Gov. Palin: Dear Broward County School District

Via Facebook:

Dear Broward County SD,

Epic failure on this one. Hopefully concerned citizens will take a stand and tell you exactly that. I predict you’ll be reminded that this is America, and your local taxpayers are sure getting ripped off if your teachers aren’t teaching our Bill of Rights’ guaranteed freedom, but in fact would violate a student’s Constitutional right. Your school families deserve much, much better. On the bright side, this may be the most valuable lesson your fifth graders will learn all year.


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  • John_Frank

    Firelight, thank you for bringing this FB post by Sarah Palin to people’s attention.

  • LS as guest

    I think this is, of course, terribly wrong on the part of the teacher. The whole movement in this direction is grievously misguided. I’m pretty much done with public education anyway.

    But is it a violation of the Bill of Rights? Can teachers not limit what students may or may not read, act upon, or say in the classroom? It seems as if similar religious prohibitions are generally upheld as long as they are evenly applied.

    And I’m not sure, which is why I’m raising the question.

    • Bill589

      This ban is for during the student’s ‘free time’. Apparently, not very ‘free’ time. It is wrong to do, but I suppose the progressive teachers don’t want freethinkers disrupting the collective.

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