Learn How To Play The Guitar Fast

April 13, 2019 at 1:21 am

Are you wondering how to learn playing guitar fast? Perhaps playing guitar is the most revered things but how fast can one learn how to play it? In this article, I offer you a guide on how to learn guitar in just 5 steps. For further instructions check out these recommended top online guitar lessons.

First you need to find a guitar that is easy to learn. Remember some guitars are ideal for beginners while some guitars can be pretty difficult to learn. Some of the things you are going to learn include holding the guitar, learning the basic chords and the order in which you should learn them. Other areas include strumming, and what you should do after getting the basic concepts.

Guitar Lesson

So let’s walk you through the tips on learn how to play the guitar fast.

Step 1: Get yourself a guitar that is easy to learn.

There are many guitars out there ranging from old, new, Spanish, bass. acoustic and electric guitars. Not all the guitars are the same so you’ll need to find one that you are comfortable working with. Although it is possible for any new guitarist to learn on any guitar, there are some guitars that are pretty easier to learn with than other guitars.

Step 2 — Learn how to hold a guitar properly

Perhaps there’s nothing influential as this factor for people trying to learn playing a guitar. Adopting a proper posture when playing the guitar is what every beginner is expected to do. So what is the right posture to adopt when learning a guitar?

Strap placement and standing up is a key to guitar learning. Setting the strap should be such that it is approximately in the same place when you are seated and when standing. Keep the neck still and the fretting hand should support the guitar neck at all the time. You certainly do not want the neck to wobble about when practicing your fingers.

Step 3 — Learn basic chords

Regardless of the kind of guitar you have, you need to begin by learning the chords. It goes without saying that you need to learn the notes but this can come afterwards. There are open and barred chords. Open chords should be the main focus of a beginner, but this doesn’t mean you should ignore the barre chords. what I am saying is that you can ignore barred chords for now.

The first set of chords you should start with include Am, C, D, Em, and G. The next set will include A, E, F, Bm and the last ones should be the Dm, and Fm. Learning the chords systematically will help you identify each chord and differentiate one chord from another. Every chord has its easy version so you need to learn the easiest version of every chord before learning the standard and often difficult version. However, you may go straight to the standard chords if you feel good and comfortable with these versions. But the short-cut versions are what a new guitarist can start with to provide him or her with a leverage to learn the standard chord versions.

Step 4 — Learn how the art of strumming

If you want to learn playing guitar fast, you must learn how to strum your chords rhythmically. Music is all about rhythm so strumming correctly will help you inject the rhythm needed in playing music.

Step 5 — Learn Playing the songs that you love

Since you are reading this article because you want to learn plying the guitar fast, this tip would be essential: Play alongside the songs that you really love. This will mean enjoying your practice every other time you are practicing the art. This is perhaps the most critical points you cannot afford to miss.

Now you can walk into your guitar learning confident knowing what to do to get yourself playing the guitar sooner than later.