Gov. Palin: Take A Look At Todd Starnes’ New Book

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Do you ever feel like you’re the only one absolutely perplexed and beyond disappointed by the country’s self proclaimed “elites” as they exercise their influence? Politicians, the media, and other cultural influencers covertly and overtly practice a dangerous complicity in kicking God out of our society, which results in a crumbling national foundation. If you’re concerned that you’re a lone warrior in this battle, please know you’re not alone and there is much you can do about the state of our union!

Take a look at Todd Starnes’ new book “God Less America,” which is out today. You can purchase it online at:

As the left continues to declare war on American values, Todd Starnes is in the trenches telling the stories of Americans the mainstream media ignores. His work is a bold call to action for patriots who still proudly hold to their faith and their freedom.

- Sarah Palin


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  • M_Minnesota

    Thanks Firelight for posting this.

    Todd Starnes is a great writer/reporter. Would love to see Palin be a contributor for one day on “Outnumbered” with Starnes as #oneluckyguy. :-)

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