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War on Women Wednesday!

I don’t consider myself a feminist, but I do consider myself of the Palinesque “self-reliance over selfies” female empowerment philosophy. I’m also a medical researcher with a bachelor’s in microbiology and a master’s in community health. I only say that to provide context to my annoyance with the latest “war on women” battle–feminist biology. That’s right, even biology is purportedly sexist. So much so that the University of Wisconsin just started a new “feminist biology” program. This program will take aim against the misogynist idea that the sperm penetrates the passive egg! Ironic, huh? Especially since many feminists would just assume the fertilized egg (a baby, as we call it) would be aborted.

Here is Christine Sommers from the American Enterprise Institute taking down the ridiculous of the program and its claims:

Exit question. Will this new department petition to change the school “semester” designation to “ovesters” a la the movie Legally Blonde (see the 0:50 mark):


Unfortunately, Palin endorsed Taylor Griffin lost his primary yesterday.

The media is figuratively the fourth branch of government. Just look at this tangled family tree of members of the media and people associated with the Obama administration.

On a related note, only 7% of the media are Republicans…not that I would claim to be one myself, but you get the point.

There are a lot of bad Common Core anecdotes. This is among the worst.

Some cowboy poetry from Harry Reid.

It’s that time of year, Midwesterners. Don’t drink and farm.

Kudos to Kurt Warner. 

Here’s a sneak peek of an interview tonight with Gov. Palin and Mario Lopez (h/t RedBright&True)
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Happy Wednesday!

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    My Dear Friends in Sarah,
    (I am also posting this on C4P.)

    Happy Wednesday to you all!

    Since Benghazi is much in the news now, and has been on the minds of patriots since 11 September, 2012, I have a few thoughts to share with you about the matter. The thoughts concern ….

    First, a PAST President and military hero who was made of much finer and braver and sterner and nobler stuff than the generation of “leaders” in our times;

    Second, the CURRENT “president” and another possible “wannabe” “president” (Hillary Benghazi Clinton);

    Finally, a possible FUTURE President of the United States of America, who, IMV, shares the gallant qualities of the leader from our distant past.

    God Bless!

    DEO VOLENTE SARAH 2016!!!!



    I am currently reading Jon Meacham’s biography of the seventh President of the United States, General Andrew Jackson, hero of the immortal Battle of New Orleans. He was a remarkable man, really our first chief executive not to come from what we might call a “privileged” background.

    His father died before he was born; he lost his valiant mother early in life; he lost his beloved wife, Rachel, when he was President-elect, and thus he had to enter upon his onerous White House duties without his closest confidant and companion in this life. “Old Hickory,” warrior and statesman, was as tough and
    brave a leader as this nation has ever known. He was not perfect–what leader ever is??–but he is an undoubted giant in the American Political Pantheon!

    Himself a soldier of dauntless PHYSICAL COURAGE, he had a special perspective on and appreciation for the sufferings of the Son of God on the Cross. Meacham gives this account of the hours when the President/General lay upon his bed of death: “The old warrior spoke of Jesus as he would have a comrade in arms; he was impressed by the Christian Messiah’s physical courage in enduring the Crucifixion. ‘When I have suffered sufficiently,’ Andrew junior [adopted son] recalled Jackson saying, ‘the Lord will then take me to himself, but what are all my sufferings compared to those of the blessed Savior, who died upon that crossed tree for me. Mine are nothing—not a murmur was ever heard from him—all was borne with amazing fortitude.’ ” (Meacham, “American Lion,” p. 343)

    The General was also a staunch defender of the soldier’s credo of Leave No Man Behind. Meacham gives this account of a campaign in the winter of 1812-1813. A doctor had asked Jackson what he should do about the many sick soldiers that they had with them. “Jackson did not hesitate. ‘To do, sir? You are to leave not a man on the ground.’

    ” ‘But the wagons are full,’ Hogg [the doctor] said, ‘and they will convey not more than half.’

    ” ‘Then let some of the troops dismount, and the officers must give up their horses to the sick,’ Jackson replied. ‘NOT A MAN, SIR, MUST BE LEFT BEHIND.’ (emphasis mine).

    “Hogg took Jackson at his word, and asked for the general’s own horses, which Jackson handed over. In wonder and with admiration his men watched this tall, determined figure press on. ‘I led them into the field,’ Jackson wrote Rachel, and ‘I will at all hazard and risk lead them out. I will bring on the sick, or be with them—it shall never be said … they have been abandoned by their general.’ ” (op. cit., p. 29)

    Finally, about the great Battle of New Orleans, Meacham writes, “Jackson engaged the enemy in a climactic battle on Sunday, January 8, 1815, winning a victory reminiscent of Shakespeare’s Henry V at Agincourt…. the victory was stunning. The British lost nearly three hundred men, with another twelve hundred wounded and hundreds more taken prisoner or missing. Only thirteen Americans died, with thirty-nine more suffering wounds. ‘It appears that the unerring hand of providence shielded my men from the powers of balls, bombs,
    and rockets …’ Jackson said.” (op. cit., p. 32)

    And Meacham notes that “the city’s [New Orleans] ranking Roman Catholic priest thanked God for Jackson.” (loc. cit.)

    Guys, these accounts are splendid and inspiring in themselves … but when we contrast them with the sordid, vicious, mean, cowardly, mendacious actions of barack hussein obama, hillary benghazi, and other members of the current and so-called “administration,” the difference is truly, IMV, shocking!

    Andrew Jackson, and I type the name almost in reverence, Andrew Jackson was an AMERICAN. I do not know exactly what obama and biden and clinton and reid and pelosi are, but they SURE AS HELL ARE NOT AMERICANS!

    The usurping little thugs and cowards left four Americans to die in Benghazi. President Jackson would have cut off his right hand before he allowed anything like that to happen.

    Now, we have, IMHO, a valiant leader in our midst today who carries, within her fearless person, qualities of heart and character and soul that are very much like those of General Jackson … and that are the diametric opposite of those of the current Washington, DC usurpers.

    We had President Andrew Jackson many a year ago. God willing, we will have President Sarah Palin soon …

    … and whenever I look upon a twenty-dollar bill, I shall think of what America was, and of what, by the grace of God, she can become again!!


    • lyndaaquarius

      thank you for this wonderful post. I believe “old Hickory” was President Truman’s favorite president. We shall all keep the faith,won’t we?

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thanks, Lynda!! Yes, Truman, in his younger days, used to read all he could find on “Old Hickory”!! We shall indeed keep the faith! God Bless!!

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    Thanks, Whitney, and happy Wednesday!!

  • LS as guest

    Good morning, all. What a tough day of primaries!

    Along with Boehner’s expected win and Tillis’s victory over Brannon, worst of all had to be the pro-amnesty Renee Ellmers win.

    I despair for the country.

  • section9

    These Palin defeats will happen more frequently. The Establishment has a vested interest in making her look like Typhoid Mary.

    I think her Senate line will do better, however.

  • Cheetah444

    Good morning!

    Sarah’s recent interview with Mario Lopez will be on ExtraTV tonight. Check your local listings. Here’s part of the interview:
    Our first big primary challenge is next Tuesday, May 13 in Nebraska. Ben Sasse!

  • c4pfan

    Only FIVE days left to meet the goal or they have to return all the money (that sucks).
    Sure wish Rush would mention it on his show or interview them. He wasn’t there when they went on his show.

  • AmazedOne1


  • AmazedOne1

    That survey of journalists is interesting. While only 7% say they are Republicans, the number of Democrats dropped significantly, too. It’s just 28%, and that’s close to the overall population percentage of 30 percent.

    The number of Independents increased from numbers in the 30′s each year (1971, 1982, 1992 and 2002) to 50%.

    [I'm trying to quote a sentence from the article, but Disqus won't let me. It says I must authenticate the user or provide author_name and author_email. I included a link and his name, but it still won't let me post it. So, trying again now without the quotation marks:]

    The movement toward independent status among reporters is in keeping with a similar move in the broader electorate as they find the two parties increasingly rigid and, therefore, less welcoming.

    • LS as guest

      I take that growing independent status as purely for show.

      The MSM remains overwhelmingly liberal.

  • M_Minnesota

    New Palin FB post Regarding election results

  • Bean Counter

    Just a quick drive by post…having major renovations at my residence, which is a real fiesta. Anyway, re: Palin’s piece/Tony Lee’s article about GOP, Inc. gloating. I say this all the time, but there’s nothing more egregious than being hit with friendly fire. If this crap keeps up, we’ll have a replay of ’12 and the base will stay home and a lot of ‘republicans’ will lose, and frankly, deserve to lose.

    The establishment has openly and brazenly declared war on their conservative base, and it will come back to haunt them, but they’re too self-absorbed to notice.

    Back to the dust and flying particles…

  • guest

    To the GOPe …. we are the enemy. I’m sorry, but that’s the way it is. It is refreshing however, to see her use the words independent, constitutional conservative in the same sentence. Whether people realize it or not, this is the basis that will consist of the new Republican party. It will happen… sooner or later. History shows us people want a real choice…. not just democrats and democrat lite.

  • Riley4Palin

    I thought Palin’s comments about becoming pro life were superb when asked about Clinton becoming a grandmother. Palin the politician at her very best.

    On the other hand, I don’t think it was necessary to do a FB post on the election results last night. It just gives the establishment attention and other than political junkies, who is really following this inside the baseball stuff anyway? I’m not sure of her strategy here.

    So far it looks like the Dems are losing the Benghazi PR war….big time. First they run out screaming that they will boycott the hearings altogether, and now they are using that Obama boot licker Chuck Todd to ask for a “truly” bi-partisan panel. Nice job Chuck. You are such a tool. Today, we are treated to completely unhinged leftists making jokes about Benghazi. Former Clinton operative and wanna be Hollywood star Donna Brazille started the charge with some lame joke, and yet, that was just the beginning. Why else would we be hearing from Monica Lewinsky unless it is to try and make Hillary a victim once again?

    I’m sticking with my original prediction a few weeks ago. Johnny Manziel will NOT be the first pick in the NFL draft tomorrow.

  • Cheetah444

    Latest poll from April 30-May 1 has Joni Ernst up 10 pts over Mark Jacobs – 33 to 23, with Sam Clovis in 3rd place at 14%. Ernst needs to win with 35% in order to avoid the candidate being chosen at a state convention. The primary is June 3.

    • Riley4Palin

      I remember when the GOPe and libs were blasting and making fun of Joni Ernst and her squealing pig ad. Like Palin, I absolutely loved it. Then Palin makes her endorsement. But I am sure her most recent surge in the polls has everything to do with the Mitt Romney endorsement.

    • c4pfan

      How many undecided?

  • Riley4Palin

    I decided to see what the hubbub was about regarding Netflix’s ‘House of Cards.’ It peaked my curiosity when I started seeing real life Dem politicians telling us that the show is nothing like real life. Um…..I always believe the opposite of what the libs tell us. The latest politician to speak out about how the show is nothing like real Washington DC was Barney Frank. LOL. So far, I’m on episode 8 in Season 1. Pretty good show. Kevin Spacey is a great actor and perfect for the role. Oh, and I believe this is exactly how DC works on both sides of the aisle with all the lying, manipulation, and scuzzy behavior. You sure have to have a few screws loose to want to make this a life long career.

    • Bean Counter

      You’re gonna love it! Season 2 is even better. It’s very easy to believe this kind of stuff really goes on. And, yes, Spacey is GREAT!

      • Riley4Palin

        Yeah baby! So far, so good. Right now poor Zoe Barnes is up to her eyeballs lapping up on Frank’s antics and I can’t believe this will end well for her. Almost reminds me of one William Jefferson Clinton and Ms. Lewinsky.

        Perhaps Hillary is watching this show these days as well just so she can perfect Claire Underwood victim like expressions of a woman scorned but wanting it no other way because power trumps all.

  • pete4palin

    Tillis is on Cavuto gloating. Won’t say he’s tea party because he above all that.
    Thank you GOPe for this special gift to us.
    Don’t worry….. Sarah has their number. And yes, she did use the words “independent, constitutional, conservative” in the same sentence. This is the building blocks for a new party.

    • c4pfan

      I hope he loses to the Dem.

  • Riley4Palin

    Another point about Palin getting Hillary’s true feelings about abortion on the record by bringing Chelsea’s pregnancy to the forefront. It really was brilliant strategy and no other politician has dared to take her on directly. They usually let their minions write articles about her behind the scenes.

    I have to believe Palin is getting sick of the MSM kid-glove treatment of her and how Clinton is out front these days acting like she is really mainstream on all issues. That is the farthest from the truth and such a farce.

    I believe this is only the beginning of how Palin will take Hillary on….

  • M_Minnesota

    In an unfunny coincidence the War on Future women Sheila Jackson Lee waved $12.00 on the floor signifying the amount of money the Terrorists in Nigeria will sell the kidnapped girls for. The amount of Barry Hussien’s Abortion tax uncovered by Dr. James Dobson $12.00

  • AmazedOne1

    I’m certain that I’m out of the loop because I have been working non-stop lately. So, please fill me in – what “gloating” is Sarah referring to?

    I’m guessing that what was said (by who?) must be different from the normal and understandable excitement when people’s candidates win after they’ve worked for months to help get them elected, or Sarah wouldn’t have chided them like this. What happened???

    • c4pfan

      I don’t even want to know. I’m pissed enough as is.

    • indemind
      • AmazedOne1

        Thanks. I thought it would be jucier. Those just seem like standard comments that people make. For example, on election night on Nov. 3, 2010, Sarah called the Republican victories “an earthquake” and a big darn deal, a huge message sent.

        To me that’s an earthquake. It is a huge message sent. It is a shake-up and then we’re going to see some of the shake-up in the Senate too.

        ‘It is a big darn deal. There is a lot of disenchantment and some disenfranchisement that the American public feels when we’re trying to relate to what government is doing to our country right now. So it’s a big deal to see this shakeup to see this turnaround.’

        • Ting

          Well, I see your point, but I also see that she was referring to the change in control in 2010 from one party to another, whereas this is within the same party. It’s also possilbe that she was reading the down in the dumps comments on conservative sites and worrying about normally reliable Republican voters feeling alienated. It is something that I worry about, too.

          • AmazedOne1

            Oh, I heartily agree that voters are feeling uninspired and unrepresented and much less likely than usual to vote. But, as Riley4Palin said down below, “other than political junkies, who is really following this inside the baseball stuff anyway?”

            The average voter wouldn’t have heard any of these comments (shoot, even I didn’t hear them). Moreover, the current comments just didn’t seem all that alienating to me.

            Anyhow, it’s OK. Thanks, Ting!

  • c4pfan

    Of those 7% ‘journalist’ being Republican, I’d say 99%of that 7% are RINO.

  • John_Frank

    Good morning Whitney, thank you for the excellent commentary. Also appreciate the news round up.

    In light of the news that the Obama administration has decided to send a team of specialists to Nigeria to help resolve the ongoing crisis concerning the kidnapping of Christian school children by the Islamist militia Boko Haram, people may want to read the following post by Larry Johnson of

    What is Obama Doing in Nigeria?

    In not following existing protocols, not only is the Obama administration sending a team of specialists that has never trained together to assist the Nigerians but the State Department, under the leadership of John Kerry is repeating one of the crucial mistakes made by the State Department under the leadership of Hillary Clinton during the attack on the Benghazi mission and CIA annex.

    For more on this technical issue, read the following post by Larry Johnson:

    Understanding Why Benghazi Matters

    As to the value of reported ‘denunciations’ by Muslim religious leaders of the Nigerian kidnapping, people will want to read the following op-ed by Tarek Fatah (the head of the Canadian Muslim Council) published in Tuesday’s Toronto Sun:

    Muslims must denounce Nigerian kidnap outrage

    After setting out the facts, he writes:

    So far, much of the Muslim world has remained mute about this outrage.

    “On the international scene, Egypt’s prestigious Islamic institute Al-Azhar urged the Boko Haram to free the schoolgirls. It said, harming the girls “completely contradicts the teachings of Islam and its tolerant principles.”

    It is sad to see few Muslim leaders, political or religious, willing to take the bull by the horns and admit, “We have a problem in Sharia law that needs to be resolved.” All many clerics of my faith do is repeat the cliche that Islam means peace.

    Then they predictably insist the actions of the Taliban, Al-Qaida, Boko Haram and the jihadi terror groups based in Pakistan are an aberration from true Islam.

    But here is the problem.

    Many of kidnapped school girls are Christians.

    Both the exegesis of the Qur’an and reading of the Hadith literature speak of sex slavery of non-Muslim female POWs both during and after the life of Prophet Mohammed.

    Instead of being courageous and saying while such commandments and permissions may have been valid in the seventh century, they are no longer applicable in the era of the nation-state and human rights, leaders of my community choose doublespeak.

    Here is a paragraph from chapter four of the Qur’an, as translated by the most formidable Islamist scholar of the 20th century, Syed Maududi:

    “And forbidden to you are the wedded wives of other people, except those who have fallen in your hands (as prisoners of war): This is the Law of Allah.” In his explanation, Maududi goes to great lengths to justify and explain the rightfulness of such rape of non-Muslim POWs.

    There are references in the Hadith (sayings of Prophet Mohammed) where sex with enslaved non-Muslim women POWs is discussed in detail.

    We Muslims have a choice.

    We either develop the maturity to say, such Islamic injunctions do not apply anymore, or we can keep on driving fast-forward in reverse gear, and every time we hit an obstacle that appears in our blind spot, we can blame it on “Islamophobia”.

    People will want to read Mr. Fatah’s entire piece.

    Bottom line: Until Muslim religious leaders come out and say “while such commandments and permissions may have been valid in the seventh century, they are no longer applicable in the era of the nation-state and human rights” the reported ‘denunciations’ by Muslim religious leaders of the horrific acts carried out by Islamist militias such as Boko Haram are not only meaningless, they actually make the situation worse.

    Okay, that is it for now. May the rest of your evening be blessed.

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