Jamplay vs Guitar Tricks

November 15, 2016 at 6:43 am

If you are looking for an online platform to help you learn your guitar then you want to find the best option for you. This article breaks down all of the information you need to make a decision on whether to sign up to Guitar Tricks or JamPlay, the two most popular online guitar platforms.

Best Jamplay vs Guitar Tricks Comparison

1. Price

The first thing to look at when you are subscribing to an online guitar lesson is most definitely price and value. Guitar Tricks and JamPlay will both offer you their VIP membership for only $19.95/month, which is great value for money for the amount of features they offer their members. However, JamPlay offers the option to bulk buy your membership in a quarterly or yearly membership, which makes it possible for you to save money overall. A quarterly subscription costs $49.92, saving you $39.60, and a yearly membership costs $159.95, saving you nearly $80. So if you want to save money, JamPlay is the better option.

2. Lessons

Lessons are the next important thing to consider when buying a guitar lesson membership, as these differ from site to site. JamPlay provides you with video lessons that are taught by different teachers, whereas Guitar Tricks offers a step-by-step plan, and an extensive range of content to allow beginners to progress and develop their skills slowly.

Most beginners will find Guitar Tricks much better than JamPlay, as it offers in depth detail of each step so that beginners can better understand what the teacher is doing, and how to do it themselves. More advanced players will also appreciate the range of content to help them improve their technique.

3. Songs

The number of songs is also massively important when you’re learning guitar, as the range of songs and the number of songs available gives you more techniques to learn to advance your skill. Again, Guitar Tricks wins in this category, offering more than double the number of songs than JamPlay.
Guitar Tricks offers over 600 songs, all of which are carefully broken down into detail so that players of all levels can learn the song. JamPlay offers around 300, which limits the player. However, JamPlay do offer a more diverse range of genres and styles.

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4. Features

Guitar Tricks offers you a lot more features with each video, such as backing tracks, chord finders, metronomes, and a tuner so that you can figure out exactly what it is that you need to do in order to play the song correctly. JamPlay also offers you the same user interface, with a few more camera angles so that you can see exactly what the teacher is doing to get the chord right. This makes JamPlay a slightly better option in this respect.

5. Money Back Guarantee

If you decide that learning guitar online is not for you, both of these sites offer you money back guarantees should you change your mind. Guitar Tricks offers you 60 days to change your mind, where JamPlay only offers you 7. This makes Guitar Tricks a better option for beginners in case they decide that it is not for them.

6. Free trial

If you want to try out each site without having to invest in a proper membership, then you can get involves with a free day trial, which is also great for the beginner guitar player. Beginners get two weeks to test the waters with Guitar Tricks, where JamPlay members only get one.