
  • indemind

    Sarah Palin Tweets and Facebook- “Run, Benny. Run. Quack, Jerry. Quack. No. It’s not a kid’s book. It’s #AmazingAmerica tonite @ 8PM

    • c4pfan

      Thanks! I got to watch it today.

  • John_Frank

    New FB post by Sarah Palin:

    I Aborted My Baby, So Hear Me Roar

    In other news:

    GOP senators turn against their own in ’16

    This was published by the Hill on May 6.

    Caroline Glick: Rand Paul’s support for Israel

    Remember during the 2012 Republican Primary Sarah Palin indicated she considered that Ron Paul was supportive of Israel but just in a different way? This caused some upset at the time. Read Glick’s piece and this will help explain why Palin made her observation.

    John Kerry Laments That Islamist Terrorists Who Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls “Don’t Offer a Health Care Plan”

    Would Kerry be happy if the terrorists were a member of the Islamic Koran Believes Union and had health care?

    Open mouth. Insert foot. Outrageous.

    The Palestinian Authority’s Alternatives To Continuing Negotiations With Israel

    Will the Arabs resort to violence as suggested by Martin Indyk, Secretary of State John Kerry’s senior mediator, who was the unnamed senior American officials who gave the interview to Yedioth Aharonoth’s in which he called for a third intifada?

    Enjoy the rest of your evening.

  • Bill589

    “Christian Twins Lose TV Show After Fan Backlash”

    A new show was to start on HGTV – but not anymore. Not about Christianity at all, but the stars have been too overtly Christian.

    The progressives ‘preach’ open-mindedness and inclusiveness – unless, of course, you disagree with them. Lying hypocrites.

    • c4pfan

      Another reason why I want to be able to just pay for shows I want to watch.

  • IsraeliCojones

    Just dropping by to say hello and sending blessings to all.

    Sorry to everyone for not having been here lately (though it will kinda go on until the end of May at least). I’m totally out of the loop re. Palin and even this forum (I haven’t even lurked since Passover).

    I’ve been through some roller coaster lately but thank G-d Almighty (and He really has to be thanked because he performs miracles for me constantly), I’m about to sail through calmer waters now (though in a very busy way).

    See ya, lovely peeps. :)

    • MaMcGriz

      Glad to see ya! Hugs from many hearts, Sis.

      • IsraeliCojones

        To all of you: thank you so much, guys :) . I’m off to J’lem. See you on Saturday night :)

        • MaMcGriz

          (albeit belated..) Hugs 2 Pop!

    • AmazedOne1

      I’ve missed you bunches!!! Thanking G-d with you that he got you through and you are now facing calmer waters.

    • c4pfan

      Hi! Glad you were able to post today!

    • deTocqueville1

      Great to see you. Blessings.

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