Palin4America is composed of ordinary citizens from a wide variety of backgrounds, political and otherwise, who find common ground in the policies of smaller, smarter government championed by Governor Palin.

We are not, however, fans or cult followers of Sarah Palin and we’re not mindless “Palinbots”.  We most certainly are not politically correct.  We are straight shooters.  We’ve studied her record — that’s why we like her and support her.  One of the things we love about Governor Palin is her sense of humor and willingness to speak truth to power so we at Palin4America do indulge in lots of humor, snark and good fun.  We do not take ourselves too seriously and do not claim to be “PC” or seek the approval of the Washington elite or mainstream media.

Palin4America supports Governor Palin and her policies because we believe her policies are good for America. We support her vision of an energy independent America that is more peaceful and more prosperous because we rely on our own resources. We support her respect for the culture of life. We support her belief in limited government and true free market capitalism — not the crony capitalism that once festered in Alaska or the corporatism that is currently taking hold in this country. We support her belief that America must be strong in order to be peaceful.  At Palin4America we fully support Governor Palin’s efforts of State’s rights and upholding the Constitution.

The contributors here do not all agree with her on every issue or endorsement. We often disagree with each other on specific issues and endorsements. But we support the overall common sense conservative philosophy that Sarah Palin affirms. Above all we respect her courage and integrity as a true reformer and we have her back.




Palin4America (P4A or Palin4A) is not associated with or authorized by Sarah Palin, SarahPAC, or any candidate or campaign. Palin4America (P4A or Palin4A) is an independent grassroots blog displaying the work of various contributors. The views expressed here are those of the individual Palin4America (P4A or Palin4A) contributors. Readers should not assume that Sarah Palin, SarahPAC, or the Palin4America (P4A or Palin4A) contributors as a whole share the views expressed by any individual contributor.

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