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My Old Kentucky Weekend!

Good morning everyone!

Today is the run for the roses!  I LOVE horse racing so this is an exciting weekend.  I really have no idea who will win but my favorite horse is California Chrome.

This is him:

This is his owner’s silks:


If you know anything about the history of the derby and how the elitist east looks down on the horses from the west. Then you might understand WHY I absolutely love this horse, love the jackass on their silks, love that they are just simple folks who are not a part of the racing establishment.  I don’t know if California Chrome will win but I would love to see it!


BOOM!  This is awesome!

The neighbors know the truth

It will NEVER happen

McConnell thinks it was money and moving to the right?  Clearly, he has not realized that they were both endorsed by Palin… had she not done that, I don’t think either would have won…

They had to do a study to realize this?…

Drag his butt in

Poor, poor Bob

Well, this is scary


Have a great weekend everyone!  Enjoy it and celebrate the Run for the Roses!



  • Bean Counter

    Well, up to now, I’ve had little interest in horse racing; however, a client’s family bought a KY racehorse farm last year, so I’ve had to undergo a crash course in managing racehorse stables and all the stuff that goes with it. They don’t have a horse in the Derby today, but a few of their horses have raced at Churchill Downs. Am going up there for a weekend at some point to better “learn” the business, which will be a brutal trip, I’m sure. Theses are the times when I truly love my job.

    Glad that the Gov. endorsed Dan Bongino. I was really impressed with his remarks at the Freedom Works event in Louisville. The crowd absolutely loved him.

    Getting my game face on for Cinco de Mayo. The Mexican restaurant (and tequila bar) across the street from my complex has tents up and is already roasting pigs, etc. Thankfully, I can walk, or crawl, home, which is very comforting.

    Firelight, hope your horse wins. I’ll be watching…for research, don’cha know.

    • Firelight

      I have two favorite things in this world to do first thing in the morning. First is to hear the ocean waves crashing on the beach with the sound of the seagulls in the distance.

      Second is to be out a the race track with a hot cup of steaming coffee, the silence of morning and then hear the thundering hooves coming down the stretch as the horses are exercised. I love to hear their breathing, their feet pounding the dirt and the jockeys talking. You can’t get that on race day. It’s too loud.

      Growing up in Oklahoma, we were out at the track a lot. Hubby and I went to Lexington, KY and toured the horse farms and then we used to travel a lot and we would hit any track that was around. If they weren’t running in live races, we would watch the horses exercise. I truly love it!

      I’m jealous that you now get to hang in that world!

      • AmazedOne1

        When my son was little, I made sure that one of the places we went often was to a racetrack where we could be right up against the fence. As you expressed so perfectly, he could hear the horses breathing and their feet pounding the dirt (we were there on race day, so didn’t get to hear the jockeys talking).

        A few years later, we were given a retired race horse. So, although we never got to see him run, we certainly had a lovely time with him for many, many years (he was 30 when he passed away). Like you, I’m jealous of Bean having an insider’s entry in that world!

        • blueniner

          Interesting story AO1, 30 years old that is quite a long life.

        • Firelight

          We had a horse live 27 years. He was out of racing stock but had been gelded. He was like family.

          I’m jealous of Bean too! I love that stuff.

  • isabel matos

    Have a great time, Firelight!

  • isabel matos

    All I know is what I want, and THAT is to bust the GOPe. Here’s the latest on TPX, with an accompanying video that mentions something interesting about on-line anonymity. Can our movement benefit from anything said? I make the case for…

    1) Anonymity and the Conservative Movement:

    2) ARTICLE and clip: What You May Not Have Known About Anonymity on Facebook (but should) And ~ Tea Party Express “Issue” is in Question Again.

  • blueniner

    Since today is Derby Day, couldnt go without some music from Kentuckys own

    “Everly Brothers”…(RIP Phil Everly recently passed)………………………………..


    • blueniner

      “Bowling Green”….The Everly Brothers…….

      • AmazedOne1

        Perfect songs, Blue! You always know the best choices!!!

        • blueniner


          • Gelston

            the most dangerous place in North America today is to stand between by Kentucky born perfect wife and a kleenex box when they play “my Old kentucky Home.”

            • blueniner


  • blueniner

    Someone help me here, I am confounded by why there is such adversion to Sarah Palin naming her new Black Lab, Hadassah? It is a great name and a Biblical name, and Sarah has a profound affinity for the Jewish people and Israel.
    I guess it is the fact that anything Sarah Palin says or does others will find fault with it.

    • c4pfan

      You got me!

    • AmazedOne1

      Yesterday, Jackee Allen linked to this article in the Times of Israel that has one explanation:

      JTA — Is it good news or bad news for Hadassah: The Women’s Zionist Organization, that it now shares a name with former Alaska governor/Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s dog?

      With its Jerusalem hospital in financial crisis and its membership aging, the venerable Jewish women’s group could use any positive publicity (er PUPlicity?) it can get.

      On the other hand, Palin, who Kveller reports has named her new black lab Hadassa, is not exactly a popular figure among American Jewish women — a demographic even more loyally Democratic than the American Jewish population as a whole.

      And, while many people adore their pets, comparing someone to a dog — especially a female one — can be insulting.

      Then there’s the issue of Sarah, despite the final “h” in her own name, dropping the final “h” in christening her pup.

      Let’s just say, it’s probably not going to give Hadassah the same boost the group got 14 years ago when Hadassah Lieberman, wife of another unsuccessful vice presidential candidate, came onto the public stage.

      • blueniner

        Liberal sour grapes…LOL

    • deTocqueville1

      Yes, because its Sarah!

      • Lemuel Vargas

        And they have acute cases of PDS…

  • c4pfan

    Happy weekend! Enjoying the weather today. It’s been so windy lately in Colorado.

  • Gelston

    you know the Derby reminds me of the time I went to window 5 at 5:55 PM and bet $5,555 on horse number 5 in the fifth race. What happened? The horse finished fifth. What did you expect?

    • indemind

      LOL…Thanks Doc. I needed that……….. *_*

      • AmazedOne1

        Me, too!

    • blueniner

      LOL………the numbers didnt line up with the stars…….At least one number 5 broke a record that still, and may never be broken, “Joe DiMaggios” 56 game hitting streak……

  • Gelston

    I wonder if Dr. Rice got to keep her bendy straws. ………………….

    • c4pfan

      LOL I heard about Condi Rice. I sort of feel sorry for her, but then I don’t.

  • c4pfan

    Didn’t Sarah go to one of the Kentucky Derby events? She looked fantastic!

    • blueniner

      Last year I believe….

  • c4pfan

    I don’t drink, but here’s an article for some mint julep recipes

  • blueniner

    In keeping with the DERBY DITTIES,……”One Mint Julip”…the late great Chet Atkins………………………

  • c4pfan

    I went to see what my horse name is and it ended up being Foolish Fool! LOL Yeah, whatever!

    • deTocqueville1

      Maybe a double negative is positive!!!

    • Firelight

      Mine would be California Dancer! I’ll take it!

  • pete4palin

    Does Sarah have a horse in this race? hehe

  • pete4palin

    Liberal Jewish writer worries about why Sarah named her dog Hadasa. Notice the comment left by Ex!

    • deTocqueville1

      What a fatuous piece.

    • chzn2bfree

      Hardly worth the time to discuss this piece as the bent is obvious….liberals are liberals with PDS (catch the word “christen”). Israel’s tourist symbol is grapes being carried by Joshua and Caleb (both honored by HaShem for their good report of the Land). Caleb means “dog” in Hebrew, so what’s there to discuss? IMHO Trigg having a new lovable friend and her given name are more noteworthy for other reasons.

      As much as we are concerned about America 2016, some are most concerned who follows Bibi.

    • blueniner

      I suppose the Putz is concerned about “Sarahs” name, that is biblical…LOL

  • deTocqueville1

    Derby Day! Thanks Firelight. Not surprised by the article in the National Journal and there is no doubt the battle this time against the GOP establishment will be tougher. Infiltration and takeover is clearly occurring in Tea Party groups.
    How sad that the Gov unwittingly assisted this strategy with her support for McCain and Hatch. Levin did not support McCain but he has unreservedly taken blame for his very misguided support of Hatch. It is one of the reasons he has become much more vocally critical of the false conservatives, the GOP and the leadership. His eyes are wide open. Hopefully we will not be fooled again.

  • Firelight

    Woo Hoo! California Chrome won the Derby! A West Coast horse owned by two dumb asses smoked the elite East Coast horses and people. I love it!!

    Note: I have nothing against East Coast people. I do find East Coast race horse owners to be elitist, pretentious, and snobs. They look down on pretty much anything that comes from the west no matter how good the horse may be. They are often very rude to the West Coast trainers and owners. In this case, they have almost shunned the two owners of California Chrome. They happily call themselves middle class dumb asses. They don’t come from money and in all honesty, California Chrome’s breeding is nothing to brag about. He is just good. The owners stayed in a Hampton Inn about 50 miles from Louisville because it was what they could afford.

    I’m so happy to see them all win!

    • iizthatiiz

      wow .. any other horse races coming up you can wish a winner? need to find off track betting

    • c4pfan

      Congrats to them!

    • Lemuel Vargas

      Could you give us the odds of CChrome winning?

      • pete4palin


        • Lemuel Vargas

          So CChrome is an odds on favorite. Thanks for the info, pete.

          • Firelight

            He was the favorite of the public. He was NOT the favorite of the racing elite and establishment.

  • DocBarry1

    Enjoyable race Do you believe CChrome will win the Triple Crown

    • Firelight

      Chrome is an obvious sprinter. He “should” perform well and win the Preakness which is the shortest of the 3 races but I think it will be a challenge for him to win the Belmont which is the longest of the 3 races. Of course, that is why we haven’t had a Triple Crown winner in decades. The Belmont is a tough one to pull off and just because a horse should win one or the other doesn’t mean they will :)

      It would be good for racing so I am praying for a Triple Crown winner but he’ll have to earn it.

      • DocBarry1

        It is already a wonderful story – owners, trainer, turning down 6 million because it is the owners’ dreams

      • c4pfan

        When is the next race?

  • pete4palin

    A dark horse beating the high breeds….. I like that.

  • Gelston
    GOP neurosurgeon candidate for Oregon (Or Orygun)
    primaries have not been held yet

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    My Dear Friends in Sarah,
    (I am also posting this on C4P.)

    A Happy and Blessed Sunday to you all! I hope that you have enjoyed a peaceful day!

    I have a few thoughts to share with you this evening on the theme of running, thoughts inspired by yesterday’s victory of California Chrome in the Kentucky Derby.

    God Bless!

    DEO VOLENTE SARAH 2016!!!!



    How moving and magnificent it was to witness the two or so minutes of Saturday’s Kentucky Derby, as a California native-son horse thundered to victory, and thus raced into the Horse Valhalla reserved for Derby Winners!!! There is something about running, racing to victory, that will inspire people everywhere and at all times.

    Competitions in racing are deep in the blood and spirit of the human race … just look at the ancient Olympic Games as an example … a tradition that endures and continues down to this day and time!

    And it is not just the running of humans that excites our passions and imagination, as our California horse reminded us yesterday!

    And, to reach back along the corridors of time a bit, to this day I remember the immortal Secretariat, blowing away the field at the Belmont Stakes in 1973. I was at an Oakland A’s baseball game, but I listened to the race on my transistor radio: “Secretariat by fifteen lengths … Secretariat by twenty lengths … he is running like a tremendous, driving machine … he is going to be the Triple Crown winner …

    I may not have the lengths or the other words exactly right, but the scintillating and signal sounds of that radio call for the horse that won the Crown, after a hiatus of many long years with no winners … that sound from that radio moved me all those decades ago, and moves me still today, as I type these words, and revolve these memories.

    Run To Win …

    These words, from St. Paul, were the favorite, or one of the favorite Scriptural citations of the immortal Green Bay Packers coach, Vince Lombardi!!

    If California Chrome wins the Preakness and the Belmont, thus completing the Triple Crown, it will move me as much or more than Secretariat’s race of long ago!!

    I would now like to reflect on our dear and valiant Governor, on literal and metaphorical running, and on the mysterious dispositions of Divine Providence.

    Sarah has been a marathon runner for many, many years now. Anyone who has attempted the agonizing course of a marathon knows what grit, courage, determination it takes to complete a race like this.

    I wonder if the Good Lord did not move the Governor to engage in this sport because He was preparing her for a metaphorical, but even more grueling and grinding “run” in her future … a run to save the Republic by occupying the highest office in the land, and governing as a Constitutional Conservative!!

    Man/woman, of course, is composed of body and soul, and there is a deep, close, intimate, analogous link between physical and non-physical functions. I think that “running,” in all the broad senses of the term, falls eminently into this category of physical/non-physical endeavors.

    Excelling at one can prepare body, mind, soul for the other.

    You guys will certainly recall that the Governor, on a few occasions in the last several years, has responded with HUMOR to cries of “Run, Sarah, Run” from supporters of hers. She has said things like, “Well, I did get in a run this morning!!”

    Great sense of humor!!

    But maybe, just maybe, there is something deeper there too … food for reflection and thought and prayer!

    I will wrap up this piece by saying that my exhortation to California’s gutsy horse, at the Preakness and at the Belmont, will be:


    RUN TO WIN!!!

    And the prayer and exhortation of multitudes of American Patriots, I think, to the Governor is …

    IF, and only IF it be the Lord’s Will …

    RUN, NOBLE HEART, RUN!!!!!!!

    RUN TO WIN!!!!

    • c4pfan

      Enjoyed my Sunday. The weekends go way too fast.

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        :-) !!!

  • blueniner

    You got to love this woman Joni Ernst, she has a new ad out…Go Joni……Thanks Sarah for backing Joni!…………………

    • hope4palins

      Sorry, I get the dreaded “404″ message when I try to open the link.

      • blueniner

        Try it now Hope……

        • hope4palins

          Thanks, it works.

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