Yamaha FG850 Guitar Review

September 18, 2018 at 1:08 am

Back in the 60s, great musicians such as Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon, Jimmy Page, and James Taylor have all played Yamaha guitars. Yamaha doesn’t limit its focus to the rich and famous. It makes musical instruments for everyone. The latest guitar in the F series, the Yamaha FG850 Guitar may be its best offering to date.

Yamaha FG850 Guitar

Model Information and Product Features

The Yamaha FG850 features an all-mahogany body construction. The top is made of solid mahogany. Previous F series models have tops made of spruce. The 20-fret neck is made of Eastern mahogany, also called “nato” wood. Rosewood fingerboards and bridges are standard in the F series, and the FG850 follows suit.

Scale length on the guitar is slightly more than 25 inches. The FG850 features an adjustable truss rod for easier playing. The guitar’s scalloped X bracing adds flexibility to the top for stronger bass and treble tones.

The dreadnought guitar shape is generous in size and easy to hold. Nut width is 1.63 inches (43 mm). Beautiful abalone inlays set off the headstock and surround the sound hole. Tuners are standard die-cast chrome. The tortoiseshell pickguard brings a touch of the traditional without sacrificing innovation.

Fine details such as the wood binding complement the dark mahogany construction. A delicate white pinstripe pattern outlines the headstock, fingerboard, and wood binding for a look of luxury and distinctive beauty.

The Pros of the Yamaha FG850 Guitar

Some reviewers liked the mahogany top stating that the tone is warmer than acoustics made with a spruce top. The all mahogany construction delivers a pleasant sound in a range that is more rich and low. A common sentiment was that the guitar is easier to play than other types of guitars and that it’s a great choice for practicing, recording, and jamming. Purchasers stated they appreciated the fact that the guitar is lightweight, tuneful, and reverberates well. Satisfied buyers say the FG850 sounds great, is eye-catching–typical of what to expect from Yamaha instruments.

The Cons Yamaha FG850 Guitar

A few musicians disliked the pickguard, saying that it was unappealing. Other cons were that the action was too high and the guitar needed better strings. More than one reviewer had issues with the saddle. One lowered it; another sanded it down. Despite those cons, both reviewers gave the FG850 five out of five stars.

How the Yamaha FG850 Guitar Compares to Other Acoustics

One musician stated that the FG850 outperformed his Hohner GH-13 classical guitar. Other than that, the price was key. Buyers said the FG850 is at least one-third less expensive those of similar quality and performance. A very popular guitar, the FG850 was found reasonably priced at under $400. Some sites even had it on backorder.


The FG850 is a lightweight, great sounding acoustic guitar. There were very few cons and in those cases, purchasers overcame them by making slight customizations to make the guitar truly their own. The FG850 is an excellent addition to F series. It helps solidify the belief that Yamaha is synonymous with dependability, quality, and affordability.