Gov. Palin: Obamacare Rationing = “Death Panels”

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Obamacare Rationing = “Death Panels”

Take a look at this op-ed by a registered nurse discussing the strain Obamacare is putting on medical professionals as they scramble to accommodate an influx of new patients. This is one ingredient in the recipe for disaster that will lead to rationing. As I warned people from the very beginning, the danger of any government controlled or enforced health care law is rationing. Rationing happens when you increase the demand for a limited good or service (in this case health care, which is limited because we have a limited supply of health care professionals) while at the same time artificially capping the price of that good or service for people who would normally have to pay more because of pre-existing conditions. The end result is worse care, rationed care, and ironically more expensive care for everyone as all our premiums go up. Obamacare is unworkable. As we’ve said all along, health care reform needs to be grounded in patient-centered and free market-oriented common sense that allows people to find the care they desire by giving them more options, not fewer.

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  • William Fuzi

    They don’t need to do anything. The death panels are being tested at the VA hospitals.

  • MaMcGriz

    Let’s hope more brave and sane medical professionals will be as forthcoming as this nurse, and God bless Governor Palin for picking this up, drawing attention to it and commenting on it.

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