Gov. Palin: Law Abiding Democrats: Is This Acceptable To You?

Via Facebook:

Please take some time to read the fourth in a series of extensive reports Senator Ted Cruz has assembled listing 76 lawless actions of the Obama administration.

Law abiding Democrats: is this acceptable to you?

Some of the actions listed in the report include:

“Falsely portrayed the Benghazi terrorist attack as a spontaneous protest against an anti-Muslim YouTube video, and then lied about the White House’s involvement.”

“Illegally revealed the existence of sealed indictments in the Benghazi investigation.”

“Ended some terror asylum restrictions, by allowing asylum for people who provided only ‘insignificant’ or ‘limited’ material support of terrorists.”

“Implemented portions of the DREAM Act, which Congress rejected, by executive action.”

“Issued signing statements, refusing to enforce parts of congressional-enacted statutes.”

“Illegally granted businesses a waiver from Obamacare’s employer mandate. Twice.”

“Illegally continued the Obamacare employer contribution for congressional staffs.”

“Illegally delayed the Obamacare caps on out-of-pocket healthcare payments.”

“Illegally delayed Obamacare verification of eligibility for healthcare subsidies.”

“Illegally required people to violate their faith via the Obamacare contraception mandate.”

“As of May 2011, over 50% of Obamacare waiver beneficiaries were union members (who account for less than 12% of the American work force).”

“Ordered Boeing to fire 1,000 employees in South Carolina and shut down a new factory because it was non-union”

“Terminated the pensions of 20,000 non-union Delphi employees in the GM bankruptcy.”

“Implemented a moratorium on offshore drilling after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill without statutory authority, and continued to enact new versions after federal courts repeatedly invalidated the moratorium.”

“Government agencies are engaging in ‘Operation Choke Point,’ where the government asks banks to ‘choke off’ access to financial services for customers engaging in conduct the Administration does not like—such as ‘ammunition sales.’”

“Had SWAT teams raid a Gibson guitar factory and seize property, on the purported basis that Gibson had broken India’s environmental laws—but no charges were filed.”

You can access the full report here:

- Sarah Palin


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  • DocBarry1

    House Repubs how do you allow this to occur without Impeaching him?

    • John_Frank

      IMV, a number of reasons, including:

      1. While more and more conservatives are calling for Obama’s impeachment, the country as a whole has not reached the stage of being ready to impeach Obama.

      Part of the problem is a lack of focus by Republicans. This leads to poor messaging.

      Many Republicans are more interested in ‘deal making’ then in confronting the Obama administration agenda. This makes it easy for the administration’s media allies to cover for the President.

      2. The Democrats control the Senate, and as long as the public is not ready to support impeachment, the Senate Democrats will block such an effort.

  • John_Frank

    Firelight, thank you for bringing this post by Sarah Palin to people’s attention.

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