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Happy, Happy Monday!

Morning all!


I hope everyone had a great weekend!  We had beautiful weather, an action packed, fun-filled weekend.  My house is counting down the days until school is out.  We currently have 15 days left.  Those are some super busy days too!  We have field trips, choir contests, Field day, an ice cream social, Kindergarten graduation (woo hoo!) and all our normal school days and activities.  It will be CRAZY around here for the next few weeks!  I have no doubt by the time summer comes, my kids will think I have lost my mind, LOL!  I just can’t help but smile that summer is almost here!



All I can say is BRING ON SUMMER!



What the hell?…


Let him try….

Well, this is comforting

Some people need to be more forward thinking instead of waiting for crisis to hit…


She impresses me more and more

Um… no it isn’t

Common Core is the one of the only issues I disagree with Fallin on so I hope she listens to these people

This is heartbreaking

Don’t give up brother… keep at it



Have a great day everyone!



  • BrianusBerkleianus

    My Dear Friends in Sarah,
    (I am also posting this on C4P.)

    Happy Monday to you all!!!

    Here are a few additional thoughts on the theme of horses that has been on my mind since Saturday’s Kentucky Derby triumph of California Chrome. I will then post again thoughts on the theme of “running” that I presented somewhat late yesterday.

    One of the most beautiful photos of the Governor that I have ever seen is the one of her on HORSEBACK at the Reagan Ranch. I believe it is the October shot in the 2013 SarahPAC calendar. It has also been posted online many times.

    What is the secret of the splendor of this image??

    I think part of the answer lies and resides in the special bond that has existed for millennia between man/woman and horse.

    To be sure, the invention of the automobile has brought great benefits to humanity. All of these inventions and scientific discoveries are, in themselves, “adiaphora,” i.e., morally neutral, as we might say. But great wisdom is required, lest the fruits of human ingenuity be turned and twisted to fell and evil purposes.

    At any rate, while great good has come from the car, I believe that we may have lost something too, in that fewer men and women than in previous ages have a special bond and fellowship with our equine friends.

    I think that we can observe throughout history, and even in fiction, this precious relationship that, IMV, was intended by Heaven: Alexander the Great and Bucephalus; Robert E. Lee and Traveller; last Saturday’s California Chrome and his jockey at the Derby—even Gandalf and his magnificent steed Shadowfax in the work of Tolkien!

    Anyway, with the addendum of these further thoughts on horses and on humankind, I present again below some thoughts from yesterday.

    God bless you all always!



    My Dear Friends in Sarah,

    A Happy and Blessed Sunday to you all! I hope that you have enjoyed a peaceful day.

    I have a few thoughts to share with you this evening on the theme of running, thoughts inspired by yesterday’s victory of California Chrome in the Kentucky Derby.

    God Bless.

    DEO VOLENTE SARAH 2016!!!!!!



    How moving and magnificent it was to witness the two or so minutes of Saturday’s Kentucky Derby, as a California native-son horse thundered to victory, and thus raced into the Horse Valhalla reserved for Derby Winners!! There is something about running, racing to victory, that will inspire people everywhere and at all times.

    Competitions in racing are deep in the blood and spirit of the human race … just look at the ancient Olympic Games as an example … a tradition that endures and continues down to this day and time.

    And it is not just the running of humans that excites our passions and imagination, as our California horse reminded us yesterday!

    And, to reach back along the corridors of time a bit, to this day I remember the immortal Secretariat, blowing away the field at the Belmont Stakes in 1973. I was at an Oakland A’s baseball game, but I listened to the race on my transistor radio: “Secretariat by fifteen lengths … Secretariat by twenty lengths … he is running like a tremendous, driving machine … he is going to be the Triple Crown winner …”

    I may not have the lengths or the other words exactly right, but the scintillating and signal sounds of that radio call for the horse that won the Crown, after a hiatus of many long years with no winners … that sound from that radio moved me all those decades ago, and moves me still today, as I type these words, and revolve these memories.

    Run To Win …

    These words, from St. Paul, were the favorite, or one of the favorite Scriptural citations of the immortal Green Bay Packers coach, Vince Lombardi.

    If California Chrome wins the Preakness and the Belmont, thus completing the Triple Crown, it will move me as much or more than Secretariat’s race of long ago.

    I would now like to reflect on our dear and valiant Governor, on literal and metaphorical running, and on the mysterious dispositions of Divine Providence.

    Sarah has been a marathon runner for many, many years now. Anyone who has attempted the agonizing course of a marathon knows what grit, courage, determination it takes to complete a race like this.

    I wonder if the Good Lord did not move the Governor to engage in this sport because He was preparing her for a metaphorical, but even more grueling and grinding “run” in her future … a run to save the Republic by occupying the highest office in the land, and governing as a Constitutional Conservative.

    Man/woman, of course, is composed of body and soul, and there is a deep, close, intimate, analogous link between physical and non-physical functions. I think that “running,” in all the broad senses of the term, falls eminently into this category of physical/non-physical endeavors.

    Excelling at one can prepare body, mind, soul for the other!!!!

    You guys will certainly recall that the Governor, on a few occasions in the last several years, has responded with HUMOR to cries of “Run, Sarah, Run” from supporters of hers. She has said things like, “Well, I did get in a run this morning!!”

    Great sense of humor!

    But maybe, just maybe, there is something deeper there too … food for reflection and thought and prayer ….

    I will wrap up this piece by saying that my exhortation to California’s gutsy horse, at the Preakness and at Belmont, will be:


    RUN TO WIN!!!

    And the prayer and exhortation of multitudes of American Patriots, I think, to the Governor is …

    IF, and only IF it be the Lord’s Will …

    RUN, NOBLE HEART, RUN!!!!!!!

    RUN TO WIN!!!!

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    Hi, Firelight!! California Chrome’s triumph at the Derby was most inspiring. I can’t wait for the Preakness. God BLESS for all you do here!!


    • Firelight

      Hi Brian! :)

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        :-) !!!

    • senator20526

      Hey Brian….Great write-up as usual..I know it is early, but a cross bay series could happen..Giants and A’s. Have a great week…….

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thanks, Senator–you too!!

  • Cheetah444

    Good morning! Thanks for the news round-up, Firelight.

    Pyramid of Success Principle for Monday: POISE: Be yourself. Don’t be thrown off by events whether good or bad.”
    Here is an interesting interview with TAPP TV CEO Jon Klein:

    From the interview, it sounds like TAPP TV channels will be offered initially on the internet and thru streaming services like Roku and Amazon Fire. He says there is no demand for an Apple or Android app. It was also pointed out that specialty TV of this variety will be very appealing to younger folks who are not going to pay $100-$150 per month for bundled cable.

    Anyway, TAPP TV has already launched one channel and hopefully RogueTV will be coming soon.

    • c4pfan


  • c4pfan

    Hi. Thanks for the round-up. Interesting about those 11 terrorist arrested. Of course, the media no longer finds it interesting.

  • c4pfan

    Oh, and I asked Kevin Scholla what was going on with the Palin update and he said some big things are coming soon and they he is changing stations.

    • Firelight

      That is great news! I can’t wait to hear his announcement.

  • M_Minnesota

    Hot off the press. Mr L’s latest.

  • Lipstick

    Saturday the boy had state EDA competition for drama so hubby and I were alone.

    After our run and doing a few things I happened to turn on the TV and low and behold the horse race had just started. I was excited to have someone to root for and even more excited when California Chrome won.

    Hubby was excited too when I told him the horse my friend liked and we both cheered him to the win.

  • virginiagentleman1

    There is sweet justice in the win by Chrome in Saturdays Kentucky Derby. From a common blooded dam and sire, comes a unique horse, one who has yet to loose.
    All of those incredibly expensive horses in the field, with blue bloodlines longer then yer arms, and a nobody horse of common blood whips the bluebloods, CONVINCINGLY!

    Almost like the politics of today’s America, don’t you think?
    You see, we have the elite ‘blue’bloodlines who dominate American politics, and who went to Ivy League schools because as they will tell you, ONLY certain schools can produce presidents and folks ‘suitable’ to hold high government office. Hey, if ya didn’t go to Yale or Hahvard, or one of the other chosen schools who produce presidents, then you have no business running for the presidency!
    Don’t you folks with degree’s from ‘lesser’ schools get it? The presidency is a PRIVATE club. Only the elites can determine who is a fit presidential candidate and who isn’t!
    And no way in Hades will we elites EVER allow some Alaskan pioneer woman from a no name school to sit in the presidents chair! How gauche! Why, the very idea of it gives us the ‘vapors’! Ohhhh, catch me Buffy, I feel faint!
    And the woman we have ridiculed in the past as a racist, will bring her half Eskimo husband with her!!! Good Lord Man! It simply isn’t done in POLITE society! Does he even know which fork is for salad and which is a shrimp fork? EGADS!!! He probably eats with his ‘fingahs’!
    If this Palin woman is elected by those disgusting and dirty grassroots folks, then our sheltered and pampered world, and our sovereign reign, and our absolute RIGHT as America’s ruling elite will come to an end! Horror of horrors!

    And ya know what my friends? That is exactly what is going to happen if we will but turn out and vote conservative in the mid-terms!
    Remember that the mid-terms are just the beginning of a campaign that will see Sarah Palin as POTUS 45.

    • MaMcGriz

      Yep, we’re eagerly looking forward some major butt kicking in November…and then…..and then…..we double down in ’16.

      Meanwhile, speaking of tough chicks….check this out:

      • blueniner

        Nice find McMama, inspirational….whenever we feel down, or feel sorry for ourselves, one can look at this story where this woman went against all odds and is recovering from being at deaths door, really awesome story…thanks for that!…….oh, and by the way she must be a 49er fan, saw her sweatshirt….LOL

      • virginiagentleman1

        Thanks for that Ma. Just goes to show us that God is STILL in the miracle business!

    • senator20526

      I can just see this column printed on the front page of the NY Times…..Hammer hitting nail….

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III


  • John_Frank

    Good afternoon. Firelight, the phrase “mentally hilarious” is … well …hilarious! Oh yes, thank you for the news round up.

    For those who are interested:

    Will the Benghazi House Select Committee Shine The Light On The Truth?
    Some thoughts on the real scandals underlying Benghazi and why we must continue to press for Independent Counsel.

    The post is open to the public.

    • John_Frank

      For those who don’t do FB follows is the full post:

      Good afternoon. Further to the post of Sarah Palin of May 3 concerning the decision of Speaker Boehner to establish a House Select Committee to investigate Benghazi:

      With gravel in his gut and pitbull tenacity THIS is what America needs

      Mr. Johnson of published the following article this morning:

      Understanding Why Benghazi Matters

      Also, it has now been confirmed that:

      It’s Official: Trey Gowdy to Lead Benghazi Select Committee

      A number of additional observations in light of Sarah Palin’s FB note and the post by Larry Johnson:

      1. Sharyl Attkisson was on Fox & Friends this morning and suggested that:

      Attkisson: WH Strategy Is to Paint Benghazi As ‘Delusional’ Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory

      2. Whether or not the Benghazi House Select Committee will address the issue, underlying what happened in Bengahzi was the decision by the Obama administration, flowing directly from the President’s speech in Cairo in 2009, to take existing policy to the next level and climb into bed with those whom DNI Clapper described as “moderate” Islamists.

      Transcript of Cairo Speech

      - and -

      DNI James Clapper: Muslim Brotherhood “Largely Secular,” “Has Eschewed Violence”

      Notwithstanding this decision, we are obliged to ask, what is the difference between the political agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda given that in October, 2010 the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood declared jihad or holy war against America and Israel.

      Muslim Brotherhood Declares War on America; Will America Notice?

      Unlike Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood is willing to participate in the political process to achieve its goal of world wide Islamist domination. However, the decision by the Supreme Guide confirmed that the Muslim Brotherhood is more than willing to use violence to achieve these goals.

      Due to the Obama administration’s decision to break bread with the Islamists, in addition to the murder of four brave Americans at Benghazi, including our Ambassador to Libya, what has been the result of our intervention in Libya’s civil war, keeping in mind that the Islamist agenda for some time has been to seize control of Libya and use Libya’s oil wealth to further the Islamist agenda of world wide Islamic domination.

      Al-Qaeda in Libya: A Profile

      This report was published in August, 2012. It was prepared by the Federal Research Division, Library of Congress under an Interagency Agreement with the Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office’s Irregular Warfare Support Program

      Al-Qaeda seeks Libya foothold

      This brief article was published in January, 2014

      Libya and Syria: Gems in the Crown of Al Qaeda

      This report, by Aya Burweila, a senior analyst with RIEAS (Research Institute for European and American Studies) was published in January 2014. The website for RIEAS can be found at

      There are a plethora of additional reports available which support the analysis of Mr. Burweila.

      Also read:

      Caroline Glick: The New York Times destroys Obama

      Her article was published on January 3, 2013.

      - and -

      Diana West: The War on Adherents and Like-Minded Groups

      Her article was published on May 1, 2014.

      Ms. West writes in part:

      “Remember how Obama chest-thumped his way through the 2012 campaign as Vanquisher of “al Qaeda”?

      Setting aside the absurd and distracting act of branding this entire age of expansionist Islam and jihad as “al Qaeda,” the 2014 terrorism report from the State Department confirms what we already read in headlines, from Benghazi to Syria. Obama, having proclaimed from the hustings that Osama bin Laden’s killing was, effectively, a jihad-ender, completely demagoged the danger with a line that is now laid bare as phony.”

      To read the 2014 Terrorism Report From the State Department:

      3. With the Libyan Army almost at the gates of Benghazi, S. Power, S. Rice and H. Clinton persuaded President Obama to go the UNSC to obtain a resolution establishing a no fly zone over Libya.

      As a result, on March 17, 2011 the UNSC passed the following resolution:

      Security Council Approves ‘No-Fly Zone’ over Libya, Authorizing ‘All Necessary Measures’ to Protect Civilians, by Vote of 10 in Favour with 5 Abstentions

      This resolution includes amendments to the UNSC resolution passed on February 26, 2011:

      In Swift, Decisive Action, Security Council Imposes Tough Measures on Libyan Regime, Adopting Resolution 1970 in Wake of Crackdown on Protesters

      4. Even though the UNSC resolution 1973 (2011) called for the enforcement of an arms embargo, originally set out in UNSC resolution 1973 (2011), as amended, we helped arm the rebel forces, which included militias affiliated with Al Qaeda or whose philosophy aligned with that of Al Qaeda.

      How America Switched Sides in the War on Terror
      An Interim Report by the Citizens’ Commission On Benghazi

      This report was published on April 22, 2014

      See also this blog post by Diana West on October 11, 2012:

      Benghazi’s Real Scandal? Uncle Sam Joined the Jihad

      To understand the difference between how the West and the Islamists view freedom, read:

      Diana West: Let Sharia-Freedom Reign

      This blog post was published on March 18, 2014

      (The reader can find a lot of material on the difference between our understanding of freedom and the Islamists, but the post by Diana West will suffice to make the point.)

      5 Despite an express willingness on the part of Gaddafi to surrender, we ignored these overtures and with our help the rebels ultimately overthrew the Gaddafi government and Gaddafi was killed in the street.

      How America Switched Sides in the War on Terror
      An Interim Report by the Citizens’ Commission On Benghazi

      6. With the collapse of the Gaddafi regime, Libya fell into chaos.

      See all of the reports referenced above.

      7. In spite of this chaos, elections were held. The secular party won the election. However, the secular Prime Minister was not able to govern, due in part to the continued efforts of Islamist militias to destabilize Libya. He resigned when his government could not safeguard Libyan oil shipments. His replacement resigned shortly after his appointment when his family was threatened. Yesterday, the Libyan Parliament elected a Prime Minister backed by the Islamists. Presuming he wins an upcoming no confidence vote, the Islamists will form the next Libyan Government.


      Miitig named Libya PM after chaotic vote: Parliament official

      - and -

      Libya’s parliament swears in Ahmed Miitig as prime minister after disputed vote

      - and -

      Libya assembly speaker confirms Miitig as premier

      Bottom Line:

      a. Yes, Gaddafi was a “bad guy.” However, due to our direct interference, Libya has gone from being ruled by a dictator who was an ally of the West in the fight against the Islamists to being a host for Islamist militias with a destabilizing influence in North and West Africa, as well as in the Levant and is about to be governed by the Islamists.

      b. How was it in our national security interests to unleash a series of events which has not only furthered the Islamist agenda in Africa and the Middle East, but also lead to the Islamists ending up in control of an oil rich country on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea?

      c. As to the threat posed by the Islamist agenda, also please read:

      Tony Blair: Why The Middle East Matters

      Yes, I understand that Blair supported the war in Iraq. Yes, I appreciate that he supports an interventionist approach with which many may disagree. That written, don’t discount the threat of the Islamist agenda of world wide Islamic domination as set out in his speech.

      Tony Blair on the Islamist Threat

      Mark Durie, who writes for Front Page Magazine, provides a commentary on Blair’s speech.

      Also, people may want to read the work of the late Professor Barry Rubin, who spent all of his professional life as a student of the Middle East.

      A sample follows:

      Obama vs. Lincoln at Gettysburg

      - and -

      Why Modern Society Is No Longer Better than Traditional Society

      - and -

      Why al-Qa’ida Is Attractive (for U.S. Support of Other Islamists)

      Agree or disagree, he does not mince his words.

      Finally, I will leave the reader with this report published by the MERIA (Middle East Review of International Affairs) Journal on June 4, 2013:

      Blind To Terror: The U.S. Government’s Disastrous Muslim Outreach Efforts And The Impact On U.S. Middle East Policy

      Sadly, something tells me that the House Select Committee may not address the results of the foreign policy agenda of the Obama administration towards the Islamists that ultimately lead to Benghazi, a foreign policy which in many respects is a continuation of the foreign policy agenda of previous administrations, because to do so would require the goring of too many sacred cows within the national security establishment on both sides of the political aisle.

      Okay, that is it for now. May the rest of your day be blessed.

      P.S. Without the support of Independent Counsel and the formation of a Criminal Grand Jury to investigate Hatch Act violations as a start, I suspect that the President and his team will avoid the denouement they so richly deserve.

      That written, given what Sarah Palin posted on May 16, 2013, we must continue to press for the appointment of Independent Counsel:

      Scandalous Hat Trick

      Let me leave the reader with these words by Sarah Palin:

      “Mr. President, how can we trust your Justice Department to conduct an independent investigation when there is a systemic violation of the Hatch Act throughout your administration?

      Surely you are aware that the Hatch Act prevents certain federal employees from engaging in political activity. Specifically, it’s illegal for these federal employees to engage in action in support of or in opposition to a political party, a candidate for partisan political office, or a partisan political group.

      Yet that is exactly what’s happened within the IRS, the Justice Department, and in the Benghazi cover-up. This scandalous hat trick is on your watch. It is not believable that you knew nothing about Obama administration actions in dealing with these scandals. And in regards to Benghazi, when you should have taken appropriate action to save American lives – for instance by calling in the Marines – you were AWOL. Just weeks before the election your team scrubbed the Benghazi talking points in 12 different versions, lied to the American people about some YouTube video being to blame for the deaths of brave Americans who put our country first, and you prove Michael Barone right when he writes, “What actually happened in Benghazi was out of sync with the Obama campaign line.” That’s why you all did what you did. Pure raw politics were at play during a horrific time of loss.”

  • John_Frank

    Press Release From Kevin Scholla:

    A new radio network dedicated to Sarah Palin news is on the air. Mama Grizzly Radio is showcasing the popular show The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla as its headline program. Mama Grizzly Radio features the very latest on Governor Palin and exclusive interviews with top guests.

    The original program The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla has been up and
    running since 2011. The topical, Palin-based show features Scholla
    interviewing exciting guests, fair and factual Sarah Palin news, and

    The list of guests on The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla is long and impressive. Among those to have visited the program:
    Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, Allen West,
    Bristol Palin, and Todd Palin.

    Steel Resolve with Sarah Steelman and Commonwealth Commonsense with Susan Stimpson will also air on Mama Grizzly Radio.

    This week’s guest on The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla is Taylor
    Griffin, the Palin-endorsed candidate for Congress in North Carolina.

    Visit Mama Grizzly Radio at

    • indemind

      Thanks J_F….. Excellent!

    • c4pfan

      Yay! Listening to it now.

  • c4pfan
  • c4pfan

    Ken does a great job with the interviews. The Palin Update is lucky to have him.

  • blueniner

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